Sunday, August 13, 2017

Imperial Commanders Engage in Virtuous Competition, While Rebels Squabble

A rebel corvette breaks up in orbit of Ord Mantell, as it falls victim to an attack by a rival Revel faction.

ORD MANTELL - The Rebels' infighting continues to doom the Rebels and criminal syndicates' hold on the Bright Jewel system. Meanwhile, the Emperor has allowed the Imperial Navy commanders to compete for command of the system.

Demonstrating His most enlightened military policy, the Emperor is allowing Imperial commanders to compete with one another. The most capable admiral shall be allowed the honor of being the final word in the system's administration and authority to direct Imperial forces in the region. Commodore Charis Naboobo of the Colundra Sector in the Outer Rim and Lord Xenos II, also from the Outer Rim are favorites to win the contest. Promotion to command over a Mid Rim system is likely to be a great advancement for either commander.

The Rebels and criminal syndicates, on the other hand, have made their unruliness manifest, by continuing to skirmish among one another, even as the Empire asserts order on the wayward system. Particularly the heinous Admiral Theia is seeking to replace Shmitty the Dataslicer as the dominant crime lord in the Bright Jewel sector, just as Canth Walden attempts to salvage his reputation on the back of another Rebel warlord.

Empire Brings Several Rebel and Criminal Fleets to Heel; Rebels Continue Skirmish Among Themselves

Victory II-class Star Destroyers under the command of Lord Xenos II over Ord Mantell

ORD MANTELL - The Imperial Navy continues to press its advantage over the Rebels and criminal syndicates of the Bright Jewel system. while some Rebel-flagged smuggler fleets escaped the Imperial nets, two condemnable Rebel warlords fought among one another for dominance in infamy.

The most notable victory was Lord Xenos II's destruction of Shmitty the Dataslicer's fleet of Hammerhead corvettes. This criminal mastermind has been taught a lesson for allying his syndicate with the hapless Rebellion.

Lord Xenos' exploit was more notable for having been accomplished with a line of older vessels, including two Victory-class Star Destroyers and two Arquitens cruiser, supported by a flotilla of Gozanti transports. Hailing from the Outer Rim, Lord Xenos has demonstrated the ingenuity to which Outer Rim commanders have shown in their efforts to bring crime and insurrection under control.

Another Imperial commander of the Outer Rim, Commodore Charis Naboobo of the Colundra Sector, led his fleet from the bridge of a mighty Imperial-class Star Destroyer, from where he supervised the destruction of a rebel fleet belonging to the Rebel faction led by rogue senator Mon Mothma.

Unfortunately, a few other fleet of Hammerhead corvettes was able to slip past Imperial lines. The local Imperial authorities are confident, however, that they will inevitable be caught and brought to Imperial justice.

Meanwhile, the Rebel forces of Canth Walden encountered a rival Rebel Warlord, the savage Admiral Theia, whose bloodthirsty atrocities are infamous in the Core Worlds and Outer Rim alike. According to intelligence reports, Theia proved to be the slightly more heinous of the two, and shall be challenging the crime lord Shmitty for his hegemony among the Bright Jewel syndicates.

Rebel Factions Fractured Over Ord Mantell

Ord Mantell, capital world of the Bright Jewel sector, is a known shadow port

ORD MANTELL - Hostilities erupted in the Bright Jewel sector this morning, as Imperial Navy formations emerged over Ord Mantell in an operation aimed at bringing law and order to this chaotic sector of the spinward Mid Rim. Predictabily, internecine squabbles divided separate Rebel and criminal factions, while Imperial officers imposed discipline on their juniors.

Taking an already crime-ridden world in the Mid Rim by surprise, the Imperial Navy emerged out of hyperspace over Ord Mantell in the Bright Jewel sector. Typical of the fractious Rebels in the region, different factions chose to train their turbolasers on one another than the Imperial lines of battle.

Canth Walden, a notorious rebel warlord, who was driven from the Corellian Sector some months ago, was identified as one of the Rebel factions over Ord Mantell. His first act was to narrowly drive a rival Rebel warlord from Ord Mantell's orbit.

Meanwhile, Lord Xenos II, an Imperial commander of the far north of the Outer Rim, brought swift discipline to a junior Imperial officer whose line of vessels proved to be insufficiently prepared to bring Imperial justice to the Rebellion. The result of this was hailed as a victory for Imperial discipline and good order.

Disturbingly, one fleet of Hammerhead corvettes opened fire on an Imperial line attempting to inspect the vessels for contraband. The hammerheads, suspected to belong to a criminal dealer in arcane data, only known as Shmitty the Dataslicer, was able to outmaneuver the Imperial line, and escape Imperial justice. Lord Xenos has been tasked with bringing the dataslicer to heel.

Ord Mantell is the capital planet of the Bright Jewel system of the eponymous sector at the crossroutes of the Celanon Spur and Entralla Trade Route. A world known as a shadowport for smugglers, crime syndicates, and other alien thugs, is a likely den for different Rebel factions. The Bright Jewel Rebels, whose mutual enmities are frequently greater than their hostility towards the Empire, are considered a mere nuisance for Imperial order.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Moff Mikael Hasselstein of the Corellian Sector

Mikael Hasselstein, Moff of the Corellian sector

CORELLIAN SYSTEM - After months of soothing news silence, Moff Mikael Hasselstein opens up about the challenges and successes of governing the Corellian sector and defeating the Rebellion there.

After a successful career of managing the HoloNet News Group, Hasselstein took on the challenge of governing the Corellian sector and maintaining peace, security and prosperity on this sector of the Core Worlds. Despite some Rebel attempts to instill terror into the peace of mind the citizens of the Corellian sector normally enjoy, Moff Hasselstein is happy to report that the Rebels are being driven from the sector, and its citizens can breathe easy once more.

In order to ease the minds of the Corellian sector's citizens, Moff Hasselstein agreed to an exclusive interview, after many months of maintaining news silence in the sector. Below is a transcript of the interview.

HNN: "Moff Hasselstein, thank you very much for being willing to sit down with us for an interview. It is a great honor for us to interview someone of your exalted station."

MMH: "Oh, please, think nothing of it."

HNN: "First off, can you tell us why there has been a news silence in the Corellian sector for these many months."

MMH: "Of course, of course. As you now know, there has been a little bit of a Rebel insurgency in the sector. The insurgents do what insurgents do. They crow about some small temporary successes that they may have had, and make a gundark out of a midge-fly. That serves to unnerve the citizens, who have a hard time putting the Rebel activities into perspective."

HNN: "So the Rebels did have some successes?"

MMH: "Well, they would certainly call them that. But in perspective, there were some small fleet actions in a few systems. We decided to withdraw a few Imperial flotillas in the interest of not allowing collateral casualties among the citizens."

HNN: "Some might criticize you for not assuming that citizens of the Empire would willingly lay down their lives for the Emperor and galactic pride and security."

MMH: "That is true, and it was taken into account. The Emperor does inspire that sort of feeling among His subjects, but we decided that it simply was not necessary in this case. If they still wish to do so, they may volunteer for the Stormtrooper corps, which is willing to take in able-bodied patriotic citizens."

HNN: "And now, is the sector safe from the insurgency?"

MMH: "Admiral Arno Vross and I recently had some glorious victories over the Rebels, including against the inhuman Admiral Theia, and the traitor Iago Yueh. I also anticipate good news from the Talfaglio system soon. With any luck, they will have learned their lessons, and will have crawled back to the Outer Rim, where their terrorism will not impact fine Core-World Imperial subjects."

HNN: "Well, we rejoice that you have the Corellian sector well in hand. How do you respond to reports of a Rebel insurgency also emerging in the Bright Jewel Sector?"

MMH: "I cannot comment on it before learning more. However, I have faith that our Imperial forces shall be victorious. Any commanders who fail us will be swiftly retired and replaced by more capable officers."

HNN: "Thank you for being willing to speak to us, Lord Hasselstein."

MMH: "Oh thank you for that title, but I am merely a humble servant of the Emperor. It was my pleasure."

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Moff Hasselstein Breaks Off Attack to Save Civilian Lives

Star Destroyer Relentless and fleet depart Nubia to avoid collateral damage

CORELLIA SYSTEM - Imperial Navy forces return from front line after heroic attempt to liberate Nubia. Moff Hassestein, commanding, refused to destroy Nubia to save Nubia.

The fleet personally commanded by Moff Mikael Hasselstein of the Corellian sector returned to Corellia today after a heroic attempt to liberate Nubia from the rebel scourge that has plagued that world ever since a patrol sighted Rebel forces active in Nubian space.

Moff Hasselstein broke off the attack for fear of collateral damage on the planet.

"The Moff would have pressed the attack, but for the threat to the lives of the civilians, whom the Rebels used as human shields," an aide told HNN.

Moff Hasselstein was unavailable for direct contact, but his aide assured HNN that all was proceeding according to plan.

Meanwhile, citizens on Corellia were outraged that the Rebellion would stoop to the cowardly tactic of hiding behind civilians.

Nubia, a relatively rural but industrial world, was a peaceful planet until the Rebellion put the lives of its inhabitants at risk by infiltrating the populated centers with a military base. The base included the planetary ion cannon, which the Rebels usurped from the legitimate Nubian authorities, who are being held hostage by the Rebellion.

"While planetary bombardment would have easily cleared the Rebel stronghold," the aide told HNN, "the Moff thought it unconscionable to subject the civilians to such an ordeal."

Some among the stalwart Imperial ranks question Hasseltein's decision, asserting that the Moff ought not to have allowed a few civilian lives prevent the liberation of the whole world.

"It's simple," one junior officer, who preferred to remain anonymous, told HNN. "WWVD. What Would Vader Do? That's all you need to live by."

Understanding the proper chain of command, HNN immediately reported the junior officer to his immediate superior, who has scheduled the officer's disciplinary hearing and probably transfer to the Outer Sector Patrol Fleet commanded by Commodore Iago Yueh.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

In Memoriam: Civé "Howlrunner" Rashon

Civé "Howlrunner" Rashon

CORELLIA - the Imperial Navy pays its respects to one of its finest TIE fighter pilots, Civé Rashon, affectionately known by her squadron as "Howrunner", and to her superiors as OS-72-1.

Rashon was the squadron leader of "Obsidian Squadron," a squadron of TIE fighters known for their capacity of pursuit and hard-hitting flight formations.

Her service came to an abrupt, tragic, but proud end in defense of Corellia, as a vicious rebel leader known as Kiza Bætti was beaten back from defiling this noble Core World.

Her wingman, Dodson "Night Beast" Makraven, known to his superiors as OS-72-2, remembered her fondly:

"She really was something," Makraven told HNN, "Even though our squadron had had a rough time of it in the battle over Vagran, she decided that we needed to be in the thick of it again."

Obsidian Squadron, under Rashon's leadership, had suffered casualties in a recent battle in the Vagran system, which allowed the Imperial Navy to defend this peaceful and wildlife-rich world from Rebel thugs, and to even build an Imperial garrison there to keep it safer still.

"While we could have used a refit," Makraven continued, "Howlrunner told our superiors - even Moff Hasselstein himself - that it was worth foregoing on the refits in order to build that garrison."

The Empire honors Rashon this day, and vows to continue her mission of keeping the galaxy safe from the Rebels who seek nothing more than the wicked destabilization of galactic civilization.

Monday, February 6, 2017

War Continues to Rage in Corellian Sector; Imperial Navy Optimistic for Victory

Victorious, the Relentless and Interdictor, vessels of Moff Hasselstein's Sector Group Command, orbit Corellia, defending the world from Rebel incursion

CORELLIA SYSTEM - The forces of the Imperial Navy continue to safeguard the loyal citizens of the Empire in the Corellia system, as Rebel attacks are thwarted and Rebel outposts in the sector continue to be rooted out.

This was another proud day for the Imperial Navy. While courageously defending the sector capital of Corellia from barbaric Rebels under the command of Kiza Bætti, Imperial forces further put additional pressure on Rebel outposts on the Drall, also in the Corellian system, and in the Sacorria system.

The defense of Corellia has broadly been deemed a great victory for the Empire. Inhabitants of the sector's most populous world witnessed the disabling of a Rebel cruiser in their skies, as well as the wreckages of destroyed Rebel fighters raining down on their landscape. Though some losses were bitter, the Empire's loyal citizens can rejoice that the Imperial Navy kept them safe once more.

Meanwhile, as the Rebels attempted in vain to attack the Corellian system's beating heart, a line of Arquitens cruisers continued to seek the elusive Rebel outpost on Drall. According to Imperial Intelligence, the outpost's location will soon be discovered, as the cruiser line was met in orbit by Rebel vessels under the command of the infamous Rebel warlord, Mysh Theia.

At the cost of a single light command cruiser, the newly-minted Commodore Iago Yueh disabled numerous Rebel corvettes. The fighter losses are still being counted, but agents with the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR) deem the results to be favorable.

By victoriously engaging Theia's forces, Imperial retribution has begun for her countless depredations against decent Imperial citizens. The COMPNOR agents have declared it as no accident that the force was lead by Yueh's flagship, the Hand of Justice, which shall return to Corellia for needed repairs.

The Imperial Navy further anticipates news from Sacorria, where another strike at a suspected Rebel outpost took place.