Sunday, March 27, 2016

Mon Calamari Laying Mines in Space Lanes; Imperial Navy Intervenes

Mon Calamari Cruiser laying space mines along Minntooine Spur

MINNTOOINE SYSTEM - After hard-fought battles, the Imperial Navy halts Mon Calamari effort to lay more space mines in hyperlanes.

After one minor setback, a battle line of Imperial Navy vessels was able to navigate its way through a Rebel minefield in order to destroy two large mine-laying cruisers. The cruisers in question were placing mines along the Minntooine Spur in an effort to solidify the Calamari sector's isolation from galactic law and civilization.

Capital-scale Proximity Mine deployed along Minntooine Spur

The mine-laying activities come after the Rebels' perverse attempt to carve out the Calamari Sector from Imperial-controlled space, ostensibly in order to create a zone of Rebel control, where the few human inhabitants can be oppressed by alien overlords.

Space mines have been deemed illegal as inhuman objects of war. Such indiscriminate devices plague innocent civilians for centuries after the wars during which the mines were laid have been settled. The Rebellion's use of space mines is deemed unconscionable by reasonable Imperial citizens throughout the galaxy.

"That the Mon Calamari should stoop to the use of these weapons is truly disheartening," Mr. Prop Agandist, spokesman for the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR) told HNN reporters. "Some day, long after the denizens of the Dac system have come to see the light that their misguided leaders have turned them away from, those mines will still be adrift in the space lanes of the Outer Rim, a deadly hazard to civilian shipping. The blood of all those innocent future deaths will be on the hands of the current Rebel leadership."

Monday, March 21, 2016

Rumors of Grand Theft Starfighter Patently False

TIE fighter, a TIE Advanced Prototype, and a TIE Defender engages in war games.

PAKUUNI SYSTEM - The Imperial NAvy once again effortlessly prevented would-be thieves from stealing state-of-the-art space superiority fighters from the Pakuuni Sector Group special fighter garrison on Pakuuni proper.

With the space superiority fightercraft of the Empire clearly outclassing the aged and obsolete fightercraft flown by the Rebellion, demand for such vessels the black market are driving a high price for any that might possibly be stolen. Thankfully, the Empire has them under such high security that any attempting such heinous larceny are caught and incarcerated long before they even have the chance to lay eyes on such specialized hardware.

No larceny has taken place, and any imagery of active-fire combat between line starfighters and the specialized space superiority fighters that has been captured depicts training exercises between loyal Imperial starfighter pilots.

COMPNOR spokesman Agandist

Nevertheless, seditious rumors abound that attempts to to take control of such specialized craft have succeeded and that villainous cartels have come in the possession of such TIE craft. These rumors are, however, patently false and any spreading such falsehoods make themselves liable for prosecution.

"No state-of-the-art vessels were stolen from the Pakuuni Garrison," Mr. Prop Agandist of the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR) told HNN reporters.

When disloyal reporters pressed Mr. Agandist further on the matter, he replied with "all lies," as the disloyal reporters were taken into custody by the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB).

meanwhile, occasional skirmishes against the treasonous Rebellion continue to take place, with rebel starfighter groups summarily being defeated even by TIE/sa Bomber craft, whose primary mission profile is against capital vessels, rather than starfighters.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Empire in Control of Junkfort Station

Imperial stormtroopers in full control of Junkfort Station

JUNKFORT STATION - In a valiant effort, Imperial forces have taken control of Junkfort Station on the Outer Rim along the Triellus Trade Route. The station is no longer a wretched hive of scum am villainy.

Junkfort Station, formerly a civilian station that had fallen under the control of pirates and smugglers, was liberated by Imperial forces yesterday. The denizens of that station, as well as the world it orbits, can now rest assured that the Empire shall be securing their spacelanes and keeping them safe from illicit contraband and rebel elements.

The Rebellion was proven complicit with the criminal syndicates in control of the station, as one rebel cell attempted to wrest control away from Imperial forces after several squads of stormtrooper engaged in combat drills. While these rebels murdered a number of Imperial stormtroopers, the traitors to the Empire were eventually overwhelmed.

Junkfort Station has become a strategic location on the outer spinward reach of the Slice, where Rebel forces are blockaded in the Calamari sector. The Imperial Navy is conducting regular patrols along the Triellus Trade Route, preventing Rebel vessels from leaving the Calamari sector by way of newly-charted hyperroutes between the Calamari Sector and the Triellus Trade Route.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Outer Rim to be Secured by Patrol Flotillas

Spinward sectors of the Outer Rim within the Slice.

PANTOLOMIN - The Imperial Navy has announced the deployment of a large number of Gozanti-class carriers scheduled for later in the year. Observers assert this to be the "middle of the end" for the Rebellion.

The Admiralty of the Imperial Navy announced today that it had placed a large order with the Corellian Engineering Corportation (CEC) for a vast number of Gozanti-class carriers. The admiralty made the announcement during luxury conference with Imperial Moffs from around the Galaxy being held aboard the Coral Vanda, a submarine entertainment resort on Pantolomin known for its games of chance.

The purpose for the order is to deploy many more of these carriers to the Outer Rim of the galaxy. The Gozanti-class carriers enable the Imperial Navy to mount patrols further afield from its planetary garrisons, creating greater security in the previously more lawless sectors in the galaxy, prone to Alien governance and Rebel sympathizers.

According to Naval strategist the carriers can serve singly by ferrying flights of TIE fighters to areas suspected of Rebel activity, or to operate in flotilla formations, with two Gozanti-class carriers acting in tandem with one another in support of other naval units.

Some front-line officers, including a few with the rank of admiral, expressed disappointment with the announcement, declaring they had anticipated heaver vessels to use in suppression of the Rebellion. Some such Admirals have even declared their intent to retire from the service.

Despite the declared retirements, some loyal observers of the effort to suppress the traitorous Rebellion hold this to be the "middle of the end" for the Rebellion. With such patrol flotillas, there is no further place that the Rebellion can hide from the enforcement of the New Order.

Reports of plausible increased Rebel activity and potential sightings of openly Rebel-flagged medium transport was dismissed by the spokespeople of the Imperial Security Bureau. Such vessels pose no danger to the Imperial Navy, they declared.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Triellus Patrol Destroys Vessel Suspected of Carrying Fugitive Former Senator

The Imperial-class star destroyer Bombastic

DENNOGRA SYSTEM - A naval patrol line operating along the Triellus Trade Route encountered and destroyed a group of Rebel vessels suspected of carrying the fugitive former senator, Mon Mothma of Chandrila.

The Rebel convoy was surprised by the Imperial patrol line consisting of the Imperial-class star destroyer Bombastic flanked by two Gladiator-class star destroyers and accompanied by a wing of TIE Bombers. Operating smaller vessels, including Corellian corvettes and Calamari frigates, the Rebels were outclassed by the larger vessels and TIE squadrons.

Rebel traitor, former Senator Mon Mothma of Chandrila

The corvette suspected of carrying the self-styled leader of the Rebellion was caught attempting to dock with a space station in the Dennogra system. According to reports, she was attempting to desert her seditious followers besieged in the Calamari sector.

Space-borne stormtroopers are examining the wreckage of the destroyed Rebel vessels, confident they shall retrieve the remains of the scofflaw former senator.

Senator Mon Mothma spent her last days in the Imperial Senate attempting to undermine the efforts of Emperor Palpatine to create a galaxy safe for humanity. When she could not convince the loyal citizenry of the Empire of her traitorous cause, she betrayed that same citizenry and formed the Rebellion together with the nepotistic Senate delegation from Alderaan.

Adm. Kendal Ozzel

The Imperial commander, Commodore Kendal Ozzel, engineered an expert ambush into which the Rebels were unable to avoid falling.

Commodore Ozzel - a rising star in the Imperial Navy - is renowned for being as agile as he is clever. His signature maneuver is to leap his vessels into the fray of naval combat, taking his enemies by surprise as he unleashes offensive firepower onto their hapless starships.

This was the fate of the senator's corvette as it attempted to flee the scene, leaving her followers to face the turbolasers of the Imperial star destroyer without even her faithless leadership.

Imperian Navy to Double Patrols Along Triellus Trade Route in Spinward Slice

Spinward sectors of the Outer Rim within the Slice.

LANTILLIES SYSTEM - The 12th Sector Command will be doubling patrols along the Triellus Trade Route within the spinward sectors of the Slice.

Responding to Rebel attempts to escape the blockaded Calamari sector, 12th Sector Command, known as the 'Cerulean Spear' during the Clone War, has increased patrols along the Triellus Trade Route. These have the mission to thwart Rebels escaping the Calamari blockade by charting new routes through the uncharted backwaters of the Outer Rim.

Last week, a deep space patrol encountered a rebel corvette with escorts attempting to reach civilized space, with its hyperlane infrastructure.

The Rebellion is suspected of charting new routes to connect systems, such as Baros and Dornea to the larger interstellar hyperlane network.

The Triellus route runs the circumference around the Outer Rim, connecting the most spinward sectors of the New Territories with the most trailing systems of the Western Reaches. Imperial Navy lines will patrol between Sy Myrth at the intersection with the Salin Corridor and Junkfort Station near Hutt Space.

The capacity of 12th Sector Command to coordinate naval units across sector boundaries highlights the vision of the late Grand Moff Tarkin. Creating a system of Priority- and Oversectors, to command sector-level assets, the Empire has greater capacity to destroy the Rebellion and combat piracy and illicit trafficking. The structure allows enemies of the Empire and its people to be crushed, while still allowing smaller sectors to be governed by Moffs as personal agents of the Emperor.

While some Imperial subjects still find the structure of Imperial governance complicated, sources close to the Emperor say that all is proceeding as He has foreseen.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Deep Space Patrol Destroys Armed Rebel Transport

TIE interceptors flying by discovered Corellian corvette debris. Image source

TOONG'L SYSTEM - A deep space patrol encountered and destroyed an armed Correllian transport affiliated with the Rebellion beleaguered in the Calamari sector.

Responding to an alert from a deep space patrol operating in the Toon'l system of the Jubilar sector, Imperial Navy forces have discovered the remnants of a pitched battle in space. The combatants included the vessels of the deep space patrol and Rebel elements seeking to escape the Calamari blockade. The patrol destroyed a Corellian CR90 corvette and several escort fighters. All the vessels of the patrol were, regrettably, also destroyed.

While the loss of the vessels of the patrol is a sacrifice for the families of the crews, pilots and officers who went down with their vessel, the Imperial Navy considers the battle a success. With the Rebellion being vastly outnumbered - due to the Empire having vast numbers of loyal volunteers in their ranks, while the Rebellion numbers a handful of malcontents - such even-numbered casualty figures are a clear sign the Empire remains ascendant. Furthermore, the battle is evidence that a Rebel attempt to break through the blockade through a 'back door' was discovered, and measures will be taken to block the leak.

According to the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB), the attempted escape from the Calamari sector may also be evidence that the Rebellion is in turmoil and small groups are deserting the Rebellion and opting to slip away into obscurity in the Outer Rim. These individuals would seem to prefer the life of a fugitive to the fate of certain death that awaited them were they to remain with the Rebellion.

Deep space patrols have been dispatched to numerous systems in the Jubilar and Shadola sectors. These sectors lie between the Calamari sector and the hyperlanes of The Slice, where the Rebellion could attempt to escape from the blockaded sector. Meanwhile drills continue to take place in regional locations such as the Lantillian system, in order to prepare Imperial pilots to do their just duty in defense of the Empire.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Imperial Navy Deploys Deep Space Patrols to Jubilar and Shadola Sectors

Deep Space Patrol formation embarking for mission on Outer Rim

MALDRA SYSTEM - The Imperial Navy is deploying enhanced deep space patrols into the Jubilar and Shadola sectors, aiming to locate Rebel elements attempting to escape the Calamari Sector using uncharted hyperroutes.

Sectors trailing of the blockaded Rebel Calamari sector

In its continuing mission to safeguard galactic civilization, the Imperial Navy is engaged in an effort to contain the beleaguered Rebellion in Outer Rim. To this end, the Navy is deploying long-range patrols into the depths of the Outer Rim where Rebel forces may attempt to seek free movement through relatively uncharted space.

The Calamari sector is blockaded by a significant naval presence in the Minntooine and Ruisto systems, interdicting the two hyperlanes into the sector. According to Imperial Intelligence, Rebel forces are likely to attempt to discover uncharted routes through the trailing end of the Calamari and Dominus sectors in order to escape the blockade.

The deep space patrols are making use of a new naval formation consisting of three small hyperspace-capable vessels and a small number of fighter craft. Led from aboard a VT-49 Decimator designated as a 'patrol leader', the patrols consist of the VT-49 as well as a Raider-class corvette and a Gozanti-class assault carrier. The Gozanti-class carries a flight of TIE fighters, while the patrol is further escorted by an element of hyperspace-capable TIE Advanced fighters.

The Deep Space Patrol formation represents a departure from the regular naval doctrine of safeguarding civilized systems from rebel attack. The formation requires deep space operations of hyperspace capable vessels in order to project Imperial power into the depths of the Outer Rim, where otherwise no civilized species would choose to inhabit or travel through.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Rebel Ambush in Outer Rim Thwarted

An attack line of Gladiator-class Star Destroyers

SKEEBO SYSTEM - Enforcing the continued blockade of the Calamari sector, an attack line of Gladiator-class star destroyers encountered and destroyed several rebel vessels in the Skeebo system.

While patrolling systems trailing of the Calamari sector, an attack line of three Gladiator-class star destroyers supported by Raider-class corvettes was ambushed a by a line of rebel vessels. The rebel craft were summarily destroyed with only two survivors making the escape to hyperspace.

One of the escaping rebel corvettes is judged to not have been hyperspace worthy and is suspected of having been destroyed moments after the hyperdrive was engaged.

The skirmish comes not long after the Imperial Navy successfully blockaded the Mon Calamari sector, where the Rebellion has been isolated on their traitorous worlds. The fleet ambush, believed to have been intended for cargo vessels, is a sign that the Rebellion has turned to desperate piracy for resources. The Rebellion's mistake was to ambush an Imperial attack line, which they had no hope of defeating.

COMPNOR spokesman Agandist

Mr. Prop Agandist, spokesman for the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR) spoke to HNN reporters:

"Now that they have been essentially defeated, the Rebellion is forced to engage in deplorable measures to maintain itself. According to the Imperial Security Bureau, they are not even primarily attacking vessels for resources, but simply to strike terror in shipping companies plying their trade on the edge of the Outer Rim."

"This is about intimidating innocent civilians and forcing local planets to seek trade with the Calamari Sector, rather than depend on shipments from the Core Worlds."