Saturday, August 20, 2016

Profile in Courage: General Octavion Sorin

General Octavion Sorin leading his final battle on the planet Hoth

HOTH SYSTEM - In a brilliant and daring strike, General Octavion Sorin of the Imperial Army has crushed the final hopes of a band of Rebel stragglers, and simultaneously proven the value of his SC2-M Repulsor Tank to the Imperial ground assault arsenal.

Following the great Imperial victory over the Rebellion in the Hoth System several months ago, a small band of Rebel stragglers - who had thus far eluded capture - have finally been brought to Imperial justice. Their capture was brilliantly engineered by an Imperial profile in courage: General Octavion Sorin.

General Sorin served alongside Lord Darth Vader and General Maximilian Veers during the original battle of Hoth, when the Rebellion had been discovered on this frigid Outer Rim wasteland. Sorin was put in charge of capturing surviving Rebels.

The pathetic Rebel fugitives had been chased around several worlds along the Ison Corridor before they were forced to return to Hoth in utter desperation. It was there that General Sorin had laid a clever trap for them, and the Rebel refugees for whom they had sought to find shelter.

In the final hour of his campaign, General Sorin demonstrated the devastating power of the SC2-M Repulsor Tank, which proved to be invulnerable to the Rebels' pesky attacks as Sorin's forces cornered the Rebels in the bowels of a starship wreck. It was there - leading the charge - that General Sorin bravely sacrificed his own life so that the Rebel menace would be snuffed out rather than be allowed to threaten the lives of good Imperial subjects throughout the galaxy.

General Sorin's life was taken by a cowardly sniper shot from the Rebels. While the sniper was immediately destroyed by the repulsor tank under Sorin's immediate command, the Empire mourns the loss of one of its finest officers. Despite the tragedy of his death, General Sorin still provides a courageous example that all Imperial citizens should be proud and honored to follow.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A Day in the Mission of an Imperial Patrol on the Outer Rim

Gozanti-class corvette Vector unleashing its TIE/ln fighters in the service of the Empire

LOTHAL SYSTEM - An Imperial patrol consisting of the Gozanti-class assault carrier Vector and TIE-Fighter escorts carry out the ongoing task of bringing the light of Imperial order to the Outer Rim.

These are the voyages of the Imperial assault carrier Vector. Its week-long mission: to suppress new worlds, to curtail insurrection and threats to galactic civilization: to boldly crush the Rebellion where no other Imperials have crushed before.

HNN is embedded with the crew of the Gozanti-class corvette Vector as it patrols the Outer Rim not far from the industrial production world of Lothal, where Sienar Fleet Systems produces the latest state-of-the-art TIE fighters for the arsenal of the Imperial Navy.

Occasionally it has to maintain the proper regulations of faster-than-light space travel, such as this morning when it caught a JumpMaster 5000 reconnaissance craft engaging illegal hyperspace 'micro jumps'. The craft, seemingly piloted by a bounty hunter, refused to pull over and submit to inspection and had to be destroyed.

While enforcing interstellar traffic regulations is part of the job of the Imperial patrol, the crew of the Vector gets more excited when they can do some real good for galactic stability. Not long after having destroyed the JumpMaster 5000, the vector encountered a Modified VCX-100 light freighter, which had been reported on an All Imperial Bulletin as having been the escape vehicle for a cell of rebel operatives from Lothal.

After the light freighter was destroyed, the Vector's commissioned officer, ISB agent Kallus, said that he was very satisfied with the destruction of the vessel.

"This ship and its crew have been an annoyance ever since they stole some Wookiee slaves. These Wookiees suffered from a condition known as BadCGI. By freeing these BadCGI-ridden Wookiees, they threaten the whole galaxy with BadCGI."

"It's good that we have brought this vessel to quick justice," Agent Kallus added.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Turmoil Returns to Tharin Suolriep sectors: Renegade Faction Attacks Rescue Mission

Raider-class corvette Dominatus sporting the emblem of the 'Rifts Coalition'.

SRILUUR - An Imperial patrol consisting of a Raider-class corvette and escorts were attacked near the Boonta system by what appears to be a renegade faction using Imperial vessels.

Answering a distress call from a disabled Gozanti cruiser, the patrol formation sent from the Imperial naval garrison on Sriluur was ambushed by Imperial-style military craft emblazoned with a humanoid skull and crossbones emblem with sable background.

According to retrieved footage from the wreckage of the patrol vessel, the sable-colored vessels belong to a renegade faction titling themselves the 'Rifts Coalition'.

The devices and paint scheme match those of forces that secured the Boonta system from the Rebel insurrection two months ago. The Boonta system was the first world to be held against Rebel forces during the Tharin campaign.

The Boonta system lies in the Suolriep sector adjacent to the Tharin sector, which remains a haven for criminal syndicates. Situated at the crossroutes of the Lesser Lantillian Route and the Salin Corridor. It is predominantly inhabited by humans and Hutts from nearby Hutt Space.

The forces responsible for Boonta were led by an eccentric commander known as Chaplin Vici, who is reputed to wear a headdress made from the pelt of a small orange canine. It is now believed that these forces once responsible for Boonta's security have turned on the legitimate galactic order.

Analysis of the wreckage found near the Boonta system suggest that the two Raider-class corvettes, one from the rescue mission and one from the Rifts Coalition renegades, were destroyed. The Gozanti cruiser, nor matching wreckage were located. It is believed the surviving renegades repaired the cruiser and forced its crew to return them to Boonta at blasterpoint.

Regional authorities vow to bring the Boonta system back into the Imperial fold and to bring the renegades to Imperial justice.