Sunday, February 11, 2018

Identities of Coruscant-based Cell Made Public

IMPERIAL CENTER (CORUSCANT) - The Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) has declassified the identities of the band of Rebel fanatics which has attempted to instill terror into the heart of the Empire.

After securing many known associates of the membership of the small Rebel cell operating in Imperial Center, their identities have been disclosed to the public. Further ISB analysis reveals that the cell is highly representative of the species composition and role division within the Rebellion.

Shyla Varad, cell ringleader

According to analysis by the ISB, the ringleader of the band is one Shyla Varad, a Mandalorian female. She is reported to have been originally inspired by the chauvinist Mandaloran terror group known as Death Watch. With Mandalore's infamous history, she seems determined to connect that world's fate to the Rebellion.

Doubtlessly, this Mandalorian's near-human capacities have allowed Varad to become the leader of the terror cell operating on Coruscant.

Alien species benefited from the dynamism of human-led civilization for thousands of years, extracting resources from the Core for the benefit of Outer Rim hinter-space. The Republic, in its misguided benevolence, allowed this regime that only retarded the endogenous development of its beneficiary species. Even now, as these aliens support the Rebellion in order to return to that extractive regime, require human prowess and capacity to lead it.

Ko-Tun Feralo, trafficker

Ko-Tun Feralo, a Cerean female. The ISB has connected Feralo to a string of petty crimes of theft, larceny and smuggling. These are plausibly related to efforts to secure small arms, explosives, and other resources that have supported the Rebels' campaign of terrorism.

Cereans are a technologically backward species of the Mid Rim. Each possessing two small brains and hearts, they are believed to be physiologically incapable of technological advancement of due loyalty to the Emperor or solidarity with a galaxy-wide civilization.

Loku Kanoloa, assassin

Loku Kanoloa, a male Mon Calamari assassin, appears, from captured footage, to be the band's scout and cold-blooded sniper. He is reported to be armed with a long-range blaster rifle, intended to instill terror in innocent civilians by long range murder, frequently targeting a victim's back.

The Mon Calamari, a submarine species from the Outer Rim, whose ship-building technologies were stolen from human engineers, are said to favor such cowardly tactics. This species is also one of the main alien races propping up the Rebellion, doing so in the hopes of overthrowing human-led galactic civilization and a return to a Republic in which these parasite species can benefit from the advances of superior races.

Vinto Hreeda, violent thug

Vinto Hreeda, a Rodian male, is the cell's muscle. Footage of Hreeda's neutralization was made public recently after the cell's thwarted attempt to unleash captured criminals on the unsuspecting public. Owing to the security system's humane blaster settings, Hreeda is suspected to have survived and to have been extracted by the other gang members.

Rodians are a notoriously violent species from the Outer Rim. Having betrayed the Republic for the Separatist cause during the Clone War, they are untrustworthy subjects of the Emperor. Rodians also frequently participate in criminal syndicates. It is suspects that Hreeda is little more than a small-time mercenary, who has been hired by the Rebels for credits rather than any intrinsic rebellious motivation.

This motley band of Rebel criminals are representative of the Rebellion as a whole. Mostly made up of criminal aliens seeking to reinstate their parasitic regime under the Republic, they nevertheless require the leadership of human beings, owing to their superior capacities.

Rebel Terror Cell Fails to Unleash Violent Criminals

Captured footage of one Rebel being neutralized by a detention facility droid.

IMPERIAL CENTER (CORUSCANT) - A small Rebel band of insurgents were thwarted in their attempt to unleash convicted criminals from an Imperial detention facility.

In continued futile attempts to shake Imperial Center's faith in the Emperor, a fugitive band of alien Rebels attempted to release a number of criminals from detention yesterday. Their efforts were easily thwarted by the detention center's automated security systems.

The Rebels' motive was to strike terror in the general public by allowing violent and dangerous criminals to prowl free on Coruscant's streets.

Some wounded Rebels managed to escape capture, but law enforcement is in the process of following their trail in order to bring these would-be insurgent to justice. In order to assist Imperial Center law enforcement, citizens are being asked to provide any information that could lead to the capture of these dangerous individuals.

If encountered, citizens are not to make attempts to capture these insurgents. They are to be considered armed and dangerous, and not to be approached. However, any citizen found to have shot any of these terrorists to incapacitation or death shall be allowed to accept the Emperor's pardon.

In order to keep the public informed, the Imperial Security Bureau is working to compile and declassify profiles of the members of this terror band. They are also said to be apprehending friends and family of these terrorists in order to encourage their cooperation in the band's capture or neutralization.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Admired Admiral Victim of Home Invasion and Abduction: Wife and Children Traumatized

Imperial Navy profile picture of Admiral Danard Gann of the Cassander sector fleet

CASSANDER - Retaliating for a recent spate of defeats, Rebel operatives attacked the family home of Admiral Gann of the Cassander Sector, abducting the admiral in front of his family, aides, and household retainers.

The widely-respected Admiral Danard Gann of the Cassander sector fleet was the target of a home invasion and abduction this evening. With little more to protect himself and his loved ones aside from two economy-grade security droids

The band of Rebel fanatics, recently driven from Coruscant, decided that the safe streets of Imperial Center were too great a challenge, and instead opted for a military man's personal home.

The Rebel band was under the strict and ruthless leadership of a Cerean identified as Ko-Tun Feralo, who put her minions in harm's way for her own infamy and to further traumatize the Admiral's family. The band was further aided by a Togruta female who has been identified as [REDACTED], a former [REDACTED], and [REDACTED]. The Togruta was last imaged being carried out on a stretcher.

Imperial forces were able to come to the family's aid, but not before the heinous damage had been done. Officers with the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) have taken the children into protective custody, where they can be provided with mental healthcare, and reassured that the Emperor's servants will work hard to return their father back to them.

Asked why the Admiral had so few security measures, his courageous wife was able to speak, barely holding her tears in check:

"We didn't think even the Rebellion would attack an off-duty naval admiral in front of his children!" she managed between sobs.

And so this grief-stricken family learns, as do the other loyal citizens of the Empire, precisely how wicked and vicious the Rebellion is.

Thwarted Rebel Attack on Coruscant

The shining ecumenopolis of Coruscant, heart of the Empire, is now in the crosshairs of the Rebellion's vicious designs to sow terror in the souls of the innocent citizens

IMPERIAL CENTER (CORUSCANT) - Vainly attempting to sow terror into the heart of the Empire, Rebel fanatics attack innocent citizens on Coruscant. Loyal Imperial citizens are outraged, and more determined than ever to have the Rebellion put down.

Imperial forces responded swiftly, today, when a small band of Rebel fanatics emerged not far from Coruscant's Alien Protection Zone, and harassed unsuspecting citizens outside of a diner. The local people sighed a breath of relief when the authorities sent in riot-control squads to quell the unrest.

According to Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) agents investigating the defeated Rebel attack, the Rebels were able to do little more than physically assault a few local people.

"When they took my credstick, I thought they were just muggers," one citizen commented. "it wasn't until they asked about another Rebel group that I realized they were terrorists."

According to the ISB, this attack comes on the heels of another similar attack only a few rotations ago, which had not been reported.

"We want to maintain the feeling of security," the ISB agent told HNN, "which means that some things are best kept from the press."

With the Empire ensuring that the only thing Imperial citizens have to fear is fear itself, HNN proudly refuses to publish anything that would shake the trust Imperial citizens have in the Empire. HNN also proudly reports that the previous small-scale incursion was likewise swiftly put down.

The ISB further informed HNN that the tactics employed by the Rebel fanatics serves as further evidence that the Rebellion is in its last throes.

"If the Rebels are forced to gather resources by mugging local passers-by, the end of this insurgency is all but at hand," the agent said, ending the interview.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Leia Organa, Disgraced Former Senator, Accused of Inappropriate Fondling of Alien Underling

Fmr. Sen. Organa forcing herself on Gartogg of Gamorr

TATOOINE - Leia Organa, a disgraced former member of the Imperial Senate, and a leader in the Rebel Alliance is accused of inappropriate physical behavior toward an alien underlings in an associate's.

Leia Organa, beloved icon of traitors and other galactic malcontents, have been shaken in their faith in their erstwhile 'hero', as she now stands accused of forcing herself on the alien underling of a business associate, the late Jabba "the Hutt" Desilijic Tiure.

Organa is accused having forced herself on the Gamorrean guard, Gartogg, after having concluded a business deal with Desilijic Tiure. The two business associates were negotiating the sale of a Wookiee slave at the time of the incident.

Her victim, Gartogg of Gamorr, has bravely decided to come forward, knowing the probable retaliation from Rebel will be severe.

"I was minding my own business, beating some prisoners," Gartogg said through a translator, "when she just reaches over and sticks her tongue down my throat."

Organa's actions interfered with the guard's ability to carry out his duties, and left the Gamorrean psychologically shaken.

"Thankfully her tongue was not long enough to reach very far, but I just feel violated."

Asked why he has decided to come forward, "Someone has to speak out," Gartogg said. "Something has to happen to stop these Rebel former senators feeling like they can just have their way with anyone they please."

Once a member of the Galactic Senate, having inherited the position through nepotism, Organa became involved with the Rebel Alliance and even spent time in Imperial detention after having been discovered trading in classified Imperial intelligence.

Organa has since resigned from the Senate in disgrace, but Gartogg will have to carry the memory of the incident with him forever.

Gamorreans, a matriarchal society, is known for women forcing themselves on their male counterparts, but with courageous individuals like Gartogg, there are hopes that longstanding inequities and exploitation can come to an end.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Empire Unveils New Imperial Naval Academy

Wing Operations 101 at the Imperial Naval Academy

IMPERIAL CENTER (CORUSCANT) - The Empire breathes new life into developing naval combat doctrines at the new Imperial Naval Academy, recently unveiled.

The purpose of the Imperial Naval Academy is to supplement the education of officers having graduated from the Academy on Prefsbelt IV. The new academy is aimed at developing naval combat doctrines to bring a sooner end to the struggling Rebellion, and return peace and stability to the Emperor's galaxy.

Some question the need for such an academy in the wake of a rising tide of more and more officers being recruited into the ranks of the Imperial Navy, and the Rebellion's imminent demise. Some are also finding new careers in the Spice Mines of Kessel for doubting the Emperor's wisdom on this matter. While more and more naval officers are swelling the Imperial Navy's ranks, and the glory of the Empire's victories are beyond question, the Emperor clearly feels that greater professionalism and a stronger central doctrine will be of value. Perhaps his motivation is to instill greater deterrence once the Rebellion has been dealt with.

The Imperial Naval Academy will be gathering some of the most loyal and competent commanders in the Imperial Navy. The first to take up a position within its ranks, aside from the Academy's founder, Moff Mikael Hasselstein, will be Fleet Admiral Wolf Deralisk [Darth Lupine] of the Blood Squadron of the Hirschau sector, whose mastery of the Gladiator-class Star Destroyer is legendary. Other commanders are also swelling the ranks of the Academy, though their names have still to be disclosed.

Monday, December 18, 2017

New Insurgent Craft Identified as Strategic Bomber; Terrorist Intent Manifest

Captured imagery of new MG-100 StarFortress SF-17 strategic bomber

IMPERIAL CENTER (CORUSCANT) - A new insurgent craft has been identified as strategic bomber. The building of such a heavy bomber indicates terrorist intent against civilian life.

New heavy bombers have been sighted among the small starcraft forces of the Rebel insurgency. Imperial Intelligence has identified these bombers as the MG-100 StarFortress SF-17.

The configuration of these heavy bombers expose the insurgency's new strategy for attempting to shake the faith of the Imperial citizenry in the peace and stability offered by the Empire.

In contrast to the TIE/sa bomber or even the TIE Punisher whose ordnance-carrying capabilities are clearly designed to target other warcraft in the service of the Imperial Navy's duty to protect civilian life and open spacelanes, the SF-17 is configured as a strategic bomber. Strategic bombers, unlike tactical bombers like the TIE/sa, are intended as weapons against stationary and defenseless civilian targets.

The development of the StarFortress SF-17 strategic bomber signals the Rebellion's ultimate strategy for their faltering resistance. Since their forces cannot hope to break the military might of the Imperial Navy, they have decided to target civilian targets in the vain hope of breaking civilian support for the Emperor and the Empire.

This new strategy is as doomed as their attempts at piracy and propaganda. The mere development of such a heinous weapon only steels the will of the Imperial citizenry to see their ilk meet Imperial justice and judgement, the delivery of which shall soon be upon them.