Monday, July 25, 2016

Scum Lord Joltz Projects Reign of Crime; Imperial Navy Questions Advanced Starfighters

Assorted pirate starfighters under the banner of the Scum Lord, Stason Joltz

REUSS SYSTEM - while conducting extensive raids on criminal operations in the Parmic Sector, a number of elite formations of TIE/x7 "Defender" starfighters were ambushed by pirates believed to be loyal to the infamous Scum Lord of Junkfort Station, Stason Joltz.

Pirates with allegiance to the Scum Lord of Junkfort Station, Stason Joltz have expanded their piracy and mayhem outside of the distant Tharin sector. In so doing, they attacked several formations of Imperial Navy starfighters, many of which included upgraded models of TIE/x7 "Defenders". The defeat of the elite starfighter formations is said to be a vindication of factions within the Imperial Navy that argue for a stricter adherence to older Imperial Navy doctrine.

"The Imperial Navy has a doctrine of dispensable numerical superiority," one Navy insider told HNN. "Strictly inspired by the New Order laid down by the Emperor, it is the key to military success, from which the Navy must not deviate."

New advanced starfighter craft, which include the TIE/Ad x7, but also other models such as the TIE/Ad v1 and TIE/IT "Punisher", have been innovations on the tried and true TIE/ln starfighter, which provides the Navy with the bulk of its squadron complements. These are the brainchildren of Grand Admiral Demetrius Zaarin, the Empire's, whose prototypes are being tested in the Parmic sector.

Included among the elite formations were the civilian volunteers from House Benelex, whose formation resembled loosely the 'Special Operations Flights' which had been deployed by Moff Dzon Brennin in the pacification of the Arkanis sector last year. These consisted of a small elite craft working closely with a VT-49 "Decimator" patrol craft.

"The failure of these so-called 'Advanced' starfighters is a sign that we need to cease with these Zaarinist experiments. Questioning the naval doctrine of the New Order is the same as questioning the wisdom of the Emperor Palpatine," the Navy insider asserted.

The Parmic sector is an outlying region of space on the Outer Rim, infamous for its spice smugglers. Last year, Imperial forces quashed Rebel and other criminal activity in the area in an overall successful campaign to isolate the Arkanis sector. It is argued by some that the necessity to reorient the activities of the Imperial Navy towards the siege of the Calamari sector, meant allowing criminal and insurgent elements to revive in these trailing sectors of the Outer Rim.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Rebel Slicers Ousted from Holonet Receiver Station

Holonet Receiver Station in Parein system

PAREIN SYSTEM - The Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) detected a rebel slicer engaged in spying on Imperial communications at a Holonet receiver station. Her activities have been halted following swift action by the Imperial Navy.

With the Rebel insurgency attempting ever more desperate measure to slice the Holonet, the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) has taken increased measures to create Holonet security. Today, in collaboration with units of the Imperial Navy, swift action was undertaken to eject a Rebel slicer from her infiltration aboard a Holonet receiver station in the Parein system of the Aturi Cluster on the Outer Rim.

The ISB believes the Rebellion is attempting to slice into the personal records of loyal Imperial citizens, in order to expose them to blackmail and extortion. Fortunately, the ISB is capable of accessing citizens' records in order to persuade them to give the Empire the evidence needed to bring such criminal slicers to justice.

Moff Lankin of the Hook Nebula sector, which contains the Aturi cluster, is expected to sign orders allowing the necessary intrusive methods to pursue a counter-slicing campaign over the sectors holonets. His aides inform HNN that those orders shall be signed as soon as he returns from the Nulan system.

Elsewhere in the lawless Aturi cluster, Imperial units operating from aboard the Imperial Star Destroyer Retribution detected an infamous Rebel craft, Bright Hope. The Bright Hope is a GR-75 freighter that had been involved in running the blockade of the Calamari sector last year. Fortunately for galactic stability, its mission failed, but it seems to have resurfaced in the Aturi cluster. Imperial forces are looking to track down the fugitive freighter and her crew.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Rebel Piracy in Aturi Cluster Thwarted

Rebel scavenging vessel destroyed by TIE Bombers of the Scimitar Squadron

QEIMET SYSTEM - Imperial Navy starfighter elements thwarted Rebel bandits in an attempt at piracy in the Aturi Cluster. One Rebel freighter was destroyed while the Rebel pirate fighters scattered like cowards, when faced by proper military units.

Imperial TIE Fighter units encountered Rebel starfighters engaged in the act of piracy within the Aturi Cluster. The cargo freighter Trellisk had been attacked and destroyed by the Rebel units while traversing an ion storm en route to the U'dray system.

Fortunately for the crew of the Trellisk an Imperial patrol responded to its distress signal and caught sight of the freighter's wreckage just as a Rebel scavenging vessel was attempting to capture the crew's escape pod.

In a pitched battle, the TIE fighter pilots dutifully protected the forlorn crew from starfighter bandits of the X- and Y-wing types, and destroyed the capturing vessel, a Corellian YT-1300 light freighter as its docking clamps had grasped the hapless escape pod.

It is believed that if the crew aboard the escape pod would have been captured by the Rebels, the crew would surely have been sold into slavery in order to fund the Rebel Alliance's obstinate insurgency.

After the Rebellion's successive defeats in the Keldrath and Calamari sectors, and, more recently, the Tharin sector, the Rebels are in dire straits. Their piracy is suspected to be the final act of desperation for a dying movement.

The Imperial patrols operated from the flight deck of the Imperial Star Destroyer, Retribution based in the neighboring Juris sector.

The Aturi Cluster is a lawless region in the Hook Nebula sector, a place in which rebels and other pirates find refuge. The Retribution has been tasked with cleansing the Aturi cluster of the remaining Rebels, and will not rest until they have been captured or killed. Loyal tax-paying citizens of the Galactic Empire, tired of footing the bill for these malcontents, earnestly hope for the latter.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Rebel Operatives Shot Down Over Yavin Moon

Imperial AT-ST Scout Walkers, with the assistance of a probe droid, give chase to Rebel fugitives

YAVIN SYSTEM - In protecting the galactic citizenry from anarchy and insurgency, Imperial forces shot down a Rebel transport carrying operatives aimed at procuring contraband for their separatist cause.

Believed to have been driven from the Fest system, the Rebels were tracked to the fourth moon in orbit around the red gas giant Yavin in the Gordian Reach sector of the Outer Rim.

The Rebel agents' vessel, a Lantillian short hauler, was disabled with the assistance of a Mandalorian bounty hunter. Under the direction of Imperial Army officers, the bounty hunters, with support from Army AT-ST Scout Walkers have tracked the Rebel operatives through the jungles of the moon.

Having come under heavy fire by the scout walkers,most of the rebel operatives are believed to be wounded, possibly near death. With the world full of wildlife danger, and no vessels to carry them off-world, the operatives were left for dead.

While carrying out their clandestine and nihilistic activities, the Rebels also viciously killed some of the local wildlife. Several nexus, forms of large felines, were mercilessly slaughtered by the insurgents. If caught, the insurgents may be brought up on charges by the Imperial Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ISPCA).

Monday, July 4, 2016

Despite Successes, Core Citizens 'Want Out' of the Outer Rim

Sectors of the Outer Rim

CORUSCANT (IMPERIAL CENTER) - Despite the many successes of the Imperial Navy, public opinion on core worlds is starting to turn against further involvement in the Outer Rim.

"We've done enough for them," one citizens, who preferred to remain anonymous, but has since been referred to the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) for re-education, told HNN. "It's time we did some 'order-bringing' at home, especially when it comes to aliens in the Core."

Citizens who 'want out' of the Outer Rim declare that they are proud of what their stormtroopers have done in such outlandish places such as the Arkanis Sector, Calamari Sector, and more recently in the Tharin Sector. However, they say "Enough is enough! It's time those aliens learn to stand on their own two (or, however many) feet!"

Coruscant developer Donalo Fortuna, ReadJunk

An unlikely spokesalien for this point of view is the Coruscant developer Donalo Fortuna, a Twi'Lek who's grandfather immigrated from the far-flung Ryloth 130 standard rotations ago.

"Aliens love me," Fortuna said, "but we've got to stop sending our navy out there until the ISB figures out what's going on."

Fortuna referred to the insurrection movement called the 'Rebel Alliance', which has been based in several Outer Rim worlds such as Dantooine, Yavin IV, and Hoth. While some point out that many leaders among the Rebellion are former senators from Core worlds such as Chandrila, Corellia, and Alderaan, Fortuna pointed out the problem of Ugnauts - a porcine alien species from the Gentes system in the Anoat sector of the Outer Rim.

Representatives of the Ugnaut Weapons Engineering Union conspiring with fugitive former Senator Leia Organa (R-Alderaan)

"Ugnauts are taking weapons engineering jobs away from hard working Core-world humans," Fortuna said. "It's a real disgrace; a real disgrace."

After the pacification of the Hoth system and the Imperialization of Cloud City, security camera footage from the Tibanna gas mining facility on Bespin showed Ugnauts conspiring with fugitive former Senator Leia Organa (R-Alderaan).

"Thankfully, we're no longer employing Wookiees as gunners in the Imperial Navy," Fortuna said of the species from the Mid-Rim world in the Mytaranor sector, Kashyyyk.

Tharin Sector: Imperial Navy Prevents Escape Rebellion

Rebel X-Wing fighters caught between TIE Fighters and the Raider-class corvette Pernicious; Gozanti-class cruiser alleged to be the Vector in the distance with civilian volunteers standing up against the Rebellion.

SRILUUR SYSTEM - The Empire was once again victorious in the Tharin sector as a Rebel escape from the Nimat system was made impossible by swift naval action.

The Imperial plan to secure the Tammar system was defly executed when the Interdictor-class star destroyer Injunction projected a gravity well along the Triellus Trade Route through the Tammar system. As this was the only route for Rebel forces to escape the Tharin sector, the naval strategists were certain the Rebel fugitives would fall into their hand.

While the Injunction carried out its strategic role in the distance, the heroic crew of the Raider-class corvette Pernicious and TIE Fighter escorts were on the scene to apprehend the fleeing members of the Rebellion.

Reports concerning the precise details of the naval action have become classified, but the Empire's most trustworthy source of official information, the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) assured HNN that the Imperial Navy's action inspired local forces to stand with the Navy against the insurrectionist Rebels.

Civilian volunteers from the renowned House Benelex came to the aid of the Pernicious. According to a leaked image of the incident, the wayward cruiser Vector also made an appearance on the scene, and is rumored by some to have been directly responsible for the main Rebel vessel's destruction. The ISB assures HNN that this was a case of mistaken identity, and that these rumors are merely the cynical ravings of aliens and other malcontents.

The Pernicious meanwhile has been sent on assignment deeper into the Outer Rim. Friends and family of the vessel's crew have been told that these heroes of the Empire may be on their distant mission for some time, as they search for more Rebel hideouts.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Order in Tharin Sector Nearly Restored

Spheres of control in the Tharin Sector

SRILUUR SYSTEM - Despite a recent setback in the Yoribuunt system, the forces of the Imperial Navy have nearly restored order and control over the Tharin sector.

According to reports from Imperial Intelligence, Rebel elements have plagued the Nimat system, where there is believed to be a Rebel starfighter garrison.

Hoping to force the surrender of the garrison, the Imperial Navy aims to create a blockade around the system. Once surrendered the Imperial Security Bureau will re-educate the wayward rebels. After they have recognized the errors of their ways, they will be debriefed on their follies and allowed to take up a new vocation as miners in the Kessel system.

In the interim, the Imperial Security Bureau wished to give special recognition to two civilian volunteers, operating under ISB contract. These loyal citizens were previously reported to have assisted in the pacification of the Jabiim system. These citizens, Gargon and Achell Benelex, have since also driven Rebel insurgents from the Taskeed system.

Meanwhile, all naval patrols in the Tharin sector are under orders to keep a close look out for any sightings of the stolen Gozanti-class assault carrier, Vector, last sighted in the Yoribuunt system, departing in the direction of the Tammar system, expected to be en route to Junkfort station.