Sunday, December 27, 2015

Empire Quashes Sedicious Rumor

Gozanti-class assault carrier Suppressor returning from patrol during which it did not encounter the fugitive transport Bright Hope

BRIGIA SYSTEM - The Empire refutes rumor and speculation that the fugitive transport Bright Hope slipped past its blockade at the Eredenn system. Those spreading this hearsay will be charged with treason.

Treasonous rumors erupted earlier today that the fugitive transport Bright Hope escaped capture by the Imperial Assault Carrier Suppressor. The Suppressor has been on a routine outer-system patrol of the Eredenn system, but the ship's political officer reports that no fugitive transports were sighted.

The rumors falsely suggest that the Bright Hope bypassed the Imperial blockade that isolates the rebellious Calamari sector from interstellar commerce.

The Keldrath Sector office of the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR) has declared spreading rumors about the passage of Rebel ships through the Imperial blockade as covered by the Official Falsehoods Act. Those spreading official falsehoods about such events will be charged, found guilty, and committed to the spice mines of Kessel for re-education.

The Official Falsehoods Act covers all statements found to be treasonous to the lawful order of the galaxy as governed by the Galactic Empire. Sector COMPNOR offices have the authority to place particular falsehoods on the Official Falsehoods list.

The Galactic Civil Liberties Union (GCLU) has appealed the decision. Pursuant to that appeal being put on the Official Falsehoods list, the chapter members of the GCLU were deported to the spice mines of Kessel.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Gozanti-class Assault Carriers Arrive in Brigia System

Gozanti-class assault carrier deploying TIE Fighters

BRIGIA SYSTEM - HNN has learned that Gozanti-class assault carriers have arrived at Roodkasteel Station, where these will be distributed to local commands.

The Gozanti-class assault carriers, a long-anticipated Imperial Navy vessels has recently arrived at Roodkasteel Station in the Brigia system in order to play a role in the embargo of the Calamari Sector.

The Assault Carrier is capable of deploying flights of TIE fighters in distant reaches of star systems. The non-hyperspace-capable TIE fighters suffer from limited deployment range, to which the Assault Carrier is a solution.

Near and around the Brigia system, the Assault Carrier will help deploy TIE fighters to distant asteroid fields of system, which are the suspected routes smugglers utilize to circumvent the gravity wells projected by craft such as the Immobilizer 418-class interdictor cruiser.

Manufactured by Corellian Engineering Corporation based on a design by the now-defunct Gallofree Yards, Inc., the assault carrier was a long time in arriving in the hands of the Imperial Navy. It was superseded by the Raider-class corvette, probably due to the Imperial Navy's preference for contracts with Kuat Drive Yards, the Raider's manufacturer, over the less-trustworthy and less-loyal Corellian Engineering Corporation (CEC). CEC vessels, such as the CR-90-series corvette, frequently wind up in the hands of the Rebellion. The same is true of the former products of Gallofree Yards, such as the GR-75 Medium Transport.

Profile in Courage: Wing Commander Lamay Purvis

Major Lamay Purvis, Wing Commander for the interdiction efforts in the Caluula and neighboring systems

CALUULA SYSTEM - HNN profiles a man of courage on the front lines of the alien rebellion menace. Major Lamay Purvis, Wing Commander for the interdiction efforts in the Caluula and neighboring systems.

Major Purvis came to his current post seemingly in the way that others come to such command posts: waiting for his immediate superior to slip up and be removed from office. However, to Maj. Purvis' credit, he added such capacities as being able to inform his higher superiors of possible loyalty issues with those around him, and taking extraordinary risks with the lives of his pilots.

All of this mastery happened aboard his first commissioned posting aboard the Imperial Star Destroyer Inflexible, star destroyer attached to the naval academy on Prefsbelt IV.

In order to provide his trainee pilots with the most hands-on experience, then-lieutenant Purvis assisted with the management and public relations of the Inflexible's fighter wing being deployed to combat operations in the Quelii and then Belsmuth sectors. He grew in this role, despite (and, in some measure, thanks to) never logging any flight hours himself.

When his superior defected prior to being executed for a friendly-fire incident, Purvis was ready and rested to take on the mantle of fighter wing command. He knew how to speak to the media, command his fighters to rush into battle, and allay the concerns of his superiors.

Now, Major Purvis has once again been thrust into the limelight and the challenge of command. He has been placed in operational command of the fighter patrols operating from the Caluula system, which also cover the neighboring Brigia and Saheelindeel systems. Personally recognized for his courage and capabilities by Moff Dzon Brennin's chief of staff's second secretary, Maj. Purvis feels humbled by the recognition, but also confident that he can step up to the challenge.

His fighters' mission is to interdict blockade-running Rebel smugglers. His fighter craft shall operate in concert with Raider-class corvettes and be deployed into the far reaches of those systems by Gozanti-class assault carriers.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Empire Retakes Turkana in Show of Heroism

Commodore Ma'gi'eo orders the attack on the Turkana system, destroying the Rebel fleet located there.

TURKANA SYSTEM - A heavy attack line consisting of two Imperial II-class Star Destroyers under the command of Commodore Ma'gi'eo destroyed the Rebel remnant in the Turkana system earlier this week.

The Star Destroyers caught out a rebel flagship, which was forced to retreat back towards the Mon Calamari homeworld minutes before facing final destruction at the hands of massed turbolasers. During the battle the commanders and crew of the star destroyed demonstrated skill and heroism, as these engaged in expert close maneuvers in order to mass fire upon the Rebel vessels.

The Rebellion proved to be overconfident in the new-found firepower of their refurbished luxury liners, as well as what is being called the 'Ackbar Doctrine'.

The 'Ackbar Doctrine', so named for Grand Moff Tarkin's ungrateful former servant, involves a cowardly gambit to skirt the edge of combat, relying on long-distance turbolaser cannons fired from broadsides. This contrasts to the Imperial Navy's more courageous direct approach of facing the enemy head on, and not fleeing from combat.

Denizens of the Turkana system rejoiced as the Empire finally liberated them from the chaos and lawnessness that had befallen them one month ago when the Empire evacuated important personnel ahead of the Rebel incursions into the Turkana and Codru systems. Only a handful of rebel sympathizers were rounded up and questioned, as much of the population had remained loyal to the Empire.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Bright Hope Sighted in Clariv System

Rebel transport Bright Hope ferrying contraband through pirate-infested spacelanes to the Calamari sector.

CLARIV SYSTEM - the Rebel transport Bright Hope has passed through the Clariv System en route to Calamari sector. The Empire attempts to clean up system of piracy, insurrection and weapons smuggling.

A deep space probe droid has once again sighted the elusive Rebel transport Bright Hope. After a sighting in the Rudrig system earlier this week, the transport was observed in the Clariv system. She is suspected of traveling the Tion Trade Route towards the Calamari sector.

Imperial patrols were ordered to search and apprehend the Bright Hope. While the transport was not detected a second time, Imperial patrols did encounter and eliminate pirate and traitor forces operating in the system.

The Clariv system has been a wretched hive of traitors and criminals, though in recent weeks Imperial patrols have worked to eliminate the forces of a dastardly pirate named Seedy Elie. It is suspected that Elie's forces attempted to intercept the Bright Hope, possibly in order to guide it past Imperial patrols.

Pirates, syndicates, and other Outer Rim criminals have been known to collaborate with the Rebellion. The Rebellion, being an agent of lawlessness and nihilism, provides a service to the criminal sector of distracting the Imperial Navy, Imperial Security Bureau, and Imperial Intelligence from their task of providing law and order to the galaxy. Within the cracks of lawlessness, especially in the alien-infested Outer Rim, the criminals find greater ease in plying their corrupt trades, larceny and racketeering.

The Bright Hope remains at large.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Imperial Navy Makes Gains Towards Calamari Sector

The Imperial-class star destroyer Pains of Justice exacts the Emperor's vengeance in the Codru system.

CODRU SYSTEM - The Empire is another step closer to crushing the Rebellion bottled up in the Calamari sector, as Munto Codru, along the Overic Griplink, is liberated from the Rebels and their Mon Calamari supporters.

In battles above the planets Turkana and Munto Codru, the Empire proved their mettle against the Rebellion that would tear galactic civilization apart.

After painful battles over the same systems last month, the Empire brought both justice and vengeance to the Rebellion today, dislodging Rebel control over the Turkana system, and wresting it away from the Rebellion in the Codru system.

In particular a line of vessels from the Grim Justice squadron, did great service for Imperial humanity. First defeating one Rebel line in the Turkana system before it drove further into Rebel-held territory, where it took control.

The commander of the line, an enigmatic leader known as Ma'gi'eo, was promptly promoted by Moff Dzon Brennin, overall commander of the effort to bring the Calamari to heel. The newly-promoted Commodore Ma'gi'eo shall command the Grim Justice, and be part of the effort of returning the galaxy to peace and stability, while also bringing the Emperor's justice to the traitors of the Rebel Alliance.

The Turkana system remains contested, as Rebels vessels under the leadership of the infamous Admiral Theia have ensconced themselves in an asteroid belt in the outskirts of the system.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Rebel Transports Sighted in Tion Cluster

Rebel transport Bright Hope suspected of carrying contraband to the Calamari sector.

RUDRIG SYSTEM - While combating crime and lawlessness in the Tion Cluster, the Imperial Navy has detected Rebel blockade-running transports along the Tion Trade Route.

After two successful actions against syndicate operatives operating the Tion Cluster, probe droids left in the outskirts Rudrig system detected a GR-75 medium transport making its way around Imperial patrols. The droid's sensors were alerted to the presence of the transport and its escort fighters, when these were attacked by local pirates. While the escorts were able to fend off the pirates, it is expected that the Rebel convoy will soon fall into the hands of the Imperial Navy.

While Navy patrols are searching for the Rebel transport answering to the transponder ID Bright Hope, the Empire has also raised a bounty on this vessel of 100,000 credits.

According to Col. Cames Jomey of the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB), the sighting of such transports is a sign that the embargo of the Calamari sector is proving successful.

"The Calamari sector is clearly not self-sufficient," the analyst told HNN, "while it has shipyards and a native food source, even these more developed parts of the Outer Rim still require the fruits of galactic civilization to survive. We suspect that the Bright Hope is carrying essential components and weapons systems."

"Of course, if the ship came from Hutt Space, it might also be carrying trafficked humans bound for the Calamari slave markets. These aliens are clearly corrupt and have strong desires to switch their natural place in the galactic hierarchy of beings."