Sunday, August 30, 2015

Benn Gleck: The Calamari Are the End of the Rebellion

Senior Outer-Rim Analyst Benn Gleck explains why the Calamari Revolt will ultimately be the downfall of the Rebellion.

HNN Senior Outer Rim Analyst Benn Gleck writes an open letter to HNN readers/watchers/listeners. He explains why the revolt of the Mon Calamari tells us what we already knew.

Dear loyal citizens of the Empire,

The revolt of the Mon Calamari tells us all we need to know about the Rebellion and the rest of the Outer Rim.

With that source of lies and spin - Alliance "Free" News - reporting that the Rebellion will support the Calamarians' quixotic quest for autonomy, we see that they will always put the needs of aliens before the needs of humans.

But that's good news too, because it means that they will ultimately fail.

Sure, these Mon Calamari are cute with their decadent arts and bulbous protrusions on their ships, but these are distractions. The Empire, being pragmatic and not wasteful of its citizens' tax credits, knows that form must follow function, and not be splurged on pretty shapes.

But that's not all.

The other benefit is that while some of the Rebellion is human, it's slavishly beholden to the alien interests that used to plague the Republic. Because they're always trying to be 'inclusive' of the aliens, at some point they also like to have those aliens make decisions. That's going to be their downfall.

Humans are the dominant species of the galaxy - always were; always will be. Whenever you have a situation, like under the diminishing days of the Republic when aliens grew too big for their britches, you will see resources moving from hard-working humans to artsy-fartsy lazy aliens. That's not sustainable, and it will ultimately fail the way that civilization has always had a hard time in the Outer Rim.

And in a situation when you're facing the might of the Imperial Navy, Army, and Stormtrooper Corps, you don't have the luxury to embrace the artsy-fartsy ways that these Calamarians just can't live without.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Emperor Palpatine Orders Calamari Insurrection Suppressed

Admiral Ren Darvox, commanding the Suppression of Calamari Campaign

IMPERIAL CENTER (CORUSCANT) - In response to the temerity of the Mon Calamari and the Quarren species to declare their treason against the Empire, Emperor Palpatine has ordered Admiral Ren Darvox of the Pakuuni sector to ensure that Imperial authority remains complete throughout those territories in and surrounding the Calamari sector.

Last week, the Mon Calamari and Quarren species of the Dac system made their treason against the Empire explicit with a so-called declaration of independence from the legitimate authority of the Empire.

According the the Imperial order, the denizens of the Dac system are commanded to submit to Imperial authority at once in order to gain the maximum allowable clemency from His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Palpatine. The Calamari and Quarren have declared independence, but are suspected to be in league with the Rebellion.

According to Grand Moff Ardus Kaine of Oversector Outer, "should collusion between these sea-dwelling species and the Rebellion prove to be true, then the Imperial judgement is expected to be capital rather than relatively indulgent."

Admiral Darvox is executive fleet admiral of the Pakuuni Sector Group and has been commissioned with authority over the sector fleets formerly comprising the Maldrood Oversector during the Clone War. Darvox will be directly answerable to Grand Moff Kaine.

Strategic analysts expect the first encounters to occur in the Pakuuni and Caluula systems. These systems represent choke nodes in the galactic hyperroute network. Holding these two systems prevents commercial traffic to and from the Calamari sector.

The Calamari insurrection comes not long after Captain-of-the-Line Charis Naboobo defeated the Rebel warlord Lyraeus in the nearby Colundra sector. Captain Naboobo was elevated in rank to Commodore and is expected to contribute to the suppression of the Calamari.

Imperial Navy Aviators Thwart Rebel Privateer Attempt at Mass Destruction Terrorism

Y-wing fighter/bomber craft with Rebel 'Gold Squadron' colors of the sort sighted accompanying WMD-loaded droid vessels

ORVAX SYSTEM - TIE Fighter and Bomber formations prevented a terrorist attack by rebel and syndicate forces today. Droid-operated vessels loaded with weapons of mass destruction were intercepted and destroyed.

Two droid-operated spacecraft loaded with proton bombs were intercepted and destroyed in the Orvax system yesterday. While notorious for working commissions for Outer Rim criminal syndicates, these droid vessels were accompanied and directed by a Y-Wing fighter-bomber flying Rebel 'Gold Squadron' colors.

Analysts suggest that this change in tactics from conventional terrorist attacks to mass destruction terrorist attacks represents a strategic shift from attempting to overthrow the legitimate government of the galaxy to one aimed at complete nihilism on the part of the Rebellion.

While the Imperial Navy continues to mop up remaining rebel and syndicate forces in the aftermath of the Arkanis suppression the criminal and rebel elements, these have clearly become more desperate. A shift from attempts to subvert the legal Imperial order towards nihilistic terrorism demonstrates that the final end of the Rebellion is at hand. Soon, even the benighted aliens of the Outer Rim will see the Rebellion for what it is and embrace the rule of the Empire as their last best hope for peace and security.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Mon Calamari Declare Treason Against Empire

A Mon Calamari, one of the traitorous species declaring separatism against the Empire

DAC SYSTEM - In a shocking upset, the Mon Calamari government in the Dac (also called Mon Cala) system declared its thankless revolt against the Empire today.

After decades of civilizing this brutish aquatic people, the Empire is betrayed by the Mon Calamari in this ingrate - and ultimately futile - gesture. The Mon Calamari is expected to be back under Imperial control and administration within two months, as the Imperial Navy reassigns fleets to retake Mon Cala.

While some cite the Mon Calamari shipyards as being capable of providing for its own self-defense, a spokesperson for the Imperial Navy justifiably scoffed: "Mon Calamari star cruisers are nothing more than decadent pleasure cruisers. They cannot stand toe to toe with the star destroyers of the Imperial Navy."

While some suspect that a declaration of alliance with the Rebellion is imminent, the Mon Calamari have not yet declared their involvement with the Rebel Alliance. Strategic analysts believe that the choice between simple separatism and embracing the terrorist Rebellion can have profound consequences for Dac and the Mon Calamari people.

"It might mean the difference between simple re-subjection and justifiable eradication," one strategic analyst, choosing to remain off the record, told HNN.

Dac, the homeworld of the ingrate Mon Calamari species

Justifiable eradication is a phrase used for the removal of a species so depraved as to not be capable of rehabilitation for civilized galactic society.

"It's something the Quarren should keep in mind, if they follow the Mon Calamari's lead in this mistake," the analyst explained, referring planet's other dominant species.

Recently, HNN senior Outer Rim Analyst Benn Gleck named Mon Cala the worst planet in the galaxy. Today, the Mon Calamari proved Gleck's assessment as prophetic.

The Mon Calamari revolt demonstrates that the development assistance selflessly handed out by the Empire is not ultimately enough to sate these thankless aliens of the Outer Rim.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Empire Drives Off Rebel Warlord in Colundra Sector

Imperial skirmish lines competing for the primary right to rout the Rebellion from the Colundra sector

QUERMIA SYSTEM - In a number of fleet engagements, different units of the Imperial Navy routed the dastardly Rebellion in the out-lying Colundra sector of the Outer Rim. Different Imperial commanders were so eager to come to grips with those who seek to undermine galactic stability, that they came to blows for the honor and the Emperor's favor.

Following what is rumored to be the Emperor's direction, Grand Moff Kaine of Oversector Outer ordered the Colundra sector purged of Rebel activity. The directive promised an instant promotion for the captain of the line (the standard rank of line commanders) to be most effective in doing so. Multiple line commanders took heed of the opportunity to drive the rebels from this small corner of the Outer Rim.

The efforts to rid the Colundra sector of rebel activity began when a line of three Gladiator-class star destroyers detected a rebel presence in an asteroid field in the Kashoon system. The Gladiator line gave pursuit, but the Rebels made the jump to hyperspace before they were destroyed. Following the incident, the commander in charge of the line commed the sighting into the Sector Group headquarters.

Analysts at the Sector Group headquarters determined from transponder records that the rebel ships belonged to none other than the infamous warlord Lyraeus. Once this was determined, the sector Moff ordered all lines to search for and destroy the warlord's forces. Following the Emperor and Grand Moff's directive, the Moff declared that any captain of the line to successfully drive Lyraeus from the Colundra sector would be given an instant promotion to commodore.

Following the Moff's challenge, the line commanders of the Colundra sector - eager to prove their value to Moff, Grand Moff, and Emperor - competed vigorously to track down and destroy the Rebel warlord. In so doing, their eagerness turned to internecine hostilities. While tragic for the crewers lost in the process of such hostilities, their losses are deemed acceptable in the vigorous pursuit of the rebel insurgency.

After the first sighting of Lyraeus' forces, another Imperial line, led by two Victory-class star destroyers, encountered his terrorist band in the Kruskan system. Regrettably, by occupying a certain strategic position, the rebels were able to hold off an Imperial attack. When a second line of Gladiator-class star destroyers encountered Lyraeus' forces in another asteroid field, however, the Gladiator line was able to chase off the rebel permanently.

HNN is following up with the Colundra Sector Group to learn the precise identity of the Imperial hero who successfully drove off Lyraeus, receiving the promotion.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that the warlord Lyraeus is considering leaving the rebellion, in return for a command within the Imperial Navy, stating that his in-depth knowledge of the Rebellion and their depredations would be a valuable asset to the Empire. Loyal subjects of the Emperor are aghast at the suggestion that such a being - doubtlessly some alien from the Outer Rim - would be embraced in such a way.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

HNN Awarded Excellence in Journalism Award

Recognition awarded to the HoloNet News Network: The Most Loyal Name in News

IMPERIAL CENTER (CORUSCANT) - The Coruscant Press Club awarded HNN with the 'Excellence in Journalism' award today, citing 'loyalty', 'determination', and its 'tireless devotion to galactic stability' as HNN's primary virtues.

The prestigious Coruscant Press Club, a body made up of officials directly appointed by the Emperor Himself, declared the HoloNet News Network as the winner of this year's Excellence in Journalism Award.

The Press Club supported its award with references to HNN's never-wavering loyalty to the Emperor. With the ignominious rise of the Rebellion and the criminal syndicates of the Outer Rim, such a virtue is considered to be second to none in these troubled times.

Other reasons included its 'determination' and 'tirelessness' in assuring that its readers were kept both informed and comforted that the Empire would always and ultimately protect galactic civilization from those - usually alien - elements that seek to undermine the progress and prosperity provided by the New Order.

HNN editor-in-chief Mikael Hasselstein was humbled by the Press Club's recognition:

"I won't say that the achievement necessary for winning this award was easy. It'd be easier if we could just make stuff up, but with HNN's dedication to the consistent search for portraying the Truth, it remains a tough - but ultimately rewarding - job."

"I'm also very humbled and honored that HNN is able to report on this important story - one that other news outlets are going to pass over. Sour grapes is an ugly thing, but it's just part of this business. It's nothing compared to the hardships suffered by the the troops, crewers, pilots, and officers out there on the Outer Rim risking their lives every day for Emperor and Empire."

"They - and the Emperor, of course - are my real inspiration for doing what I do."

Friday, August 21, 2015

Straight Outta The Empire

Training New Recruits, Empire Maintains Supremacy Over Rebellion

Heavy Battle Line of star destroyers prior to destroying the Rebel forces

PREFSBELT IV - The Imperial Navy rejoices with the graduation of a new host of Naval Academy cadets just as news arrives of a large Rebel fleet being crushed in the Kaelta system.

The citizens of the Galactic Empire had two reasons for rejoicing yesterday. The Naval Academy at Prefsbelt IV graduated another host of cadets after they proved themselves in a mock battle against experienced naval crewers. After the final-exam exercises had completed news arrived of a crushing victory over a large rebel fleet in the Kaelta system.

According to preliminary reports, the victory in the Kaelta system consisted of the destruction of an infamous assault frigate under the command of the ill-famed warlord Lyraeus.

The warlord Lyraeus, whose species has not yet been identified, is suspected of being the same as the dread pirate Lyraeus. The Dread Pirate Lyraeus, suspected of being some form of Outer Rim alien, has terrorized law-abiding human citizens of the Outer Rim with piracy and marauding. In this later incarnation, he seeks to cut out a swathe of territory over which to rule as a merciless despot, much like other leaders of the so-called Rebel Alliance.

Thankfully, the warlord Lyraeus' latest attempt at separatist depredation has been thwarted and the Empire is not strengthened with new recruits eager to deny him any foothold (or clawhold, as the case may be) in the Outer Rim or elsewhere in the galaxy.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Benn Gleck Names Mon Cala Worst Planet in the Galaxy

A decadent city on the Mon Calamari homeworld

IMPERIAL CENTER (CORUSCANT) - In commentary, HNN Outer Rim special analyst Benn Gleck names the Mon Calamari homeworld as the worst planet in the galaxy, topping a list including Nal Hutta, Kashyyyk, and Corellia.

"Avoid Mon Cala like the Loedorvian Brainrot Plague," Benn Gleck told HNN last week, referring to Dac, the Mon Calamari and Quarren homeworld in the far Outer Rim of The Slice.

Reasons given were the planet's alien dominance, its high arts, and the symbiotic relationship between the Mon Calamari and the Quarren.

"With human galactic civilization having given this world everything - and I mean everything - from speech, to technology, to civilization itself, you'd think that they would at least be grateful and not so uppity towards Imperial administrators," Gleck said.

HNN Contributor Benn Gleck

"And then they want to make everything artsy-fartsy," Gleck added, "you can't walk three steps without them presenting you with some hip new type of living fish they want you to shove into your mouth. And then they make their ships all beautified, as if they think they're better than you."

Referring to the symbiotic relationship, "what really burns me is how they live together with the Quarren. What's clear to me is how both are species that are just made for manual labor, yet they're all froo-froo with one another, while rejecting humans. How can they pretend to be all nice with one another, while rejecting human administration? Speciesism! That's what I call it."

Beyond these core reasons, Gleck had other arguments for his placing of Mon Cala as the top planet to avoid like the Loedorvian Brainrot Plague:

Benn Gleck's list of planets to avoid like the Loedor- vian Brainrot Plague:
  1. Mon Calamari
  2. Nal Hutta
  3. Kashyyyk
  4. Corellia
  5. Neimoidia
  6. Ord Mantell
  7. Rodia
  8. Duro
  9. Ryloth
  10. Hapes

"Also, this place can't even settle on a name. Is it 'Mon Cala', 'Dac', or 'Calamari'; I'd wish those aliens would just... No, I think they should call themselves whatever the Emperor wants to call them."

Benn Gleck said that Mon Cala replaced Alderaan as worst place in the galaxy following the latter's destruction. Despite Alderaan being a human world, Gleck said that the only thing he dislikes more than uppity aliens is traitors.

"Sullust, for example," Gleck told HNN referring to the home of SoroSuub Corporation, "while it's all infested with these mousy little things, at least they know their place and they make things we find useful."

Other worlds on Gleck's top 10 planets to avoid like the plague included Nal Hutta for its permissiveness of the most decadent alien pleasures, Kashyyyk because of its strong-willed denizens and carnivorous fleas, and Corellia for its near-traitorous streak of independent mindedness.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Imperial Navy Raiders Thwart Rebel Assassination on Emperor

  Escorted Rebel corvettes (top) attempt to assassinate Emperor Palpatine in His royal shuttle
  (bottom left).

RADNOR SYSTEM - Rebel forces attempt to assassinate Emperor Palpatine, the legitimate ruler of the galaxy, in an cowardly strike. Imperial Navy Raider-class corvettes thwart the assassination attempt by destroying Rebel corvettes and fighters.

En route back to Imperial Center (Coruscant), Emperor Palpatine's shuttle and honor guard of Raider-class corvettes were ambushed by a flotilla of Rebel corvettes yesterday. The new Raider-class corvettes, on their maiden tour of the Outer Rim, expertly thwarted the rebel attempt.

the Rebel flotilla deviously took the guise of a freighter convoy of Corellian CR-90 modular vessels accompanying a GR-75 Gallofree freighter. Their ruse was betrayed by the sudden appearance of a squadron of rebel A-wing fighters.

Taking quick action, one Raicer Corvette [name redacted] launched itself towards the fighters and flanking corvette, while the other came about to assault the stern of the other.

The former corvette was lost as it crew courageously gave their lives protecting the Emperor, while the Rebels' freighter engaged in a cowardly and abominable suicide mission in order to destroy the Raider protecting the Emperor.

The A-wing fighters were destroyed by a combination of proton bombs deployed from TIE/sa Bomber craft and quad laser cannons from the second Raider. Despite the nimbleness of these dastardly fightercraft, none ever endangered the life of Emperor Palpatine.

Though He remained on board his shuttle craft, which only engaged the enemy towards the very end, the crews of the Raider corvettes and the TIE Bombers claim they owe the Emperor their lives.

"It was His presence that gave us the inspiration to fight" Captain Hasselstein of the surviving corvette told HNN.

And so, in this moment of near-catastophe, the galaxy is reminded how fortunate it is to have such a dedicated and awe-inspiring leader as Emperor Palpatine, broadly considered the most capable and selfless leader the galaxy has ever known.

Empire Re-establishes Control in Dalchon Sector

Loyalist line of the Imperial Navy faces down break-away line of the Dalchon sector

DALCHON SYSTEM - In a number of fleet engagements, ambitions for a reassertion of the forces of Moff Murquan as well as sundry other pretenders have been decisively put down by the Imperial Navy.

Different factions within the Dalchon sector of the Outer Rim, all usurping independent control over Imperial property paid for by good tax-paying citizens of the Core Worlds, were brought to heel in three separate fleet battles this last weekend.

After the recent insurrection of former-Moff Murquan of the Dalchon sector, as well as this traitor's arrest, a number of factions within the Dalchon sector attempted to claim the former Moff's authority, both from the Moff's deliquent followers as well as from a reassertive Imperial Navy.

Believing the Imperial Navy to be pre-occupied with its recapturing of the neighboring Arkanis sector, the Dalchon factions mistakenly took their chance to grab power within this hinterland of the Outer Rim. Surprising these sundry factions, the Imperial Navy deftly demonstrated the power of loyalty and doctrine.

The Imperial Navy struck at the Dalchon system proper, the capital and namesake of the sector. Meanwhile the other factions squabbled for supremacy in the outlying systems of the sector.

Aside from the faction once dominated by Moff Murquan, the upstart factions eschewed the use of fighter or bomber squadrons, which analysts assert is a sign of greater loyalty among the pilots of those squadrons. This fact left the upstart factions vulnerable to bomber attack.

Imperial bomber pilots quickly took advantage of these traitors' weaknesses, destroying most ships they encountered, and crippling others.

With power reasserted in favor of Imperial Center and the Oversector authorities of Eriadu, the citizenry trusts that the outer Rim denizens of the Dalchon Sector will fall in line and pay for the rebuilding of naval forces in their sector as well as reparations for those few units lost in the engagements.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Imperial Navy Overwhelms Rebels, Criminal Syndicates

Emperor Palpatine arrives in Arkanis sector

ARKANIS SYSTEM - In preparation for the Emperor's arrival in the long-benighted Arkanis Sector, the rebellion and the Rebellion and the paramilitary forces of the criminal syndicates of that region of the galaxy have been crushed. With the destruction of these forces of chaos, criminality and anarchy, the Arkanis sector is expected to return to Imperial normalcy without delay.

'Inspired' by the Emperor's imminent arrival, Moff Dzon Brennin ordered swift action to be taken against the Rebel and criminal presence in the sector. Contrary to previous policy, Moff Brennin encouraged the use of standard units of TIE/ln fighters and TIE/sa bombers.

Moff Dzon Brennin of the Arkanis sector

According to reports, while some starfighter elements continued to use experimental and state-of-the-art equipment, standard formations carried the day in the suppression of crime and insurrection today. According to HNN analysts, this was due to Moff Brennin's evolution of strategic thinking induced by the Emperor's approach.

Moff Brennin's 'evolution' comes after weeks of conflict between regular and special operations units on the borders between the Arjanis sector and neighboring sectors along the Corellian Run trade route.

Moff Brennin is a former Imperial Intelligence officer, who favored an irregular approach towards rooting out the Rebellion and the criminal syndicates within his jurisdiction. While he once claimed that "irregular adversaries require irregular means", Moff Brennin is now reported to understand the true power of standard Imperial Navy doctrine, and the New Order's uniform approach towards civil unrest and other forms of criminality.

With the arrival of Emperor Palpatine and a fleet of Raider-class corvettes in the Trailing Sectors of the Outer Rim, a strategic shift towards larger targets is expected.

Meanwhile, some elements of the Imperial forces in the Arkanis sector still await the reinforcement of the Raider-class, despite the scheduled commencement of operations targeting larger vessels along the Corellian Run.

Conspiracy Theory Alderaan Finally Laid To Rest

  Video provides solid evidence that Alderaan shot first

IMPERIAL CENTER (CORUSCANT) - The recent release of discovered footage of the 'Alderaan incident' has demonstrated the clear defensive nature of the Empire's intent and actions during the unfortunate altercation.

Recently declassified footage of the Alderaan incident demonstrate that the outcome of that unfortunate occurrence was the result of purely defensive action on behalf the the Empire's DS-1 Orbital Battle Station and 'superlaser' platform.

With this solid evidence, any remaining conspiracy theories of the Empire's actions towards Alderaan being some sort of "atrocity" or "genocide", are clearly the product of a traitorous and/or deranged mind.

Ever since the unfortunate events leading to the destruction of the second planet in the Alderaan system, deviants, traitors and the mentally ill have alleged culpability of the Empire in the incident. Some have even gone so far as to to suggest that the events at Alderaan, and the vastly more tragic event that followed (the destruction of the DS-1), was an "inside job".

The video provides solid and incontrovertible evidence that the supposedly peaceful Alderaan fired a superlaser at the orbital station. Courageous action on the part of the command crew of the DS-1 station allowed the station to evade the attack. In order to safeguard itself and all the people aboard the station, the DS-1 was forced to retaliate against Alderaan, causing its destruction.

The DS-1 Orbital Battle Station had been in the Alderaan system in response to reports that the planet's leadership were advocating the overthrow of the galactic government. Only a station of the size of the DS-1 would be able to bring the necessary treatment and re-education to the population of Alderaan. Instead of allowing their people to be brought back into the warm embrace of Emperor Palpatine's New Order, the nepotistic leadership of Alderaan allowed the planet to be destroyed.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Loyal Citizens Eagerly Await Emperor and Raider

Raider-class corvette in hyperspace along the Corellian Run

ARKANIS SYSTEM - In order to accomplish complete pacification of the crime-ridden Arkanis sector, the Emperor Himself is expected to visit this far-flung sector of the Outer Rim. Meanwhile, the Raider-class corvette remains to be delivered to the most benighted commands within the sector.

The long-awaited delivery of the Raider-class corvette is reported to have happened in several sectors closer to the Galactic Core, while the Outer Rim - specifically, the Arkanis Sector, the most benighted sector of the Outer Rim - is left in want of this powerful new vessel. Loyal citizens, eagerly awaiting the return of law and the New Order to their corner of the galaxy, anticipate the arrival of a fleet of these vessels with 'bated breath.

This fleet will reportedly carry Emperor Palpatine as He arrives to receive a progress report from Moff Dzon Brennin on the pacification and de-criminalization of the sector. Moff Brennin is reportedly redoubling efforts to bring the sector to heel with concerted effort the day that the Emperor is scheduled to arrive.

Expectations are that if the Arkanis Sector is not brought under control by the time of the Emperor's arrival tomorrow, He will order Moff Brennin's removal as well as for the Imperial Navy to deploy capital ships to the sector in order to accomplish what smaller fighter-size craft have failed to accomplish.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Dalchon Sector Mutiny Decisively Put Down

A flight of TIE/sa Bomber craft deploy proton bombs on bow of VSD Usurper moments prior to its destruction

ISCERA SYSTEM - Swift action by the Imperial Navy has crushed the last naval forces loyal to the traitor Moff Murquan. Imperial Center is to invest a new administrator after Murquan executed and last associates rounded up.

Loyal forces detached from the Savareen Blockade mission have destroyed naval vessels subservient to the traitorous Murquan.

A bomber line of Imperial Navy vessels, deploying an un- precedented six squadrons of TIE/sa Bomber craft, destroyed a similar light skirmish line of separatist vessels loyal to Marquan.

The TIE Bombers narrowly prevented the traitors' lead ship, the Victory-class star destroyer Usurper, from making the escape to lightspeed with expertly targeted concussion missiles to the ship's bow, causing a structural failure.

With the only recently-reversed wave of crime and insurrection in the Arkanis Sector, the Dalchon sector had begun operating independently from Imperial Center. In the meantime, the Dalchon Sector's traitorous Moff has been arrested, and the Imperial Navy is hunting down that Moff's remaining followers.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Standard Order of Battle Continues to Eradicate Crime in Arkanis Sector

Standard Imperial starfighter formation

VOR DEO SYSTEM - Following a string of victories for TIE fighters and bombers of the standard naval starfighter unit formation, the Imperial Navy defeats more criminal syndicate forces in the Arkanis sector. Moff Dzon Brennin of the Arkanis' career (and life) uncertain.

TIE fighters and bombers operating from the Vindicator-class heavy cruiser Pernicious destroyed two flights of criminal syndicate craft today, continuing a campaign to wipe crime out in the Arkanis Sector. For months, the Arkanis sector has been plagued by a crime wave coupled with insurrection.

These successes come on the heels of a number of similar victories for the Imperial Navy, at a time when the ruling Moff of the Arkanis Sector had implemented a policy of irregular combat against the rebel and criminal forces. Moff Dzon Brennan, a former Imperial Intelligence officer, surmised that an irregular threat should be fought with irregular means. The 'Special Operations Units', frequently consisting of a hyperspace-capable VT-49 Decimator-class assault ships towing TIE interceptors with elite pilots, or other classified craft equipped with specialized equipment.

These differences in strategic approach recently led to hostilities between the forces charged with implementing the naval blockade of the Arkanis sector and those charged with eradicating crime and insurrection in the Arkanis sector proper.

The failure of the Special Operations Units compared to the success of the standard order-of-battle formations has put Moff Brennin in disfavor with Imperial Center. It is even rumored that the Emperor Himself is to travel to the Arkanis Sector in order to review Moff Brennin's performance. He is rumored to arrive in the Arkanis Sector later this week, complete with several flotillas of Raider-class corvettes to fundamentally change the nature of the counter-insurgency and counter-criminality campaign.

With the Emperor due to arrive, Moff Brennin has redoubled efforts to clean up the Arkanis sector before the Emperor arrives. A source unwilling to be identified claimed that the Emperor was less forgiving of failure than even Lord Darth Vader.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Navy Scores a Number of Victories for the Empire

 Imperial star destroyers keep the galaxy safe by apprehending Rebel leaders.

ARAPIA SYSTEM - In a series of naval victories, formations of Victory-class star destroyers destroy rebel hopes and work to put a swift end to separatism in the Dalchon sector. A Imperial Navy Pursuit Line destroyed a rebel flotilla seeking to transport a fugitive senator, while the separatist tendencies of the Dalchon sector's forces were swiftly stifled.

Sent on a mission to apprehend a fugitive former Senator-turned-traitor, the two star destroyers - the Vindictive and the Implacable - encountered the rebel flotilla, consisting of an assault frigate accompanied by two corvettes and escorted by several squadrons of B-wing heavy fighter-bombers. While Imperial justice was swiftly brought to one of the corvettes, the assault frigate carrying the fugitive senator was able to escape.

With both Naval Intelligence officers and a highly-placed Imperial Intelligence officer on board, the destination of the fugitive and her vessels were soon found out. The rebels were doubtlessly planning to connect with the traitors of the Dalchon sector in the Arapia system. The officers of the Imperial Navy Pursuit Line successfully planned and executed a fleet ambush, into which the rebel flotilla fell. Employing TIE bomber craft, the assault frigate and all aboard were destroyed.

The pursuit of the rebel flotilla into the Dalchon sector, heading the traitors off at the Arapia system, brought out the forces of the recently-captured Moff Murquan. Left leaderless, they sought to appeal to the Rebellion for replacement leadership.

The moment after the rebel flotilla was summarily destroyed by the ever-vigilent Imperial Navy, the formerly-Imperial forces of the Dalchon sector were sighted among a group of asteroids and a space station. According to Imperial Intelligence this station was where the Rebel ex-senator and the Dalchon leadership were to rendezvous, before their plans were disrupted.

The Dalchon forces consisted of two older types of Victory-class star destroyers and a smaller Gladiator-class star destroyer. While these were certainly a greater challenge than the sundry rebel craft, these ships, too, were destroyed by a combination of expert turbolaser fire and the heroic actions of the TIE Bomber pilots releasing their concussion missiles upon the star destroyers.

While the Outer Rim remains a dangerous part of the galaxy, with fraying loyalties, the Imperial Navy is on task to help the Emperor keep the galaxy, the New Order, and the Empire together.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Relgim Sector Task Force Apprehends Wayward Moff

The task force of Victory-class star destroyers from the Relgim Sector operating in hte Trailing Sectors

ORVAX SYSTEM - Grand Moff Ardus Kaine dispatches Relgim Sector Admiral to force cease-fire between the Arkanis sector and surrounding sectors. Dispatched task force captures a wayward Moff, who escapes during a Rebel raid.

Seeking a swift end to the conflict between two Imperial factions, Grand Moff Ardus Kaine in charge of the Outer Rim Territories, sent a task force of star destroyers to the conflict zone. Kaine commissioned Commodore Josbu Thake, a hero of the Relgim Sector, to take charge of the task force, consisting of an Attack Line of Victory-class star destroyers.

The task force's first mission was to apprehend Moff Murquan of the Dalchon sector. The naval forces of the Dalchon sector have been directly involved with crossing into the Arkanis sector at the Sirpar, Gorno, and Khubeaie systems.

The task force challenged the Moff's smaller line of star destroyers and apprehended the Moff from an escape pod after his star destroyer was destroyed.

During regrouping maneuvers, after the Moff's capture, the Rebellion launched a lightning raid on the task force, but the task force was able to hyperspace out of the Orvax System before the Rebels could be successful.

Moff Murquan is expected to inform the intelligence officers under Commodore Thake's command of the connection between himself and the Rebel raiders.

The conflict concerns a jurisdictional and strategic dispute between Moff Dzon Brennin of the Arkanis Sector, and the Admiralty in charge of the Savareen Blockade. The Arkanis Sector has experienced a brutal crime wave, with Moff Brennin charged to put it down. The Savareen Blockade, centered on the Savareen sector, was erected around the Arkanis sector to starve criminals and rebels in the Arkanis sector of resources. The Moff Murquan and the Dalchon sector forces have operated under orders of the Savareen Blockade admiralty.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Average Citizens Express No Concern with Conflict Outer Rim: Emperor Approval Ratings Higher than Ever

Average Imperial citizen stating lack of concern with conflict on Outer Rim

IMPERIAL CENTER (CORUSCANT) - On Core worlds, the citizenry is unconcerned with rising conflict and criminality on the Outer Rim. Emperor Palpatine remains has popular as ever with man on the street.

Despite rising problems of crime and insurrection on the Outer Rim, the Imperial citizenry remains unconcerned with events happening half a galaxy away from their homes. In opinion polls as well as man-in-the-street interviews, the Outer Rim is considered to be a naturally conflictual place, and the Emperor is trusted to keep the citizens who matter safe from such alien conflict.

"I mean, they're aliens out there, right? They just like to fight and break laws. As long as it's happening out there, I don't really care," one interviewee in CoCo Town (the local name for the Collective Commerce District on Coruscant) told HNN.

The loyalty of the Empire's citizens is expressed in their trust for the Emperor to "fight the aliens out there, so we don't have to do it here." As a result public anxiety is low, and the Imperial government does its job of keeping its citizens satisfied.

"I'm so glad we have a capable emperor like Palpatine," another loyal citizens told HNN. "This way I don't have to think about that stuff, and I can keep shopping."

Asked about rising tensions between different Imperial jurisdictions, such as the Arkanis and Savareen Sector, most interviewed subjects expressed confusion.

"Is that in Wild Space?" one asked adding: "Why should I care?"

Not all citizens were as loyally apathetic or ignorant. One interviewee gathering garbage from receptacles said: "It's the Muun! They're inflating our credits to support the military-industrial complex. Open your eyes!"

The interviewee was given shelter in a re-education camp run as a public service by the commission for Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR), and will no longer be such a menace to society.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Klatooinian Hunter Kills Magnificent Rancor; Imperial Citizens Outraged

Unidentified Klatooinian hunter posing in front of murdered rancor, Bob.

DATHOMIR - Imperial citizens have been outraged to learn of the brutal murder of the famous rancor 'Bob' by an unnamed Klatooinian hunter on the rancor's native world of Dathomir. The Wildlife Treasure Foundation (WTF) have demanded the Emperor enact legislation to preserve endangered predatory animals from alien hunters.

Last week, citizens of the Empire learned of the shooting of the famous rancor 'Bob', the star of several holovid documentaries sponsored by the University of Sanbra. The murderer, a hunter of the native species of Klatooine, was pictured in an image standing over the slain rancor.

According to HNN senior xenobiology analyst Mak N. Itup, Klatooinans are traditional henchmen of the Hutts, and have an advanced disregard of life, even for an alien.

"This Klatooinian hunter may be acting on behalf of a Hutt master in order to secure a trophy. Aliens, like Klatooinians and Hutts have no regard for live - human or other alien - and frequently engage in the murder of magnificent beats for sport," Itup told HNN.

In the wake of Bob's murder, the WTF has lobbied the Imperial palace with a petition signed by a million honest citizens after the WTF's call to prevent aliens from hunting and owning blaster rifles went viral on the HoloNet. The Emperor has not decided on the matter, but Palace insiders believe the Emperor shares his subjects' outrage over the cruel killing of Bob the rancor.

Hostilities Arkanis Savareen Escalate Further

Victory-class star destroyer Formidable (Savareen) firing on star destroyers of the Arkanis Sector Group

KHUBEAIE SYSTEM - Hostilities between the Imperial units of the Arkanis Sector Group and the Savareen Blockade Mission escalated today in the Khubeaie system. A Heavy Attack Line dispatched to investigate the attack on its fighter/bomber units was challenged by an attack line belonging to the Arkanis Sector Group. The Savareen Heavy Attack Line proved to be victorious.

This escalation of hostilities comes in the wake of a fighter skirmish that also happened in the Khubeaie system yesterday. Elite fighters belonging to the Arkanis Sector Group attacked a formation of fighters and bombers. The different sides are engaged in a jurisdictional and effectiveness dispute.

While the Khubeaie system lies well within the Arkanis sector, units of the Savareen Blockade mission have been operating on the borders of the Arkanis sector for months, destroying rebels and syndicate criminals along the Corellian Run, in systems such as Sirpar and Gorno.

Independent analysts believe that the hostilities are implicitly encouraged by Imperial Center to determine which strategic and tactical approach to the rebel and criminal threats will prove to be the superior one to put an end to the criminal insurrection in the Arkanis sector. Independent analysts are also disloyal to the Empire, because they are independent, and should not be taken heed of.

Meanwhile, another fighter skirmish took place in the nearby Heffrin system, a 10-hour coreward hyperspace jump from the Khubeaie system. A standard fighter-bomber formation deployed by the Vindicator-class star destroyer Pernicious one of the special-operations units of the Arkanis Sector Group. This time, however, the TIE/n and TIE/sa pilots were ready for the 'friendly' fire, and the special operations unit was destroyed.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Jurisdictional Dispute in Rimward Arkanis Sector

TIE/sa bomber craft on a bombing run against rebel targets

KHUBEAIE SYSTEM - Regular starfighter formations, operating under the jurisdiction of the Savareen blockade mission, executed another number of successful sorties against the rebellious criminal syndicates of the Arkanis sector. An elite fighter unit assigned to the Arkanis Sector Group attacked one regular starfighter-bomber formation to enforce jurisdictional exclusivity within the Arkanis sector proper.

The successful sorties included the destruction of clearly rebel formation consisting of A- and B-wing fighters. They also included the destruction of a formation of Y-wing heavy fighter-bombers sporting the colors of both the criminal syndicates and the Rebellion. This particular type of formation was reported on nearly two weeks ago, and supported overwhelming evidence that the criminal syndicates and the Rebellion essentially operate as one.

Location of the Khubeaie system in the rimward end of the Arkanis sector

With this regularization of rebel/criminal formations, naval strategists on Imperial Center argue for deploying standard order-of-battle formations, while Moff Brennin continues to hold that special-operations units, consisting of elite pilots in specialized spacecraft are indispensable for returning law and order to the Arkanis sector.

This strategic finding is, however, disputed by the Moff of the Arkanis Sector, Dzon Brennin. Brennin is a former Imperial Intelligence officer who facors an irregular approach to these irregular threats. A spokesman for Moff Brennin said the Arkanis Sector Group would begin enforcing its jurisdiction by attacking the regular units crossing into the Arkanis sector.

Yesterday, elite Arkanis Sector Group forces attacked a flight TIE/ln fighters escorting an element of TIE/sa bombers operating from the Vindicator-class heavy cruiser Pernicious. The Pernicious is assigned to the Savareen Blockade, mission carried out by a multi-sector task force headquartered on Christophsis in the Savareen sector.

The attack happened in the Khubeaie system, a system located inside the boundaries of the Arkanis sector, rather than along the border areas of the Corellian Run, where the Pernicious would have had joint jurisdiction with Arkanis sector units.

Thus far neither Grand Moff Kaine, nor the Emperor Himself, have declared a solution to the jurisdictional dispute. More casualties from friendly fire are expected to occur.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Music to Bring Heart to Any Loyal Imperial Citizen

HNN Song Review:

A new hit song has hit the Imperial Holowaves in recent days, uplifting Imperial hearts in these times of insurrection and criminality in the Outer Rim.

The new hit song and holovideo, 'Let it Flow', strikes a rare chord with loyal Imperials. Used to fanfare of strength and determination of the Emperor's favorite hit single, the Imperial March, Let it Flow gives its listeners a sense of having been betrayed, but overcoming adversity with faith in the Emperor.

The story told in the song and through the holovid reminds citizen-listeners of the dark time before Emperor Palpatine saved the galaxy from chaos and anarchy of separatism as well as the insurrection of the attempted coup d'état by the now-defunct Jedi Order.

According the the official review by the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR), the work is dramatized and has a certain fantasy element. Understanding the purpose of the drama and fictionalized elements are for the purpose of exalting the Emperor, COMPNOR has rated the work 'non-treasonous' and 'suitable for youth'.

Spoilers and review after the jump

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Imperial Navy Routs Rebellion in Koobi System

  The Imperial Attack Line bringing justice and retribution back to the Koobi system.

KOOBI SYSTEM - After an attempt to gain control of the Koobi system, the Rebellion has been decidedly routed from that location by swift and decisive action by the Imperial Navy. The traitor Mon Mothma narrowly escaped arrest by Imperial authorities. Meanwhile, mine-sweeping operations are underway in order to return Koobi to civilization after a week's worth of rebel incursion.

In a series of naval skirmishes yesterday, the terrorist Rebellion has been successfully driven from the Koobi system. Many of the Rebellion's hopes for making a gruesome example of loyal citizens of the Empire were averted through swift and expert action by the Imperial Navy. The Empire's presence in superior numbers and greater moral authority were the reason for the Rebellion's decided defeat.

Rebel traitor, former Senator Mon Mothma of Chandrila

Furthermore, the Empire nearly captured a political traitor who has threw in her lot with the misguided rebel cause. The wanted criminal, Mon Mothma of Chandrila, is a former Republic senator.

The product of family nepotism, her political fortunes were reversed by the enlightened rule of Emperor Palpatine. Her own loss of personal status and influence induced her to betray the common people of the galaxy in favor of an alien-supported grab for power. Had she been captured, it might have meant the death-knell of the Rebellion. In the meanwhile, Senator Mothma remains a wanted fugitive, who will not know rest while the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) draws breath.

Elsewhere in the system, another public enemy of the good citizens of galaxy barely escaped justice. The vile warlord Lyraeus, escaped an ambush prepared for him by the Navy, but was soon also caught out employing his reprehensible tactic of deploying space mines in civilian territory, endangering the lives of human men, women, and children with these indiscriminate weapons of mass destruction. With his activities discovered and thwarted, and with himself driven off, the Imperial Navy has commenced minesweeping operations to make the spacelanes of the Koobi system once again safe for civilian traffic.

In another naval engagement, ships from the rebel fleet reported to be carrying the fugitive senator were utterly destroyed by Recon Line consisting of two Gladiator-class star destroyers. However, forensic analysts have not found the senator's remains among the wreckage. It is believed she escaped in an escape pod, in a typical cowardly fashion. Tragically, the Recon Line responsible for this valiant destruction of rebel assets mistakenly fired upon other Imperial units. The target of this 'friendly fire' was an Attack Line, which overwhelmed the Recon Line in its own self-defense.

Separately, the Warlord Lyraeus attempted petty revenge for his losses by attacking a Patrol Line of star destroyers on the edge of system. The widows, widowers, and orphans left by the courageous crews of the lost ships will mourn their lost loved ones, and curse the cause of wanton chaos, anarchy, and alien supremacy that the Rebellion stands for.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Rebel Use of Space Mines Reprehensible Transgression of Galactic Norms and Values

Rebel space mine deployed near Nelvaan Station in the Koobi system of the Outer Rim

The galaxy responded with shock at the wanton use of space mines by the Rebellion in the Koobi system yesterday.

Space mines are considered a condemnable weapon among civilized strategic analysts, the sort that only the inhuman likes of the Rebel Alliance would stoop to deploy. Being a weapon from less civilized times, thousands of spacecraft go missing or are found destroyed due to the space mines deployed in wars long over.

In the waning days of the Old Republic, the advanced worlds of the Core attempted to enact a comprehensive space mine ban, but were thwarted by the alien worlds of the Rim, and the war-profiteering interests in the Senate. Since the enlightened rule of Emperor Palpatine, space mines have been comprehensively banned for use, aside cases of clear overriding Imperial interest for the maintenance of galactic peace and stability.

COMPNOR spokesman Agandist.

"Only a beast like Lyraeus would endanger civilian life in this fashion," a spokesman for the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR) told HNN.

Mr. Prop Agandist, speaking on behalf of COMPNOR, told a press conference this morning that rebels and members of crime syndicates deploying space mines will be brought to justice and charged with crimes against humanity.

When asked by a reporter for a less loyal news outlet than HNN about the use of space mines by the Imperial Navy, Mr. Agandist justifiably scoffed:

"The Empire serves humanity, and therefore the Imperial Navy's use of space mines is not a crime against humanity is it? You silly alien."

The journalist in question is reported to have found a new vocation in the spice mines of Kessel, as journalism was clearly not his true calling.

Imperial Navy Thwarts Rebel Attempt to Mine Space Station in Koobi System

Star destroyer Formidable destroying rebel mine-laying frigate near Nelvaan Station.

KOOBI SYSTEM - A Recon Line of Gladiator-class star destroyers discovered a rebel attempt to place mines as a space station captured by the Rebellion last week. Despite acceptable losses, the Recon Line reported the finding and the Navy scrambled an Attack Line of star destroyers to thwart the heinous rebel effort to endanger civilian life in the Koobi system.

In the week following the attack on Nelvaan Station, the Imperial Navy responded cautiously in order to safeguard innocent lives that the Rebellion had put in danger during their attack on the civilian station. However, yesterday, the Imperial Navy's reconnaissance mission to the Koobi system discovered the Rebel use of space mines - a contemptible weapon of indiscriminate terror - around the civilian station. The heroic scouting vessels, despite suffering from the rebels' opening salvo, were able to raise the alarm with the fleet, which dispatched sufficient firepower to root out the mine-laying rebels.

As with the attack on the civilian station last week, the Rebellion's efforts at laying mines is inferred to be the work of the infamous rebel warlord Lyraeus.

Lyraeus' efforts to mine Nelvaan Station were partially due to the compliance of a captured member of Lyraeus' tactical staff, which gave Imperial commanders insight into the thinking of this infamous rebel warlord. The rebel prisoner has reputedly been re-educated to learn the flaws of his former way of thinking, and is now assisting the Imperial Navy in the destruction of his former leader.