Monday, March 30, 2015

Rebels Alleged to Meticulously Chart Stars for Tactical Advantage: Empire Changes Rules of War

Location deemed unchartable by the Rebellion

IMPERIAL CENTER (CORUSCANT) - Imperial Intelligence alleges that the Rebellion has been charting certain locations of space and using detailed knowledge of that location's starfield for tactical advantage. In response the Empire has declared that only its particular locations of space shall be suitable for crushing the Rebellion.

The advantage gained by this meticulous charting has been the reason for the Rebellion's successes over past months, Imperial Intelligence has argued. There could be no other reasonable explanation for their resilience, given their technological and organizational backwardness.

In order to snuff out this ignominious infraction of the rules of war, the Emperor has decreed that engagements shall henceforth take place in locations chosen by the Empire, where the Empire can destroy the Rebellion without further delay.

HNN had the great fortune of receiving a comment from Lord Darth Vader himself on the changes to the rules of war:

"I am altering the rules," Lord Vader said, "pray I don't alter them any further."

Saturday, March 28, 2015

University Under Investigation for Usurping the Time of HNN Reporter

Intragalactic Relations Faculty Building at the University of Kalla, on Kalla VII in the Corporate Sector

KALLA VII (CORPORATE SECTOR) - The Intragalactic Relations department at the University of Kalla on Kalla VII in the Corporate Sector in under investigation for interfering with the dissemination of loyal Imperial information.

Despite being an institution dedicated to the pursuit of technical education, commerce, and administration, with minimal stress on the humanities, the small Intragalactic Relations department has usurped the bulk of an HNN reporter's time, forcing his silence in bringing loyal HNN readers news from the front lines in the Arkanis sector or the blockade in the Savareen sector.

While the Corporate Sector is nominally autonomous, that autonomy exists at the pleasure of the Emperor, and sources close to the Emperor on Imperial Center have leaked information that the Emperor has grown impatient with HNN reporting (or the lack thereof). Pursuant to the Emperor's alleged displeasure, the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR) has reportedly taken an interest in the activities of the Intragalactic Relations department faculty, with possible terminal consequences.

Despite its 'neo-brutalist' architecture, which is much in keeping with the Imperial style, the faculty is allegedly not as Imperial in its sympathy as its housing would suggest. However, all concerned trust that once the faculty are informed of their trespasses against the needs of HNN loyal readership, the faculty will come to realize the errors of their ways, and the HNN reporter in question will be released.

Arkanis Sector Plagued by Space Debris: Evidence of Warlike and Wanton Society

Debris field in orbit around Huldamun Prime

HULDAMUN - TIE pilots with the Arkanis Sector Group attempting to return law and order to the lawless and chaotic sector under their watch, report increasing trouble with debris fields of broken spacecraft.

"Not only are we destroying enemy fighters - both criminal and rebel - in the area," one pilot, remaining anonymous, said. "they're attacking eachother too, leaving a big mess in this part of space."

HNN political analyst and Outer Rim Expert, Benn Gleck, explained that while the Empire legitimately should not be bothered with picking up the remains of those destroyed in the reimposition of its order, local criminals and rebels should do more to clean up their sector.

"It's just evidence of how the Arkanis Sector, as an exemplar of the Outer Rim, is simply not a society that is prepared to take care of itself," Gleck told HNN.

"A wholesome society, like we have in the Core Worlds, would have measures in place to dispose of spaceship wreckage if we were to ever fall into such a state of anarchy as the Arkanis Sector has."

"But the denizens of the Outer Rim have no sense of responsibility or pride in their sectors, unlike those of us in the Core do. Also, there's the fact that they're aliens, and they're just not brought up to take care of themselves."

Critics of Gleck and generally malcaontent voices, argue of his circulular reasoning, and claim that the Empire is to blame for the destruction and debris left in the sector, after a long period of fruitless attempts to bring the sector back in line.

"That's the problem with those aliens of the Outer Rim. They're always blaming others for their sad state of affairs," Gleck said, mournfully.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Become a TIE Pilot With the Imperial Navy

IMPERIAL CENTER (CORUSCANT) - The Imperial Navy has released footage of a recent encounter with a rebel convoy as a tribute to its TIE pilots and naval crews. The footage demonstrates the power of the Imperial Navy and the pathetic desperation of those who seek to undermine galactic peace and security:

In releasing this video, the Imperial Navy calls on superior-bodied and mentally stalwart (ie. loyal) Imperial citizens to join the Imperial Navy in its mission to return law and order to the Outer Rim. Recruiters stand ready to process your application.

Join the Imperial Navy, now!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Savareen Sector Fleet to Blockade Arkanis Sector

Border area between the Arkanis and Savareen sectors along the Corellian Run and Triellus Trade Route

CHRISTOPHSIS - With the Arkanis sector still suffering from chaos and lawlessness, the surrounding sectors aim to prevent a spillover of criminal and rebellious activity.

The Savareen Sector Group fleet will blockade the Arkanis Sector along two critical trade routes - the Corellian Run, which connects the Outer Rim to the more civilized parts of the galaxy, and the Triellus Trade Route, which provides a circumferential connection to other parts of the galaxy's periphery.

Moff Erian Christoph-Tagge of the Savareen sector has declared that none may enter the Arkanis sector through his territory without being subject to a potential search and - if warranted - seizure by elements of his sector fleet.

"The only way to stifle the anarchy in the failed Arkanis sector is to suffocate it of war materièl," Moff Christoph-Tagge told HNN reporters.

A strategic-affairs spokesman of the Savareen Sector Group admiralty disclosed that the Tythe and Christoph systems would be the key choke points with interdictor cruisers preventing hyperspace travel, but patrols would prevent passage in neighboring systems as well.

"Interdiction as well as extensive patrols will prevent the criminal and rebel elements from bringing relief to the forces of chaos and anarchy in the Arkanis sector, and maintain security from those elements to the Savareen sector and the civilized coreward parts of the galaxy," the spokesman said.

Friday, March 20, 2015

FOCUS: Trooper-On-The-Street Perspective

Stormtrooper JK-321 maintaining order and security on the Issor public transit system

ISSOR SYSTEM – HNN brings you hard-hitting news and reporting, for all the information you need to have to be optimally loyal to the Empire. Other news outlet attempt to make you feel guilty about being a loyal human subject of the Emperor with soft alien-interest pieces that appeal to your heartstrings, rather than your patriotism.

In order to do both, we bring you a true human-interest story: the story of our troopers on the front lines of the Arkanis sector.

Trooper JK-321 is tasked with keeping the piece on the central transit network in Issor's capital city. Issor is the industrial heart of the Arkanis system, despite being home to a number of indigenous alien species. With the Empire being invited to occupy the planet in order to secure it from the ravages of Outer-Rim criminal elements, it falls to the Stormtrooper Corps to reinstate law and security to the city's denizens.

"It's not the worst tour I've had," Trooper JK-321 tells HNN reporter Mack Ruker. "Sure, you have to deal with aliens all day, and that's not exactly a treat, but we're not getting shot at."

These troopers take their extreme hardships in stride and know that they are the only thing that stands between civilization and galactic chaos.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

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Victory-class Star Destroyers Deployed to Furthest Reaches of the Galaxy

A Victory-class Star Destroyer at lightspeed, being deployed to the Outer Rim

KUAT SYSTEM – the Imperial Navy confirms Victory-class Star Destroyers are being deployed from the shipyards at Kuat IV to fleets around the galaxy. Threatened citizens breathe sighs of relief, anticipating their liberation from rebellion and lawlessness.

After months of anticipation, the Imperial Navy assures loyal citizens of the Empire that these vessels are being deployed. Capable of bringing two squadrons of TIE fighters and three battalions of stormtroopers to any situation, these star destroyers are headed to the Mid and Outer Rim of the galaxy, and the beleaguered sectors of those will soon know the peace and order that only the Empire can provide. More importantly, the citizens of the Core Worlds can be assured that the spread of rebellion and lawlessness will be stopped and contained to the Outer Rim, before being crushed altogether.

Unknown is if these Star Destroyers will also be deployed to the Arkanis Sector, as the sector admiralty assures HNN listeners/watchers/readers that those particular platforms are redundant in a sector of space where fighter craft are the ideal platform of choice for rooting out the elements that have destabilized that sector over recent weeks.

Grand Admiral Anjel Méi of the Oversector Outer asserts that the Imperial Navy Admiralty project imminent arrival of these fleet units to their deployment zones. From where they can be distributed to individual commands as soon as crews and captains are commissioned. Captains will be alerted over the Holonet once they arrive.

HNN analysts project that the final days of the Rebellion will soon be at hand, as TIE Fighters, Turbolasers and legions of stormtroopers will soon be within the long arm of the Empire wherever they might seek to hide away.

BENN GLECK: The Outer Rim Aliens Just Aren’t Like You and Me.

Senior Outer-Rim Analyst Benn Gleck on the cover of his new datapad issue: 'Arguing With Aliens'

HNN Senior Outer Rim Analyst Benn Gleck writes an open letter to HNN readers/watchers/listeners. He explains why the Outer Rim is in uprising against the Empire.

Dear loyal citizens of the Empire,

I know the Outer Rim. Like you, I haven’t been there, but I know the Outer Rim. I know it because I know I love my Empire, and I know that they don’t.

Why don’t they love the Empire? It’s simple. The Empire recognized that the aliens who ran the Old Republic behind the scenes were treating humans as second-class citizens. The Old Republic gave aliens hand-outs – not just the material kind, but in terms of bending the galaxy’s natural order to accommodate them. They made doorways large enough for a Hutt to fit through. They put protocol droids at every office to let Wookiees and Rodians be understood by every excessive bureaucrat, and they even established celebrations of Jawa Heritage Month.

But who made all that happen in the first place? Who created galactic civilization, and brought the light of technology, communications, and star travel to the furthest reaches of known space? Humans from the Core Worlds, of course. Only humans had the innate drive and venturing spirit to forge our way out into the galaxy. But when were humans celebrated? When were our accomplishments put on a pedestal?

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

KDY to Enable Crushing of Rebellion, Criminal Elements

An Imperial-class Star Destroyer under construction at Kuat IV

KUAT SYSTEM – With the Empire determined to quash the rebellion and lawlessness in the Arkanis Sector and elsewhere, Kuat Drive Yards (KDY) has announced that it shall ramp up production on capital ships.

Before the rebellion and lawlessness that has plagued the Arkanis Sector to get any further out of hand, or spread to more civilized parts of the galaxy, the Empire has requisitioned new capital ships from Kuat Drive Yards, including Imperial-class Star Destroyers. These will match the already anticipated Raider-class corvettes, which had already been announced to be in production.

Malcontents and dissenters insinuate this to be a sign of a destabilizing galaxy, arguing that the necessity for these craft suggests worse things to come. The Empire has disproven their insinuations by rounding up said malcontents and dissenters and sending them to the spice mines of Kessel. Had they been smart enough to divine the future, they would have seen the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) coming for them.

KDY’s announcement comes on the heels of increased pressure for the Empire to deploy capital ships to the Arkanis Sector, despite that sector’s Sector Group Admiral assuring loyal citizens that these will not be necessary.

Nevertheless, alongside the announcement rumors emerge of more roguish and villainous craft appearing along trade routes connected to the Arkanis Sector.

Furthermore, reports suggest that the ship yards at the Mon Calamari and Quarren homeworld, Dac, are working overtime to put capital-scale warships into the hands of the rebellion.

"All lies," a spokesman for the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR) told loyal HNN readers. "There are no rebels on the Mon Calamari Homeworld." (ref).

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Pressure Mounts to Deploy Capital Ships to Arkanis Sector

Imperial Fleet in orbit around Coruscant

IMPERIAL CENTER (CORUSCANT) - With rampant lawlessness in the Outer Rim generally, and the Arkanis Sector specifically, pressure is mounting to deploy larger units to squash the rebel and criminal uprisings. Local commanders resist.

Citizens in the Core worlds increasingly demonstrate their worries that the anarchy of the alien Outer Rim could seep closer to the galaxy's center if the Imperial Navy does not stifle the rebellion and criminal elements operating in the Arkanis Sector. With new capital naval units coming online at Kuat Drive Yards after the labor strike of the previous month, the Navy is deemed to have the resources necessary.

"You don't swat a bloodfly with an blaster rifle," Admiral Hoogvliet of the Arkanis Sector Group patiently told HNN reporters. "Our fighters will accomplish the task as long as people are patient. We have the situation contained."

Despite Hoogvliet's resistance, naval units are in preparations for operations in the Outer Rim, with manuals on naval tactics being distributed among naval academy cadets yesterday and questionable sources report that new Victory-class Star Destroyers will be available to the Navy as soon as next week.

Nevertheless, Adm. Hoogvliet maintained that such units were unsuitable for the sort of combat taking place in the sector:

"These bandits and traitors are small-time and cannot mount more than small fighters and even freighters. We are not engaged in a war here. This is a simple police action, for which our fighter craft are more than adequate. These missions of rooting out treachery and villainy simply take time and patience."

Still, polls among loyal core-world residents suggested that the navy needed to make a stronger presence in order to keep themselves and their children safe from the criminal (and alien) menace of the Outer Rim.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Prefsbelt Naval Academy Distributes Capital-ship Tactics Manuals

Victory-class Star Destroyer Dominator firing ion cannons in exercises in orbit around Prefsbelt IV

PREFSBELT IV - The increased rebellious and criminal activity in the Outer Rim, the Imperial Navy is preparing a new cohort of naval cadets to deploy to the embattled part of the galaxy. Today new manuals were distributed in order to train cadets in the general points of naval combat.

This was reported this morning by the rogue news outlet FFG, but the information has now been cleared by the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR) for general knowledge.

The Imperial Navy seeks to deploy naval units comprised of Victory-class Star Destroyers, possibly as soon as next week, though precise dates remain classified.

Last month there were worries that new ships coming off the line would not be available to the Navy, due to a labor dispute between Kuat Freight Port, a daughter company of Kuat Drive Yards, and organized port workers. However, the fleet is nearly fully operational and will be properly commandeered by new naval officers being trained at the Prefsbelt Naval Academy.

Meanwhile, false rumors persist that the rebellion has been stealing escort vessels of the Nebulon-B type, or civilian craft such as Corellian corvettes. COMPNOR deems such rumors false and disloyal. Those caught distributing such propaganda will be shot. Imperial army or navy personnel spreading such rumors will be sent to the Arkanis Sector.

Empire Doubles Efforts

TIE Interceptor of the 181st Fighter Wing

ARKANIS SYSTEM - Making due on his promise to double his efforts, Admiral Hoogvliet of the Arkanis Sector Group has ordered shuttlecraft to be escorted by elite pilots of the 181st Imperial Fighter Wing, consisting of TIE Interceptors. This deployment proves to be successful, despite cynical attempts by the criminal elements to masquerade as friendly fighter units.

Escorted shuttle sorties encountered a number of pirate and smuggler fighters in the systems along the Corellian Run, most of which were dispatched in brief skirmishes, losing only one shuttle in the process.

In addition to the TIE Interceptors flying escort, Hoogvliet revealed that the shuttles were carrying more than ambassadors from the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR) to the beleaguered systems of the Arkanis Sector. Instead, these were said to be hand-picked by the Emperor himself to turn the tide in this wayward part of the Outer Rim. More information was classified.

"It is clear that these systems require a heavier hand to bring them back in line," the admiral asserted. "I am confident that the agents currently being deployed, as well as their more formidable escorts, will be able to accomplish this mission.

During a number of missions, the escorted shuttles encountered other fighter craft claiming to be Imperial, but the agents on board the shuttle craft quickly discovered that these were either traitors to the Empire or criminals attempting to ply their trade flying Imperial colors. Their treason and/or villainy was swiftly dealt with.


Sunday, March 15, 2015

ANALYSIS: Arkanis Sector - Wretched Hive of Scum and Rebellion

HNN Analyst Benn Gleck detailing culture of corruption in the Arkanis Sector and relationship between criminal element and Rebel Alliance

IMPERIAL CENTER (CORUSCANT) - From HNN headquarters on Coruscant, senior Outer Rim analyst Benn Gleck asserts that it is no wonder that the sector has fallen to the crime wave. Gleck argues that the root cause is the corruption of the peoples of the Arkanis Sector (mostly aliens) are what has drawn the criminal and rebellious elements.

"I cannot describe to you the wretchedness of that place, but I will do so anyway. The aliens are everywhere, and they buy and sell humans as pleasure slaves. They have invited these criminals into the sector because they're just not like you and me - citizens of the Core."

According to Gleck the Arkanis Sector is awash with Hutts, Twi'leks, Jawas and Rodians, who desire to overturn the order of the galaxy, just like under the Old Republic. Their insatiable desire for spice, and to possess human women as well as children drives a culture of corruption in the Arkanis Sector, but will soon spread to the Core Worlds.

"The rebellion is no more than a twisted front for this culture," Gleck reports, "and if we don't rip it out, then there's no telling what will happen to us and our loved ones."

Gleck will be detailing more of his analyses in reports to come. While Gleck is not from the Outer Rim, nor does he have any special certifications in Outer Rim culture or society, HNN has retained Gleck due to his impressive loyalty to the Empire.

"I'm just a guy who really loves the Empire," Gleck asserts with a tear in his eye. "I just love it so much, and I'm proud to be an Imperial subject, that it just burns me so much what is happening out there, and I want you - loyal citizens, who love the Empire just as much as I do - to know what is happening."

In the meantime, he asks loyal citizens of the Empire to mourn the lost ISB agents in this back end of the Outer Rim.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Shocking Reports From the Arkanis Sector

Last sighting of Lambda-shuttle ST-911, presumed lost in the Vasch system

ARKANIS SYSTEM - After the return of a number of sorties of escorted shuttles into the Arkanis, the analysis of the situation in the sector is complete: the Arkanis Sector is a wretched hive of scum and rebellion.

Over the past days, the Arkanis Sector Group has dispatched a large number of ISB agents aboard Lambda-class shuttlecraft in order to both win the hearts and minds of the citizens of the sector, as well as gauge the numbers of criminals and rebels infesting the area. Regrettably, a large number of sorties did not return, and those that did report an extensive criminal presence.

Successful sorties were sent to Sirpar and New Ator, but sorties sent against Gorno and Vasch did not return.

"We were successful against the pocket of rebels we encountered on New Ator," Admiral Hoogvliet of the Arkanis Sector Group told HNN reporters, "but for the rest we were dealing with pirates and criminals. Because we had deemed it more important to bring down the Rebellion - a concerted effort to bring down the Empire - we have found it more difficult to deal with ne'er-do-wells that plague this part of space."

"Despite all the sorties we flew, there's just too many pirates and smugglers in that part of space," one TIE interceptor pilot said, speaking off the record. "Whenever we'd have a win and get out shuttles through, we'd hear of another sortie not making it back."

When informed that the Emperor was most displeased with his apparent lack of progress, the admiral promised to see to crushing both the rebellion as well as the criminal element within his sector.

"We shall double our efforts!" he said.


Empire Persistent in Arkanis Sector

ISB Agents and Stormtroopers operating from a Lambda-class shuttle on Najiba.

NAJIBA SYSTEM - Once again the Empire has proven to be persistent in its effort to pacify the Arkanis Sector, as more ISB missions to win the hearts and minds prove undeterred by Rebel attempts to thwart mission.

Despite cowardly rebel attacks on shuttles bound for worlds of the Arkanis Sector, the Imperial Navy has landed a number of missions on planets not far from the Corellian Run trade route. ISB agents are making contact with local officials to persuade them to remain loyal to the Empire and to reject criminal and rebel activity.

"While we are escorted by Naval fighter craft, these are civilian missions with diplomatic intentions," ISB agents told HNN reporters accompanying the dangerous sortie to Najiba.

"Thank goodness for the navy's prowess or our peaceful missions would have been murdered, like the mission sent to Huldamun," the agent said, referring to one of the missions that had been lost.

According to footage recovered from the debris of the Lambda-class shuttle assigned to Huldamun, the attack had been conducted by a flight of rebel heavy fighters of the "B-wing" type. Flights of this type, frequently accompanied by a single z-95 "Headhunter" fighter, surplus from the Clone War, have been harrying Imperial forces from some time, forcing naval strategists to come up with a counter to this heavy fighter craft.


Thursday, March 12, 2015

Rebellion to Release Propaganda Holovid

Jonus incarcerated at the Kessel Correctional Facility after being caught with doses of Glitterstim spice

IMPERIAL CENTER (CORUSCANT) - After the release of a criminal holovid, the rebellion released news of another forthcoming propaganda campaign intent on undermining Imperial authority. The vid is to include a known insurgent, with a history of illegal and treasonous behavior.

Felisy Jonus, the disgraced daughter of an otherwise celebrated TIE Bomber captain, has a history of encounters with the authorities.

"I don't know what made her go bad," Captain Jonus told HNN. "I've tried to be a good example to her, flying TIE Bombers for the Empire, but she just never saw what I did as valuable. She's just a bad seed."

According to the captain of the Scimitar Squadron, she has a history of spice abuse, as well as connections to the rebellion and a spice dealer known only by his call name, 'The Disturbing Arachnoid-2'.

The announcement of the propaganda holovid comes on the heels of another propaganda vid by criminal elements perversely celebrating the lifestyle of the scum and villainous and depicting Imperial Stormtroopers as incompetent.

In past weeks, criminal gangs and rebel elements have been engaged in a war for territory in the Arkanis Sector, plunging that part of space into chaos and anarchy. Earlier this week, the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR) sent morale agents into the sector to win back the hearts and minds of the sector's citizens. The propaganda is said to be in response to COMPNOR's attempts to bring the truth to these beleaguered denizens of the Outer Rim.

Criminal Elements Engaging in Propaganda - ISB to Investigate

ARKANIS SYSTEM - A criminal propaganda holovid has emerged on the HoloNet engaged in spreading vile lies about the Empire and even Lord Darth Vader. The Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) has been tasked by the COMPNOR Sector Office on Arkanis proper to investigate this speech crime.

The HoloVid is titled 'Beyond the Dune Sea', and is supposedly depicting a scene on the crime-infested planet of Tatooine. COMPNOR agents warn loyal citizens not to watch this video without being prepared to see some gruesome sights that are intended to shake their faith in the Empire.

According to ISB agents who have watched this holovid (so you, loyal citizens of the Empire do not have to), the propaganda piece engages in the slander that one of the greatest heroes of the Empire - Lord Darth Vader - is "evil". Further, the video depicts Imperial Stormtroopers as incapable of dealing with a common ruffian of the Outer Rim, suggesting that the Empire's finest troops somehow do not have the capacity to shoot straight.

"This is disgusting beyond belief," COMPNOR agent Prop Agandist told HNN. "Calling Darth Vader - someone who put his life and limb on the line for the Empire, having been wounded in the Empire's service - 'evil' is just... I don't have words for it. It just goes to show how depraved these people are."

Agent Agandist told loyal Imperial citizens that it would be best that they not burden their hearts with such visual filth.

"Don't give the creators of these lies the satisfaction," he said. "Let the ISB deal with these people appropriately."

"And I assure you that when we track down these filthmongers, they will see that Stormtroopers are not the bumbling depicted in this footage."

Pilots of the 181st Imperial Fighter Wing Step Up to Suppress Wayward Sector

Shoulder Patch of the 181st Imperial Fighter Wing

IMPERIAL CENTER (CORUSCANT) - Responding to recent reports of insurrection and lawlessness on the Outer Rim, elite pilots of the 181st Imperial Fighter Wing are volunteering for duty in the Arkanis Sector.

Flying TIE Interceptors modified with specially-designed autothrusters to help them evade turret-mounted laser cannons, the pilots of the 181st feel confident that their action will soon be returning civilization to the beleaguered worlds of the Arkanis sector, which has been experiencing a wave of crime and rebelliousness, as warring gangs of criminals and rebels strive over territory.

Showing their pride in the Empire and their unit, the pilots are spending their own credits to fix armpatches on the sleeves of their flight suits and bloodstripes on their wings. These emblems serve to put criminals and rebels on notice that their activities in the Arkanis Sector shall no longer be tolerated, and the Empire's finest are on their way to suppress their pathetic insurgency.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Rebels Determined to Destabilize Arkanis Sector

Stormtroopers guarding Lambda-class shuttle Persecutor, while COMPNOR agents speak with local citizens requesting the Empire's return to pacify the sector.

ISSOR SYSTEM - As reports come in from internecine gang warfare between so-called rebels and criminal elements in the Arkanis Sector, the Rebellion had intercepted Imperial agents seeking to win back the hearts and minds of the civilians trapped on the beleaguered planets of the wanton sector.

Fortunately for the loyal citizens of the Issor system, a shuttle carrying agents from the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR) were able to make it through the rebel blockade of the system. The benighted inhabitants were at first hesitant to speak, but after being treated by specially engineered droids, were all too ready to explain their plight to HNN reporters.

"The crimi...rebels have been a true scourge on our planet. They brought us foo...OW! nothing but misery!" one citizen said, clearly still traumatized by his earlier treatment by rebel ruffians.

"We are so grateful to have the Empire back on our world, honest!"

Meanwhile, other missions of liberation were not as successful, being intercepted by the rebel blockades still operating in the Huldamun, Andoweel, and Najiba systems.

Imperial agents, however, vow to return those systems to Imperial control, and re-establish the security and prosperity known to more lawful parts of the galaxy.


Friday, March 6, 2015

BREAKING NEWS: Millennium Falcon Located

The light freighter craft of notorious criminal/terrorist Han Solo

CORELLIAN SYSTEM - The light freighter of the notorious spice smuggler and rebel sympathizer Han Solo has been located in a golf course not far from the Gold Beaches between Coronet and Tyrena.

Stormtroopers searching for the infamous fugitive responsible for escape of the traitor Senator Leia Organa report to have seen evidence of droids having been aboard the vessel.

One was overheard as saying: "Look sir, droids!"

Disloyal news outlets question the exact identity of the vessel, arguing that if the vessel had authentically been the Millennium Falcon, it would have evaded Imperial gunners.

Spokesmen for the Correllian Sector Group Navy call these doubts treasonous, calling for loyal Imperial citizens to support the Imperial gunnery crews who put their lives on the line every day to crush rebellions and criminal elements.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Notorious Criminal and Terrorist Sympathizer Shot Down by Imperial Gunners: Eludes Capture

Notorious criminal/terrorist Han Solo

CORELLIAN SYSTEM - Spotting the freighter craft of the notorious spice smuggler Han Solo, Millennium Falcon, Imperial gunners reported having shot down this infamous craft. Search crews are combing golf courses throughout the system looking for debris.

The Empire has placed a bounty on the capture of the smuggler, as well as an 'incompetence penalty' on Imperial units failing to apprehend this fugitive.

Solo is reported to be in the company of a Wookiee and a protocol droid notorious for predicting that ships will not evade Imperial gunners. It is clear that the droid in question was optimistic in this instance.

Scurrilous reports of Han Solo's obese weight being the cause of the downing are to be considered unpatriotic towards our Imperial gunnery crews.


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Adm. Hoogvliet of Arkanis Sector Group Outlines Strategy for Sector Pacification

Admiral Hoogvliet of the Arkanis Sector briefing HNN and other sundry reporters

ARKANIS SYSTEM - With Imperial efforts to pacify the crime-ridded Arkanis sector underway, Admiral Hoogvliet of the Arkanis Sector Group navy outlined his strategy at a press conference today. Initial incursions into the system are to be of an exploratory nature, but will focus on maintaining security for major spacelanes. Further, capital ships are deemed unnecessary for the task, which wil instead be carried by fighter- and medium-size craft.

The admiral addressed reporters from multiple news outlets, both from loyal channels such as HNN as well as less-than-loyal stations from the Outer Rim and other alien worlds. Speaking from the starfighter briefing hall of his flagship, the Imperial Star Destroyer Suppressor, the admiral announced that the first order of business would be to consolidate control of systems along the Corellian Run trade route.

Area of initial operations along the Corellian Run Trade Route

"Once we have fully rid Arkanis of rebel and criminal elements, we shall move to Sirpar and then Gorno," he said indicating these systems on a holomap of the sector. "From there we move spinward, driving the insurgents and criminals before us."

Characterizing criminal and insurrection forces as "rag-tag", the admiral spoke of fighter-craft being the ideal combat unit for the pacification of the sector. "Capital ships are intended for conventional naval warfare and political shows of strength," the Admiral said.

Asked if his briefing compromised Imperial strategy by making the Rebellion and the criminal elements aware of the plan, the Admiral dismissed concerns. "In order to respond to our strategy, the rebellion and the criminals would have to be capable of concerted efforts. Informing insects of your plans to crush them does not change their behavior."

A less-than-loyal reporter suggesting greater agency of the rebellion and criminal elements was escorted from the chamber and has since volunteered for duties more useful to the Emperor.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Imperial Patrols Work to Pacify Lawless Sector

VT-49 Decimator on patrol in the Arkanis Sector.

ISSOR SYSTEM - Imperial Patrols have ventured further into the Arkanis Sector in order to seek and destroy rebels and criminals plaguing this crime-blighted part of the Outer Rim. Rebels prove more determined than other criminals. Other reports speak of criminal factions engaged in turf wars.

Having largely cleared the Issor system, as well as Arkanis proper, the Imperial navy dispatched patrols into neighboring systems. Criminal elements were encountered and dealt with in the Huldamun and Najiba systems. Unfortunately, one patrol was lost in the Vasch system with signs pointing to a rebel ambush.

In the Najiba system, properly known as the Faj system, locals cheered as a VT-49 Decimator patrol vessel landed on the surface to inform the natives of their deliverance from the lawlessness that has beset the whole Arkanis sector. Some of these locals - of the otherwise brutish Najib species - volunteered their lifelong service to the Empire in gratitude.

The Imperial Navy is still determined to discover the fate of a patrol sent further down the Najiba Loop to the Vasch system, but signs point to a cowardly rebel ambush.

Meanwhile, reports speak of an attempt by bounty hunters to arrest members of a pirate band in the Andooweel system. Unfortunately, it appears that these bounty hunters were no match for the viciousness of the pirates. According to Admiral Hoogvliet of the Arkanis Sector Group fleet seeking to reimpose law and order in the sector, it appears that it shall be up to the navy to re-establish the monopoly on the legitimate use of force in the sector. "Civilians are untrained in this sort of thing. The efforts of these civilians are appreciated, but this is a matter for professionals."


Naval Academy Shifting Curriculum Towards Fleet Tactics

Vice-Provost Cobalt Wraith at the training facility aboard the Imperial Star Destroyer Inflexible

PREFSBELT IV - In order to suppress rising crime and pockets of treason, the Imperial Naval Academy on Prefsbelt IV is adjusting its curriculum to prepare for tactical scenarios.

With events on the Outer Rim unfolding as the Emperor had foreseen, and the Navy preparing capital ships to suppress the crime wave and insurrection in places such as the Quelii and Arkanis sectors, the Naval Academy is meeting the tactical demands of the future.

The Imperial Admiralty has outlined twelve naval combat scenarios that require tactical doctrines to match. In response, Vice-Provost for Tactical Doctrines Cobalt Wraith has instituted a number of courses at the naval academy to develop doctrines and train naval cadets in their application.

Speaking to freshman cadets, the vice Provost said: "So before we launch into detailed discussion of the new objectives, some of which are extremely interesting, these are the best words I've heard today: 'The time to deploy your fleet is fast approaching!'", to which cadets cheered enthusiastically.

Filing into separate classrooms at the training facility aboard the Imperial Star Destroyer Inflexible, students seemed particularly interested to learn tactical doctrines related to navigation.

"Our cadets are eager to be out on the front lines, crushing the rebellion," Vice-Provost Wraith told HNN reporters. "Of course, this is just the beginning. More and more naval cadets will come through our doors, but the doctrines will be tested on the front lines once the fleet deploys en masse to the Outer Rim."

Civilian Contractors Begin to Show Their Mettle Against Crime Wave

Civilian contractor firing the weapons on his civilian Firespray-31-class patrol craft

ISSOR SYSTEM - Spurred on by gains made by the Imperial Navy, the civilian contractors hired on to assist the Empire in bringing wanton criminals to justice make gains in the Issor system.

With criminal elements operating in the open now in the Arkanis Sector, the civilian contractors engaged in assisting the Empire meet this threat (read about it here) have finally begun to pull their weight. Imperial decision-makers in the Arkanis Sector Group had begun to doubt the contractors' utility in meeting the challenge to law and order.

Initial engagements against elements of the rebellion - which are held responsible for the recent crime wave proved to be disappointing (read about that here), with contractors and rebels trading success in engagements in the sector.

Speaking with HNN, Admiral Hoogvliet, commander of the Sector Group navy, reported that he had nearly cut the contractor program, almost convinced that civilian elements should not be trusted with the execution of Imperial justice.

With recent successes in the Issor System, Hoogvliet has decided not to cut the program, but neither was he completely satisfied, commenting that they had "let one get away".

According to reports, one of the criminal element ships had fled the scene of his crime, before the contractors could place him under civilian arrest. Reportedly, said criminal was also aboard a Firespray-31-class patrol craft, as were the contractors.

More disconcerting to loyal citizens was the previous appearance of two identical heavy fighting craft of the Agressor-class type. According to sensor logs, these two craft had not been manned by organic life forms and there are fears of the return to a droid war. This was also in the light of the skirmishes taking place within only a few parcecs of one of the Old Republics defeats on the separatist world of Geonosis.

Thankfully, COMPNOR spokesman Prop Agandist was able to assure loyal readers that this wave would only be a momentary development. "According to our information, the criminal elements has had only short-lived supplies to devote to this lost cause. Their stores are empty."


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