Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Empire Unveils New Imperial Naval Academy

Wing Operations 101 at the Imperial Naval Academy

IMPERIAL CENTER (CORUSCANT) - The Empire breathes new life into developing naval combat doctrines at the new Imperial Naval Academy, recently unveiled.

The purpose of the Imperial Naval Academy is to supplement the education of officers having graduated from the Academy on Prefsbelt IV. The new academy is aimed at developing naval combat doctrines to bring a sooner end to the struggling Rebellion, and return peace and stability to the Emperor's galaxy.

Some question the need for such an academy in the wake of a rising tide of more and more officers being recruited into the ranks of the Imperial Navy, and the Rebellion's imminent demise. Some are also finding new careers in the Spice Mines of Kessel for doubting the Emperor's wisdom on this matter. While more and more naval officers are swelling the Imperial Navy's ranks, and the glory of the Empire's victories are beyond question, the Emperor clearly feels that greater professionalism and a stronger central doctrine will be of value. Perhaps his motivation is to instill greater deterrence once the Rebellion has been dealt with.

The Imperial Naval Academy will be gathering some of the most loyal and competent commanders in the Imperial Navy. The first to take up a position within its ranks, aside from the Academy's founder, Moff Mikael Hasselstein, will be Fleet Admiral Wolf Deralisk [Darth Lupine] of the Blood Squadron of the Hirschau sector, whose mastery of the Gladiator-class Star Destroyer is legendary. Other commanders are also swelling the ranks of the Academy, though their names have still to be disclosed.

Monday, December 18, 2017

New Insurgent Craft Identified as Strategic Bomber; Terrorist Intent Manifest

Captured imagery of new MG-100 StarFortress SF-17 strategic bomber

IMPERIAL CENTER (CORUSCANT) - A new insurgent craft has been identified as strategic bomber. The building of such a heavy bomber indicates terrorist intent against civilian life.

New heavy bombers have been sighted among the small starcraft forces of the Rebel insurgency. Imperial Intelligence has identified these bombers as the MG-100 StarFortress SF-17.

The configuration of these heavy bombers expose the insurgency's new strategy for attempting to shake the faith of the Imperial citizenry in the peace and stability offered by the Empire.

In contrast to the TIE/sa bomber or even the TIE Punisher whose ordnance-carrying capabilities are clearly designed to target other warcraft in the service of the Imperial Navy's duty to protect civilian life and open spacelanes, the SF-17 is configured as a strategic bomber. Strategic bombers, unlike tactical bombers like the TIE/sa, are intended as weapons against stationary and defenseless civilian targets.

The development of the StarFortress SF-17 strategic bomber signals the Rebellion's ultimate strategy for their faltering resistance. Since their forces cannot hope to break the military might of the Imperial Navy, they have decided to target civilian targets in the vain hope of breaking civilian support for the Emperor and the Empire.

This new strategy is as doomed as their attempts at piracy and propaganda. The mere development of such a heinous weapon only steels the will of the Imperial citizenry to see their ilk meet Imperial justice and judgement, the delivery of which shall soon be upon them.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Empire Upgrading Corellian Communications Network

Communications satellite over Corellia

CORELLIAN SYSTEM - Drawing on Galactic resources, the Empire has decided to upgrade the communications network of the Corellian system, temporarily making the system unavailable to outside communications.

Demonstrating the Emperor's benevolence to other Core World systems, the administration on Coruscant has authorized the Communications division of the Support Service Branch of the Imperial Navy to upgrade the communications network systems in the Corellian system.

While the upgrades happen, Corellia will be unavailable to direct communications to the outside galaxy, with the only communications being routed through the military channels of the Imperial Navy.

The naval units under Moff Mikael Hasselstein assure the galaxy that all is well with Corellia during this brief period of inconvenience and assure both Corellians and their associates elsewhere in the galaxy that communications normalcy will be reinstated in due course. In the meantime, the military channels are being used to ensure the safety of the system from the threat posed by the Rebel forces of Admiral Theia.

Theia and her terrorist minions have posed an insignificant threat to the peace and security of the Corellian sector, but are projected to soon be rooted out as loyal subjects of the Empire inform the military authorities of the whereabouts of sundry Rebel cells operating within the sector. During the period of constrained communications, civilians are permitted to use military channels to inform the military authorities of Rebel activity and to continue to inform themselves over HNN's broadcasting networks.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Fugitive Former Senator Close to Being Apprehended by Imperial Authorities

Ex-Senator Leia Organa

CORSIN SYSTEM - Imperial patrol lines encountered and destroyed a Rebel transport known to be carrying the fugitive former Senator of Alderaan, the so-called "Princess" Leia Organa. Her capture is believed to be imminent.

Following up on previous Rebel incursions in the Corsin system, Imperial patrols discovered an escorted transport believed to be ferrying the fugitive ex-senator Leia Organa of Alderaan. The transport was destroyed, despite the attempts of its escort vessels to impede Imperial justice.

The escort vessels are reputed to have been under the command of the Rebel militant, Bazi Bier. The patrols took heavy damage, as their crews put the capture Organa ahead of self-preservation. The militant, Bier, took cynical advantage of their proud display of selflessness, destroying a number of Imperial cruisers as they attempted to fulfill their duty to the Emperor and Galactic Civilization.

Organa was instrumental in the destruction of her home world of Alderaan, whose people had entrusted her with their representation in the Imperial Senate. It is reported that she ordered the attack on the peaceful Imperial "Death Star" battlestation as it traversed the system, which forced the station to defend itself against the warlike planet.

Organa came to her position in the Senate through familial nepotism, her father having held the same seat in the Senate before her. In this, she is similar to another fugitive ex-senator, Mon Mothma of Chandrila, whose parents also held powerful seats in government, using their positions to pull the requisite strings to keep power within their families.

Once Organa has been apprehended and brought to justice, it is hoped that the Galaxy can finally leave the nepotist corruption of the Republic to history, and the widows and orphans of the Death Star's never-forgotten crew can have a sense of closure to the tragedy that needlessly left a bleeding wound in their hearts.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Imperial Patrol Fleet Destroys Rebel Flagship in Corsin System

An patrol line of Arquitens-class light cruisers destroy the Rebel flagship in the Corsin system.

CORSIN SYSTEM - An Imperial patrol line escaped a Rebel naval ambush in the Corsin system of the Greater Plooriod sector today. Most of the Rebels paid with their lives, as the insurgent flagship and a Corellian picket vessel were destroyed under a barrage of concentrated firepower unleashed by the patrol vessels' fire-linked turbolaser turrets.

In an upset for the Rebellion, an Imperial patrol fleet turned an ambush against the Rebel vessels. The Rebellion had hoped to catch the patrol flat-footed against the glare of the system's star. The Rebellion's dastardly attempt proved futile as the Rebels' larger ships proved to be no match for even the smaller turbolasers of the Empire's Arquitens-class light cruisers and superior naval combat doctrine.

It is, however, believed that the Rebel commander - a fugitive known only as 'Bazi Bier' managed to escape the destruction of his flagship. While his compatriots' corpses aboard the flagship burned, Bazi Bier saved his own skin, fleeing aboard an escape pod. The pod is believed to have been picked up by a surviving Rebel transport, which escaped to hyperspace.

Imperial Intelligence believes that Bazi Bier is part of a larger Rebel effort that will soon attempt to mount a larger attack on the Empire, somewhere in the northern segment of the galaxy. It is deemed plausible that the failed ambush attempt was a test of Imperial resolve and assessment of Imperial naval doctrine. Needless to add, the Rebel test failed utterly, and Imperial naval doctrine proved to be as stalwart as ever.

The naval doctrine employed at Corsin is known as Manifest Destiny. It involves the use of concentrated broadside firepower by a line of Arquitens-class light cruisers, supported by a Quasar-class light carrier. While the Empire continues to favor large warships, such as the Imperial-class star destroyers, for the hope they bring to human life in the middle of a galaxy of encroaching aliens, light vessels such as the Arquitens and Quasar allow the Empire to bring the light of the Emperor's governance to even the most dark backward corners of the Outer Rim.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Corellian Sector Group Restructures 'Manifest Destiny' Patrol Line For Increased Efficiency

An Arquitens-class light cruiser from the 'Manifest Destiny' patrol line pulls into the military shipyard facility on Xyquine II.

XYQUINE II - In an effort to increase efficiency in the Imperial Navy, the Corellian Sector Group reassesses its resource needs and expenditures. Moff Hassel-stein has ordered cuts to 'Manifest Destiny' Patrol Line.

A week after an ignominious defeat for the Rebellion, Moff Mikael Hasselstein reported that the Imperial fleets have nearly been repaired and refitted, though his own line of Gladiator-class star destroyers and support vessels did not require either. Another fleet, the 'Manifest Destiny' squadron of Arquitens-class light cruisers, had not been as unfortunate. Not only had the fleet not performed to expectations, but the Moff's accountants had found misspent resources. The fleet's commander has been permanently relieved of duty, with Hasseltein personally taking command of the fleet.

"What happened was unfortunate," a spokesman for the fleet told HNN, "and responsible parties have taken responsibility. The 'Manifest Destiny' patrol line will be stripped of excesses, and repurposed towards brining the Rebellion to heel more efficiently. The Corellian Sector Group can be trusted with the Emperor's hard-earned credits."

According to an unnamed source, three Arquitens-class light cruisers had been refitted with reinforced blast doors, allowing the cruisers to attempt to mitigate battle damage. These refits had not received authorization from the Moff, and they are reported to being repurposed.

The same source reported a free-lance Trandoshan on the Imperial payroll, commenting that the Empire "does not need reptilian scum." When filing a Freedom of Information request about the payroll allegation, HNN was informed that the 'Freedom of Information Decree' only applies to agents of the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) in regards to the personal information of private citizens and other subjects. According to the HNN editorial staff, the intern who filed the request has since been enjoying his time in a reeducation camp.

Hasselstein: Rebellion in Corellian Sector Soon to Be Defeated; Citizens Rejoice!

Elements of the Corellian Sector Group in Orbit of the sector's eponymous world.

CORELLIA - The fleets of the Corellian Sector regroup in order to mount final actions against the remaining Rebel presence. Moff Mikael Hasselstein is certain that the insurgency in the sector will soon that the Rebels will be forced to withdraw, and cease to be a nuisance to civilian traffic.

After the crushing victory in the Saberhing asteroid belt, Moff Hasselstein - former CEO of the HoloNet News Network, and explicit Palpatine loyalist - assured Corellian citizens that the insurgency against the legal order would soon be at an end, and that days of the Rebellion plaguing the Core Worlds were numbered.

Speaking on the matter of strategy, Hasselstein informed HNN that the Rebels were desperate for a single large space battle to determine mastery of the sector.

"Their purposes are laughably transparent," he said, "but we will not indulge them. We shall continue the strategy that has been working for us, and the Rebellion will be seen for the pathetic cause that it is. When that is apparent, they shall lose the will to fight, and peace and order shall be reinstated under the Imperial banner."

the citizenry of the Corellian sector were jubilant at the news from their Moff. It was clear that they will be greatly relieved to be free of the Rebel scourge, as well as no longer having to carry the shame of having a Rebel-infested sector. They hope that when the Rebels have been driven away, that they will once again earn the Emperor's regard.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Victory in Saberhing Asteroid Belt

Moff Hasselstein's squadron of Gladiator-class star destroyers in defensive formation before the Saberhing shipyard facility.

SABERHING ASTEROID BELT - The Rebel insurgency was routed today in the Saberhing Asteroid Belt, where Moff Mikael Hasselstein personally oversaw the defense of the Imperial shipyard facility.

The Rebellion attacked the Saberhing shipyard facility, aiming to sabotage the sector fleets' capacity to maintain its vessels. The rebels were, however, awaited by Moff Hasselstein's personal fleet of Gladiator-class star destroyers, supported by a wing of TIE fighters and Interceptors.

The Empire's victory was complete. The shipyards remain unscathed, all the Imperial warships returned to berth without necessary repairs, and even all the TIE fighter squadrons returned to their hangars. Meanwhile the wreckage of the Rebel fleet fell into the orbits of the asteroid belt.

Imperial citizens of the Corellian Sector rejoiced at the news. Rumors had abound about a supposed Imperial setback in the Talfaglio system on the sparsely-populated outskirts of the sector. These rumors were dismissed as Rebel propaganda and lies. The Empire remains hegemonic in the Corellian sector.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Imperial Commanders Engage in Virtuous Competition, While Rebels Squabble

A rebel corvette breaks up in orbit of Ord Mantell, as it falls victim to an attack by a rival Revel faction.

ORD MANTELL - The Rebels' infighting continues to doom the Rebels and criminal syndicates' hold on the Bright Jewel system. Meanwhile, the Emperor has allowed the Imperial Navy commanders to compete for command of the system.

Demonstrating His most enlightened military policy, the Emperor is allowing Imperial commanders to compete with one another. The most capable admiral shall be allowed the honor of being the final word in the system's administration and authority to direct Imperial forces in the region. Commodore Charis Naboobo of the Colundra Sector in the Outer Rim and Lord Xenos II, also from the Outer Rim are favorites to win the contest. Promotion to command over a Mid Rim system is likely to be a great advancement for either commander.

The Rebels and criminal syndicates, on the other hand, have made their unruliness manifest, by continuing to skirmish among one another, even as the Empire asserts order on the wayward system. Particularly the heinous Admiral Theia is seeking to replace Shmitty the Dataslicer as the dominant crime lord in the Bright Jewel sector, just as Canth Walden attempts to salvage his reputation on the back of another Rebel warlord.

Empire Brings Several Rebel and Criminal Fleets to Heel; Rebels Continue Skirmish Among Themselves

Victory II-class Star Destroyers under the command of Lord Xenos II over Ord Mantell

ORD MANTELL - The Imperial Navy continues to press its advantage over the Rebels and criminal syndicates of the Bright Jewel system. while some Rebel-flagged smuggler fleets escaped the Imperial nets, two condemnable Rebel warlords fought among one another for dominance in infamy.

The most notable victory was Lord Xenos II's destruction of Shmitty the Dataslicer's fleet of Hammerhead corvettes. This criminal mastermind has been taught a lesson for allying his syndicate with the hapless Rebellion.

Lord Xenos' exploit was more notable for having been accomplished with a line of older vessels, including two Victory-class Star Destroyers and two Arquitens cruiser, supported by a flotilla of Gozanti transports. Hailing from the Outer Rim, Lord Xenos has demonstrated the ingenuity to which Outer Rim commanders have shown in their efforts to bring crime and insurrection under control.

Another Imperial commander of the Outer Rim, Commodore Charis Naboobo of the Colundra Sector, led his fleet from the bridge of a mighty Imperial-class Star Destroyer, from where he supervised the destruction of a rebel fleet belonging to the Rebel faction led by rogue senator Mon Mothma.

Unfortunately, a few other fleet of Hammerhead corvettes was able to slip past Imperial lines. The local Imperial authorities are confident, however, that they will inevitable be caught and brought to Imperial justice.

Meanwhile, the Rebel forces of Canth Walden encountered a rival Rebel Warlord, the savage Admiral Theia, whose bloodthirsty atrocities are infamous in the Core Worlds and Outer Rim alike. According to intelligence reports, Theia proved to be the slightly more heinous of the two, and shall be challenging the crime lord Shmitty for his hegemony among the Bright Jewel syndicates.

Rebel Factions Fractured Over Ord Mantell

Ord Mantell, capital world of the Bright Jewel sector, is a known shadow port

ORD MANTELL - Hostilities erupted in the Bright Jewel sector this morning, as Imperial Navy formations emerged over Ord Mantell in an operation aimed at bringing law and order to this chaotic sector of the spinward Mid Rim. Predictabily, internecine squabbles divided separate Rebel and criminal factions, while Imperial officers imposed discipline on their juniors.

Taking an already crime-ridden world in the Mid Rim by surprise, the Imperial Navy emerged out of hyperspace over Ord Mantell in the Bright Jewel sector. Typical of the fractious Rebels in the region, different factions chose to train their turbolasers on one another than the Imperial lines of battle.

Canth Walden, a notorious rebel warlord, who was driven from the Corellian Sector some months ago, was identified as one of the Rebel factions over Ord Mantell. His first act was to narrowly drive a rival Rebel warlord from Ord Mantell's orbit.

Meanwhile, Lord Xenos II, an Imperial commander of the far north of the Outer Rim, brought swift discipline to a junior Imperial officer whose line of vessels proved to be insufficiently prepared to bring Imperial justice to the Rebellion. The result of this was hailed as a victory for Imperial discipline and good order.

Disturbingly, one fleet of Hammerhead corvettes opened fire on an Imperial line attempting to inspect the vessels for contraband. The hammerheads, suspected to belong to a criminal dealer in arcane data, only known as Shmitty the Dataslicer, was able to outmaneuver the Imperial line, and escape Imperial justice. Lord Xenos has been tasked with bringing the dataslicer to heel.

Ord Mantell is the capital planet of the Bright Jewel system of the eponymous sector at the crossroutes of the Celanon Spur and Entralla Trade Route. A world known as a shadowport for smugglers, crime syndicates, and other alien thugs, is a likely den for different Rebel factions. The Bright Jewel Rebels, whose mutual enmities are frequently greater than their hostility towards the Empire, are considered a mere nuisance for Imperial order.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Moff Mikael Hasselstein of the Corellian Sector

Mikael Hasselstein, Moff of the Corellian sector

CORELLIAN SYSTEM - After months of soothing news silence, Moff Mikael Hasselstein opens up about the challenges and successes of governing the Corellian sector and defeating the Rebellion there.

After a successful career of managing the HoloNet News Group, Hasselstein took on the challenge of governing the Corellian sector and maintaining peace, security and prosperity on this sector of the Core Worlds. Despite some Rebel attempts to instill terror into the peace of mind the citizens of the Corellian sector normally enjoy, Moff Hasselstein is happy to report that the Rebels are being driven from the sector, and its citizens can breathe easy once more.

In order to ease the minds of the Corellian sector's citizens, Moff Hasselstein agreed to an exclusive interview, after many months of maintaining news silence in the sector. Below is a transcript of the interview.

HNN: "Moff Hasselstein, thank you very much for being willing to sit down with us for an interview. It is a great honor for us to interview someone of your exalted station."

MMH: "Oh, please, think nothing of it."

HNN: "First off, can you tell us why there has been a news silence in the Corellian sector for these many months."

MMH: "Of course, of course. As you now know, there has been a little bit of a Rebel insurgency in the sector. The insurgents do what insurgents do. They crow about some small temporary successes that they may have had, and make a gundark out of a midge-fly. That serves to unnerve the citizens, who have a hard time putting the Rebel activities into perspective."

HNN: "So the Rebels did have some successes?"

MMH: "Well, they would certainly call them that. But in perspective, there were some small fleet actions in a few systems. We decided to withdraw a few Imperial flotillas in the interest of not allowing collateral casualties among the citizens."

HNN: "Some might criticize you for not assuming that citizens of the Empire would willingly lay down their lives for the Emperor and galactic pride and security."

MMH: "That is true, and it was taken into account. The Emperor does inspire that sort of feeling among His subjects, but we decided that it simply was not necessary in this case. If they still wish to do so, they may volunteer for the Stormtrooper corps, which is willing to take in able-bodied patriotic citizens."

HNN: "And now, is the sector safe from the insurgency?"

MMH: "Admiral Arno Vross and I recently had some glorious victories over the Rebels, including against the inhuman Admiral Theia, and the traitor Iago Yueh. I also anticipate good news from the Talfaglio system soon. With any luck, they will have learned their lessons, and will have crawled back to the Outer Rim, where their terrorism will not impact fine Core-World Imperial subjects."

HNN: "Well, we rejoice that you have the Corellian sector well in hand. How do you respond to reports of a Rebel insurgency also emerging in the Bright Jewel Sector?"

MMH: "I cannot comment on it before learning more. However, I have faith that our Imperial forces shall be victorious. Any commanders who fail us will be swiftly retired and replaced by more capable officers."

HNN: "Thank you for being willing to speak to us, Lord Hasselstein."

MMH: "Oh thank you for that title, but I am merely a humble servant of the Emperor. It was my pleasure."

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Moff Hasselstein Breaks Off Attack to Save Civilian Lives

Star Destroyer Relentless and fleet depart Nubia to avoid collateral damage

CORELLIA SYSTEM - Imperial Navy forces return from front line after heroic attempt to liberate Nubia. Moff Hassestein, commanding, refused to destroy Nubia to save Nubia.

The fleet personally commanded by Moff Mikael Hasselstein of the Corellian sector returned to Corellia today after a heroic attempt to liberate Nubia from the rebel scourge that has plagued that world ever since a patrol sighted Rebel forces active in Nubian space.

Moff Hasselstein broke off the attack for fear of collateral damage on the planet.

"The Moff would have pressed the attack, but for the threat to the lives of the civilians, whom the Rebels used as human shields," an aide told HNN.

Moff Hasselstein was unavailable for direct contact, but his aide assured HNN that all was proceeding according to plan.

Meanwhile, citizens on Corellia were outraged that the Rebellion would stoop to the cowardly tactic of hiding behind civilians.

Nubia, a relatively rural but industrial world, was a peaceful planet until the Rebellion put the lives of its inhabitants at risk by infiltrating the populated centers with a military base. The base included the planetary ion cannon, which the Rebels usurped from the legitimate Nubian authorities, who are being held hostage by the Rebellion.

"While planetary bombardment would have easily cleared the Rebel stronghold," the aide told HNN, "the Moff thought it unconscionable to subject the civilians to such an ordeal."

Some among the stalwart Imperial ranks question Hasseltein's decision, asserting that the Moff ought not to have allowed a few civilian lives prevent the liberation of the whole world.

"It's simple," one junior officer, who preferred to remain anonymous, told HNN. "WWVD. What Would Vader Do? That's all you need to live by."

Understanding the proper chain of command, HNN immediately reported the junior officer to his immediate superior, who has scheduled the officer's disciplinary hearing and probably transfer to the Outer Sector Patrol Fleet commanded by Commodore Iago Yueh.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

In Memoriam: Civé "Howlrunner" Rashon

Civé "Howlrunner" Rashon

CORELLIA - the Imperial Navy pays its respects to one of its finest TIE fighter pilots, Civé Rashon, affectionately known by her squadron as "Howrunner", and to her superiors as OS-72-1.

Rashon was the squadron leader of "Obsidian Squadron," a squadron of TIE fighters known for their capacity of pursuit and hard-hitting flight formations.

Her service came to an abrupt, tragic, but proud end in defense of Corellia, as a vicious rebel leader known as Kiza Bætti was beaten back from defiling this noble Core World.

Her wingman, Dodson "Night Beast" Makraven, known to his superiors as OS-72-2, remembered her fondly:

"She really was something," Makraven told HNN, "Even though our squadron had had a rough time of it in the battle over Vagran, she decided that we needed to be in the thick of it again."

Obsidian Squadron, under Rashon's leadership, had suffered casualties in a recent battle in the Vagran system, which allowed the Imperial Navy to defend this peaceful and wildlife-rich world from Rebel thugs, and to even build an Imperial garrison there to keep it safer still.

"While we could have used a refit," Makraven continued, "Howlrunner told our superiors - even Moff Hasselstein himself - that it was worth foregoing on the refits in order to build that garrison."

The Empire honors Rashon this day, and vows to continue her mission of keeping the galaxy safe from the Rebels who seek nothing more than the wicked destabilization of galactic civilization.

Monday, February 6, 2017

War Continues to Rage in Corellian Sector; Imperial Navy Optimistic for Victory

Victorious, the Relentless and Interdictor, vessels of Moff Hasselstein's Sector Group Command, orbit Corellia, defending the world from Rebel incursion

CORELLIA SYSTEM - The forces of the Imperial Navy continue to safeguard the loyal citizens of the Empire in the Corellia system, as Rebel attacks are thwarted and Rebel outposts in the sector continue to be rooted out.

This was another proud day for the Imperial Navy. While courageously defending the sector capital of Corellia from barbaric Rebels under the command of Kiza Bætti, Imperial forces further put additional pressure on Rebel outposts on the Drall, also in the Corellian system, and in the Sacorria system.

The defense of Corellia has broadly been deemed a great victory for the Empire. Inhabitants of the sector's most populous world witnessed the disabling of a Rebel cruiser in their skies, as well as the wreckages of destroyed Rebel fighters raining down on their landscape. Though some losses were bitter, the Empire's loyal citizens can rejoice that the Imperial Navy kept them safe once more.

Meanwhile, as the Rebels attempted in vain to attack the Corellian system's beating heart, a line of Arquitens cruisers continued to seek the elusive Rebel outpost on Drall. According to Imperial Intelligence, the outpost's location will soon be discovered, as the cruiser line was met in orbit by Rebel vessels under the command of the infamous Rebel warlord, Mysh Theia.

At the cost of a single light command cruiser, the newly-minted Commodore Iago Yueh disabled numerous Rebel corvettes. The fighter losses are still being counted, but agents with the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR) deem the results to be favorable.

By victoriously engaging Theia's forces, Imperial retribution has begun for her countless depredations against decent Imperial citizens. The COMPNOR agents have declared it as no accident that the force was lead by Yueh's flagship, the Hand of Justice, which shall return to Corellia for needed repairs.

The Imperial Navy further anticipates news from Sacorria, where another strike at a suspected Rebel outpost took place.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Young Rising Star Given Battlefield Promotion in Corellian Sector

Former Lt. Commander Yueh of the cruiser Hand of Justice promoted to Commodore of the Outer Sector Patrol Fleet

CORELLIAN SECTOR - With the administrative demise of the previous commanding officer, Moff Hasselstein has promoted Lt. Commander Iago Yueh of the Command Cruiser Hand of Justice to Commodore of the Outer Fleet Patrol. A great deal rests on the shoulders this young scion of Coruscant.

Last week, Lord Vader visited the Corellian sector in order to bring morale and discipline to the fleet officers and crewers doing battle against the Rebel incursion into the Core Worlds. In the process, the head of one fleet command was removed through executive action on the part of Lord Vader.

In order to replace the vacancy, Moff Hasselstein has promoted an ambitious young officer, Iago Yueh, native of Coruscant, to the post of patrol fleet commander.

In this new role Commodore Yueh shall have to seek out Rebel outposts hiding in the various corners of the Corellian sector. Rebel presence has been detected on several worlds throughout the sector, such as Nubia, Polanis, Duro and Corfai, but also within the Corellian system itself.

While Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) officers hunt for Rebels on the surfaces of these planets, the Imperial Navy patrols the orbits, launching probe droids and fighter patrols.

Yueh has benefited greatly from his birth on Coruscant to influential parents, his performance at the Prefsbelt IV Naval Academy, and the personal mentoring of the late Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin - whose tragic death in a shuttle accident robbed the Emperor of one of His most faithful and inspiring servants. Soon, Commodore Yueh will be tested against the despicable mettle of some of the Rebellion's most cruel and infamous commanders - Mysh Theia, Canth Warden, and Kiza Bætti.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Effective "Community Policing" on Ord Mantell

Elite stormtrooper, engages in "community policing", enjoying the fruits of winning the hearts and minds of the populace on Ord Mantell

ORD MANTELL - Imperial authorities once again delivered another world from the scourge of the Rebellion's operatives. Responding to a tip from a private concerned citizen, Imperial stormtroopers cleared out a Rebel safehouse on Ord Mantell yesterday.

Responding to positive stormtrooper engagement with the local populace, a concerned citizen on Ord Mantell informed Imperial forces of the presence of a Rebel safehouse yesterday. Imperial forces swiftly descended on the Rebel location, clearing it with requisite force.

While the Rebel cell managed to barely escape, the surrounding populace was satisfied with the stormtroopers' elimination of the Rebel cell in their midst, especially given the minimal collateral casualties.

With the Rebellion increasingly becoming an enemy within the Empire, instead of merely a nuisance at galactic civilization's outskirts in the Outer Rim, Imperial forces have increased their vigilance and engagement with local communities.

Ord Mantell girl tells stormtrooper about parents' questionable conversations in return for candy

The Stormtrooper Corps' new strategy of "community policing" has borne fruit as citizens become more vigilant about the Rebel presence in their midst, and more forthcoming with tip offs to the Imperial authorities. Some loyal citizens have provided stormtrooper patrols with information on their own neighbors.

Especially children are comforted by the friendly presence of storm-troopers seeking to keep them safe from Rebel "meanies".

Children had previously been interrogated with the assistance of droids, same as adults. The new approach, using candy rather than interrogation droids, has proven to be more effective in eliciting useful information about disloyal activities of neighbors, friends, and even family.

"You'd be surprised what you can learn about the neighborhood in return for a Fizzyglug," patrolman TK-621 told HNN. "The bully on the corner was proven to be a Rebel Intelligence officer. Before [NAME REDACTED] narc'd him out to me, I thought he was just some moof-milker."

With the Rebel threat spreading among the galaxy's malcontent population, citizens are eager for an Empire willing to connect with them for the greater good of a peaceful galaxy with quieter streets.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Pandemonium on Ryloth; Empire Did Not Want to Govern It Anyway

Insurgent Cham Syndulla of Ryloth

DALCHON SYSTEM - Ryloth descended further into anarchy today, as rival rebel factions struggled for power in the renegade, Twi'lek-dominated system. Imperial forces decided that the system has proven ungovernable, with local population incapable of achieving requisite levels of civilization.

Arriving in the system in order to re-establish a minimal level of peace and security in the far, Outer-Rim end of the Corellian Run, Imperial Forces encountered a pandemonium in orbit around the Ryloth system's three planets. Intelligence analysts aboard the vessels of the Imperial navy group sent to pacify Ryloth assessed that rival rebellious factions were striving for local supremacy.

Terrorists like Cham Syndulla, who even during the days of the Republic was a guerilla activist against the republican government of Ryloth, are considered to simply make ryloth ungovernable without thorough re-education of the local population.

As a result, Imperial forces largely withdrew, allowing the disparate Rebel factions to quarrel among themselves.

Critics argued that the Emperor had ordered Ryloth's autonomy rescinded, demanding to know why the Navy was unable to deliver.

"Just because the Empire does not recognize Ryloth's autonomy," Mr. Prop Agandist of the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR) told HNN, "does not mean that the Empire must spend the blood and treasure to bring Imperial governance to this anarchic corner of the galaxy."

Senior Outer-Rim Analyst Benn Gleck explains the inherent problems of the Ryloth system and the Outer Rim.

HNN Outer-Rim analyst Benn Gleck explained the inherent problems of bringing Imperial civilization to the far-flung reaches of the Outer Rim.

"Aliens," Gleck said.

Galactic civilization was created and maintained by humans of Core Worlds. Only they have created the integral institutions which can maintain an interplanetary society worthy of the label 'civilization'. Aliens can mimick what humans do, which is why so many aliens in the Core Worlds are able to live within Imperial society. However, on the Outer Rim, human influence is not sufficiently established to gain an adequate foothold.

"Left to themselves, aliens will quarrel and struggle for meager resources, and for each minor warlord to be the hegemon of his own fiefdom," Gleck argued.

"It's best that they are left to do the bloodletting themselves," Gleck advised. "Perhaps when enough of them have died they will realize the bounty of Imperial governance.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Vader in Corellian Sector; Finding New Ways to Motivate Fleet Commanders

Lord Darth Vader after meeting with fleet admirals

CORELLIA SYSTEM - Lord Darth Vader has arrived in the Corellian sector to provide the officers and crewers of the Corellian Sector Group with much-needed inspiration and morale.

After a series of momentary tactical setbacks in dealing with sundry Rebel fleet formations in the Corellian Sector, the Emperor's right-hand man has arrived to 'buck up' the officers and crewers of the sector's fleets.

Vader has also instituted a singular change of command over the Sector Group's second fleet, the Outer Sector Patrol. While the precise identity of the new fleet commander remains unknown, HNN has learned of rumors that the newly-minted commodore has extensive wing-command experience with the squadron-level of combat.

The prior commander of the second fleet offered Vader his apologies for a recent setback at Drall in the Corellian system. The second fleet had been ambushed by Rebel squadrons, while investigating probe-droid reports of Rebel activity in orbit of the planet.

Lord Vader is said to have accepted the commander's apologies.

With Darth Vader, whose reputation as being even more forgiving than even Emperor Palpatine Himself, in the sector, the officers and crewers of the sector group shall doubtless have ever more motivation to destroy the Rebel presence and protect the Emperor's loyal subjects from Rebel atrocities.

Moff Mikael Hasselstein has assured both Lord Vader and the sector's citizens that efforts shall be 'redoubled'.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Empire to Rescind Autonomy Ryloth

Tann Province on Ryloth; haven for Rebels and criminals

IMPERIAL CENTER (CORUSCANT) - After disappointing developments on Ryloth, and elsehere in the Gaulus sector, the Emperor has decided to rescind the autonomy of the Ryloth system.

The decision to rescind autonomy comes after nearly a month of mismanagement and continued insurrection in the far southeastern arm of the galaxy, at the end of the Corellian Run hyperlane.

Advocates for autonomy argued that self-governance would pacify the denizens of the planet. The Twi'lek people have not, however, proven to be content with self-governance, regrettably proving to be an ingrate people, like so many alien inhabitants of the Outer Rim.

Ryloth and Dalchon systems along Corellian Run

In order to put a solid grip on the Ryloth system, the Imperial Navy Admiralty aims to secure both the Ryloth system proper, including its three orbits, as well as the Dalchon system. The Dalchon system lies coreward from Ryloth along the Corellian Run. With hyperspace interdiction at these locations, the Imperial Navy will be able to enact a blockade, forcing the Twi'leks to surrender their autonomy.

The Ryloth system consists of the following planets:

  • Mon Bala
  • Ryloth
  • Or Tuma

It is believed that the Rebellion will further incite the Twi'leks, and their terrorist ringleader Cham Syndulla, by opposing the efforts of the Imperial Navy. The Gaulus sector around Ryloth is infamous for its Rebel gangs and criminal cartels.

The admiralty has warned that any interference with the pacification of the Twi'leks by the Rebellion is likely to result in the orbital bombardment of the main planet.

"In order to save the planet, we may have to bombard the planet," a spokesman for the Imperial Navy told HNN.

Imperial Navy Saves Planet Vagran From Rebel Incursion; Other Rebel Formations Detected

Damaged but victorious, Relentless arrives in orbit Corellia for repairs

CORELLIA SYSTEM - Moff Mikael Hasselstein saved Vagran from an attacking Rebel fleet, while other Imperial Navy lines have detected Rebel formations in orbit of Drall and in the Sacorria system.

Anticipating a Rebel attack in the Vagran System, Moff Hasselstein's fleet awaited the arrival of the Rebel formation near the system's single sun. Once Vagran's alert's sounded, the fleet executed a micro-jump to intercept the Rebel marauders.

Once the battle was closed, with the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Relentless in the vanguard, the strategic analysts aboard Moff Hasselstein's flagship Interdictor discovered that they had encountered the fleet of Canth Walden.

Canth Walden is the war criminal responsible for the destruction of the Golan III defense station at Selonia - with all personnel on board - after its unconditional surrender.

Moff Hasselstein revenged those brutally murdered by the criminal Walden, as two of his vessels - Liberty and Walden's flagship Phoenix Home - were disabled, barely able to escape with their backup hyperdrives.

Relentless was grievously damaged, but was able to return to port at Corellia in order to undergo repairs.

Meanwhile, other Rebel formations were detected in the Sacorria system, but even in the Corellian system itself, at Drall, where a Rebel outpost was discovered. At Sacorria, the Rebels were discovered erecting a jamming barrier in order to prevent their and atrocities from being broadcast to the civilized galaxy.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Cornered, Rebel Fugitives Take and Murder Hostages

An elite stormtrooper stands dejected, having failed to save the life of a hostage, a mere child whose sole comfort in her last moments was a stormtrooper doll

ITHOR, OTTEGA SYSTEM - Fugitive Rebels were tracked to Ithor by law-enforcement investigators dispatched by Imperial Intelligence. Cornered, the Rebels took hostages, whom they slaughtered, rather than surrender to the legitimate Imperial authorities.

A ruthless band of Rebel fugitives, last detected in the Ryloth system, were traced to a hideout on Ithor, in the Ottega system, yesterday. When confronted by Imperial Intelligence officers, including a special security assistant to the Emperor, the Rebel fugitives took local hostages. Before the Imperial officers could mount a rescue operation, the Rebels executed the hostages without remorse. While caring for the slain civilians, the special stormtrooper squad was unable to capture the Rebel terrorists.

The Rebels, led by a Twi'lek Jedi cultist identified as one Diala Passil, are believed to have been on Ithor to abduct an Ithorian child for indoctrination into their leader's fanatical cult.

Twi'lek cultist, Diala Passil, murdering Ithorian hostage.

Normally a docile and obedient species, Ithorians are considered peaceful gardeners by much of the galaxy's civilized beings. Clearly, the Rebellion considers them little more than nerf herds to be slaughtered to mask their escape.

Twi'leks, by contrast, have in recent years, proven to be ruthless murderers. Notorious terrorists, like Cham and Hera Syndulla, have been a scourge on the peace-loving Imperial galaxy, and now other members of their species prove to be similarly reprehensible.

Coupling Twi'lek native ferocity, with the Jedi cult's fanaticism, has proven to be a combination shocking to civilized sensibility. However, Passil was far from alone in her depredations. Others in her band of criminal insurgents also involve another cultist - an Ithorian named Murne Rin, incomprehensibly betraying her own kind for her misbegotten religion.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Rebellion Attacks Selonia: Destroys Space Station, All On Board

Exploding space station over Selonia

CORELLIA SYSTEM - The Rebellion attacked populous and peaceful Selonia yesterday. Accepts unconditional surrender of space station, before destroying it with all hands on board.

Shocking the civilized beings of the galaxy, the Rebellion attacked the planet Selonia in the Corellian system yesterday, using a refitted Calamari cruise liner and two medical frigates as their agents of destruction. After the withdrawal of Imperial Navy forces, the space station in orbit of Selonia surrendered itself peacefully and unconditionally, but was unable to save itself from the Rebels' barbarity.

The Imperial Navy learned a hard lesson against not targeting non-combatant vessels, yesterday, as its officers were hesitant to fire on the seemingly civilian and humanitarian targets of a cruise liner and medical vessels. Their hesitation cost them dearly, as the Rebels on board these covertly combat-refitted ships had no such humanitarian reservations. Not only did they fire at the Imperial Navy unprovoked, their true cruelty was only evident after the withdrawal of the Imperial vessels and the surrender of the space station.

Rescued hologram footage, sent by Lt. Commander Avery Andal minutes before the station's destruction, show Andal surrendering the station to the leader of the Rebel force. The Rebel leader was identified as Canth Walden, a disgraced former intelligence specialist. On the footage, Walden is heard promising to spare the lives of the Imperial personnel on board the station. The station was, however, destroyed mere moments after Walden returned to his command ship, not leaving any time or warning for the station's crew and civilian service personnel to disembark.

On Corellia, Moff Mikael Hasselstein expressed his shock to the HNN correspondent.

"I can't believe they would do this!" he said. "This atrocity is beyond any reasonable act of armed conflict."

"The rumors that Admiral Theia is commanding the Rebel campaign must be true."

"Only she would be so dastardly as to bring her Outer-Rim style of bloodlust to this civilized part of the galaxy. She has clearly surrounded herself with similar war criminals, such as this Walden. These ruthless monsters make the likes of Saw Gerrera and Cham Syndulla look downright moderate by comparison."

Hasselstein vowed not to allow the Rebellion to continue their scourge of terror in the Corellian sector, promising to redouble the Naval Group's efforts to bring the Rebellion to a halt.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Rebel Commander Bætti Represents Rebel Lust for Corrupt Republican Past

Rebel Commander Kiza Bætti on home world of Pantora

CORELLIA SYSTEM - Imperial Intelligence analysts have identified the leader of the Rebel fleet which carried out an unprovoked attack on a routine Imperial patrol in the Nubian sytem earlier this week. Commander Kiza Bætti, a Pantoran, represents the Rebellion's undelying cause.

According to reports made available to HNN by Imperial intelligence, the Rebel fleet discovered in orbit over Nubia recently was commanded by a Pantoran identified as Commander Kiza Bætti. Agents from the Imperial Security Bureau have been sent to Pantora to question Bætti family and friends on the Rebel's motivations.

Pantoran senator engaged in back-room dealmaking and nerf-barrel legislation

Pantora is a decadently democratic society of the Sujimis sector in the far Outer Rim. Most Imperial citizens have never heard of this world, for its lack of contributions to galactic civilization.

The Pantoran people, under the Old Republic, subsisted on undeserved handouts from Core-Worlds taxpayers. During the Clone War, the Republic was further called upon to safeguard Pantora from the threat of separatist blockade. Pantorans, in turn, did not provide troops or naval assets for collective security, as the Pantorans refused to enlist in the service of the Republic or later the Empire.

It is believed that Bætti has joined the Rebellion - the so-called 'Alliance to Restore the Republic' - in the hopes of returning galactic politics to one of heavy taxes on hard-working Core-World citizens to fund entitlements for shiftless alien societies.

Fortunately, the Imperial Army, Navy, and Stormtrooper Corps exist to protect the Imperial citizenry from the return of such a corrupt Republic, with mynock-like societies leeching off the good will of Core-World humanity.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Imperial Navy Thwarts Rebel Assault on Corellia

Ion cannon Coronet City, Corellia fends off Rebel assault.

CORELLIA SYSTEM - The Imperial Navy fought off a Rebel attempt to spread their terror to Corellia, while also discovering the location of a Rebel base in the Nubian system.

Taking command of the defense of Corellia, Moff Mikael Hasselstein faced down the infamous Admiral Theia, suspected to be the theater commander for the Corellian sector.

Key to the Imperial victory was leading the Rebel fleet into the field of fire from Coronet City's planetary ion cannon. The ion cannon installation crippled a number of Rebel corvettes, including the fleet's flagship carrying Admiral Theia herself.

The citizens of Coronet City and elsewhere on the planet rejoiced as the Navy protected them from the cruel barbarity for which Theia has become renowned.

Patrol of light cruisers over Nubia.

Meanwhile, the Imperial Navy scored another victory when a naval patrol uncovered a Rebel base on Nubia, in the Nubian system. The patrol, made up of a line of light cruisers, faced a number of large Rebel vessels. These had been found skulking in the Nubia system, doubtlessly attempting to protect the Rebel base.

The discovery of the Nubia base makes destruction of the Rebellion in the Corellian sector inevitable. Not only will the Imperial Navy aim to soon dispose of the Rebel presence on that world, but Nubia's own citizens are certain to reject the presence of these vile insurgents in their midst.

News of Corellia and Nubia further coincided with reports of a Rebel naval presence in the space near Selonia, the Corellian system's fourth world. The hope is that the Navy's fledgling commander will be able to hold off the Rebel incursion there.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Autonomous Ryloth Descending into Crime and Corruption

Lessu, capital city of Ryloth

LESSU, RYLOTH - Having been granted autonomy from the Empire, Ryloth demonstrates weakening rule of law as thieves and smugglers fail at attempt to steal 'cash' from departing Imperial constabulary.

Yesterday, Imperial stormtroopers thwarted looters from stealing impounded cash, which had been confiscated from a spice trafficker, known as 'Tagg Ronin'. The attempted looting took place at an Imperial impound station, which was on the verge of being dismantled in the process of autonomizing Ryloth.

The attempted looting comes in the background of weakening governing institutions on Ryloth as the Empire hesitantly granted autonomy to Ryloth. Imperial withdrawal began after the Twi'lek people, the denizens of this alien world, voted for autonomy from the Empire, electing the Coruscant real-estate developer Donalo Fortuna planetary governor. Donalo Fortuna, whose brother Bib Fortuna is employed by the Outer Rim crime lord Jabba the Hutt, is considered to be heavily involved with corrupt governance practices.

Under the autonomous governance arrangement, the newly installed Twi'lek legislature voted to dismantle anti-corruption institutions set up by the Empire, signalling that Fortuna's new regime aims to make the most of local autonomy for himself and various cronies.

The Empire is said to be respecting the will of the Twi'lek electorate, but there are worries that criminal cartels, such as that of Jabba the Hutt, and insurrectionist militants led by Cham Syndulla may gain in influence in the Ryloth system and surrounding Gaulus sector. The Lessu looters attempting to steal the contraband were said to have followed Ronin from nearby Tatooine - home of the crime syndicate led by Jabba the Hutt - suggesting a tie to Bib Fortuna.

COMPNOR spokesman Agandist

Prop Agandist, spokesman for the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR) told HNN reporters that the TWi'lek referendum was regrettable, but the Outer Rim cannot be governed against local sentiment.

"Hopefully, when the Twi'lek people realize that they do not have the capacity for self-governance, they will realize the blessings of Imperial administration. In the meantime, loyal subjects of the Empire in the Core Worlds, such as Corustant, Corellia, and Hosnian Prime continue to enjoy the fruits of good Imperial governance, and impulses to separatism and rebellion are non-existant."

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Mikael Hasselstein Appointed Moff of Corellian Sector

Mikael Hasselstein, newly-appointed Moff of the Corellian sector

CORELLIAN SYSTEM - Mikael Hasselstein has been appointed Moff of the Corellian sector, charged with maintaining regional peace, security, and prosperity.

Owing to his successful management of the HoloNet News Group and high political connections, Hasselstein was awarded the Moffship in the trust that he could boost loyalty and productivity among the sector's many industrial worlds.

Certain malcontents and naysayers doubt Hasselstein's capacity to command the sector's military forces, citing the newly-minted Moff's limited military experience. The Moff has a large array of medals and badges, though critics claim that these were mostly won in training exercises or contests where the opposition had limited combat experience, so as to bolster Hasselstein's resume.

While said malcontents and naysayers can look forward to fruitful careers in the spice mines of Kessel, sources close to Moff Hasselstein scoff at the criticism.

"While the Corellian sector is certainly known for spiritedness, we're still talking about core worlds," one confidant of the Moff told HNN. "Piracy and rebellion are Outer Rim ailments, not something that the hard-working and decent peoples of the Corellian sector need worry about."

Hasselstein's supporters assert that the Moff's public-relations experience, as well as the Emperor's confidence, will be more than ample qualifications for the task of governing the Core Worlds sector at the confluence of the Corellian Run and Corellian Trade Spine.

"There are no Rebels in the Corellian sector," an official spokesman said.