Sunday, February 28, 2016

Empire Interviewing for Bounty Hunters: Some Found Wanting

Two Bounty hunters that proved themselves unworthy

LANTILLIES SYSTEM - The Imperial Navy, seeking to hire insurgent recovery agents to hunt down Rebels outside of the Calamari Sector, has tested the capabilities of potential contracting parties. Being tested by Imperial Navy fighter pilots, many bounty hunters were found wanting.

In a number of "try-outs", several bounty hunter couples were defeated by Imperial patrol units, similar to the type used against the Rebellion and criminal cartels in last year's Arkanis Campaign.

Thankfully for the bounty hunters, they fared better against the Rebellion than against their Imperial would-be employers. In one action along the Perlemian Trade Route, the bounty hunters destroyed a rebel smuggling vessel escorted by A- and B-wing fighters.

Elite Imperial pilots were unimpressed as they engaged in exercises between Royal Guard TIE interceptors and new-style TIE fighters while being observed by high-level Imperial tacticians and intelligence officers observing aboard a VT-49 Decimator and a Lambda-class shuttle.

The failed "action interviews" with the bounty hunters lays bare a long-standing dispute between adherents of former Moff Dzon Brennin's strategy of employing Special Operations Units and the Intragalactic Brotherhood of Bounty Workers (IBBW), the galaxy-wide bounty hunting union.

Those arguing on behalf of the so-called 'Brennin doctrine' of using VT-49 Decimators alongside highly maneuverable space superiority fighters argue that the demonstrated superiority of the Navy. The Bounty Workers Brotherhood dispute the point, arguing that bounty hunters are not contracted to attack the military, but to engage terrorists and insurgents, whose tactics and vessels are inherently different than military units.

Speaking anonymously on behalf of the naval partisans, one officer commented, "we don't need that scum," referring to the bounty hunters.

Incensed by the officer's statement, IBBW-representative Bossk expressed his dismay to HNN, saying "That'sss hurtful."

Friday, February 26, 2016

Dac Sector Contained Through Stalwart Naval Action

The Imperial Navy stands guard on the edge of Calamari space, containing the Rebellion and disloyal alien species.

RUISTO SYSTEM - Thanks to swift action by the Imperial Navy, the outbreak of lawlessness and Rebellion has been contained to the Dac system, where the alien species - the Quarren and the Mon Calamari - have thrown their destiny in with the treasonous Rebellion.

Employing the 'Motti Doctrine' of more hulls against fewer numbers, the Imperial Navy recently assaulted the Dac system in order to demonstrate the overwhelming capacity of the Imperial Navy and deter any further outbreak by the Rebellion into the more civilized sectors of the galaxy.

Engaging the Rebellion with overwhelming numbers, the Imperial Navy has isolated the Rebellion, as well as their Quarren and Mon Calamari supporters in the Calamari Sector.

The recent action in the Calamari Sector has largely gone unnoticed by the Imperial citizenry, which goes about their daily lives unhampered by the vile treason of the Rebellion. Because of the brave action of the officers, crewers, and pilots of the Imperial Navy, the loyal subjects of the Emperor can sleep easy and put the rough edges of the Outer Rim out of their minds.

Moff Dzon Brennin

Moff Dzon Brennin, architect of the containment policy, has been recalled to Imperial Center on Coruscant with the personal escort of Lord Darth Vader.

The Emperor is rumored to be considering a new position for Moff Brennin, a former Imperial Intelligence officer and hero of the pacification of the Arkanis Sector.

According to Imperial Palace insiders, Moff Brennin is due to be sent to the Unknown Regions in order to establish relations with the various aliens in that uncharted segment of space, and may never be heard from again.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Imperial Navy in Incident With Mandalorian Law Enforcement

Imperial Raider-class corvette

MANDALORE SYSTEM - A line of the Imperial Navy came into conflict with Mandalorian Law Enforcement over Raider-class corvettes surpassing a local velocity regulation.

The incident took place near the moon of Concordia, where the Mandalorian government imposes tightened regulations due to past differences with violent exiles on that moon. According to the Mandalorian Patrol, the local space-borne law enforcement agency, the Raider-class corvettes surpassed the maximum-allowed spatial velocity.

The Mandalorian Patrol, with a noted reputation for trigger-happy officers, engaged ships from the small flotilla of Imperial Navy ships, as these moved near a space station orbiting the Concordian moon. Flying Firespray-31-class attack craft, they unleashed concussion missiles against the Imperial vessels. Two vessels were lost in the attack.

Rather than escalate a hostile diplomatic incident, the Imperial craft chose to withdraw rather than engage the attack craft. The Line Captain in charge of the flotilla further disputed the charge, arguing that without special engine technicians the corvettes in question could never have reached the speeds the Mandalorian authorities allege.

The Emperor is expected to send His top diplomat to Mandalore to address the situation. Once Lord Vader has seen to a private family matter that arose after the recent attack on a rebel base in the remote Hoth system, he will doubtlessly express his concern to the Mandalorian authorities.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

BREAKING NEWS: Imperial Fighter Pilots Holding Off Mass Rebel Assault.

Rebel fightercraft assaulting Imperial positions

RUISTO SYSTEM - A large number of Rebel squadrons are attacking Imperial picket lines near Minntooine and Ruisto in an apparent desperate attempt to break through the blockading fleet.

The assault began this morning with the Rebellion outnumbering Imperial squadrons at a nearly two-to-one ratio. However, their expertise and prowess-building loyalty to the Emperor has given the Imperial Navy pilots a clear edge in thwarting the futile Rebel attempt.

The Rebel effort is considered futile, as behind the picket patrols, the fleets of the Imperial Navy guard the access routes to the hyperlanes leading out of the sector. Regardless of the outcome of these fighter skirmishes, the Rebel fleet will remain captured in the Calamari sector.

Rebel Attempts to Probe Imperial Lines Once Again Fail

Rebel freighter in futile escape attempt

MINNTOOINE SYSTEM - The Imperial Navy, operating together with the Imperial Security Bureau, has once again thwarted Rebel attempts to probe Imperial lines blockading the Calamari sector.

The Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) anticipated further futile attempts to flee the unremarkable corner of the galaxy in which they are besieged. As a result, TIE Fighter patrols, guided by ISB agents in stealth craft, were able to intercept two separate elements of Rebel craft attempting to quit the sector.

"It really is useless to resist," one ISB agent told an HNN correspondent embedded with the naval formation protecting the Minntooine system. "We have them bottled up, and we can anticipate all their attempt to break out."

"These rebels shall inevitably brought to Imperial justice - either through capture or..."

"...through ways that are more costly in tibanna gas than legal representation."

Asked about seditious rumors that the Rebel pilots had attempted to surrender before being shot down, the agent chuckled, "There was some message over the comm, that said something like 'remat...!' before it was destroyed. If that was an attempt to surrender, it did not follow the proper protocols."

The case in question flew a Corellian YT-2400 freighter with illegal weaponry while escorting a K-Wing style bomber. In addition to the heavy weaponry aboard the freighter, the K-Wing carried a payload of weapons of mass destruction, doubtlessly intended for the citizens of Minntooine, recently liberated from the Calamari scourge.

"Thank goodness for the Imperial Navy and ISB!" some local citizens said without any coercion whatsoever.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Rebel Escape from Calamari Sector Thwarted

A TIE Fighter patrol in the Minntooine asteroid belt

MINNTOOINE SYSTEM - Imperial patrols have caught Rebel fighter elements attempting to escape blockaded Calamari sector. The Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) takes it as evidence that the Rebel rank-and-file realize their cause is doomed.

TIE Fighter patrols have encountered sundry rebel fighter elements attempting to break through Imperial lines along the Minntooine Spur. The Minntooine Spur is a trade route connecting Dac, the Mon Calamari and Quarren homeworld with the Minntooine system where the Giblim Route connects the Calamari Sector to the Tion Cluster.

Having captured a rebel operative after the occupation of Ruisto, the ISB learned of demoralization among the Rebel fighter pilots. Doubtlessly, this despondency arises from the blockade that makes their cause hopeless and their appointment with Imperial judgement nigh. The Rebels even attempted to kill their former confederate in a strike against the vessel carrying the captive to the ISB station on Minntooine.

The naval blockade of the Calamari Sector

The captive was 'persuaded' to disclose the intelligence that the demoralized rebel squadron aimed to break through Imperial lines in order to desert their posts and escape the blockade. In order to prevent the escape, and to bring these deserters from the Rebel cause to justice, the ISB dispatched an agent to take charge of a TIE patrol flight.

The escaping flight of Rebel fighters, consisting of an A-Wing, and B-Wing and a new style of X-Wing fighter were tracked down and attacked. Imperial justice was swiftly meted out without the waste, fraud and abuse of the Old Republic legal system, when the TIE patrol led by ISB Agent efficiently destroyed them, leaving their remains among the asteroids as a warning to other Rebel pilots of their destiny.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Empire Removes Rebel Presence from Little-Known Hoth System

Rebels crushed under Imperial AT-AT walkers

HOTH SYSTEM - The Empire, under the personal command of Lord Darth Vader, has destroyed a rebel base in the far flung Hoth system in the Anoat sector of the Outer Rim.

Using probe droids to gather critical intelligence throughout the galaxy, the Empire was able to discover the location of a rebel base on the frozen main planet of the Hoth system. Acting forcefully and with great speed, the Empire quickly destroyed the rebel base, bringing Rebels to swift justice in the process.

During the ground engagement, Imperial walkers (All Terrain Armored and Scout Transports, AT-ATs and AT-STs) were deployed to destroy the Rebel shield generator protecting the planet. Meanwhile, Imperial Navy pilots prevented the escape of Rebel transports attempting to evade arrest and capture. The pathetic Rebel efforts to halt the armored walkers with nothing more than weaponized airspeeders was inconsequential.

Demonstrating their true colors, certain Rebel operatives - reputed to include the traitorous former Senator Leia Organa - decided to save themselves. While the senator fled, the transports attempting to evacuate non-combatants were intercepted and destroyed by TIE Fighters. The dilapidated light freighter carrying the fugitive former senator is believed to have be traced to the nearby Bespin system.

According to casualty reports, the Rebel commander - General Carlist Rieekan - was unavailable for interrogation on the account of being dead. He is believed to have died aboard one of the transports attempting to flee Hoth.

With the Rebel fleet cornered in the Calamari sector and elsewhere suppressed by the might of the Imperial Army, Navy, and Stormtrooper Corps, as well as the loyalty of the Emperor's subjects, the Rebellion has been forced to seek shelter in the most out-of-the-way corners of the galaxy. But even there they cannot be safe from the Empire's long reach of justice.