Saturday, October 31, 2015

COMPNOR: There Are No Rebels at Dellalt

COMPNOR spokesman Prop Agandist assuring loyal Imperial citizens

CORUSCANT (IMPERIAL CENTER) - in a press conference, COMPNOR spokesman Prop Agandist reassured loyal citizens that the battle at Dellalt was won, and that the police actions against the Rebellion are proving to be successful.

In response to vile rumors and baseless hearsay, Mr. Prop Agandist of the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR) brought comforting words to the Empire's loyal subjects.

The falsehoods in question are spread by a little-noticed outlet on the subspace communications network called 'Alliance "Free" News' (A"F"N), which perpetuates false rumors and terrorist propaganda. Contrary to the manifest reality of the situation, A"F"N purports that the Imperial Navy's police action in the Dellalt System last week was a victory for the Rebellion.

"All lies," Mr. Agandist said.

"There are no rebels at Dellalt."

The action against the Rebellion at Dellalt was part of the Calamari campaign to bring the denizens of the Dac system on the Outer Rim back into the fold of galactic civilization. The two species of that system, the Mon Calamari and the Quarren, have fallen victim to the Rebellion and are presently being forced to supply the terrorist movement with combat-capable starships.

These starships have already been sighted on the front lines. Fortunately, these refitted luxury liners - designed to lay aliens in the lap of voluptuous comfort - are not considered a match against the effective war vessels of the Imperial Navy.

Meanwhile, A"F"N has become the laughingstock of the galactic newsnets. As a channel operating on subspace, it responds to events over a week ago, neglecting the subsequent crushing defeat of the Rebellion in the Turkana system, which brings the Empire much closer to reasserting peace and stability back to the Calamari sector.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Lord Darth Vader Finds New Ways to Motivate Troops

Lord Vader declines comments to the press

PAKUUNI SYSTEM - Lord Darth Vader takes a personal hand in reviewing and inspiring Imperial stormtroopers. Some found wanting. Vader also led a raid against Rebel insurgents on Turkana after the Imperial Navy secured Turkana's capture.

Lord Darth Vader, special assistant for disciplinary affairs of Emperor Palpatine, has begun an internal review of the stormtrooper corps.

Assisted by a cadre of officers from the Central Committee for Discipline Inspection of the Stormtrooper Corps' Human Resources department, Lord Vader has taken a 'hands-on approach' to the Stormtrooper Corps' operational readiness assessment.

While Lord Vader did not have an opportunity to speak with HNN, one adjutant to Lord Vader, told HNN that while one stormtrooper squad was found wanting in operational readiness, another was found to be quite adequate.

"We're proud of our stormtroopers," Lord Vader's adjutant, Colonel U.S.Eless, told HNN. "This recent squad was quick to respond to Lord Vader's examination, and did so while put under stress by a sustained turbolaser barrage from Lord Vader's own star destroyer, the Devastator

Asked about the squad that did not meet Lord Vader's expectation, Col. Eless assured HNN that this squad would no longer be a problem in the future.

Beyond engaged in an operational readiness review, Lord Vader also made time in his busy schedule to demonstrate skill and inspire morale by personally engaging in a strike against a rebel cell on Turkana. According to Col. Eless, one wookiee and some rebel insurgents were still at large, the rebel cell's leader had been struck down by Lord Vader personally.

Turkana was just recently captured by Imperial Navy forces, liberating both the world and its system from a rebel naval presence. Ground operations are underway to rid the planet of ground based rebel cells.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Imperial Navy Drives Towards Mon Calamari Homeworld, Seizing Turkana

Theia's fleet of Corellian corvettes attempting to attack a civilian convoy in the Shaylin system.

TURKANA SYSTEM - The Imperial Navy struck a strong blow for galactic peace and stability today, destroying the Rebel presence in the Turkana system.

The Imperial Navy made a powerful advance towards the Calamari sector today. In the Turkana system, the vanguard battle line encountered stiff resistance from the forces of the abominable warlord Lyraeus. These were driven to retreat back to the Shaylin system. There, rebel privateers commanded by the infamous Admiral Theia attempted to attack a civilian convoy evacuating innocent civilians, but were halted by another Imperial attack line.

Admiral Theia is a ruthless war criminal, responsible for the mass killing of human civilians aboard an orbital station in the Ryndellia system nearly seven months ago. While cynically claiming to have an interest in protecting human life, the attack vector of her flotilla of corvette was unmistakable. Unfortunately for the war criminal, the convoy she had targeted proved to be an Imperial attack line commanded by none other than Admiral Screed.

Having routed Theia's forces, Admiral Screed pushed on towards Turkana. There he encountered the forces of the warlord Lyraeus, attempting to ensconce his assault frigates near a dangerous asteroid field. Lyraeus' bloodthirstiness proved to be a liability when his frigates were flanked by two Victory-class star destroyers under Admiral Screed's command. Lyraeus' forces quickly engaged the hyperdrive, imprudently driving deeper into territory reclaimed by the Empire.

With Admiral Screed's forces saving the forward momentum towards the Mon Calamari homeworld, Lyraeus and Theia managed to regroup at the Shaylin system. Rather than joining forces against the Empire, these two rivals for dominance within the Rebel ranks set upon eachother, as Theia's forces ambushed those belonging to Lyraeus.

Having captured the Turkana system, the Imperial Navy expects to suppress rebel activity in the Shaylin system, while moving on to Munto Codru system and ever closer to victory over the vicious and fractious Rebellion.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Imperial Forces Continue to Interdict Rebel Logistics Behind Lines

Location of the Eridicon system behind Rebel lines around the Dac system.

PAKUUNI SYSTEM - Imperial Sector Command is receiving more reports from behind Rebel lines of Imperial Navy activity creating disruptions ahead of planned offensive.

After reports yesterday of Line Commander Bonner disrupting Rebel supply efforts, the Imperial Sector Command on Pakuuni has learned of another strike on Rebel forces in the Eridicon system.

The hero of this hour is one Line Commander Ricktus, who's precise name and rank remains undisclosed to protect his family from Rebel reprisals. Ricktus commanded a heavy attack line consisting of three Victory-class star destroyers and one swift Gladiator-class star destroyer.

Occupying the system's orbital supply platform, Commander Ricktus prevented a small fleet of rebel frigates and corvettes from re-occupying the station and using it as a transfer point for contraband produced within the system.

The Eridicon system lies well behind Rebel lines, and is a source of supplies being routed to the front through the Minntooine system.

Disruptions are interdicting the Rebellion's capacity to bring war materiel such as genocidal weaponry to their fleets. Furthermore, as an organization funded by the trafficking in contraband, these Imperial efforts are debilitating the Rebellion's efforts to traffic in spice and other narcotics. Some reports even mention rebellious aliens trafficking in human children.

Rebel Forces Driven From Dellalt System

Victory-class star destroyer Corrupter pursues the rebel flagship Blue Citadel from the Dellalt system.

CALUULA SYSTEM - Imperial Navy forces returned to Caluula, having successfully driven Rebel forces from the Dellalt system. Capitalizing on the intelligence gathered the previous week, Naval Intelligence projects that the system will soon be returned to Imperial control.

The Empire scored another victory for galactic civilization today, driving the Rebel forces of the infamous warlord Lyraeus from the Dellalt system. Some Rebel ships were destroyed while the Rebel flagship was pursued from the system by the Victory-class star destroyer Corrupter and its TIE Bomber squadrons.

The Warlord Lyraeus' flagship Blue Citadel, a refurbished luxury liner infamous for its decadence and depravity as a den of gambling and casual glitterstim consumption, quickly fled the Dellalt system, while the battle still raged. Doubtlessly, its crew dined on sumptuous Mon Calamari sushi while their misguided comrades in arms died by the thousands, brought to summary justice by the courageous forces of the Imperial Navy. Before other ships could also be subjected to Imperial justice, they too fled the system, knowing that they had been abandoned by their leadership.

This Imperial victory comes a week after an Imperial reconnaissance line located the rebel fleet of the warlord Lyraues massed at the Dellalt system. The fleet had been poised for a futile attack on loyal Imperial civilians in the Caluula system, aimed at punishing these innocent subjects of the Emperor. Fortunately, these plans were thwarted due to decisive action by the recently-promoted admiral Kendal Ozzel, recently recommissioned to serve under the immediate command of Lord Darth Vader.

Meanwhile, unconfirmed reports speak of a great victory in the Eridicon system in Calamari-held space. Inspired action under the command of an Imperial commander, answering to the name Admiral Bonner, has interdicted supplies moving from the Mon Calamari homeworld to the rebel front.

With Blue Citadel having been decisively routed from the Dellalt system, the sector admiralty serving under Admiral Ren Ren Darvox projects that Blue Citadel will not be seen back on the front lines. It's crew is considered to be traumatized by the prospect of their own lives while uncaring towards those of their slain former cohorts.

The hearts of the galaxy's most stalwart journalists at the HoloNet News Network go out to the friends and family of the limited casualties suffered on the Imperial side during the battle.

HNN thanks you for your service.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Imperial Navy Continues to Fight Crime in Liberated Space

Alien criminal taken into custody after surrender

STALIMUR SYSTEM - special starfighter and bomber units continue to wipe out crime in the territories recently cleared of rebel activity.

With the Pakuuni and Caluula systems in firm Imperial control, and the Rebel alliance cornered in the Calamari sector, the Imperial Navy is able to enforce Imperial law and order in the systems recently recaptured from the Rebellion.

Today, law enforcement operations netted two criminal bands. The first of these were operating a stole TIE Advanced starfighter, which Imperial pilots were able to destroy, while capturing a criminal wingman piloting a Firespray-31 attack craft, destroying another. The captured alien criminal will be transferred to the spice mines on Kessel in order to once again become a productive member of society, even if that society is among other criminals.

The criminal syndicate attempted retaliation, flying another Firespray-31 alongside refurbished Y-wing fighter-bombers of Clone War vintage, but were also destroyed by swift action by our Imperial Navy starfighter pilots.

With every eradicated criminal band removed from newly recaptured space, local civilians are finding new hope to return to a civilized lifestyle.

"Thank you for bringing the light of Imperial civilization back to us," said one denizen of this sector of the Outer Rim when interviewed by officers of the Imperial Security Buread (ISB), "you have no idea what this means to us!"

"I think we do," the officers replied, "I think we do."

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Empire to Revitalize Roodkasteel Space Station

Roodkasteel station in the Brigia system: formerly a haven for rebels and traitors, soon a hub of Imperial security and commerce

BRIGIA SYSTEM - Once a derelict hulk, Roodkasteel station in the Brigia system has been marked for a revitalization program ordered by the Empire, turning a former Rebel hideout into a haven for security and commerce in the Tion Hegemony sector.

Situated at the crossroutes of the Tion Trade Route and the Pakuuni Drift, Brigia and Roodkasteel station in particular were once regional hubs of commerce before a corvette piloted by an inebriated Gamorrean ship thief collided with the station and - worse - the Brigia system became a hive of rebel activity.

With the return of relative peace and stability after the Empire captured the Caluula and Pakuuni systems, isolating the wayward Calamari sector, Brigia and Roodkasteel station now have reason to hope for a brighter future.

While the station is a renowned den of sabacc and other types of card gamers, economic analysts working for the Empire project that a shift from such card games to sustaining local military operations will both lift Roodkasteel's fortunes as well as moral fiber.

A Gozanti-class cruiser carrying TIE fighters

While there are still reports of criminal and rebel activity on a much smaller scale, economists believe that the stationing of an Imperial Navy fighter garrison on Roodkasteel will provide a stimulus for economic growth. A departure point for Gozanti-class carriers, capable of deploying flights of TIE fighters for long-range patrols, the garrison is to assist with law enforcement and counterinsurgency in the system and along regional trade routes.

With the imminent recapturing of the Mon Calamari and Quarren homeword, the campaign to liberate the Calamari sector from rebel forces will also bring more traffic through Roodcasteel. According to reports, the Imperial Navy plans to launch missions to recapture the Shayling and Turkana systems within the coming week.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

During Counter-Insurgency Operations, Imperial Navy Flight Encounters Defector Pirates

Classified model of TIE Fighter with sable coloring and crossbones devise, belonging to unknown pirate band.

MULLAN SYSTEM - An Imperial Flight of starfighters and bombers, engaged with counter-insurgency operations, encountered a band of space pirates flying advanced Imperial starfighters. Imperial Intelligence tasked with discovering theft of state-of-the-art hardware

While suppressing rebel starfighters operating behind Imperial lines in the Mullan system, a flight of Imperial starfighters was attacked by a band of space pirates. The Pirate craft were colored sable with a crossbones device on the lead craft's radiator panels.

While the lead craft appeared to be a TIE/ln fighter, footage recovered from the black box aboard one of the destroyed Imperial Navy craft, demonstrates that the fighter in question was an advanced type of TIE fighter with classified components. Also among the pirate craft was a TIE Punisher heavy bomber and a Firespray-31 attack craft.

According to the Imperial Security Bureau, these pirates may be part of a wider network of dissidents and traitors. A similar configuration of assailants was encountered in the Arcan system of the Cronese Mandate sector last week. Officials within the ISB report that the usual suspects (aliens and unemployed persons) will be rounded up and questioned.

Sources within Imperial Intelligence, on the other hand, doubt the connection but report that investigations have begun in order to discover how the advanced technology would up in the hands of a heretofore unknown pirate gang.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Empire Gathers Valuable Intelligence on Mon Calamari Forces

Mon Calamari luxury liner turned into weapon of mass terrorism.

CALUULA SYSTEM - In several engagements in the Dellalt system, the Imperial Navy probed Rebel lines in order to discover weaknesses in the Mon Calamari militia forces.

The Empire gained valuable intelligence on Mon Calamari militia capabilities in two actions against the Rebellion in the Dellalt system yesterday. Several Imperial battle lines struck at the Mon Calamari militia forces, gaining new insights into the weaknesses of this alien race's haphazard fleet.

"The Mon Calamari have nothing but refitted luxury liners," a spokesman for Admiral Kendal Ozzel told HNN reporters. "The Imperial Navy will have nothing to fear from them once the fleet has massed and begins its drive towards the Mon Calamari home world."

Adm. Kendal Ozzel

Commodore Ozzel was the commander of the first sortie against the Rebellion. Having traveled back to Caluula aboard a hyperspace-capable escape pod in order to bring the Naval leadership as well as the loyal press (such as HNN), Ozzel was rewarded for his bravery with an on-the-spot promotion.

While some cynics have referred to Ozzel as both "clumsy and stupid", Ozzel is generally regarded as a rising force within the Navy, having developed a tactical doctrine of surprise attacks and swift action.

A profile in both courage and brilliance, Ozzel is expected to make swift promotion, possibly earning a commission at the head of Lord Vader's personal squadron of star destroyers.

Private Contractors Deemed Inadequate Compared to Imperial Navy

Bounty hunters under Imperial contract fail to capture new criminal syndicate in the Saheelindeel system.

SAHEELINDEEL SYSTEM - Bounty hunters operating under Imperial contract to diminish crime in the trailing Keldrath Sector, while Imperial Navy maintains its focus on the Calamari rebellion.

In a disappointing setback for civilization in the Outer Rim, a team of bounty hunters failed to bring a new crime syndicate in the Saheelindeel system to Imperial justice. The Calamari rebellion is clearly held to blame as the Imperial Navy is diverted from its vital task of maintaining law and order to suppressing the baseless Calamari insurgency.

"Normally we would not need that scum," Mr. Prop Agandist, spokesman for the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR) told HNN. "The Navy would be on hand to suppress such small-time criminals."

"Unfortunately, with these Calamari needing to be show their place, the Imperial Navy is having to redirect its capabilities towards maintaining galactic peace and stability."

While sometimes valuable, private contractors such as bounty hunters are not generally deemed adequate for a law enforcement mission.

"It's really sad how it's the simple human civilians and even base aliens who are made to suffer from this crime outbreak," Mr. Adandist added, "The Calamari Rebels really should be ashamed of themselves for making this lawlessness inevitable. But, as aliens without a conscience, that is a feeling that is beyond them."

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Imperial Heroes Keep Advanced Technology Out of Private Hands

New TIE Punisher Heavy Bomber

ARCAN SYSTEM - while engaged in a campaign against Rebel traffic along the Perlemian Trade Route, Imperial pilots encountered and thwarted an attempt by private parties to steal new naval starfighter technology.

While engaged in an interdiction mission against Rebel traffic, a standard unit of TIE fighters escorting an element of TIE Bombers, encountered an attempt by a private party to misappropriate a TIE Punisher heavy bomber.

The Imperial Navy pilots selflessly sacrificed their lives preventing the private party, flying a Mandalorian Firespray-31-class attack craft, from making off with the TIE Punisher, piloted by an associate. While the Firespray was able to escape, the TIE Punisher craft was abandoned by the ship thieves, and will hopefully be back in Imperial hands once recovered.

The TIE Punisher, developed by Sienar Fleet Systems in the neighboring Lianna system, is a new heavy bomber craft capable of delivering large payloads of both self-propelled and gravity/momentum-delivered ordnance. Capable of being fitted with sophisticated systems, it represents a powerful weapons platform enhancing Imperial capabilities of bringing peace and stability back to the galaxy.

The patrols were part of a broader interdiction campaign, and only the Emperor's infinite wisdom can explain the good fortune of having thwarted the attempt to steal such valuable technology. With the Rebellion sending desperate reinforcements toward the blockaded Calamari system, Imperial pilots have been expertly interdicting rebel units along the Perlemian Trade Route, connecting the Core Worlds with the Outer Rim towards the Calamari Sector. These efforts have halted all but a few rebel fighters to slip through Imperial-controlled space along the route.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Emperor Palpatine Thwarts Rebel Coup d'Etat

Emperor Palpatine, most benevolent and enlightened ruler of the galaxy.

CALUULA SYSTEM - Through brilliant insight, Emperor Palpatine thwarted a Rebel plot to murder and secretly replace the Imperial head of state last night.

The Empire defeated the Rebel Alliance in two separate but related incidents last night. The first, an attempt to murder Emperor Palpatine, the legitimate ruler and first citizen of the Galactic Empire. The second was a rebel attempt to replace Emperor Palpatine with a false impostor.

The attack occurred during the Emperor's departure from Coruscant for the Outer Rim on an inspection of the blockade of the Calamari Sector. The Emperor's shuttle was attacked by two flights of TIE fighters having been usurped by the Rebel Alliance. Fortunately, the Emperor's own enlightened leadership qualities and the expertise of those flying escort for the Imperial shuttle, were able to quickly destroy the impostor TIE fighters.

With TIE fighter units momentarily compromised, the Emperor commissioned two private contractors to locate the impostor shuttle that was to replace His own on arrival in the Outer Rim. These contractors experienced little difficulty locating and destroying the impostor shuttle and its false escorts.

Asked how He had been made aware of the Rebel plot, Palpatine told HNN: "I had foreseen it."

Following Caluula, Imperial Navy Presses Advantage

Lord Vader's attack line firing long-range turbolasers at Rebel line, while a bomber wing led by Lord Vader himself moves towards the rebel front.

CALUULA SYSTEM - Pressing the advantage after the victory in the Caluula system, the Empire makes gains driving towards the Calamari sector. Meanwhile, the Rebellion witnesses the rise of a new warlord.

With the Rebellion in disarray after its crushing defeat at Caluula the previous day, Lord Vader has ordered the forces under his command to drive towards the Mon Calamari homeworld. Regrouping his own forces, Lord Vader repositioned the attack line under his command to drive towards the Calamari sector over the Overic Griplink. Meanwhile, he left the coreward route to Commodore Charis Naboobo, the hero of the Colundra Sector.

In the Dellalt system, Commodore Naboobo scored a victory over hapless rebel forces, when intelligence reports arrived at the Sector Group headquarters of a new Rebel warlord making a name for himself by attacking his fellow rebels in the Minntooine system.

Imperial Intelligence reports of a rebel warlord known as Iskander, a brutal leader seeking dominance within the Rebel Alliance by attacking fellow rebel warbands. While seemingly counterproductive to the misguided purpose of breaking away from Imperial governance, analysts understand the internecine rebel skirmishes to be a method of securing leadership within rebel ranks, with the most vicious and inhuman leaders rising in the traitorous pecking order.

Ordered to drive towards Minntooine in order to head off this new rebel warlord at Minntoine, Commodore Naboobo found himself surprised and outmaneuvered by the warlord at Dellalt. Nevertheless, Naboobo managed to fight the Rebellion to a standstill.

Concurrently, Lord Vader's attack line defeated a rebel band in the Shaylin system, being the first system along the Overic Griplink from the Pakuuni system. Leading the squadrons himself, Lord Vader destroyed a Nebulon-B support frigate, driving the remainder of the rebel line into retreat.

Ordering Naboobo to account for himself at Sector Group Headquarters on Pakuuni, the Commodore attempted to impress Lord Vader by demonstrating his combat prowess. While Lord Vader summarily destroyed Naboobo's attack line in simulated combat, Lord Vader spared Naboobo's life, ordering him to redouble his efforts in defeating the Rebellion.

"Don't fail me, Commodore," Lord Vader warned Naboobo.

Taking advantage of the lull in the Imperial advance, the rebel warlord destroyed the forces of yet another rival for Rebel leadership.

While the Empire would have been undeservedly lenient on the wayward Mon Calamari and Quarren for a momentary lack of faith in Imperial governance, the Dac system's denizens' declaration for the Rebellion has put them beyond salvation.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Imperial Navy Liberates Caluula System, Mon Calamari Declare for Rebellion

An Imperial fleet takes control of a space station in the Caluula system

CALUULA SYSTEM - After a series of hard-won naval battles, the Empire takes control over the Caluula system. Plans for the blockade and pacification of the Calamari sector are on schedule to proceed.

After much preparation in wargames between Imperial line commanders, the Caluula system - a strategic system connecting the Calamari sector to civilized space - was liberated from Rebel control by Imperial Navy. Meanwhile, various Rebel warlords came to blows with one another over control of petty personal fiefdoms in local systems.

Primary responsibility for the victory lay with Lord Darth Vader himself, who assumed command of the operation to retake the critical system. Initially leading and flying escort for the Pakuuni sector TIE Bomber Wing, Lord Vader took command of the final battle from the bridge of the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Overlord.

Aside from Rebel fractiousness, the victory at Caluula is also said to be the result of a campaign of distraction, ordered by Lord Vader. Rebel fleet elements were lured into neighboring systems, distracting them from Caluula's defense. The Rebellion was eager to prevent Imperial Navy elements from bringing humanitarian aid to local citizens, and attempts at providing such humanitarian aid was used as an enticement to draw out the Rebel forces.

Imperial commanders were quick to add that the humanitarian aid was their primary mission, and any drawing out of Rebel units was nothing more than a side benefit.

In the final battle for Caluula, Lord Vader's ship, the Overlord led a battlegroup of Gladiator-class star destroyers and one Raider-class corvette to secure a space station near the primary hyperspace transfer point. By the time Lord Vader's battle group arrived, the station was only protected by a refurbished Calamari luxury liner refitted with turbolasers.

The presence of the refitted Calamari luxury liner is being taken as evidence that the Mon Calamari have thrown in their lot with the Rebellion. It was a development expected by Imperial strategists, but one the people's of the Calamari and Quarren homeworld will doubtlessly learn to regret.

While some of the Gladiator-class star destroyers were lost in the battle, the lives of their crews were an honorable sacrifice for the cause of returning peace and stability to the region, and they will ultimately serve the goal of liberating the Calamari sector of their marine-life oppressors of the Dac system.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Imperial Victory Along Pakuuni Drift as Rebellion Fights Among Itself

Rival rebel factions vie for control of systems along the Pakuuni drift.

PAKUUNI SYSTEM - As different rebel warlords fought for primacy along the contested systems along the Pakuuni drift, an Imperial swift attack line struck deep into the heart of Rebel-held territory, destroying the flagship of a major rebel commander.

Along the Pakuuni Drift, a hyperroute connecting the two strategic systems identified by Admiral Ren Darvox as critical for bringing the Rebellion to heel in the Calamari sector, different rebel factions fought for primacy over sundry systems in that portion of the Outer Rim.

Primary among these was a relative of the former Senator of Corellian sector, Garm Bel Iblis. The relative, believed to be a third cousin or second nephew, Shmitt Bel Iblis, defeated several rival rebel commanders to hold the key system of Caluula.

Recently returned from Coruscant, Commodore Naboobo - the hero of the Colundra Sector - took command of a swift attack line, which drove itself towards Caluula, decisively defeating one rebel band in the Mullan system, and setting another to flight in the Brigia system.

Encountering Bel Iblis the Lesser in the Caluula system proper, the forces of Commodore Naboobo managed to destroy the former's command vessel. Commodore Naboobo has withdrawn to the liberated Gbu system awaiting further orders, while probe droids search the wreckage for traces of Shmitt Bel Iblis' remains.

Meanwhile sundry rebel factions did battle for the nearby Dellalt system. Of these, a fleet of Assault Frigates commanded by the infamous Admiral Theia, once the scourge of the Farstine system, in the trailing sectors of the Outer Rim, proved to be even more bloodthirstly than her rebel rivals, among whom the warlord Lyraeus.

According to Imperial strategic analysts, this flurry of internecine conflict is typical of rebel bands as their situation becomes more desperate.

With Imperial forces determined to take Caluula and force a settlement on the Mon Calamari and Quarren of the Dac system, the Rebel cause looks to be desperate indeed.