Thursday, December 22, 2016

Local Post on Tatooine Prevents Smear Campaign on Darth Vader

Imperial transmission center on Tatooine

TATOOINE SYSTEM - The heroics of the Emperor's Guard and local stormtroopers prevented a Rebel character-assassination plot against Lord Darth Vader.

As the Rebellion grows ever more desperate in its perverse plight to spread lies and disinformation throughout the galaxy, the Rebels have struck a new low in their fake news campaign. Thankfully, they were thwarted in their efforts.

Their attempt came to nought on the Outer Rim world of Tatooine, where a Rebel band attempted to hijack a transmission center in the hopes of transmitting fabricated smears against Lord Darth Vader.

The fallacious "documentary", titled 'Straight Outta Tatooine', involved the preposterous notion that Lord Vader was once a junk yard slave in the Tatooine settlement of Mos Espa who became indoctrinated by two renegade Jedi knights.

Title image from false "documentary" about Lord Darth Vader

Darth Vader, a disabled Clone War veteran and right-hand man to Emperor Palpatine, had previously been targeted by Rebellion-sponsored misinformation.

Unbeknown to the Rebellion, however, Imperial Intelligence had learned of the planned attempt. Two of the Emperor's own Royal Guardsmen were sent to intercept the Rebels, who had been guided to the transmission center by a local vagabond.

The guardsmen, aided by local stormtrooper squad and volunteers from the 501st Stormtrooper Legion, ambushed the Rebel operatives, putting an end to their condemnable attempt to disparage a true hero of the galaxy.

Rebel efforts notwithstanding, Lord Vader remains an inspiration to galactic youth, who see Lord Vader as someone who will help Emperor Palpatine make the Galaxy great again.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Empire Grants Ryloth Autonomy

Planet Ryloth

RYLOTH SYSTEM - Amid a descent into violence in the Gaulus sector, and removing insurgent and criminal threats from the Ryloth system, the Empire has granted Ryloth autonomy. Donalo Fortuna elected planetary governor.

Despite the many benefits and belevolence the Empire has showered on the planet of Ryloth and the Twi'lek people, the denizens of this alien world voted for autonomy from the Empire, electing the Coruscant real-estate developer Donalo Fortuna planetary governor.

The vote happened amid spiraling violence between insurgent rebel forces and criminal cartels elsewhere in the sector. Beyond this insurgent-on-criminal skirmishes, there was also much internecine conflict between Rebel and cartel factions, demonstrating the lack of coherence within different Rebel and cartel groups. In the midst of this tug-of-war between cartels, insurgents and different factions, Imperial Navy assets kept Ryloth free from hostile invasion.

Coruscant developer Donalo Fortuna, ReadJunk

As ingrate aliens, however, the Twi'leks of Ryloth voted for autonomy, which the Emperor has graciously granted them. Imperial forces will depart Ryloth, leaving the responsibility for maintaining law and order to local forces.

Reimposing law and order on the Gaulus sector will be a tough task for Governor-elect Fortuna, as Rebels have usurped control over the nearby Pelgrin system, while the Wrea, Dalchon, and Gaulus systems have become battlegrounds for factional infighting between and within Rebel gangs and criminal cartels.

Particularly the Wrea system at the very end of the Corellian Run hyperspace trade route has fallen under the sway of the Scum Lord Stason Joltz, operating far from his lair at Junkfort Station.

With developer Donalo Fortuna taking charge of governance on this Outer Rim world, analysts expect deals to be made with criminal cartels in order to keep Ryloth, and eventually the Gaulus sector, free from Rebel influence. According to critics, Fortuna is merely the puppet of a shadowy criminal cartel led by an unknown crime lord from even farther out of the Outer Rim.

Investors on Scipio have seen Ryll futures plummet. Ryll is a precious ore harvested from the mines of Ryloth. It has military and scientific applications, but can also be used as a narcotic.

Armed Hostilities Erupt Between Criminal and Insurgent Forces in Gaulus Sector

Rebel X-wing fighters (from archive)

RYLOTH SYSTEM - Hostilities have erupted between criminal and insurgent armed groups in the Gaulus sector. Imperial forces attempt to suppress senseless violence.

A number of skirmishes between insurgents, criminals and other malcontents have erupted spontaneously in the Gaulus sector, an Outer Rim Territory at the end of the Corellian Run. The systems plagued by the the violent groups are the Ryloth, Wrea, Dalchon, Gaulus, and Pelgrin systems. Imperial forces were swift to respond in the Ryloth system.

The Gaulus sector, showing violence-plagues systems.

Early reports have Imperial forces defeating the Rebellion in the Ryloth system. Criminal cartels, meanwhile, have dealt deadly blows against Rebel forces in the Dalchon, Wrea, Pelgrin, and Gaulus systems.

Friday, December 16, 2016

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Benn Gleck: I Was Wrong. The Rebellion is Worse

Senior Outer-Rim Analyst Benn Gleck explains how the Rebellion is more vicious and condemnable than even he had previously fathomed.

HNN Senior Outer Rim Analyst Benn Gleck writes an open letter to HNN readers/watchers/listeners. He explains why the Rebellion is vastly more insidious than even he had imagined.

Dear fellow loyal subjects of the Emperor,

I was wrong.

It is not easy for me to admit that. I have my true-blue human frailties like anyone else (except, of course, the Emperor), but - yes - I was wrong.

I was wrong because I thought that the Rebellion was perhaps misguided, perhaps a little extreme, but I used to think that appealing to reason and galactic spiritedness would eventually make most Rebels see things the Imperial way.

Insurgent Cham Syndulla of Ryloth (top), and terrorist Saw Gerrera of Onderon (bottom)

But with the vicious and inhumane attacks recently being carried out by the infamous likes of Cham Syndulla of Ryloth, Saw Gerrera of Onderon, and Admiral Theia, it's clear that it's just too much.

It's tragic, really.

It's tragic, because once both of the former were patriots fighting the separatist menace alongside the banner of the Republic, led by then-Chancellor Palpatine. It may be that the fanatical influence of the Jedi rubbed off on them. It was, after all, the Jedi who taught these two erstwhile leaders to fight guerrilla insurgencies against the droid army.

While Palpatine's war policies during the Clone War are, of course, beyond reproach - indeed, how could anyone justifiably criticize the one man who's political genius kept the galaxy together? - but we should be sober about some of the side effects.

Most of the blame for the radicalization of these individuals must also be thrown at the feet of the Jedi. Towards the end of the way it became clear that the Jedi were a dangerous death cult, who encouraged this sort of warfare.

It is little wonder that these leaders became radicalized by the Jedi. Constant reinforcement of an ideologically-narrow message, filled with misinformation, which aims to set some people apart from others, can do tremendous harm. When that sort of Bantha fodder is constantly fed to any audience, at some point even the inciter can lose control of the incited.

It is clear, my good audience, that this happened to these one-time good men, who fought the separatist droid army, but eventually fell under the corrupt sway of the Jedi. Now that these men have both savagery from their war experienced, combined with the toxic indoctrination of the Jedi, it is clear that the Empire must purge this sort of individual, and may our fine stormtroopers save us from these extremists.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Cloud City, Bespin Cleared of Rebel Insurgency

Imperial trouble-shooter, Lord Darth Vader, departs after Cloud City secured

BESPIN SYSTEM - Swift Imperial action purged Cloud City in the Bespin system of insurgent operatives. City rejoices at Imperial intervention

After numerous months, operatives of the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) aided by Imperial stormtroopers, cleared the last remaining rebels from abandoned Tibanna docks. These are believed to have been the Rebels' base of operations during their uprising.

Cloud City breathes a sigh of relief after the Empire has removed the insurgent presence aboard the airborne mining facility. With the threat eliminated, the population is grateful for Imperial administration after years of corruption.

ISB operatives patrolling a Cloud City corridor

The breakthrough came after the arrival of the Emperor's right-hand man, Lord Darth Vader. Lord Vader's arrival is seen as a sign of the Emperor's personal interest in Bespin. Vader, a disabled Clone War veteran, is often described as a 'trouble-shooter' for dealing with Rebel insurgencies and reinvigorating ailing industrial operations.

The benighted mining facility and floating urban metropolis had suffered years of maladministration, a common feature of governance in the Outer Rim Territories. The prior Baron Administrator of Cloud City had come into his post through illicit dealings. Some suspect that policies were determined through wild speculation on games of chance.

Darth Vader declines interview

With the last Rebels having fled Cloud City, Lord Vader is said to have "cut staff in half", promising a more efficient bureaucracy. Furthermore, Vader is said to have introduced "new ways to motivate" the remaining Cloud City administration and workers.

Malcontents claiming the Rebels had extracted vital information, despite Vader's attempts to capture them, were re-educated to understand the folly of their ideas and retrained for employment in the lower decks. In the depths of the city, they will be granted the opportunity to find new purpose in serving their fellow beings of the galaxy.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Defensive Refit Program Announced on Lothal

Lothal Minister of Industries, Maketh Tua

LOTHAL SYSTEM - Minister of Industrial Efficiency on Lothal, Maketh Tua, announces defensive refit program for Imperial Navy vessels.

On Lothal, an industrial manufacturing world in the Outer Rim Territories, Maketh Tua, the Minister of Industrial Efficiency, has announced a new program for the selective refitting of Imperial Navy vessels. In so doing, she vows to make certain Imperial Navy vessels more defensively capable.

The chosen slogan for the program is to 'Make the Victory Star Destroyer Great Again', referring to Victory-class star destroyers.

The Victory-class star destroyer is an older vessel design, having been introduced at the end of the Clone War. It has since been largely supplanted by the larger Imperial-class star destroyer, but the older vessel still sees service in the Outer Rim Territories.

Minister Tua at official presentation of new policy on Lothal. Image credit: Gottmituns205

Minister Tua has been granted leeway in the absence of Arihnda Pryce, the Imperial governor of Lothal. In the governor's absence, the Lothal system has been plagued by some minor insurgent activity, with local authorities assessing the activity as being the result of disgruntled industrial workers.

The defensive refit program is part of a wider policy aimed at both bolstering Imperial Navy vessels, such as the Victory-class star destroyers, as well as suppressing the revolt.

"Work shall become more demanding until morale improves," Minister Tua told HNN.

As part of the refit program, vessels shall be fitted with reinforced blast doors, though electronic countermeasures and advanced shield projectors are also being produced in Lothal's factories.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Empire Uncovers Rebel Plot to convert Medical Frigates

Pelta-class medical frigates to be converted to combat vessels by Rebellion

BALMORRA SYSTEM - After a daring naval raid, Imperial Intelligence learned of the Rebellion's intent to convert Republic-era medical frigates into warships into their depraved cause.

Proving further that the so-called Rebel Alliance will continually stoop lower, Imperial Intelligence learned that the Rebellion aims to convert medical frigates into combat vessels in pursuit of further galactic instability.

the Intelligence was gathered when an Imperial Navy task force encountered Rebel vessels gathering combat refit components in the Balmorra system. The Balmorra system is the location of a subsidiary of Kuat Drive Yards, the original manufacturer of the Pelta-class medical frigate.

The task force was able to intercept a number of containers carrying the components, before the Rebel were able to collect them for shipment out of system. The rebel fleet numbered several transport flotillas, escorted by Corellian corvettes and a Mon Calamari cruiser.

During the Clone War, Pelta-class frigates were used to treat and transport wounded Republic soldiers, casualties in service of galactic unity and civilization. The Rebellion's plot to convert these vessels is considered by analysts to be a sign of the Rebellion deep depravity, as Clone War veterans consider the decks of these frigates to be hallowed ground.

HNN Contributor Benn Gleck

HNN analyst Benn Gleck was moved to tears:

"Clone War soldiers bled their sacred blood on the decks of these frigates, where the aliens and malcontents of the Outer Rim will soon be planting their muddy boots."

"It's an absolute travesty," Gleck added, asking: "Is really nothing sacred anymore?"

Fortunately, Imperial Intelligence learned of this perverse development, and informed HNN. Now the galaxy can be (nearly) as outraged as Gleck, and the rest of the HNN news team.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Imperial Navy Suppresses Insurgencies in Centrality

Map of the Centrality sector of the Outer Rim

ERILNAR - With superior numbers, Imperial forces suppressed insurgencies in a number of systems in the Centrality sector today.

A number of skirmishes against insurgents, criminals and other malcontents took place along the Falco Run, in the far-flung Centrality sector. Most were decisively put down by large numbers of Imperial forces.

The affected systems were the Dilonexa, Oseon, and Ringneldia systems, where Imperial forces responded swiftly aboard Gozanti-class assault carriers.

The insurgents consisted of various criminal factions of the Outer Rim, including renegade Mandalorians, members of the so-called 'Rebel Alliance', and another shadowy group, known as the 'Rifts Coalition'. Some Rebel vessels included repainted Z-95 Headhunters from the Black Sun cartel, infamous for spice trading, human trafficking, and racketeering. This is taken as further evidence that the Rebellion is in league with the Black Sun criminal cartel.

While most insurgencies were suppressed, a number of Rebel starfighters were able to break out of the Imperial cordon. These included the repainted Black Sun Headhunters. These Rebels are suspected to be refugees from the blockaded region of the Calamari sector.

According to the sector authorities, only a squadron's worth of fighters escaped. Such a small number is not deemed to be of concern to loyal Imperial citizens.

Despite its name, the Centrality Sector lies in the outermost reaches of the Outer Rim, far from the civilized core worlds, which the Emperor has vowed to keep safe from such insurgents. Beyond being plagued by insurgents, Centrality also suffers from a space slug infestation, with these ravenous creatures inhabiting large asteroids.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

'Rifts Coalition': Pirates or Privateers?

Archival image of 'Rifts Coalition' TIE Fighter

SRILUUR - Another Imperial patrol has gone missing in the Suolriep sector: a region of space where a sinister faction known as the 'Rifts Coalition' claims territory.

A reinforced patrol, consisting of an assault carrier, two flights of TIE Fighters, one flight of TIE Bombers and an element of TIE Interceptors, went missing in the Suolriep sector yesterday.

While none of the vessels constituting the patrol returned to report the incident, Imperial Navy authorities claim that it is likely a faction known as the 'Rifts Coalition' which is responsible.

As previously reported, the Rifts Coalition flies Imperial Navy vessels and fighters while sporting a skull and crossbones emblem against a sable background. This band of vessels, while made up of Imperial Navy-grade hardware, has an inconsistency in its makeup which suggests to analysts that the faction is irregular. It resembles a disorder of battle known to desperate bands of insurgents. That would put this Rifts Coalition in the ranks of pirates or, worse still, the Rebellion.

Previous instances of activities by the Rifts Coalition had been permitted, as they targeted Rebel and pirate forces attempting to undermine law and order in the Tharin sector. Now that the Coalition has repeatedly targeted Imperial Navy units, the Empire is determined to stamp them out of the galaxy.

Another theory considers the possibility that the reinforced patrol was swallowed by a ravenous space slug also known to inhabit the territory in which the Rifts Coalition operates.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Rebellion and Thugs Skirmish for Turf in the Coruscant Underworld

Civilian population of Cloud City protests Rebel attack

CORUSCANT (IMPERIAL CENTER) - Imperial Stormtroopers and even Imperial Guardsmen move to quash illegal and subversive combatants in the capital city's underworld.

The lawlessness of the Outer Rim has struck even in the Empire's very heart, as gangs and Rebel insurgents squabble for turf in the underbelly of the Ecumenopolis. Some Rebel factions have even turned their blasters on one another.

According to eye-witnesses, the hostilities within the rebellion represent a rift between the Rebellion's alien faction, and the faction led by religious zealots.

According to an Imperial Security Bureau spokesman, the struggles within the lower orders of Coruscant represents a sign that the Rebellion is closer to final defeat.

"If the Rebellion were gaining ground in the Outer Rim, instead of being crushed by the Imperial Navy, then they would be out in the Outer Rim attempting to hold territory. Instead, they are here in our midst, struggling to capture garbage in Coruscant's gutters."

In addition to Rebel insurgents, some of Coruscant's alien denizens resisted Imperial efforts to impose order on the lower levels. These were mostly aliens recalcitrant to Imperial Center's legitimate alien restrictions, which is why they were found outside of the Alien Protection Zone, colloquially referred to as 'InviSec'.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Thwarted Rebels Strike Terror in Civilian Population Cloud City

Civilian population of Cloud City protests Rebel attack

BESPIN SYSTEM - Rebel operatives, prevented from attacking the administrative control center of Cloud City, turn their blasters on the civilian population in an attempt to sow fear and terror.

Following a Rebel attempt to infiltrate the administrative offices aboard Cloud City, a cell of Rebel insurgents attacked the civilian population.

According to the local Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) authorities, the change of tactics from infiltration and subversion to outright scare tactics and terrorism is a sign that the Rebellion is desperate.

"Militarily impotent, and unable to win the hearts and minds of civilians through their perverted cause, the Rebellion has resorted to rank intimidation and brutality," ISB special agent Blaise told the HNN correspondent aboard Cloud City.

Showing they would not be intimidated by Rebel savagery, Cloud City civilians protested against the Rebel attack, the day after it took place. Cloud City Wing Guards stood guard over the civilians, making sure their protest was not disturbed by further Rebel violence.

"Down with the ... Rebels!" one civilian demonstrator shouted after being reminded by an ISB operative of the proper phrasing of the protest.

"It's evident that the Empire inspires much loyalty here on Cloud City," Agent Blaise added to the correspondent. "It's clear the Imperial assumption over private control is greatly welcomed here."

Saturday, September 24, 2016

ISB Thwarts Rebel Infiltration Cloud City, Bespin

Former Administrator-turned traitor Lando Calrissian of Cloud City mining facility on Bespin

BESPIN SYSTEM - Rebel infiltrators were thwarted by a heroic operation conducted by the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB). The Cloud city mining facility remains securely in Imperial control.

Rebel traitors attempted to infiltrate the new Imperial tibanna gas mining facility 'Cloud City' in the Bespin system yesterday. They were led by the former administrator, Lando Calrissian.

Thanks to newly-improved surveillance equipment installed by the ISB, Calrissian and his rebel cohorts were detected and contained by ISB agents, assisted by Imperial Stormtroopers and the local constabulary.

Particularly noteworthy was the leadership of ISB agent Blaise, who managed to corral the rebel infiltrators by expertly calling upon troopers and ISB operatives to surround the Rebels, making their infiltration impossible.

While it has been confirmed that Calrissian fled Bespin, some of his rebel associates are still believed to be at large in Cloud City.

Taking control of the situation, Agent Blaise issued orders to both Imperial and Cloud City security forces to "round up the usual suspects."

Newly-acquired mining facility 'Cloud City' on Bespin in the Anoat sector

Calrissian had previously betrayed the Empire by attempting to return dangerous criminals to the spaceways of the galaxy, where they would be free to continue a scourge of rebellion and narcotics trafficking. Thanks to swift action by Lord Darth Vader and a hired private contractor, Boba Fett, Calrissian was thwarted in his attempt to free the notorious spice mule, Han Solo.

With the failed escape, Solo was sold as a wall decoration to private entrepreneur Jabba the Hutt. Proceeds from the sale are serving the widows and orphans of stormtroopers who died at the Death Star explosion near Yavin IV.

According to sources, Calrissian turned traitor over complaints that he was being 'treated unfairly' in contract negotiations with Lord Vader.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Profile in Courage: General Octavion Sorin

General Octavion Sorin leading his final battle on the planet Hoth

HOTH SYSTEM - In a brilliant and daring strike, General Octavion Sorin of the Imperial Army has crushed the final hopes of a band of Rebel stragglers, and simultaneously proven the value of his SC2-M Repulsor Tank to the Imperial ground assault arsenal.

Following the great Imperial victory over the Rebellion in the Hoth System several months ago, a small band of Rebel stragglers - who had thus far eluded capture - have finally been brought to Imperial justice. Their capture was brilliantly engineered by an Imperial profile in courage: General Octavion Sorin.

General Sorin served alongside Lord Darth Vader and General Maximilian Veers during the original battle of Hoth, when the Rebellion had been discovered on this frigid Outer Rim wasteland. Sorin was put in charge of capturing surviving Rebels.

The pathetic Rebel fugitives had been chased around several worlds along the Ison Corridor before they were forced to return to Hoth in utter desperation. It was there that General Sorin had laid a clever trap for them, and the Rebel refugees for whom they had sought to find shelter.

In the final hour of his campaign, General Sorin demonstrated the devastating power of the SC2-M Repulsor Tank, which proved to be invulnerable to the Rebels' pesky attacks as Sorin's forces cornered the Rebels in the bowels of a starship wreck. It was there - leading the charge - that General Sorin bravely sacrificed his own life so that the Rebel menace would be snuffed out rather than be allowed to threaten the lives of good Imperial subjects throughout the galaxy.

General Sorin's life was taken by a cowardly sniper shot from the Rebels. While the sniper was immediately destroyed by the repulsor tank under Sorin's immediate command, the Empire mourns the loss of one of its finest officers. Despite the tragedy of his death, General Sorin still provides a courageous example that all Imperial citizens should be proud and honored to follow.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A Day in the Mission of an Imperial Patrol on the Outer Rim

Gozanti-class corvette Vector unleashing its TIE/ln fighters in the service of the Empire

LOTHAL SYSTEM - An Imperial patrol consisting of the Gozanti-class assault carrier Vector and TIE-Fighter escorts carry out the ongoing task of bringing the light of Imperial order to the Outer Rim.

These are the voyages of the Imperial assault carrier Vector. Its week-long mission: to suppress new worlds, to curtail insurrection and threats to galactic civilization: to boldly crush the Rebellion where no other Imperials have crushed before.

HNN is embedded with the crew of the Gozanti-class corvette Vector as it patrols the Outer Rim not far from the industrial production world of Lothal, where Sienar Fleet Systems produces the latest state-of-the-art TIE fighters for the arsenal of the Imperial Navy.

Occasionally it has to maintain the proper regulations of faster-than-light space travel, such as this morning when it caught a JumpMaster 5000 reconnaissance craft engaging illegal hyperspace 'micro jumps'. The craft, seemingly piloted by a bounty hunter, refused to pull over and submit to inspection and had to be destroyed.

While enforcing interstellar traffic regulations is part of the job of the Imperial patrol, the crew of the Vector gets more excited when they can do some real good for galactic stability. Not long after having destroyed the JumpMaster 5000, the vector encountered a Modified VCX-100 light freighter, which had been reported on an All Imperial Bulletin as having been the escape vehicle for a cell of rebel operatives from Lothal.

After the light freighter was destroyed, the Vector's commissioned officer, ISB agent Kallus, said that he was very satisfied with the destruction of the vessel.

"This ship and its crew have been an annoyance ever since they stole some Wookiee slaves. These Wookiees suffered from a condition known as BadCGI. By freeing these BadCGI-ridden Wookiees, they threaten the whole galaxy with BadCGI."

"It's good that we have brought this vessel to quick justice," Agent Kallus added.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Turmoil Returns to Tharin Suolriep sectors: Renegade Faction Attacks Rescue Mission

Raider-class corvette Dominatus sporting the emblem of the 'Rifts Coalition'.

SRILUUR - An Imperial patrol consisting of a Raider-class corvette and escorts were attacked near the Boonta system by what appears to be a renegade faction using Imperial vessels.

Answering a distress call from a disabled Gozanti cruiser, the patrol formation sent from the Imperial naval garrison on Sriluur was ambushed by Imperial-style military craft emblazoned with a humanoid skull and crossbones emblem with sable background.

According to retrieved footage from the wreckage of the patrol vessel, the sable-colored vessels belong to a renegade faction titling themselves the 'Rifts Coalition'.

The devices and paint scheme match those of forces that secured the Boonta system from the Rebel insurrection two months ago. The Boonta system was the first world to be held against Rebel forces during the Tharin campaign.

The Boonta system lies in the Suolriep sector adjacent to the Tharin sector, which remains a haven for criminal syndicates. Situated at the crossroutes of the Lesser Lantillian Route and the Salin Corridor. It is predominantly inhabited by humans and Hutts from nearby Hutt Space.

The forces responsible for Boonta were led by an eccentric commander known as Chaplin Vici, who is reputed to wear a headdress made from the pelt of a small orange canine. It is now believed that these forces once responsible for Boonta's security have turned on the legitimate galactic order.

Analysis of the wreckage found near the Boonta system suggest that the two Raider-class corvettes, one from the rescue mission and one from the Rifts Coalition renegades, were destroyed. The Gozanti cruiser, nor matching wreckage were located. It is believed the surviving renegades repaired the cruiser and forced its crew to return them to Boonta at blasterpoint.

Regional authorities vow to bring the Boonta system back into the Imperial fold and to bring the renegades to Imperial justice.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Scum Lord Joltz Projects Reign of Crime; Imperial Navy Questions Advanced Starfighters

Assorted pirate starfighters under the banner of the Scum Lord, Stason Joltz

REUSS SYSTEM - while conducting extensive raids on criminal operations in the Parmic Sector, a number of elite formations of TIE/x7 "Defender" starfighters were ambushed by pirates believed to be loyal to the infamous Scum Lord of Junkfort Station, Stason Joltz.

Pirates with allegiance to the Scum Lord of Junkfort Station, Stason Joltz have expanded their piracy and mayhem outside of the distant Tharin sector. In so doing, they attacked several formations of Imperial Navy starfighters, many of which included upgraded models of TIE/x7 "Defenders". The defeat of the elite starfighter formations is said to be a vindication of factions within the Imperial Navy that argue for a stricter adherence to older Imperial Navy doctrine.

"The Imperial Navy has a doctrine of dispensable numerical superiority," one Navy insider told HNN. "Strictly inspired by the New Order laid down by the Emperor, it is the key to military success, from which the Navy must not deviate."

New advanced starfighter craft, which include the TIE/Ad x7, but also other models such as the TIE/Ad v1 and TIE/IT "Punisher", have been innovations on the tried and true TIE/ln starfighter, which provides the Navy with the bulk of its squadron complements. These are the brainchildren of Grand Admiral Demetrius Zaarin, the Empire's, whose prototypes are being tested in the Parmic sector.

Included among the elite formations were the civilian volunteers from House Benelex, whose formation resembled loosely the 'Special Operations Flights' which had been deployed by Moff Dzon Brennin in the pacification of the Arkanis sector last year. These consisted of a small elite craft working closely with a VT-49 "Decimator" patrol craft.

"The failure of these so-called 'Advanced' starfighters is a sign that we need to cease with these Zaarinist experiments. Questioning the naval doctrine of the New Order is the same as questioning the wisdom of the Emperor Palpatine," the Navy insider asserted.

The Parmic sector is an outlying region of space on the Outer Rim, infamous for its spice smugglers. Last year, Imperial forces quashed Rebel and other criminal activity in the area in an overall successful campaign to isolate the Arkanis sector. It is argued by some that the necessity to reorient the activities of the Imperial Navy towards the siege of the Calamari sector, meant allowing criminal and insurgent elements to revive in these trailing sectors of the Outer Rim.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Rebel Slicers Ousted from Holonet Receiver Station

Holonet Receiver Station in Parein system

PAREIN SYSTEM - The Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) detected a rebel slicer engaged in spying on Imperial communications at a Holonet receiver station. Her activities have been halted following swift action by the Imperial Navy.

With the Rebel insurgency attempting ever more desperate measure to slice the Holonet, the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) has taken increased measures to create Holonet security. Today, in collaboration with units of the Imperial Navy, swift action was undertaken to eject a Rebel slicer from her infiltration aboard a Holonet receiver station in the Parein system of the Aturi Cluster on the Outer Rim.

The ISB believes the Rebellion is attempting to slice into the personal records of loyal Imperial citizens, in order to expose them to blackmail and extortion. Fortunately, the ISB is capable of accessing citizens' records in order to persuade them to give the Empire the evidence needed to bring such criminal slicers to justice.

Moff Lankin of the Hook Nebula sector, which contains the Aturi cluster, is expected to sign orders allowing the necessary intrusive methods to pursue a counter-slicing campaign over the sectors holonets. His aides inform HNN that those orders shall be signed as soon as he returns from the Nulan system.

Elsewhere in the lawless Aturi cluster, Imperial units operating from aboard the Imperial Star Destroyer Retribution detected an infamous Rebel craft, Bright Hope. The Bright Hope is a GR-75 freighter that had been involved in running the blockade of the Calamari sector last year. Fortunately for galactic stability, its mission failed, but it seems to have resurfaced in the Aturi cluster. Imperial forces are looking to track down the fugitive freighter and her crew.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Rebel Piracy in Aturi Cluster Thwarted

Rebel scavenging vessel destroyed by TIE Bombers of the Scimitar Squadron

QEIMET SYSTEM - Imperial Navy starfighter elements thwarted Rebel bandits in an attempt at piracy in the Aturi Cluster. One Rebel freighter was destroyed while the Rebel pirate fighters scattered like cowards, when faced by proper military units.

Imperial TIE Fighter units encountered Rebel starfighters engaged in the act of piracy within the Aturi Cluster. The cargo freighter Trellisk had been attacked and destroyed by the Rebel units while traversing an ion storm en route to the U'dray system.

Fortunately for the crew of the Trellisk an Imperial patrol responded to its distress signal and caught sight of the freighter's wreckage just as a Rebel scavenging vessel was attempting to capture the crew's escape pod.

In a pitched battle, the TIE fighter pilots dutifully protected the forlorn crew from starfighter bandits of the X- and Y-wing types, and destroyed the capturing vessel, a Corellian YT-1300 light freighter as its docking clamps had grasped the hapless escape pod.

It is believed that if the crew aboard the escape pod would have been captured by the Rebels, the crew would surely have been sold into slavery in order to fund the Rebel Alliance's obstinate insurgency.

After the Rebellion's successive defeats in the Keldrath and Calamari sectors, and, more recently, the Tharin sector, the Rebels are in dire straits. Their piracy is suspected to be the final act of desperation for a dying movement.

The Imperial patrols operated from the flight deck of the Imperial Star Destroyer, Retribution based in the neighboring Juris sector.

The Aturi Cluster is a lawless region in the Hook Nebula sector, a place in which rebels and other pirates find refuge. The Retribution has been tasked with cleansing the Aturi cluster of the remaining Rebels, and will not rest until they have been captured or killed. Loyal tax-paying citizens of the Galactic Empire, tired of footing the bill for these malcontents, earnestly hope for the latter.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Rebel Operatives Shot Down Over Yavin Moon

Imperial AT-ST Scout Walkers, with the assistance of a probe droid, give chase to Rebel fugitives

YAVIN SYSTEM - In protecting the galactic citizenry from anarchy and insurgency, Imperial forces shot down a Rebel transport carrying operatives aimed at procuring contraband for their separatist cause.

Believed to have been driven from the Fest system, the Rebels were tracked to the fourth moon in orbit around the red gas giant Yavin in the Gordian Reach sector of the Outer Rim.

The Rebel agents' vessel, a Lantillian short hauler, was disabled with the assistance of a Mandalorian bounty hunter. Under the direction of Imperial Army officers, the bounty hunters, with support from Army AT-ST Scout Walkers have tracked the Rebel operatives through the jungles of the moon.

Having come under heavy fire by the scout walkers,most of the rebel operatives are believed to be wounded, possibly near death. With the world full of wildlife danger, and no vessels to carry them off-world, the operatives were left for dead.

While carrying out their clandestine and nihilistic activities, the Rebels also viciously killed some of the local wildlife. Several nexus, forms of large felines, were mercilessly slaughtered by the insurgents. If caught, the insurgents may be brought up on charges by the Imperial Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ISPCA).

Monday, July 4, 2016

Despite Successes, Core Citizens 'Want Out' of the Outer Rim

Sectors of the Outer Rim

CORUSCANT (IMPERIAL CENTER) - Despite the many successes of the Imperial Navy, public opinion on core worlds is starting to turn against further involvement in the Outer Rim.

"We've done enough for them," one citizens, who preferred to remain anonymous, but has since been referred to the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) for re-education, told HNN. "It's time we did some 'order-bringing' at home, especially when it comes to aliens in the Core."

Citizens who 'want out' of the Outer Rim declare that they are proud of what their stormtroopers have done in such outlandish places such as the Arkanis Sector, Calamari Sector, and more recently in the Tharin Sector. However, they say "Enough is enough! It's time those aliens learn to stand on their own two (or, however many) feet!"

Coruscant developer Donalo Fortuna, ReadJunk

An unlikely spokesalien for this point of view is the Coruscant developer Donalo Fortuna, a Twi'Lek who's grandfather immigrated from the far-flung Ryloth 130 standard rotations ago.

"Aliens love me," Fortuna said, "but we've got to stop sending our navy out there until the ISB figures out what's going on."

Fortuna referred to the insurrection movement called the 'Rebel Alliance', which has been based in several Outer Rim worlds such as Dantooine, Yavin IV, and Hoth. While some point out that many leaders among the Rebellion are former senators from Core worlds such as Chandrila, Corellia, and Alderaan, Fortuna pointed out the problem of Ugnauts - a porcine alien species from the Gentes system in the Anoat sector of the Outer Rim.

Representatives of the Ugnaut Weapons Engineering Union conspiring with fugitive former Senator Leia Organa (R-Alderaan)

"Ugnauts are taking weapons engineering jobs away from hard working Core-world humans," Fortuna said. "It's a real disgrace; a real disgrace."

After the pacification of the Hoth system and the Imperialization of Cloud City, security camera footage from the Tibanna gas mining facility on Bespin showed Ugnauts conspiring with fugitive former Senator Leia Organa (R-Alderaan).

"Thankfully, we're no longer employing Wookiees as gunners in the Imperial Navy," Fortuna said of the species from the Mid-Rim world in the Mytaranor sector, Kashyyyk.

Tharin Sector: Imperial Navy Prevents Escape Rebellion

Rebel X-Wing fighters caught between TIE Fighters and the Raider-class corvette Pernicious; Gozanti-class cruiser alleged to be the Vector in the distance with civilian volunteers standing up against the Rebellion.

SRILUUR SYSTEM - The Empire was once again victorious in the Tharin sector as a Rebel escape from the Nimat system was made impossible by swift naval action.

The Imperial plan to secure the Tammar system was defly executed when the Interdictor-class star destroyer Injunction projected a gravity well along the Triellus Trade Route through the Tammar system. As this was the only route for Rebel forces to escape the Tharin sector, the naval strategists were certain the Rebel fugitives would fall into their hand.

While the Injunction carried out its strategic role in the distance, the heroic crew of the Raider-class corvette Pernicious and TIE Fighter escorts were on the scene to apprehend the fleeing members of the Rebellion.

Reports concerning the precise details of the naval action have become classified, but the Empire's most trustworthy source of official information, the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) assured HNN that the Imperial Navy's action inspired local forces to stand with the Navy against the insurrectionist Rebels.

Civilian volunteers from the renowned House Benelex came to the aid of the Pernicious. According to a leaked image of the incident, the wayward cruiser Vector also made an appearance on the scene, and is rumored by some to have been directly responsible for the main Rebel vessel's destruction. The ISB assures HNN that this was a case of mistaken identity, and that these rumors are merely the cynical ravings of aliens and other malcontents.

The Pernicious meanwhile has been sent on assignment deeper into the Outer Rim. Friends and family of the vessel's crew have been told that these heroes of the Empire may be on their distant mission for some time, as they search for more Rebel hideouts.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Order in Tharin Sector Nearly Restored

Spheres of control in the Tharin Sector

SRILUUR SYSTEM - Despite a recent setback in the Yoribuunt system, the forces of the Imperial Navy have nearly restored order and control over the Tharin sector.

According to reports from Imperial Intelligence, Rebel elements have plagued the Nimat system, where there is believed to be a Rebel starfighter garrison.

Hoping to force the surrender of the garrison, the Imperial Navy aims to create a blockade around the system. Once surrendered the Imperial Security Bureau will re-educate the wayward rebels. After they have recognized the errors of their ways, they will be debriefed on their follies and allowed to take up a new vocation as miners in the Kessel system.

In the interim, the Imperial Security Bureau wished to give special recognition to two civilian volunteers, operating under ISB contract. These loyal citizens were previously reported to have assisted in the pacification of the Jabiim system. These citizens, Gargon and Achell Benelex, have since also driven Rebel insurgents from the Taskeed system.

Meanwhile, all naval patrols in the Tharin sector are under orders to keep a close look out for any sightings of the stolen Gozanti-class assault carrier, Vector, last sighted in the Yoribuunt system, departing in the direction of the Tammar system, expected to be en route to Junkfort station.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Gozanti Carrier Hijacked in the Yoribuunt System

Gozanti-class patrol vessel Vectoras and its escorts as it comes under assault.

YORIBUUNT SYSTEM - An Imperial patrol vessel was hijacked while lending assistance to a craft deemed to have been in distress. The hijackers are suspected of being in league with the criminal Scum Lord of Junkfort Station, Stason Joltz.

The Gozanti-class carrier Vector, conducting a routine patrol of the Yoribuunt system came under attack yesterday by a Firespray-31-class patrol craft believed to have been in distress. At unawares and without provocation, the crew of the Firespray - projecting the transponder callsign Slave-1 - turned on the crew of the Vector and hijacked the Imperial Navy vessel.

According to the pilots of the TIE-fighter escorts, who had been left for dead, had their distress signals not been heard by a rescue vessel, the Vector docked with the Slave-I entered hyperspace with a spinward vector, suggesting that the hijackers were in league with the dastardly scum lord Stason Joltz, usurper of Junkfort Station.

The attack on the Vector came not long after the Vector destroyed a number of syndicate vessels elsewhere in the system attempting to steal Imperial communications satellites. It is believed that the hijacking of the Vector occurred in retaliation for the successful curtailing of these criminal activities.

Imperial Navy spokesman Lt. Commander Justif Fication told HNN reporters that the Imperial Navy would not let such affronts go unpunished. As a signal of their resolve, Ace pilots flying for the Imperial Navy destroyed several flights of insurrectionist Rebel fighters in the nearby Sriluur and Tammar systems.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Citizens Standing Up Against Rebel and Criminal Threats in Tharin Sector

Modified Imperial craft operated under contract by loyal civilian contractors of House Benelex

JABIIM SYSTEM - Jabiim has been secured by upstanding citizens of the Empire, operating under Imperial contract. As a result of their decisive action, the Jabiim system, along the Triellus Trade Route spinward of the Tharin sector, is free of Rebel and criminal activity.

The loyal Imperial citizens involved with the securing of Jabiim are members of House Benelex, a consortium of civilian contractors offering unique and distinct services to the Imperial Navy. The citizens - using the names Gargon and Achell - flew in advanced Imperial craft under contract with the Empire. These craft are identified as being a TIE/D Defender and a VT-49 Decimator patrol craft.

Zones of control in the Tharin sector, depicting Imperial holdings in a glorious fluorescent green, and criminal and Rebel holdings in hideous hues of orange-brown and red respectively.

Imperial victories near the Tharin sector signal the use of a containment strategy attempting to limit the freedom of action of the Rebellion and criminal syndicates.

The Jabiim system is strategic as it lies in the Phelleem sector adjacent to the contested Tharin sector. Earlier, Imperial forces under the command of the eccentric Wing Commander Chaplin Vici, secured the Boonta system in the neighboring Suolriep sector.

The liberation and securing of these systems from the dual threats of criminality and insurrection assist in the containment of these threats within the Tharin sector.

"Containment of the threats are proceeding apace," Lt. Commander Justif Fication, an Imperial Navy spokesman told HNN reporters.

The Rebellion has established a presence in the Nimat system, while the fearsome Scum Lord Stason Joltz has a hold on the Junkfort system, which is central to the sector.

Fighting over the Sriluur system has been heated with control over that system hotly contested between the Empire and the Rebellion. Other systems that have witnessed combat are Vaath'kror, Taskeed, Komnor, and Dennogra systems.

With further victories, hopefully the citizens of the Galactic Empire can breathe a sigh of relief as the Imperial Navy works tirelessly to continue to bring the most effective regime of safety and security ever witnessed by the galaxy.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Stason Joltz: Scum Lord of Junkfort Station

Stason Joltz, Scum Lord of Junkfort Station

THARIN SECTOR - A traitor to the Empire has usurped control over a key system in the Tharin Sector of the Outer Rim.

Using superior Imperial training, a former servant of the empire has turned his back on the sole legitimate galactic authority, and carved out control over a system along the Triellus Trade Route.

Not expecting such betrayal, units of the Imperial Navy were taken by surprise by Commander Stason Stoltz’s (Ret.) forces.

These forces consisted of a notorious pirate named Kath Scarlett and an element of Kiraxh heavy fighters. It is feared that the pirate presence in the Junkfort system will limit legitimate trade. The Empire has put out a warning to commercial and private traffic setting course through the system to steer clear of Junkfort and its segment of the Triellus Trade Route.

It remains unknown if Stoltz is an agent of the Hutt cartels or an independent operator.

This disturbing news comes after the satisfaction of the victory gained by Commander Chaplin Vici, an eccentric Imperial Wing Commander commanding an irregular formation of Imperial fighters sporting a sable field with a skull and crossbones emblem. Commander Vici secured the Boonta System in the neighboring Suolriep sector.

Fortunately, the Jabiim system in the neighboring Phelleeem Sector also came under Imperial control. Regrettably, however, the Nimat system has fallen under the sway of the Rebellion.

With both the Junkfort and Nimat systems under the control of insurgents and criminal elements, citizens are urged to reroute traffic to the Salin corridor until the Imperial Navy can secure the Tharin Sector and flush out the undesirables infesting the region.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Charis Naboobo Victor of the Battle of Sy Myrth

Swarms of Rebel-operated Corellian Corvettes before the command tower of an Imperial-class Star Destroyer during the heat of the Battle of Sy Myrth.

SY MYRTH SYSTEM - A large battle took place in the Sy Myrth system of the Jospro sector. The Empire won a hard-fought victory against many infamous Rebel warlords, thanks to the heroics of one of its finest: Commodore Charis Naboobo.

The Battle of Sy Myrth happened in a strategic location along the Triellus Trade Route and the Salin Corridor in the Jospro sector. Holding the Sy Myrth system is considered key to stemming the tide of Rebel incursions, while the campaign for the Tharin Sector continues.

While many Imperial commanders fell to the hateful Rebellion, one Imperial hero stood above all the rest. Commodore Charis Naboobo proved to uniquely capable of holding off some of the Rebellion's abominable leaders, such as the warlord Lyraeus, who has proven to be a scourge against all that is good in the Emperor's galaxy, but in particular in the Calamari Sector, which took months to pacify.

Other Rebel leaders present were the vicious Admiral Theia, whose history of inhumane atrocities make hardened Imperial veterans recoil with revulsion, and the warlord Iskander, who wields a monstrous reign in the Western Reaches of the galaxy.

With the system being barely held in check by Commodore Naboobo - also known as the hero of the Colundra Sector - the Emperor is deemed certain to reward the Commodore with a well-deserved promotion.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Rebel Outpost Destroyed in Fest System

Captured Rebel facility in the Fest system, prior to destruction by TIE Bomber strikes.

FEST SYSTEM - The Empire struck another blow against the forces of insurrection and lawlessness today, when a Rebel holdout on the planet of Fest was captured by Imperial troopers.

The attack on the Rebel position began with bombing carried out by TIE bombers, followed up by courageous action by Cold Assault stormtroopers, commonly referred to as 'snowtroopers'.

The Rebel outpost had nearly surrendered when a team of Rebel operatives arrived. According to Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) officers embedded with the snowtrooper battalion, the team of operatives arrived just in time in order to silence their former comrades.

The ISB officers disclosed this as a common but cold-blooded tactic used by Rebels to prevent the ISB from engaging in intelligence-gathering interviews with detained Rebel soldiers caught after being defeated in battle.

All the Rebel insurgents are believed to have perished in the collapse of the station after the structure having received critical damage in the TIE bomber attacks, though some are believed to have fallen victim to local wildlife.

Battles Erupt Across Tharin Sector

The Tharin Sector

BOONTA SYSTEM - The Rebellion and criminal syndicates challenged Imperial control along the Triellus Trade Route in a number of dastardly strikes against the legitimate maintenance of law and order.

In a surprise attack in the Junkfort system, the Rebellion captured space superiority around the system's main space station. Imperial patrols were away from their defensive posts at the time, attempting to secure hyperlane nodes in the Boonta, Sriluur, and Taskeed systems.

In their efforts to combat the insurrection of anarchy and criminality, the Empire opted to focus their attention on the Boonta system. The Boonta system lies coreward of Tharin in the neighboring Suolriep sector, at the crossroutes of critical hyperlanes in the region. The local inhabitants praised the Empire for their heroic efforts on behalf of protecting them from the dual threats of the Rebellion and criminal syndicates.

Unfortunately, the Empire's focus on the Boonta system also resulted in Rebel victories in the Sriluur and Nimat systems. According to reports from the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB), no sooner had the Rebellion taken command of those systems with their fightercraft, that they fell out into disparate factions, warring between themselves. The ISB reported this as being 'typical behavior' for Rebel and syndicate factions.

Among Imperial formations some friendly fire was exchanged, but was categorized by the ISB as 'perfectly healthy rivalry' between Imperial flight commanders hoping to demonstrate their prowess and loyalty to the Emperor.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Mon Calamari Laying Mines in Space Lanes; Imperial Navy Intervenes

Mon Calamari Cruiser laying space mines along Minntooine Spur

MINNTOOINE SYSTEM - After hard-fought battles, the Imperial Navy halts Mon Calamari effort to lay more space mines in hyperlanes.

After one minor setback, a battle line of Imperial Navy vessels was able to navigate its way through a Rebel minefield in order to destroy two large mine-laying cruisers. The cruisers in question were placing mines along the Minntooine Spur in an effort to solidify the Calamari sector's isolation from galactic law and civilization.

Capital-scale Proximity Mine deployed along Minntooine Spur

The mine-laying activities come after the Rebels' perverse attempt to carve out the Calamari Sector from Imperial-controlled space, ostensibly in order to create a zone of Rebel control, where the few human inhabitants can be oppressed by alien overlords.

Space mines have been deemed illegal as inhuman objects of war. Such indiscriminate devices plague innocent civilians for centuries after the wars during which the mines were laid have been settled. The Rebellion's use of space mines is deemed unconscionable by reasonable Imperial citizens throughout the galaxy.

"That the Mon Calamari should stoop to the use of these weapons is truly disheartening," Mr. Prop Agandist, spokesman for the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR) told HNN reporters. "Some day, long after the denizens of the Dac system have come to see the light that their misguided leaders have turned them away from, those mines will still be adrift in the space lanes of the Outer Rim, a deadly hazard to civilian shipping. The blood of all those innocent future deaths will be on the hands of the current Rebel leadership."