Sunday, January 31, 2016

Grand Battle in Dac System: Empire Claims Victory

Imperial Star Destroyers taking the fight to the Rebellion

RUISTO SYSTEM - The Empire pressed the fight for order, justice, and the Imperial Way against the Rebellion and their alien supporters today, nearly capturing the Dac system.

With great feats of bravery, the captains, crews, and pilots of the Imperial Navy fought to restore order and stability back to the Calamari System, which has known months of separatism and alien domination.

Some Imperial commanders, such as Commodores Naboobo and Ma'gi'eo, were awarded accolades from the Emperor for their bravery, others were 'dismissed' for their failures. Meanwhile, some notorious rebels, such as the despicable traitor Phendan Brelan, are being pursued by bounty hunters.

While the Dac system was not fully captured yesterday, Fleet Command is declaring a victory for the Empire on the account of attrition and resources.

"The Rebellion cannot sustain these losses," Admiral Kendal Ozzel, one of the admirals of the fleet, told HNN in an interview. "The Empire has vast resources that the Rebellion simply does not possess. The longer this drags out, the sooner this war will be over."

Back home, civilians are wondering how long the war will continue. With many no longer tuning in their HoloNet viewers to the news, the war in the Outer Rim seems a distant annoyance.

While citizens are encouraged to support the crews, the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR) assures the Empire's loyal subjects that progress towards bringing the Calamari separatists to heel is proceeding apace, and they need not pay attention to details about the war.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Grand Theft Fightercraft Thwarted

Fighter Garrison in Pakuuni System

PAKUUNI SYSTEM - Ship thieves working for Rebellion were caught in act of stealing advanced Imperial fighter from the fighter garrison in the Pakuuni system today. The thieves were apprehended alive and are undergoing interrogation.

The thieves were permitted to abscond with several newer advanced Twin Ion Engine craft of the TIE/D Defender and TIE/X1 Advanced variety. The thieves were also reported to be in possession of a Lambda-class shuttle.

Depite prior knowledge of the attempted theft, the thieves were forced to surrender by a routine TIE fighter patrol.

The plot to steal the fightercraft in question was discovered during the interrogation of an associate of the thieves, who was induced to turn in evidence against his former compatriots. According to the authorities holding the thieves after their surrender, they go by the names "Gargon" and "Achell". The authorities warn loyal citizens not to express their outrage by assailing the thieves' families, who live in the nearby Mullan system, whose addresses can easily be found in a rudimentary HoloNet search.

According to officials with the Imperial Security Bureau, the advanced fightercraft in question were never in any true dangers of being stolen. The thieves were allowed to fly away from the garrison with their hyperdrives disabled in order to test the skills of rebel ship thieves for strategic purposes. While some reporters from less-than-loyal news outlets were incredulous of the ISB's assertion, the spice mines of Kessel are said to be satisfied with the reporters' new-found work ethic.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Empire Seizes Control of Dac's Neighboring Systems

Crushing defeat of the command vessel belonging to the traitor Captain Phendan Brelan

RUISTO SYSTEM - In a glorious offensive, the Imperial Navy has conquered three systems in the Calamari sector, and now stands on the verge of capturing the Mon Calamari homeworld itself. The Rebellion is projected to be crushed within the coming weeks, driven back into the shadows after it loses the shipyard facilities in the Dac system.

Despite early setbacks in the Reginard system the day before, the Empire's star destroyers destroyed nearly all resistance before it, as it captured both Reginard and Ruisto, taking control of the Overic Griplink hyperroute.

At Reginard, both the notorious warlord Lyraeus and the uterly reprehensible Admiral Theia put up a defense of the system. The following day, Lyraeus appeared to have quit the field of battle, leaving Theia to hold Reginard on her own. In this she proved unsuccessful as one Imperial line drove her from Reginard and another from Ruisto. In a desperate attempt to save her infamous status within the ranks of the rebellion, she attacked her own Rebel cohorts.

Behind the front lines in the Dellalt system, meanwhile, several Imperial lines skirmished with one another during maneuvering and firing drills. The recent hard-won victories there provided the commanders, crews and pilots with ample amounts of debris fields in order to offer them challenges and prepare them for more combat.

A more stalwart resistance was put up by another Rebel commander - a vile traitor to the Empire. Line Captain Phendan Brelan was once considered a courageous and skillful wing commander in the Imperial Navy before his fall from grace. Now he suffers the hatred of millions of former comrades-in-arms and the disdain of billions of loyal Imperial citizens. He paid for his betrayal early when he was driven from Ruisto. In his cowardly flight from the front line, he fled through the Dac system to the Minntooine system. Regrettably his arrival there gave a momentary pause to another Imperial naval assault along the Giblim Route into the Calamari sector.

Fortunately, Captain Brelan's efforts proved to be futile in the face of the unstoppable Imperial advance as other Imperial commanders destroyed Brelan's Rebel confederates. The Rebel resistance was crushed on Minntooine, liberating it from their anarchic scourge. Among these was Commodore Naboobo, the hero of the Colundra system, who had routed a disorderly band of rebels.

Meanwhile, the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) reports of internecine skirmishes behind rebel lines. This is doubtlessly the effect of military losses triggering a power struggle within rebel ranks. The galaxy will breathe a sigh of relief when the Rebel menace has been lifted from the Outer Rim, and their alien cohorts brought under subjugation.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Empire Takes Control of Dellalt; Begins Rebel Sweep

Flight of TIE Bombers escorted by an element of TIE fighters encountering Rebel fighters in the Dellalt system

DELLALT SYSTEM - Elements of TIE Bombers and TIE Fighters sweep through the reaches of the Dellalt system, eradicating the rebel presence, while fleet prepares for assault.

After the Imperial Navy drove a Rebel command ship from the Dellalt system two days ago, Imperial fighter and bomber squadrons have engaged in patrols aimed at eradicating the rebel presence from the system.

One flight consisting of three TIE bombers escorted by two TIE fighters encountered Rebel resistance in one outlying region of the system. The Rebel fighters were eradicated at the cost of the TIE flight's leader.

According to the flight's second-in-command, RQ-04-2, the Rebels specifically targeted the flight leader during their encounter.

"They went right for him, firing their rockets at just Four-One," RQ-04-2 said, referring to flight leader RQ-04-1.

The Rebel tactic is deemed to be in line with the Rebellion's anarchistic tendencies, targeting any semblance of order and leadership in favor of their nihilistic ideology.

Fortunately for the Dellalt system, the Tion Cluster, as well as the galaxy as a whole, the Empire has strong institutions that allow for chosen subordinates to step into the footsteps of a fallen leader, just as the Empire stood into the footsteps of the fallen Republic. The Rebels' tactics of targeted killings of leaders cannot break the Empire or the galaxy's preference for a regime of law and order.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Documentary 'Rebel Scum' Shows Heartless Desperation of Rebellion in Defeat

IMPERIAL CENTER (CORUSCANT) - A newly released documentary shows the depraved depths Rebel pilots will sink to in order to evade the mild justice of Imperial order.

Rebellion Driven from Dellalt System; Blue Citatel Believed to be Destroyed

Militarized luxury liner bearing the colors of the Mon Calamari vessel 'Blue Citadel' moments before it is destroyed by the Imperial Star Destroyer 'Requital'

DELLALT SYSTEM - A rebel star cruiser and escort were destroyed in the Dellalt system, returning that system back to Imperial control. The destroyed cruiser is believed to be the fugitive Mon Calamari vessel 'Blue Citadel'.

A militarized Mon Calamari luxury liner fired on an Imperial patrol line in the Dellalt system today. The liner bore colors identical to the fugitive cruiser 'Blue Citadel', which was forced into the asteroid belt of the Dellalt system more than two months ago.

According to the command crew of the Imperial Star Destroyer 'Requital', the 'Blue Citadel' did not give up without a fight. Two Imperial vessels, a Gladiator-class star destroyer and a Raider-class corvette were both destroyed in pursuit of the 'Blue Citadel'. Their crews will be mourned, and their loyal families will be assured that their loved ones died in the noble cause of galactic peace and stability.

'Blue Citadel' was once the flagship of the nefarious Rebel Warlord Lyraeus. Thankfully, with brilliant and loyal Imperial commanders like Commodore Ma'gi'eo, the terror spread by the likes of Lyraeus may soon be near an end.

With the Dellalt system back in Imperial hand, the regional admiralty feel confident that the rebellious Calamari sector will soon be back in Imperial hands. Plans to put a decisive end to the Calamari insurgency are rumored to be underway.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Imperial Embargo Nets Blockade Runners

A GR-75 transport with rebel X-wing escorts is halted by a TIE fighter patrol (earlier footage).

CALUULA SYSTEM - Enforcing the embargo on the Calamari sector for its separatism, Imperial patrols encountered numbers of blockade runners attempting to traffic contraband to the separatist Calamari and their Rebel cohorts.

Though news was slow to leak, the Imperial navy confirmed today that its patrols have destroyed a number of Rebel transports bound for the Calamari sector in several Tion cluster systems.

The Rebel smugglers were discovered attempting to pass through the outskirts of the Saheelindeel and Caluula systems. The smuggling vessels attempted to use dense asteroid belts to avoid detection. Fortunately, the Navy anticipated that cowardly gambit.

The wayward Rebel transport Bright Hope was rumored to be among the destroyed transports.

The Navy did regret to inform HNN that a number of Corellian corvettes escaped the embargo enforcement patrols. With the transports carrying a great deal more cargo, the navy is satisfied that the embargo is enforced and the Calamari sector continues to suffer from shortages.

Other reports indicate that the some transports were subject to piracy. Furthermore, there is some indication that the Black Sun crime syndicate operated both in smuggling as well as engaging in the aforementioned piracy.

Rumors also suggest that special commendation was given by Lord Darth Vader to one Captain Lorth Needa aboard a Gozanti-class Cruiser operating in conjunction with the Raider-class corvette Instigator. Captain Needa is considered a probable candidate for promotion to the command of a star destroyer, provided he not find reasons to disappoint Lord Vader.