Friday, July 31, 2015

Empire to Double Down on Doctrine

Gozanti-class carrier deploying a standard flight of TIE fighters.

IMPERIAL CENTER (CORUSCANT) - With recent successes in the Arkanis sector, the admiralty of the Imperial Navy has decided to invest further into the order-of-battle doctrine that has proven to be so successful. According to reports, the Imperial Navy will deploy long-range deployment vehicles for its standard flights of TIE fighters, rather than using Special Operations formations employed by Moff Dzon Brennin of the Arkanis Sector.

While the Corellian Engineering Corporation-designed Gozanti-class armed transport has long been employed as an armored freighter, the Imperial has been experimenting with fixing a standard flight of four TIE-fighters to the ventral surfaces of its wings, allowing the modest-size craft to transport the TIE fighters through hyperspace into territories distant from Imperial garrisons without the need to redeploy valuable capital ships.

Imperial strategists deem the Gozanti carrier to be ideal for far-flung places of the Outer Rim, such as the Arkanis sector. It would make obsolete the 'Special Operations Units' currently deployed to Arkanis, invalidating Moff Brennin's approach to rooting out the crime wave by unorthodox means.

Moff Brennin's apologists object, claiming that the Special Operations Units were not merely a response to the economy of not having to deploy capital-scale carriers and weapons platforms, but were also an insightful tactic against the nature of the syndicate threat of the Arkanis sector. However, with those Special Operations Units failing to wipe out the criminal threat infesting his sector, Moff Brennin has fallen in disfavor in the Imperial capital. The disfavor comes in the wake of a number of successes by sorties of TIE fighters and bombers flying in standard formations of four and two, respectively.

The Imperial Order of Battle for naval aviation is organized into wings of seventy-two units, consisting of six squadrons of twelve fighters/bombers, and each squadron consisting of three flights of four, and each flight of four consisting of an element of two fighters/bombers. The Special Operations Units, by contrast, were deployed in an ad hoc fashion, frequently consisting of two dissimilar units or sometimes three platforms.

Moff Dzon Brennin, a former Imperial Intelligence officer, designed the use of the special Operations Units to respond to the highly irregular formations employed by the crime syndicates as well as the Rebel Alliance.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Imperial Naval Doctrine Continues to Prevail on Edge of the Arkanis Sector

Rebel B-wing heavy fighters prior to destruction by Imperial TIE fighters and TIE bombers.

GORNO SYSTEM - Once again, elements of TIE/sa bomber craft escorted by a flight of TIE/ln Fighters encountered rebel units along the Corellian Run today, destroying the neo-separatists. The galaxy can continue to breathe easy with the Imperial Navy securing the space lanes.

Imperial Navy forces dealt with two separate sorties of rebel fighters of the advanced A- and B-wing types, currently in favor with the traitorous Rebel Alliance. These victories demonstrate the superior mettle, training, and doctrines if the Imperial Navy over the Rebellion.

The Gorno system along the Corellian Run

While the Navy rejoices for its clear and unmitigated victories today, tactical analysts have noted the tactics an flying style employed by the rebel fighters. The first sortie, consisting of two A-wing interceptors and two B-wing heavy fighters, engaged with the TIE fighter flights using the tactics and flying style employed by graduates of the Imperial Naval Academy on Prefsbelt IV, suggesting the pilots were traitorous Imperial Navy personnel.

While the second sortie - also consisting of A-wing interceptors and two B-wing heavy fighters, but this time accompanied by an X-wing snubfighter - did not employ those tactics as effectively as their predecessors, they too betrayed the same styles. Tactical analysts infer that the second sortie was flown by very recent graduates of the academy, while the pilots of the former sortie were more seasoned than their successors.

While the sheer notions of such betrayal of the New Order and the Imperial cause are deeply disturbing, the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR) asserts that this is no cause for alarm.

"Mental insanity leading to betrayal of everything a pilot holds dear is very distressing, of course," COMPNOR spokesman Prop Agandist told HNN reporters. "But it is also an unfortunate byproduct of the heavy combat that the naval pilots deployed to the Arkanis sector have to endure. Some defection is to be expected, but nevertheless swiftly punished."

"The Navy rightfully considers them acceptable losses," Mr. Agandist added.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Rebels Launch Surprise Attack on Nelvaan

Star destroyer Formidable evacuating Nelvaan station

KOOBI SYSTEM - The Rebellion launched a savage surprise attack on the panet Nelvaan in the Koobi system of the Savereen sector today. Only through heroic action by the Imperial Navy were most of the humans on board of the orbital station saved from the Rebels' predatory actions.

The attack came unexpected as the Koobi system lies well within the perimeter of the blockade around the Arkanis sector. The Koobi system lies off major hyperlanes such as the Corellian Run and the Triellus Trade Route.

Strategic analysts at the Naval headquarters on Christophsis explain the rebels' appearance in the Koobi system, saying the rebel war band must have used obscure hyperroutes maintained by criminal syndicates operating in the Arkanis sector.

Location of the Koobi system, home star system of the planet Nelvaan

Imperial Intelligence further suspects a local warlord, a particularly savage rebel commander called Lyraeus, to be responsible for the attack. Lyraeus is considered a rebel thug whose notoriety for brutality rivals that of the infamous Admiral Theia.

According to transponder data collected by systems operators aboard the Victory-class star destroyer Formidable, the attacking assault frigates bore the names Scars of Freedom and Orca's Pride, vessels known to be associated with the warlord Lyraeus.

The Formidable was able to rescue more than 87% of those embarked aboard the orbital station around Nelvaan. This humanitarian operation was able to succeed owing to the bravery of the commander and crew of another Victory-class star destroyer, the Redoubt. All hands aboard the Redoubt were lost as it shielded the Formidable while evacuation operations were ongoing, and as the Formidable made for the lightspeed jump zone in order to bring the civilians to safety.

As the Formidable escaped, her comm crew intercepted communication between the Scars of Freedom and the Orca's Pride. According to the intercepted communications, the rebels planned to impale the remaining civilians aboard the station and display their corpses on the hulls of Lyraeus' warships as a grotesque trophy of this day's savage attack.

One thing is clear: the warlord Lyraeus intends to have his infamy overshadow that of his rebel rival Theia, as is considered customary among the rebel savages of the Outer Rim.

Criminal Y-wing Betrays Rebel Transponder Code

Archival imagery of a Gold Squadron Y-Wing belonging to the Rebel Alliance

SIRPAR SYSTEM - Following a recent skirmish between Imperial Navy fighter and bomber craft, evidence of rebel-criminal collu- sion has become so widespread as to be incontrovertible.

During the skirmish, TIE/sa bomber craft targeting computers identified one of the Y-wing bombers as belonging to the rebellion's Gold Squadron.

Follow-up evidence provided by forensic research demonstrated that the Y-wing in question had been in rebel service prior to being outsourced or sold to the criminal syndicate involved in the skirmish.

The wreckage of the Y-wing in question was analyzed by forensic experts operating aboard the Vindicator-class heavy cruiser Pernicious, the base ship for the Navy's units involved in the skirmish. Underneath the outer layer of paint, the forensic experts found the tell-tale paint of the Rebellion's Gold Squadron.

"It's not as if we really needed more evidence of rebel-criminal collusion," Inspector Plante D. E. Vidence of the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) told HNN reporters. "Anyone paying attention to HNN's reporting these last months would already know that."

Inspector Vidence refers to stories such as the markings found on Rebel-operated Z-95 snubfighters bearing the mark of Black Sun crime syndicate, as well as in the Parmic Sector last month.

"The well-established pattern of collusion between the Rebellion and the criminal syndicates demonstrates the true nature of the Rebellion," spokesman for the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order, Mr. Prop Agandist told HNN. "It is incontrovertible that this band of thugs has no legitimate political agenda. They are only working to create a sphere of lawlessness so that they can trade in their contraband of weapons, human pleasure slaves for aliens, spice, and pornographic filth."

"They are truly despicable," Mr. Agandist added.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Imperial Navy Remains Ruler of the Hyperlanes

Imperial vessels hold the line against a feeble Rebel attempt to run blockade.

DALCHON SYSTEM - The Imperial Navy beat back two more attempts by the Rebellion to break through the blockade of the Arkanis sector earlier today. The line held at the Dalchon system along the Corellian Run, the Arkanis sector remains isolated from the remainder of the galaxy and from galactic civilization.

Hostilities began with a rebel probe consisting of one corvette and escort frigate testing Imperial resolve in a hyperspace jump zone in the Dalchon system. The Dalchon system, being the main system along the Corellian Run between the Arkanis sector and the Ryloth system, is considered a strategic location necessary to maintain the blockade.

During the encounter, the lone Imperial star destroyer, a Victory II-class star destroyer named the Stalwart, destroyed the corvette and bombarded the frigate with turbolaser fire. A number of TIE fighter squadrons were sacrificed, but Rebel fighters were also brought to final Imperial justice.

With the corvette destroyed and the frigate damaged, the Rebellion - mistakenly sensing a weakness in the blockade - called in reinforcements consisting of a number of assault frigates and a large number of fighter squadrons.

Fortunately, the Imperial Navy also had reinforcements standing by within the system. These were able to intercept the Rebel spearhead.

The Stalwart was lost to a cowardly attack by rebel snubfighters. Thankfully, swift action by the Gladiator-class star destroyer Demolisher unleashed the Emperor's vengeance upon one of the assault frigates and the escort frigate that had first tested the Imperial line.

Suffering heavy losses, the terrorist insurgents were forced to withdraw back into the far reaches of the Outer Rim with the remainder of their forces. Doubtlessly, alien engineers will repair the damaged vessels, allowing them to test the resolve of the Imperial Navy in the future.

In the aftermath of the attack, tactical analysts aboard the Demolisher assessed considerable expertise on the part of the Rebel commander, but the newly-minted commodore of the Imperial forces (name redacted to protect the commodore's kin from Rebel reprisals) proved to have fresh training from the Prefsbelt IV naval academy that still proves to be the best training ground in the galaxy.

Regular Navy Units Take Apart Rebel Criminals in Sirpar System

Crash site of criminal Y-wing craft. Inspection teams operating from the Vindicator-class heavy cruiser Pernicious will analyze wreckage to determine origin.

SIRPAR SYSTEM - An element of TIE/sa bomber craft escorted by a flight of TIE/ln Fighters encountered criminal units in the Sirpar system yesterday, destroying the agents of villainy utterly.

The skirmish proved to be a text-book victory for the Imperial Navy, proving once again the Empire's space superiority over the obsolete starships of the criminal enterprises and the Navy's space aviators over the corrupt alien pilots employed by the crime syndicates and the Rebellion.

The Imperial victory also lends evidence to the superiority of the Navy's standard order of battle. Moff Dzon Brennin, a former Imperial Intelligence officer, had mandated the criminals and the rebels of the Arkanis sector are to be dealt with exclusively using 'special operations units', consisting of irregular formations of naval fighters and patrol craft. The units in question were operating under the jurisdiction of the Savareen Sector Group, maintaining the standard order of battle. Moff Drennin's critics on Coruscant call for the removal of the Moff and his tactics for combating the rebel and criminal threat.

The Sirpar system, in which the skirmish took place, lies along the Corellian Run trade route, separating the Arkanis sector from the Savareen sector, marking the boundary between aggressive anti-criminal activity and a naval blockade working to deprive criminals and rebels in the Arkanis sector of necessary resources.

During the skirmish, Imperial space aviators are reported to have detected a rebel transponder among the criminal Y-wing craft. Analysts aboard the Vindicator-class heavy cruiser Pernicious, base ship for the Navy's units involved in the skirmish, will engage in a search for forensic evidence to determine the Y-wings' origins.

HNN is back from Unknown Regions

A developing chart of a region in the unknown areas of the galaxy

GEROON SYSTEM - After sufficient exploration, the Emperor has decreed exploration into the Unknown Regions complete and strategically unsuited for the New Order. Citizens continue to rejoice at Emperor's enlightened policies.

The areas spinward of the Negs and the New Territories have proven to not be unsuited for further Imperial exploration at a time when regions like the Outer Rim of the known regions remain threatened by a crime wave and rebel insurrection. Furthermore, the Unknown Regions were found to have too few humans requiring protection from corrupt and oppressive alien life forms.

The New Order's humans-first policies are deemed to be best served by focusing on the territories where humans are known to live and be threatened by the corruption of aliens.

Reporters of dubious loyalty asked administrators of the exploration program if the Emperor's decision to cease exploration was the result of stiff military opposition found in the Unknown Regions. The journalistic channels employing reporters of dubious loyalty are now looking for journalists of greater loyalty to fill their ranks.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

The Empire Explores Unknown Regions

A developing chart of a region in the Unknown Areas of the galaxy

GEROON SYSTEM - In addition to maintaining security and stability for the Empire's citizens, the Emperor has decreed exploration into the Unknown Regions. Citizens rejoice at Emperor's enlightened policies.

As citizens have become inured to the constant warring on the Outer Rim, they now have even more reason to be hopeful for an even greater future under the Emperor's New Order. With the decree for new exploration, new regions for exploitation of resources and settlement will be opened up in areas spinward of the Negs and the New Territories.

The Unknown Regions are a portion of space unconnected to the broader galactic community. With the new exploration policy, the Emperor's New Order will soon be brought to unknown species of aliens, who can be integrated into the Empire's dedicated workforce. Those alien species already encountered, according to early reports, are overawed by the Empire's level of civilization and have happily surrendered themselves to Imperial administration.