Sunday, November 19, 2017

Imperial Patrol Fleet Destroys Rebel Flagship in Corsin System

An patrol line of Arquitens-class light cruisers destroy the Rebel flagship in the Corsin system.

CORSIN SYSTEM - An Imperial patrol line escaped a Rebel naval ambush in the Corsin system of the Greater Plooriod sector today. Most of the Rebels paid with their lives, as the insurgent flagship and a Corellian picket vessel were destroyed under a barrage of concentrated firepower unleashed by the patrol vessels' fire-linked turbolaser turrets.

In an upset for the Rebellion, an Imperial patrol fleet turned an ambush against the Rebel vessels. The Rebellion had hoped to catch the patrol flat-footed against the glare of the system's star. The Rebellion's dastardly attempt proved futile as the Rebels' larger ships proved to be no match for even the smaller turbolasers of the Empire's Arquitens-class light cruisers and superior naval combat doctrine.

It is, however, believed that the Rebel commander - a fugitive known only as 'Bazi Bier' managed to escape the destruction of his flagship. While his compatriots' corpses aboard the flagship burned, Bazi Bier saved his own skin, fleeing aboard an escape pod. The pod is believed to have been picked up by a surviving Rebel transport, which escaped to hyperspace.

Imperial Intelligence believes that Bazi Bier is part of a larger Rebel effort that will soon attempt to mount a larger attack on the Empire, somewhere in the northern segment of the galaxy. It is deemed plausible that the failed ambush attempt was a test of Imperial resolve and assessment of Imperial naval doctrine. Needless to add, the Rebel test failed utterly, and Imperial naval doctrine proved to be as stalwart as ever.

The naval doctrine employed at Corsin is known as Manifest Destiny. It involves the use of concentrated broadside firepower by a line of Arquitens-class light cruisers, supported by a Quasar-class light carrier. While the Empire continues to favor large warships, such as the Imperial-class star destroyers, for the hope they bring to human life in the middle of a galaxy of encroaching aliens, light vessels such as the Arquitens and Quasar allow the Empire to bring the light of the Emperor's governance to even the most dark backward corners of the Outer Rim.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Corellian Sector Group Restructures 'Manifest Destiny' Patrol Line For Increased Efficiency

An Arquitens-class light cruiser from the 'Manifest Destiny' patrol line pulls into the military shipyard facility on Xyquine II.

XYQUINE II - In an effort to increase efficiency in the Imperial Navy, the Corellian Sector Group reassesses its resource needs and expenditures. Moff Hassel-stein has ordered cuts to 'Manifest Destiny' Patrol Line.

A week after an ignominious defeat for the Rebellion, Moff Mikael Hasselstein reported that the Imperial fleets have nearly been repaired and refitted, though his own line of Gladiator-class star destroyers and support vessels did not require either. Another fleet, the 'Manifest Destiny' squadron of Arquitens-class light cruisers, had not been as unfortunate. Not only had the fleet not performed to expectations, but the Moff's accountants had found misspent resources. The fleet's commander has been permanently relieved of duty, with Hasseltein personally taking command of the fleet.

"What happened was unfortunate," a spokesman for the fleet told HNN, "and responsible parties have taken responsibility. The 'Manifest Destiny' patrol line will be stripped of excesses, and repurposed towards brining the Rebellion to heel more efficiently. The Corellian Sector Group can be trusted with the Emperor's hard-earned credits."

According to an unnamed source, three Arquitens-class light cruisers had been refitted with reinforced blast doors, allowing the cruisers to attempt to mitigate battle damage. These refits had not received authorization from the Moff, and they are reported to being repurposed.

The same source reported a free-lance Trandoshan on the Imperial payroll, commenting that the Empire "does not need reptilian scum." When filing a Freedom of Information request about the payroll allegation, HNN was informed that the 'Freedom of Information Decree' only applies to agents of the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) in regards to the personal information of private citizens and other subjects. According to the HNN editorial staff, the intern who filed the request has since been enjoying his time in a reeducation camp.

Hasselstein: Rebellion in Corellian Sector Soon to Be Defeated; Citizens Rejoice!

Elements of the Corellian Sector Group in Orbit of the sector's eponymous world.

CORELLIA - The fleets of the Corellian Sector regroup in order to mount final actions against the remaining Rebel presence. Moff Mikael Hasselstein is certain that the insurgency in the sector will soon that the Rebels will be forced to withdraw, and cease to be a nuisance to civilian traffic.

After the crushing victory in the Saberhing asteroid belt, Moff Hasselstein - former CEO of the HoloNet News Network, and explicit Palpatine loyalist - assured Corellian citizens that the insurgency against the legal order would soon be at an end, and that days of the Rebellion plaguing the Core Worlds were numbered.

Speaking on the matter of strategy, Hasselstein informed HNN that the Rebels were desperate for a single large space battle to determine mastery of the sector.

"Their purposes are laughably transparent," he said, "but we will not indulge them. We shall continue the strategy that has been working for us, and the Rebellion will be seen for the pathetic cause that it is. When that is apparent, they shall lose the will to fight, and peace and order shall be reinstated under the Imperial banner."

the citizenry of the Corellian sector were jubilant at the news from their Moff. It was clear that they will be greatly relieved to be free of the Rebel scourge, as well as no longer having to carry the shame of having a Rebel-infested sector. They hope that when the Rebels have been driven away, that they will once again earn the Emperor's regard.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Victory in Saberhing Asteroid Belt

Moff Hasselstein's squadron of Gladiator-class star destroyers in defensive formation before the Saberhing shipyard facility.

SABERHING ASTEROID BELT - The Rebel insurgency was routed today in the Saberhing Asteroid Belt, where Moff Mikael Hasselstein personally oversaw the defense of the Imperial shipyard facility.

The Rebellion attacked the Saberhing shipyard facility, aiming to sabotage the sector fleets' capacity to maintain its vessels. The rebels were, however, awaited by Moff Hasselstein's personal fleet of Gladiator-class star destroyers, supported by a wing of TIE fighters and Interceptors.

The Empire's victory was complete. The shipyards remain unscathed, all the Imperial warships returned to berth without necessary repairs, and even all the TIE fighter squadrons returned to their hangars. Meanwhile the wreckage of the Rebel fleet fell into the orbits of the asteroid belt.

Imperial citizens of the Corellian Sector rejoiced at the news. Rumors had abound about a supposed Imperial setback in the Talfaglio system on the sparsely-populated outskirts of the sector. These rumors were dismissed as Rebel propaganda and lies. The Empire remains hegemonic in the Corellian sector.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Imperial Commanders Engage in Virtuous Competition, While Rebels Squabble

A rebel corvette breaks up in orbit of Ord Mantell, as it falls victim to an attack by a rival Revel faction.

ORD MANTELL - The Rebels' infighting continues to doom the Rebels and criminal syndicates' hold on the Bright Jewel system. Meanwhile, the Emperor has allowed the Imperial Navy commanders to compete for command of the system.

Demonstrating His most enlightened military policy, the Emperor is allowing Imperial commanders to compete with one another. The most capable admiral shall be allowed the honor of being the final word in the system's administration and authority to direct Imperial forces in the region. Commodore Charis Naboobo of the Colundra Sector in the Outer Rim and Lord Xenos II, also from the Outer Rim are favorites to win the contest. Promotion to command over a Mid Rim system is likely to be a great advancement for either commander.

The Rebels and criminal syndicates, on the other hand, have made their unruliness manifest, by continuing to skirmish among one another, even as the Empire asserts order on the wayward system. Particularly the heinous Admiral Theia is seeking to replace Shmitty the Dataslicer as the dominant crime lord in the Bright Jewel sector, just as Canth Walden attempts to salvage his reputation on the back of another Rebel warlord.

Empire Brings Several Rebel and Criminal Fleets to Heel; Rebels Continue Skirmish Among Themselves

Victory II-class Star Destroyers under the command of Lord Xenos II over Ord Mantell

ORD MANTELL - The Imperial Navy continues to press its advantage over the Rebels and criminal syndicates of the Bright Jewel system. while some Rebel-flagged smuggler fleets escaped the Imperial nets, two condemnable Rebel warlords fought among one another for dominance in infamy.

The most notable victory was Lord Xenos II's destruction of Shmitty the Dataslicer's fleet of Hammerhead corvettes. This criminal mastermind has been taught a lesson for allying his syndicate with the hapless Rebellion.

Lord Xenos' exploit was more notable for having been accomplished with a line of older vessels, including two Victory-class Star Destroyers and two Arquitens cruiser, supported by a flotilla of Gozanti transports. Hailing from the Outer Rim, Lord Xenos has demonstrated the ingenuity to which Outer Rim commanders have shown in their efforts to bring crime and insurrection under control.

Another Imperial commander of the Outer Rim, Commodore Charis Naboobo of the Colundra Sector, led his fleet from the bridge of a mighty Imperial-class Star Destroyer, from where he supervised the destruction of a rebel fleet belonging to the Rebel faction led by rogue senator Mon Mothma.

Unfortunately, a few other fleet of Hammerhead corvettes was able to slip past Imperial lines. The local Imperial authorities are confident, however, that they will inevitable be caught and brought to Imperial justice.

Meanwhile, the Rebel forces of Canth Walden encountered a rival Rebel Warlord, the savage Admiral Theia, whose bloodthirsty atrocities are infamous in the Core Worlds and Outer Rim alike. According to intelligence reports, Theia proved to be the slightly more heinous of the two, and shall be challenging the crime lord Shmitty for his hegemony among the Bright Jewel syndicates.

Rebel Factions Fractured Over Ord Mantell

Ord Mantell, capital world of the Bright Jewel sector, is a known shadow port

ORD MANTELL - Hostilities erupted in the Bright Jewel sector this morning, as Imperial Navy formations emerged over Ord Mantell in an operation aimed at bringing law and order to this chaotic sector of the spinward Mid Rim. Predictabily, internecine squabbles divided separate Rebel and criminal factions, while Imperial officers imposed discipline on their juniors.

Taking an already crime-ridden world in the Mid Rim by surprise, the Imperial Navy emerged out of hyperspace over Ord Mantell in the Bright Jewel sector. Typical of the fractious Rebels in the region, different factions chose to train their turbolasers on one another than the Imperial lines of battle.

Canth Walden, a notorious rebel warlord, who was driven from the Corellian Sector some months ago, was identified as one of the Rebel factions over Ord Mantell. His first act was to narrowly drive a rival Rebel warlord from Ord Mantell's orbit.

Meanwhile, Lord Xenos II, an Imperial commander of the far north of the Outer Rim, brought swift discipline to a junior Imperial officer whose line of vessels proved to be insufficiently prepared to bring Imperial justice to the Rebellion. The result of this was hailed as a victory for Imperial discipline and good order.

Disturbingly, one fleet of Hammerhead corvettes opened fire on an Imperial line attempting to inspect the vessels for contraband. The hammerheads, suspected to belong to a criminal dealer in arcane data, only known as Shmitty the Dataslicer, was able to outmaneuver the Imperial line, and escape Imperial justice. Lord Xenos has been tasked with bringing the dataslicer to heel.

Ord Mantell is the capital planet of the Bright Jewel system of the eponymous sector at the crossroutes of the Celanon Spur and Entralla Trade Route. A world known as a shadowport for smugglers, crime syndicates, and other alien thugs, is a likely den for different Rebel factions. The Bright Jewel Rebels, whose mutual enmities are frequently greater than their hostility towards the Empire, are considered a mere nuisance for Imperial order.