Friday, May 29, 2015

Imperial Navy Defeats Rebel Ambush in Relgim Sector

Mark II Assault Frigate. A ship of the type sighted and destroyed in the Vykos system

From our correspondent in the Relgim sector

VYKOS SYSTEM - An Imperial Patrol along the Relgim Run hyperroute was ambushed yesterday, but the rebel sneak attack was beaten back.

The insurgent rebels that assaulted the patrol were surprisingly well armed. The ambush witnessed the introduction of a rebel Assault Frigate, a type of vessel never before seen ship in the spinward Outer Rim of the galaxy. The ambushing force further consisted of snub fighters escorting a single Nebulon-B frigate.

The patrol suffered heavy losses due to a few well-placed bombs from the rebel snubfighters. These temporarily disabled both Gladiator-class destroyers. However, the Empire remained victorious and was able to destroy both enemy frigates. The fighter squadroms were either destroyed or dispersed.

Senior Captain Josbu Thake - commander of the patrol - spoke with our correspondent, saying "The cowards dropped out of hyperspace right in front of our forward patrols and tried to use those fighters they are so proud of to destroy us."

Both star destroyers were recovered and are currently under repairs in the Ord Trasi ship-yards and are expected to be fully operational in next few weeks.

BENN GLECK: On Speciesism.

HNN Senior Outer Rim Analyst Benn Gleck refutes the accusation that the Empire is speciesist.

Senior Outer Rim Analyst Benn Gleck

Dear HNN readers,

The galactic malcontents are at it again: trying to tear down the accomplishments of our beloved Empire. Their 'cause' this time? The fabricated notion that the Empire is speciesist.

You know who are the real speciesists in this galaxy? The ones who accuse others of being speciesists!

The malcontents - by which I not only mean the insurgents, terrorists, and rebels who are trying to tear the fabric of galactic society apart, but also the politically-correct "intelligentsia", who want to give aliens a privileged status in this galaxy because of some imagined injustice that happened millennia ago.

Because these ideas have been poisoning people's brains for so long, I need to deconstruct the argument, which I will do below the fold. However, let me first give you a particular example:

You know about Senator "Princess" Leia Organa, that so-called do-gooder from Alderaan, who supposedly champions the rights of aliens? What you don't know is that when the HoloCams aren't on her, she's not quite as politically correct towards the aliens. She's even been overheard to call her consort's Wookiee slave a "walking carpet".

In the meantime, what do the politically-correct "intelligentsia" base their accusations of Imperial speciesism on? The fact that one time a detention bay guard once called that same Wookiee a "thing."

I'm sorry, politically-correct "intelligentsia", maybe we should send detention-bay guards to "sensitivity training".

But I've got more. Click 'read more' to get my full analysis of what rebel speciesism is all about and how they practice the soft bigotry of low expectations.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Aggressive Recon Line Makes Contact With the Insurgent Enemy

A recon line consisting of the Gladiator-class star destroyers Demolisher (front left) and Insidious (rear right)

VOHAI SYSTEM - Pursuant to the Savareen Admiralty's direction, the Imperial Navy bloodied the nose of the Rebellion in the Vohai and Elshandruu Pica systems today. However, a particularly wanted corvette remained at large and will be the object of a continued hunt.

Striking out from the Bajic system, the location of a rebel incursion last week, the Imperial Navy struck an unsuspecting rebel formation in the Vohai system. The Vohai system, being the next rimward system along the Five Veils Route, was suspected of being a rebel mustering point.

As suspected, a rebel formation was detected and challenged near an asteroid field. Acting swiftly, the Imperial recon line scattered the rebel units and destroyed all escorting fighter squadrons, with the rebel vessels escaping along the hyperroute in a rimward direction.

The recon line, consisting of the Insidious and Demolisher, both Gladiator-class star destroyers, pursued the rebel vessels - an infamous CR-90 corvette and an escort frigate to the neighboring Elshandruu Pica system in the Quence sector. There the escort frigate was destroyed, at the tragic loss of one of the star destroyers. The Corvette, however remained at large.

The corvette in question was identified by the uncouth title Slippery Steve, a vessel which had earlier vexed the Imperial Navy in the Bajic system.

The recon line's mission was pursuant to the more aggressive naval posture as mandated by the Savereen admiralty yesterday. The admiralty had decided to respond vigorously to rebel naval elements testing the Imperial blockade of the Arkanis sector with repeated attempts to move contraband in and out of that benighted sector.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Admiralty Declares the Hunt for the Rebellion to Become More Aggressive

Members of the Imperial Admiralty in Charge of the Savareen Blockade. Admiral Conan Antonio Motti (R), Colonel Wulff Yularen (L-seated), and Admiral Terrinald Screed (L-standing)

LLANIC SYSTEM - In the wake of the attacks on Farstine Station, as well as the recent loss of the Ryndellia system, the Admiralty in charge of the Savareen Blockade has declared the Savareen operation shall move into a more aggressive phase.

Among the leading admirals, Admiral Conan Antonio Motti, Vice Admiral Terrinald Screed, and Colonel Wulff Yularen of the Imperial Security Bureau.

Admiral Motti, a close associate of Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin himself, spoke to HNN saying: "We cannot allow the atrocities that happened at Ryndellia to stand. We shall strike back against the Rebellion, and snuff it out once and for all."

Admiral Screed of the Naval Intelligence Agency did not speak during the sit-down with the press, but is a known advocate of more aggressive measures. It is said that Admiral Screed served with the traitor, Jan Dodonna, a known naval commander in the Rebellion, during the Clone War.

ISB Colonel Wulff Yularen, also a Clone War naval veteran and former admiral, is also at hand to provide intelligence and political advice to the Savareen admiralty.

The precise details of the admiralty's strategy to crush the rebellion were kept classified, but Col. Yularen did reveal that "tactical persistence" would be a key guiding principle. Also, Motti revealed that actions were already prepared and that the rebellion would find itself in dire straights before the daily cycle was over.

Citizens of the Trailing Sectors of the Outer Rim and the Arkanis Sector are said to be hopeful with such a decisive leadership team strategizing to rid this benighted region of the galaxy of the insurgent scourge that has been a plague on local peace and stability for months.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Rebels Mount Lighting Raid on Farstine Station

Rebel fighter bombing run on the VSD Corrupter

FARSTINE SYSTEM - The rebel warlady Admiral Theia attacked an Imperial space station in the Farstine sector today. Her forces attacked swiftly, using a precise in-bound hyperspace vector to attack the heavy attack line that the Imperial Navy had guarding the station. The battle proved indecisive and the rebels withdrew, presumably back to the Ryndellia system.

Attempting to make further gains along the Triellus Trade Route, Admiral Theia stuck out from her temporary lair in the Ryndellia system today, attacking the Farstine System. With an Imperial heavy attack line guarding the sector, her efforts were met by a close defeat. After the destruction of her main attack vessel, which treacherously used a hyperspace trick to come in behind the attack line, her forces decided to withdraw rather than face heavy casualties.

Theia's attack comes two weeks after her previous attempt, and three weeks after she led a sneak attack on the peaceful station in the Ryndellia system. Thus far, her campaign - while presently stalled due to the courageous stalwartness of the Imperial Navy - represents the rebellion's only serious attempt to compromise the blockade of the Arkanis sector headquartered the Savareen sector.

The surprising aspect of this battle was the size of Admiral Theia's fleet. Previously, her fleet had included only small vessels and few, if any, snubfighters. Her forces deployed in this battle numbers a single assault frigate (destroyed) and two escort frigates, as many corvettes, and a dozen fighter-bomber squadrons. It is due to the foresight of the Imperial Navy that a heavy attack line consisting of four star destroyers (two of the Victory-class and two of the Gladiator-class, that the Farstine system remains safely in Imperial hands. Had the system fallen, the inhabitants would likely have been massacred as the inhabitants of the Ryndellia space station are reputed to have been.

Emperor Palpatine: Still Hands-On; Still Common Touch

Emperor Palpatine posing in front of the old senate building with Lord Darth Vader and Stormtrooper IC-4365

IMPERIAL CENTER (CORUSCANT) - Emperor Palpatine, despite more than two decades of dedicated service to the galaxy, still maintains a hand-on approach as well as a common touch with the troops.

Today Emperor Palpatine, the benevolent ruler of the galaxy, reasserted his commitment to not lose touch with the troops on the ground or the TIE pilots serving the galaxy in the space lanes. Posing with common stormtrooper IC-4365 as well as Lord Darth Vader, his right-hand black eminence, His Majesty addressed the press gathered for a press conference on the steps of the disused senate building.

"As Emperor, I know that it's hard out there on the front lines. I am committed to never losing touch with the common trooper who serves in the trenches, the naval gunner who fires turbolasers for galactic peace and stability, or the TIE pilot who keeps open the spacelanes of commerce while also keeping spice off our streets."

The Emperor added that he, has "always tried to keep from becoming aloof the way that the senators of the Republic used to do."

"To that end, I vow that I will always be there in the trenches, by the turbolasers, and in the spacelanes, right alongside the common troops and pilots who do their part to keep us all safe."

During the question-and-answer session of the press conference, one uncouth "journalist" from a different galactic newsnet asked if the Emperor could really imagine the life of the common citizen of the Outer Rim. Clearly understanding that he had crossed the line, the journalist abruptly halted his own sentence and gasped for air.

"I found his lack of faith disturbing," Lord Vader commented after the press conference.

Empire Strikes Blows for Truth, Justice, and the Imperial Way in the Arkanis Sector

YT-2400 Corellian light freighter escorted by new type of rebel fighter craft.

NEW ATOR SYSTEM - Imperial Navy pilots of the Arkanis Sector Group wreaked vengeance on the rebellion and the criminal element of the Arkanis sector today. They destroyed two separate elements of starships found to be spreading insurrection and criminality on the New Ator System along the Triellus Trade Route.

The first of the two elements at first blush seemed to be the notorious terrorist known as the "Green Baron", a highly capable yet murderous traitor flying the new E-wing-type space superiority fighter. Having been previously sighted in the company of a YT-2400 Corellian light freighter, the Imperial pilots were eager to bring the traitor to justice.

The special operations elements employed by the Empire within the sector had been given notice to be out for this Green Baron, but despite the resemblance, this particular element proved to be a different team of rebel insurgents. Clearly, however, the Imperial pilots were sufficiently eager to bring justice and judgement to the Arkanis sector that they proved to overwhelm these allies of the Green Baron.

In addition to the summary execution of these rebels, the special operations element encountered a pair of Firespray attack craft. According to transponder codes, one of these was one who had previously been in Imperial employ, but was now turning her heavy laser cannon on the forces loyal to the Empire. Fortunately for those who's life's work is to return law and order to the galaxy - starting with the Arkanis sector - these mercenaries-for-hire were insufficient to the task in the face of dedication and loyalty.

The Empire's victories today are testament to the ingenuity of Moff Dzon Brennin, whose strategy is proving to turn the tide of war towards both peace and justice. The trainings that his pilots were ordered to conduct last week are clearly paying off for the Empire and its loyal subjects.


Monday, May 25, 2015

Total Rebel Defeat in the Arbra System

Two Mark II Assault frigates in the Arbra system with an asteroid base in the background.

From our correspondent in the Bon'nyuw-Luq sector

ARBRA SYSTEM - Yesterday a line of star destroyers discovered two rebel assault frigates and several squadrons of snubfighters replenishing their supplies at a space station in the Arbra system in the Bon'nyuw-Luq sector. The frigates were both destroyed and a handful of X-Wing fighters were permitted to escape.

The commander of the mission, Inquisitor Baryn Bekar, had uncovered the rebels presence in the Arbra sector - an out-of-the-way system in the Trailing Sectors of the Outer Rim. This part of the Bon'nyuw-Luq sector was deemed to be exactly the sort of place where the rebellion would hide their treasonous activity. Having been justly and mercilessly crushed, they are active in that system no more.

Inquisitor Bekar's 'wolf pack' of star destroyers was able to deftly and courageously outmaneuver the traitors' vessels. The GSD Insidious, a Gladiator II-class star destroyer, spearheading the charge, absorbing the rebels' turbolaser fire, while the other star destroyers, a Victory I-class and another Gladiator II-class came around the frigates' flank.

The station, seemingly a wretched hive of treason and insurrection, shall be subjected to forensic investigation by Imperial Intelligence. Imperial Intelligence analysts assert that the station is possibly a treasure trove of information, which will possibly lead to other such rebel outposts being uncovered. Learning the locations of such hidden rebel bases could lead to the final and utter destruction of the rebellion, and the re-establishment of peace and tranquility in the galaxy.

A public service announcement:


(Original artwork by Wil Woods here.)

HNN pays tribute to all the troopers who have given their lives, in great numbers, to the cause of galactic security and stability.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

New Naval Command Officer Graduates Show Promise

Naval tactics lecture at the Imperial Naval Academy at Prefsbelt IV

PREFSBELT IV - During a graduating test, new command officers graduating from the Naval Academy of Prefsbelt IV demonstrated skill and tactical insight today. The final days of the Rebellion are deemed to be at hand.

During two skirmishes between naval academy cadets, faced off against one another. Both teams commanded victory I-class star destroyers, with different types of TIE craft flying alongside.

Particular commendation went to one team's sensor operators. These effectively cancelled their opposing team's counter measures, which allowed them to more quickly damage the opposing team's vessel.

No naval officers were harmed during these training exercises, though both star destroyers will be shipped back to Kuat Drive Yards for repairs. During the second skirmish, in which the two training teams simulated an ambush setting, the star destroyers slowly collided one another. As the collision happened, both star destroyers found that their collision alarms were inoperative. The manufacturer at Kuat Drive Yards will be held to account.

With such fine officers graduating from the academy, the rebellion will soon be brought to heel. The admiralty of the Imperial Navy will soon send these graduating officers to the Outer Rim to serve in the blockade of the Arkanis sector. It is expected that once the cordoning off of this sector is complete, the rebellion will wither and the galaxy can once again be at peace.

Friday, May 22, 2015

BENN GLECK: Money Needs to Be Ours Again

HNN Senior Outer Rim Analyst Benn Gleck argues that we take our currency back.

Senior Outer Rim Analyst Benn Gleck

Dear fellow humans,

We live in a time of monetary travesty.

Our currency - the very substance that gives all of our livelihoods the blood that it needs to survive - is controlled by Outer Rim aliens, who - as we know - do not have our best interests at heart.

I am talking, of course, about the Muun of Muunilinst.

The Muun are the shadowy aliens that control the Intergalactic Banking Clan (IGBC), which actually determines what the credchip in your pocket is worth. No, it's not the Emperor or Imperial Central on Coruscant - it's a group of aliens in the Outer Rim.

Does that scare you?

It sure scares me!

If we really want to create an Empire that puts humans back where they should be, where they were before we started to be ruled by the aliens of the Republic, then we need to take our currency back from the Muun aliens and their IGBC.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Rebellion Falls for Counter-Ambush in Relgim Sector

The refueling station in the Ord Trasi system, near which the counter-ambush took place

From our correspondent in the Relgim sector

ORD TRASI SYSTEM - The Rebellion failed in an attempt at ambushing an Imperial force in the Relgim sector yesterday. This tactical and strategic setback for the Rebellion was the result of cooperation between the Relgim Sector Group and HNN, a plan carefully conceived by Admiral Screed.

Two days ago, HNN reported the Imperial Navy's assurance that the Relgim Sector was clear of rebel activity, despite local citizens' nervousness. According to plan, this resulted in the Rebellion being lulled into a false sense of security, which resulted in a tactical and strategic defeat for the insurgency.

Having laid plans to ambush Admiral Screed's Victory II-class star destroyer Valiant at a refueling outpost in the Ord Trasi system, the rebels were themselves lured into a surprise attack. Having brought sufficient vessels to successfully attack the Valiant, they were confronted by not only the Valiant, but also the VSD Cossack and a supporting Gladiator-class star destroyer.

The rebel forces, consisting of a mere frigate and two supporting corvettes and sundry fighters, were overwhelmed by the superior Imperial force, resulting in the destruction of the frigate and disabling of one of the corvettes. The second corvette was permitted to escape in order to bring news back to the Rebellion that their efforts in the Relgim sector will prove fruitless.

The captain and human crew of the captured corvette have been turned over to the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) for interrogation and re-education. Incapable of re-education, the sundry aliens have been sent to the spice mines of Kessel.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Imperial Navy Once Again Holds Off Rebel Incursion Along Five Veils Route

Rebel corvette wanted in conjunction with terrorism and insurrection.

BAJIC SYSTEM - An Imperial patrol was ambushed by rebel terrorist in the Bajic system today. The ambush failed, but the star Destroyer in pursuit of the fleeing rebels has been declared missing. One rebel ship was destroyed, but a second remains at large.

The ambush was made upon the VSD Seizure, a Victory I-class star destroyer today. The rebellion's ambush near a repair station in the Bajic system resulted in the destruction of a number of fighter craft. Giving chase to the retreating rebel ships, the Seizure has failed to make contact with the Bajic Sector Group admiralty in charge of the local effort towards the Savereen blockade.

Two relief ships, both of the Gladiator II-class star destroyer type, encountered the rebel vessels. They destroyed a Nebulon-B escort frigate. A CR90a-class corvette remains at large as it made the jump to hyperspace before it could be apprehended or destroyed. The corvette, titled 'Slippery Steve' has had its title and transponder code recorded with the Imperial Navy, and will be apprehended or destroyed on sight. All loyal Imperial citizens will notify Imperial authority with any leads.

Thankfully, despite the Rebel attempts at spreading their nihilism in the Outer Rim, the Bajic system remains in Imperial hands. The Gladiators will search for the VSD Seizure and hopefully find her and her crew inconvenienced by a faulty comm system. HNN's and our readers' prayers are with her crew.

The Bajic System is a system along the Five Veils Route, one of the Outer Rim's notorious thoroughfares for contraband. In addition to enacting an embargo on the lawless Arkanis Sector, the Savareen blockade interdicts smuggled goods (spice, weapons, and human slaves) boud for the Core and alien worlds.

Imperial Special Operations Flights Engage in Training Skirmishes

Standard special operations flight operating in the Arkanis sector, consisting of VT-49 "Decimator" and elite TIE Interceptor

ARKANIS SYSTEM - Imperial Navy pilots of the Arkanis Sector Group engaged in training skirmishes today in preparation for continued action against the criminal elements and insurgents within the Arkanis sector.

Most squad configurations features a VT-49 Decimator, one of the Empire's premier weapons platforms for hunting both cartel operatives as well as terrorist elements seeking the overthrow of the legitimate galactic order.

Added to this configuration were TIE Interceptors with elite pilots capable of outmaneuvering and outflying the slower rebel and cartel starfighters.

This configuration is considered ideal for the mission at hand in the lawless and chaotic Arkanis sector.

Yesterday, Moff Dzon Brennin made it clear that the standard Imperial Navy order of battle for starfighters was ill-suited to the theater under his command. He personally relieved one wing commander of his command for ordering a standard flight of TIE fighters into the sector to combat the Empire's enemies.

Some commentators at Imperial Central (Coruscant) suggested that the Moff was questioning the wisdom of the standard Imperial Navy Order of Battle, which perhaps demonstrated his own questionable loyalty.

"The Arkanis sector represents a special case," Moff Brennin clarified. "The Imperial Order of Battle was designed to deal with a conventional military threat, such as the Separatists were. The Rebellion, as well as the Arkanis cartels, are nothing of that sort, and they require a special-operations response. This is what we have enacted in the Arkanis sector, and it is working."

With the Arkanis sector seemingly still a lawless region, beset by corrupt cartels and nihilistic rebels, the Moff remains to be vindicated. Voices for his dismissal are heard at Imperial Central in favor of a more doctrinaire approach.


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

All is Quiet in the Relgim Sector

The Relgim Sector in the New Territories in the Outer Rim

ORD TRASI SYSTEM - Despite a concerned citizenry, the Empire is successfully maintaining security and stability in the Relgim Sector, in the galaxy's New Territories.

An HNN-affiliated reporter reports the Imperial Navy maintaining a secure presence in Ord Trasi in the Relgim Sector.

A line of Imperial Navy ships swiftly responded to citizens' alarms that the rebellion might be active in the Ord Trasi. Their immediate appearance quelled any rebellion as well as calmed citizens' concerns. The Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) will follow up with the alarmed citizens.

Unlike the rumor-mill of the Galactic Newsnets, HNN is dedicated to bringing its loyal readers the news they need to know to make them both informed as well as appropriately loyal in the interest of galactic harmony. HNN attempts a balance between the news that alarms as well as the news that calms. HNN does not follow the same if-it-bleeds-it-leads philosophy that other news outlets use to attract viewers by perpetuating a fear-mongering narrative.

COMPNOR spokesman Agandist.

Mr. Prop Agandist, spokesman for the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order, assured HNN readers:

"There are no rebels in the Relgim Sector."

"As a terrorist organization, the Rebellion thrives off alarmism beyond proportion to its capabilities," Mr. Agandist explained. "Their propaganda is all lies. The Empire has full control of the New Territories. The instability in the Arkanis sector is merely a local affair, which does not translate to more civilized parts of the galaxy."


Moff Brennin Sacks Wing Commander for Introduction of Academy Pilots

A standard flight of four TIE Fighters

ARKANIS SYSTEM - Moff Dzon Brennin personally had an unnamed wing commander serving aboard a Gladiator-class star destroyer dismissed from the service today. The wing commander's offense being the introduction of a standard flight of Academy-trained TIE fighter pilots on a mission in the Arkanis sector.

The dismissal came after a number of skirmishes involving newly-trained TIE pilots in the Sirpar system. While the Rebels encountered in one skirmish proved to be little more prepared, the casualties were deemed unacceptable. Even the flight's commanding officer, himself a seasoned squad leader, was deemed to fly little better than a cadet.

In a following skirmish in the same system, another flight of TIE Fighters were ignominiously dispatched by pirate Y-Wings. In both skirmishes, the TIE Fighter pilots were recent graduates of the naval academy without many flight hours.

The use of freshly-graduated flight officers from the Naval Academy at Prefsbelt IV was prohibited by the regional governor in his strategic memo when taking charge of the Arkanis sector. This strategic memo, previously undisclosed to HNN, determined that the Imperial Navy would use special operations units within the Arkanis sector, rather than standard order-of-battle Flights of TIE fighters.

The standard order of battle was decided to be ill-suited for service within the chaotic Arkanis sector, which is beset by criminality and insurrection. The use of irregular and special operations units, with covert aspects, is directed to be the approach taken by all units of the Arkanis Sector Group.

"This isn't the Core where you use a civilized war-fighting method to fight a civilized opponent," Moff Brennin told HNN. "Out here in the Arkanis sector, you've got to fight an asymmetrical threat with asymmetrical means. The Arkanis sector is a wretched hive of treason and villainy, and the Sector Group will fight these terrorists and cartels the way that they deserve to be fought."


Monday, May 18, 2015

Imperial Patrol in Bahalian System Encounters Larger Rebel Vessel

The Rebel Assault Frigate Gallant Haven sighted in the Bahalian system.

BAHALIAN SYSTEM - An Imperial patrol was attacked by a Rebel vessel of un- precedented size yesterday. According to Imperial Navy analysis, the use of a single larger vessel signifies a strategic shift by the Rebellion.

According to Naval Intelligence, the ship in question responded to the transponder title Gallant Haven, and indicated as an Assault Frigate Mark II B, manufactured by Rendilli StarDrive. Rendilli StarDrive, headquartered in the eponymous Rendili system in the Core, has declined to comment, but is reportedly answering questions from the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB), as to how their vessels found their way into Rebel hands.

The Rebel attack is being hailed as a victory for the Empire, despite losses of three squadrons of TIE fighters. Intelligence gained and an elite Rebel fighter squadron having been destroyed is deemed to be worth the losses. Furthermore, towards the end of the battle, it was the rebel assault frigate which withdrew from the Bahalian system before Imperial reinforcements arrived.

"TIE Fighter pilots are the most dedicated and loyal servants of the Empire, braving death in the Emperor's service every day," COMPNOR spokesman Prop Agandist told HNN. "However, their sacrifices are expected and the Empire has ever more loyal citizens volunteering to stand up for galactic stability, whereas the Rebellion only has a small and finite number of people so traitorous to be willing to fill their ranks. If our casualties were ten of our to one of theirs we would be justified in calling it a victory!"

The captain of the Imperial vessel, a Victory II-class star destroyer, with ample starfighter and bomber support, reports having hung back from engagement to allow the gathering of intelligence rather than immediate destruction of the enemy vessel. This captain is also currently in consultation with the ISB regarding his decision, and his failure to make full use of his fighter and bomber complement. His disciplinary demise is expected with the arrival of Lord Vader. That discipline will provide new ways to motivate Imperial Navy captains to be more aggressive and more skillful with their fighter and bomber complements in the future.

Imperial Navy Presses Advantage in Arkanis Sector

Mandalorian mercenaries attempting to enact a counter-reprisal against Imperial forces.

ARKANIS SYSTEM - Imperial action against the criminal and insurgent forces of the Arkanis Sector proceeds apace. In a number of skirmishes in the Huldamun and Issor, the Empire has bested the cartel forces, returning a glimmer of hope to the benighted region.

In the Huldamun system, Imperial elements encountered an escorted spice shipment making its way along the Vaschean Way from the illicit spice manufacturing areas deeper in the sector.

The spice was intended to be smuggled into civilized space and onto the markets of the Core worlds. Attempting vengeance, the cartel in question commissioned a spiteful reaction by two mercenary vessels. True to form, the pilots of the Imperial Navy drove one to escape to hyperspace, while the other surrendered.

The precise composition of the Imperial elements remains classified under order from Moff Dzon Brennin. Brennin is a former Imperial Intelligence officer, who has brought a new, more covert-action approach to combating crime in this Outer Rim sector.

Even some naysayers and malcontents on the galactic news nets admit that the Empire may have turned the corner on a troubled number of months. The rebels and criminans, recently found to be in close collusion with one another have suffered a number of defeats recently, and analysts believe that the days of the rebellion and its associated spice cartels will soon be no more than a painful memory.

The successes are surmised to be the covert-action work directed by Moff Brennin, but also due to Imperial pilots undergoing extra training against superior TIE fighter vessels. These TIE "Advanced" have been refitted with upgraded technology soon to be spread out among the Imperial Navy's finest pilots. They have been recently deployed against Moff Brennin's covert forces as part of the latter's special training programs.


Saturday, May 16, 2015

Incontrovertible Evidence: Collusion Between Criminal Element, Rebellion

Black Sun Syndicate markings on Z-95 snubfighter accompanied by Rebel B-Wing heavy fighter.

ARKANIS SYSTEM - Imperial Navy Intelligence has released incontrovertible evidence of the operational link between the Rebellion and the criminal element in the Arkanis Sector.

This evidence was captured during a number of reprisal raids against the rebellion and criminal elements, launched by the Arkanis Sector Group this morning. Many of the raids were tactical successes, resulting in the elimination of a number of rebels as well as other violent criminals in the sector.

However, one of the raids - while technically a tactical defeat - revealed imagery of a Z-95 "Headhunter" snubfighter bearing the markings of the Black Sun crime syndicate, while at the same time flying support for a B-Wing heavy fighter, while escorting a spice shipment in a light freighter. While the pilots capturing the imagery were heinously murdered by the criminal rebels, one of the pilots was able to transmit the imagery to the Sector Group headquarters on Arkanis Prime.

By transmitting the data, the pilot in question - whose name will be kept classified in the interest of the pilot's family and other loved ones - the pilot's sacrifice served the greater interest of the Empire and galactic civilization as a whole. Selflessly turning a technical defeat into a strategic victory is a form of heroism only those wearing the uniform of the Empire are capable of.

Meanwhile, the other reprisal raids were deemed successful, and resulted in a large number of rebel and criminal casualties. The galaxy and the still-loyal citizens of the citizens of the Arkanis sector can sleep a little sounder tonight, while the worthless denizens who have thrown their lot in with the criminal rebellion now face their inevitable just punishment, as the Imperial Navy tightens its noose of justice and embargo around this anarchic sector.


Imperial Navy Engages in Wargames Ahead of Reprisals in Arkanis Sector

An Imperial formation including an element of TIE Defenders directed by a flight leader aboard a TIE Bomber

ARKANIS SYSTEM - In preparation for a planned set or reprisal sorties into the anarchic Arkanis sector, Imperial Navy pilots stationed on the sector capital engaged in wargames yesterday. These wargames were intended to identify potential weaknesses in Imperial formations and tactical doctrines.

The games were said to be highly informative, causing the wing commanders of the Arkanis Sector Group to come to new realizations on those tactical doctrines. The exact nature of these realizations remain classified, but two classical formations were tested during the games. The first of these consisted of an element of TIE Defenders directed by a flight leader aboard a TIE Bomber. This formation allows for targeting directions to be conducted by the flight leader, while the TIE Defender Pilots maintain rigorous pursuit of their target.

The second formation was a form of hammer and anvil approach, between a VT-49 "Decimator" and a flanker of a classified type, probably a TIE Interceptor. In this wargame scenario, the three-ship formation proved victorious by rigorous pursuit of the hammer, while the VT-49 was at pains to keep pace with the pursuers.

Despite the set-back for the hammer-and-anvil formation, one Arkanis Sector Group Wing Commander, Major Purvis, intends to deploy this formation in a series of reprisal attacks later today.

"This has been an eye-opening experiment," Major Purvis declared, "But the lesson is not that this formation is obsolete. Merely that our pilots need to be aware of one another's intentions, and not allow the enemy to wedge them apart."

HNN and our loyal readers wish our pilots much strength and determination as they attempt to bring order back to this benighted sector of the Outer Rim.


Thursday, May 14, 2015

Rebellion Fails in Plot to Trap Imperial Patrol

Imperial patrol in the Farstine system.

FARSTINE SYSTEM - An Imperial patrol was attacked by two rebel ships in the Farstine system today. One corvette seemignly acted as a blockade runner, while a frigate came up behind the patrol while exiting hyperspace. Fortunately, the rebel attempt utterly failed to do more than cause the death of some courageous TIE fighter pilots.

Naval analysis infers that the rebels were themselves caught by surprise by the addition of a Gladiator-class star destroyer to the standard patrol consisting of a Victory-class star destroyer. In the Farstine skirmish, the Gladiator-class quickly pounced on the blockade runner, using its superior speed to intercept the corvette.

The rebel attack is seen to be a part of the force commanded by a particularly vicious rebel warlord, called Admiral Theia. Last week her ships captured a space station in the Ryndellia system, reportedly executing all loyal Imperial citizens.

Theia is reputed to be aiming to take and hold territory, rather than the usual rebel (and criminal) attempts to ferry illicit goods and weaponry to the Arkanis sector.

Rest assured good and loyal citizens of the Empire. The Imperial Navy shall soon make short work of this traitor, and Ryndellia will be liberated from the terrorists.

Covert Operations Crush Criminal Convoys

One of the Imperial pilots, callsign "Echo", involved in the destruction of criminal convoys along the Corellian Run

SIRPAR SYSTEM - After months of acting with relative impunity, the criminals of the Arkanis sector have had their noses (or snouts) bloodied by the Empire. Imperial Navy pilots, under the direction of Moff Dzon Brennin, have struck a blow for law and order against the criminals of the sector.

A covert element of Imperial spacecraft ambushed and destroyed two small convoys of spice smugglers in the Sirpar system, along the Corellian Run. The Corellian Run, being the main trade route connecting the Arkanis sector to the galactic core at Corellia, is a notorious thoroughfare of spice, weapons, and trade in human slaves. By destroying the convoy, the Empire

While the mission was classified as 'Covert', Imperial Intelligence declassified that a critical participant in the mission was a pilot going by the callsign "Echo". The type of starfighter flown by "Echo" remains classified, but it is understood that she was accompanied by a larger patrol craft of the VT-49 "Decimator" type.

HNN was allowed a brief glimpse of this pilot, whom our COMPNOR minder told us was the Empire's most deadly 'femme fatale'. With a number of female pilots rising in the ranks of the Imperial Navy's fighter pilot corps, that title that is presently hotly contested, and will soon have another contestant added to the ranks.

Fortunately, those femmes fatale are loyal to the Empire and their deadly arts are aimed at those considered outside of Imperial law and erosive of galactic stability.


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Lord Darth Vader Brings New Levels of Morale to Arkanis Sector Front

Lord Darth Vader inspecting his TIE/x1

ARKANIS SYSTEM - In an effort to buck up Imperial morale on the front lines of the Arkanis sector, Lord Darth Vader himself engaged with pilots serving in the Arkanis Sector Group's fighter wings.

In order to show them how it's done, the Emperor's right-hand man flew in a number of skirmishes with his newly-refurbished TIE/x1 fighter, equipped with an advanced targeting computer, capable of targeting enemy (and friendly) fighters more accurately, and therefore more destructively.

The TIE/sa bomber pilots of the Scimitar Squadron were impressed and their morale for engaging the enemy is now greatly renewed after the Dark Lord shot six of them down. Their demise is said to bring levels of motivation heretofore unknown among Scimitar Squadron Pilots.

"!" Scimitar Squadron Pilot AS-863 told HNN, "I have more motivation than ever to bring the fight to the criminals and rebels of this sector. Seeing Lord Vader fly his superb craft against my late wingmates is all the inspiration I need!"

The Scimitar Squadron is once again ready to bring the fight to the enemy. This is deemed more necessary than ever as patrols have detected increased levels of spice shipments being brought along the Corellian Run hyperroute. Interdicting the spice shipments coming out of the sector, as well as supplied entering the sector is deemed key to putting an end to the wave insurrection and crime that has plagued this region of space in recent months.


Tuesday, May 12, 2015

BENN GLECK: If You Don't Like It in the Empire, Move to Hutt Space!

Senior Outer-Rim Analyst Benn Gleck on the cover of his new datapad issue: 'Arguing With Aliens'

HNN Senior Outer Rim Analyst Benn Gleck tells it like it is:

Dear fellow civilized human beings,

The Rebellion wants to go back to a time when the aliens were allowed to run things.

All of us old enough to remember know what that is like. It was a galaxy of "maker" humans doling out resources for "taker" aliens living off Republic handouts.

Yeah, if I was an alien, I'd like that too.

Admiral Screed to Soon Arrive in Savareen Sector

Admiral Terrinald Screed

CHRISTOPHSIS - The recently reported imminent reinforcements to the Savareen and neighboring sectors also coincides with the arrival of a new naval tactical doctrine. Traveling with the reinforcements is one Admiral Terrinald Screed, a new naval tactical thinker.

Thus far, the Imperial Navy has been inspired by the Tarkin naval doctrine (not to be confused with the political doctrine of the late Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin, which aimed to more efficiently police unstable regions in the galaxy). The Tarkin naval doctrine, called "Tarkin parkin'" by some uncouth rebels, involves a defensive stance, which lures the rebellion into range without exposing the rear flank to the enemy.

Admiral Screed promises a more aggressive approach to naval engagements, as his specialty is for attack rather than defense.

Screed, once an officer of the Judicial Department and a loyal associate of the Emperor Himself, now serves as an Admiral in the Imperial Navy. His specialty is as a commander for lines of Gladiator-class star destroyers. These ships, armed with light turbolaser batteries and point-defense lasers for anti-fighter combat, are an ideal expression of Screed's pro-active combative nature.

Together with Screed's aggressive stance, the Rebellion will soon feel the Empire's just revenge for their depredations. The first place where the Rebellion can expect to suffer the Emperor's vengeance is in the Ryndellia system, where they recently launched a surprise attack on a space station inhabited by innocent civilians. With no word from the space station, the human inhabitants are feared to have been massacred by the rebels.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Reinforcements to Outer Rim Imminent

A line of Gladiator-class star destroyers soon to be deployed as part of the Savareen Blockade.

CHRISTOPHSIS - The Savareen Sector Group is reported to soon be strengthened by Gladiator-class star destroyers in addition to more Victory-class star destroyers.

With the latter already being the backbone of the Imperial Navy on the Outer Rim, the Gladiator-class will be a welcome alternative to Imperial commodores looking to engage in swift maneuvers. Additionally, the anti-fighter capabilities of the Gladiator-class will provide the Empire with additional defenses against the rebels' favored weapons platform.

The reinforcements could not come at a better time for the Savareen Sector Group. While two waves of incursions from the Rim were beaten back at the Bajic system, the Rebellion has challenged the Empire in the Ryndellia system. The Ryndellia system, along the Triellus Trade Route, could provide the Rebellion with the means to supply their insurgency in the nearby Arkanis Sector, which has been destabilized by insurrection and crime.

The arrival of these reinforcements are expected to bring order and stability back to the Outer Rim in short order, as directed by the Emperor. The destruction of the Rebellion is deemed to be only a matter of time now.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Empire Defeats Mass Rebel Fleet Assault

(No Imperial vessels were harmed in the creation of this image. Rebels were fair game, though.)

BAJIC SYSTEM - After a week of thwarted attempts to break through the Five Veils Route and Llanic Spice Run, the Rebels attempted to run the Savareen Blockade once again today.

As before, their efforts concentrated on attempts to traverse the minefields in the Bajic System, though elements of the Imperial Navy also caught the insurgents out away from the minefield, where they swiftly retreated once challenged by the notorious Imperial commodore only known as 'The Barabel'

Last week, this 'Barabel' was rumored to be of either that species or a Trandosian, but the allegations were swiftly put to rest, as no alien could demonstrate such mastery of naval command.

The Empire did suffer a temporary setback at Ryndellia, as it attempted to retake the space station lost in yesterday's surprise attack. The rebel commander in this effort has been identified as one Admiral Theia, someone who has proven troublesome to the Empire before. Despite her victories on behalf of the rebellion, rumors suggest that she won the command at Ryndellia following an internecine skirmish against a newer rebel commander. Like most insurgencies, the rebellion seems to have internal problems that are solved with violence, or this may be conflict between opposing rebel warlords.

The Internal Security Bureau (ISB) has placed a price on this enemy of galactic civilization, and anyone delivering Admiral Theia into the hands of will be richly rewarded. One enterprising Imperial commander, Commodore Green, attempted to capture this menace to civilization, but her vessel fled to hyperspace before she could be apprehended. This villain remains at large, but the Admiralty expects Ryndellia station to soon be back in Imperial hands.

Earlier in the day, Commodore Green encountered the same rebel vanguard force that yesterday captured Ryndellia Station. This rebel force was driven off by Commodore Green and then further attacked by 'The Barabel', but the commander of that vanguard has yet to be identified and also remains at large.

At the end of the day, "The Barabel", commanding the Victory-class star destroyer Dominator, showed his ferocity against the VSD Despot, which was drawing away from Ryndellia. While this was a mere training exercise, it shows the tenor of naval warfare on the Outer Rim, where such colorful character as this naval commander with his reptilian monicker can gain renown. Perhaps one does need such viciousness in order to take on the likes of Admiral Theia.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Space Station Over Ryndellia Suffers Sneak Attack

Space station in the Ryndellia system feared lost to treacherous rebel attack

FARSTINE SYSTEM - The space station orbiting Ryndellia in the system of the same name is reported to have come under a surprise rebel attack. A Victory-class star destroyer last known to be in the system is likewise failing to report in and is feared to have been lost defending the hapless space station. The Ryndellian sector admiralty fears a sneak attack by the Rebellion in the Mid Rim.

With the Rebellion mostly held off in the Outer Rim and contained in the Arkanis sector, the Admiralty charged with the Savareen blockade was surprised today by the distress call from the Ryndellia system. The signal reported a surprise attack by civilian-seeming ships.

"We did not think that even the Rebellion would stoop so low as to attack Ryndellia," Rear Admiral Thorsten, spokesman for the admiralty declared.

Ryndellia is a peaceful Mid-Rim world, otherwise at a safe distance from the fighting in the Outer Rim.

"This demonstrates that the Rebellion is void of any conscience, and has no qualms about involving non-combatants in their violent uprising against the established legitimate order of the galaxy," Thorsten added.

The name of the Star Destroyer presumed lost in the space station's defense is being withheld until such time as the loved ones of her crew can be made aware of the incident by the appropriate authorities within the Imperial Navy. HNN and all its affiliates and sponsors express their condolences to the widows and orphans that this vicious attack leaves behind.

Meanwhile, the Savareen admiralty vows immediate reprisals against rebel fleet formations, commencing tomorrow.

A message from our sponsors:

Coming soon to a HoloScreen near you:

A lone terrorist pilot is brought to justice, or a frozen grave, by the courageous Empire after being abandoned during the retreat of the Rebel Alliance from Hoth.

See here for more details

COMPNOR: The Empire Will Not Be Terrorized!

Image of new rebel bomber craft, believed to be laden with genocidal weapons of mass destruction

IMPERIAL CENTER (CORUSCANT) - Following the release of a rebel video attempting to terrorize loyal subjects of the Empire, the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR) declares that the Empire will not be terrorized by these inhumane weapons.

The video in question, which HNN has decided not to release, shows a rebel bomber craft suspected of carrying genocidal weaponry. The video, which also makes a pathetic attempt to employ a fear-inducing soundtrack, includes writing of an alien nature. The language demonstrated that it is part of an alien plot to strike fear into the hearts of the Empire's natural constituency - humanity.

COMPNOR spokesman, Mr. Prop Agandist

Speaking at a press conference on Imperial Central, COMPNOR spokesman Prop Agandist assured citizens that the Empire would meet the rebel-alien threat and that the competent fighter pilots of the Imperial Navy would shield them from these weapons of terror and mass destruction.

"All we have to fear is fear itself," Mr. Agandist said. "But we shall not fear, nor shall we falter, in our stalwartness against this alien barbarism."

HNN refuses to be used as a tool for this rebel propaganda in a way that some newsnets have been employed (example, another example).

HNN has a responsibility to give citizens the news that they need to know, not just everything that will excite their senses. That is why HNN remains the Most Loyal Name in News.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

BENN GLECK: Savages of the Outer Rim

A species of Outer-Rim alien called "Ewoks" demonstrates its instinct for savagery.

HNN Senior Outer Rim Analyst Benn Gleck explains the nature of life on the Outer Rim.

Dear fellow civilized human beings,

Once again, I have more to say to you about Aliens.

I know that it's unpopular, because of the political correctness that was spoon-fed to us by the Republic, but something just has to be said about those aliens on the Outer Rim.

A recent ethnography about a typical alien species in the forsaken system of Endor demonstrates exactly what I'm talking about. While our old so-called "inclusive" way of thinking would have us believe that these are sympathetic creatures who have warm mammalian instincts like we do, nothing could be further from the truth. Like most aliens, they have a cold rapacious instinct that would tear a human apart as soon as it could dig its teeth and claws into our skin.

As recent evidence in the Arkanis sector shows us, when aliens are left to run things, they quickly descend into chaos and savagery. The rebel and criminal uprisings there have left the sector in such disarray that the only way to ever make something of that region of space is to send in the Imperial Navy to level the place with turbolasers. Clean slate.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Arkanis Rebels Engage in False Flag Operations

VT-49 "Decimator", the type of craft discovered to have been commandeered by the rebellion to attack civilian locations, and then used to hunt down the dastardly rebels involved in the false-flag attack

GORNO SYSTEM - Pilots for the Imperial Navy put a swift end to a set of false-flag operations in the Gorno system today. These actions put an end to a number of rebel attack on civilian locations using Imperial spacecraft to mimic attack as if they had been initiated by the Empire.

The false-flag operation involved TIE/LN Fighters, TIE/D Defenders, a TIE/SA Bomber, and even a VT-49 "Decimator" system patrol craft.

The Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) and Imperial Intelligence are investigating how the rebels or unaffiliated criminal elements in the Arkanis sector were able to illictly commandeer the Imperial spacecraft.

Thankfully, when the initial attacks occurred, the loyal citizens of the Gorno System did not believe their eyes and instead reported the incident to their local ISB agent. The Gorno system, located along the Corellian Run hyperroute in the Arkanis Sector, has been one of the few systems in the sector to remain in Imperial custody.

The Arkanis sector remains a troubled region of the Outer Rim, where alien influence as well as a wave of crime and insurrection, have frayed the peace and stability elsewhere maintained by the Empire.

Last month, Imperial Central on Coruscant appointed Dzon Brennin of Imperial Intelligence as Moff of the Arkanis Sector. Since the Moff's appoinment, the Empire has slowly made gains in quashing the rebel insurrection. Moff Brennin's successes are deemed to be driving the rebellion to ever more desperate measures to maintain a foot- (or paw-, claw-, or mandable-) hold on the benighted sector.


A public service announcement:

Have you wanted to help the Empire, but are ineligible to serve in the Imperial Army, Navy, or Stormtrooper Corps?

Does your job or career prevent you from serving full-time directly in the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) or elsewhere within the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR)?

Not to worry!

The ISB is now certifying citizens and subjects of the Empire as "Noncombatants Against Rebels and Criminals" or "NARCs"!

You could become a NARC and help the Empire prevent insurrection, treason and crime in your neighborhood. The only reason not to join is if you are disloyal and have rebel sympathies.

Join the ISB as a civilian
and become a NARC today!

Please also inquire about the ISB's new Friends & Family plan! Turn in your friends and/or family for promotions or salary increases no matter what your line of work, level of competence, or credit history.

Some restrictions may apply. Friends and family already incarcerated for crimes against the Empire are not eligible to be turned in for special promotions. NARCs attempting to redeem favor from the ISB by turning in their personal enemies for dilatory reasons may be eligible for an all-expense paid incarceration at the spice mines of Kessel. The ISB's Friends & Family plan is suitable for children. Children orphaned due to their participation in the ISB's Friends & Family plan will be taken in as wards of the Empire and raised by the Committee for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR) and enlisted in the Sub-Adult Group on the system of domicile. Being turned in to the ISB will probably lead to incarceration, but there are many reported incidents of re-education, torture, and especially execution. Rehabilitation is rare, and should not be counted on. Complaints about ISB customer service should be directed to turnmyselfin@isb.imp.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Theft of Advanced Targeting Computer Prevented

Computer system containing the schematics for the advanced targeting computers to be installed on the new TIE Advanced/x1

CORULAG - Today the rebels were thwarted from stealing schematics for the new advanced targeting computer in a failed raid on the development laboratory of the Sienar Advanced Research Division on Corulag in the Corulus system.

The attempt is suspected to have been triggered by the news today of the imminent deployment of TIE Advanced/x1 superiority fighters to the Arkanis sector. In recent months, the Arkanis sector has devolved into a chaotic region of space and the Rebellion is desperate to prevent their imminent destruction.

The attempt was prevented by swift action by Imperial stormtroopers stationed to guard the sensitive data locked in Sienar's Research Division's development laboratory.

Following the failed raid, the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) quickly surmised the location of the spies' refuge and launched a counter-raid. Five of the rebels were killed. Unfortunately, two of the spies' associates were able to escape their den before the ISB's enforcers were able to secure the location.

The Empire's swift response to this desperate and hopeless attempt to maintain their terrorist insurgency is further evidence that the rebellion will soon be brought to an ignominious demise. Once it has been fully quashed, the galaxy will be able to breathe a collective sigh of relief and return to the peace and stability that only the Empire has proven capable of providing.

Bothan Spies Leak Sensitive Military Information: Navy to Deploy More Vessels to Outer Rim

Bothan traitor to the Empire has been executed for possibly being part of a spy ring

IMPERIAL CENTER (CORUSCANT) - Reportedly the Imperial Navy is scheduled to deploy new vessels to the Outer Rim in order to take an even tighter grasp around the chaotic Arkanis sector.

Many Bothans have been executed for probably bringing the Rebellion this information.

This news was treacherously released by sources deep inside the hierarchy, or possibly by Bothan spies. Regardless of the actual source, Bothans are the most likely culprit and it has been deemed prudent to squash their species before more leaks happen.

"The Bothans are an ingrate and deceptive species, and therefore naturally inclined towards subterfuge and treason," Outer Rim expert Benn Gleck told HNN. "If it hadn't been for the Empire, they would all be Hutt slaves, considering how close they are to Hutt Space."

The leaked information involves when more ships will be made available to fleet squadrons operating in the Outer Rim engaged in the naval blockade of the Arkanis sector. Rear admirals and commodores serving in the Outer Rim are eager to deploy more new TIE interceptors and bombers from Gladiator-class star destroyers.

The rebellion has been particularly assertive against the Imperial blockade centered in the Savareen sector, and are reportedly ready to deploy heavier ships towards breaking the blockade, rather than merely running it. As such, the reinforcements could not come at a better time for the Navy.

Regardless of the relief that this news brings, it is clearly unconscionable that this information was leaked. It puts rebels on alert that their hopes may continue to be snuffed out by swift naval action.