Monday, November 30, 2015

Empire Works to Secure Clariv System; Eliminates Smugglers in Saheelindeel System

Flight of TIE/ln fighters in pursuit of suspected Rebel smuggling craft.

CLARIV SYSTEM - In multiple actions, the Imperial Navy engages Rebel smugglers along trade routes in the Tion Cluster. Moff Dzon Brennin's strategy operating alongside standard operating procedures.

Swiftly responding to yesterday's reports of anarchic skirmishes in the Clariv system, Special Operations Units engaged Rebel smugglers attempting to move contraband towards the Calamari sector. The Imperial Navy's swift and forceful response, forced the smugglers to retreat by hyperspace in the spinward direction from where they had come.

Meanwhile, in the Saheelindeel system, a formation of TIE fighters encountered other smugglers while on routine patrol. The smuggling freighters were quickly destroyed by massed fire.

In all instances, the smuggling craft were of Corellian manufacture - light freighters in the YT-series of Corellian Engineering Corporation design. Some were accompanied by Rebel X-wing fighters, while others had a light transport craft as an escort.

Forensic experts are searching the debris to determine the sorts of contraband the Rebellion is seeing to smuggle through Imperial lines into the Calamari sector. Determination of the types of goods smugglers are attempting to bring to the Calamari sector will help the Empire gain a firmer hold on the needs of the Calamari sector and its Rebel denizens. Doing so, and further clamping down on those goods, will bring a sooner end to the siege of the Calamari sector and a return to Imperial peace and stability.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Empire Drills While Rebel Scum Fracture

TIE Phantom pilot - callsign "Echo" - soon to be unleashed in the Keldrath sector

PAKUUNI SYSTEM - The Empire prepares to unleash an irregular form of warfare on the rebels and syndicates operating behind Imperial lines in the Tion Cluster, while different rebel and syndicate factions contest the Clariv system

With Moff Dzon Brennin in charge of the Maldrood oversector - including the sectors spinward of the Calamari sector - the pacification strategy has shifted towards an approach of stealth and concealment. Pursuant to his success in the Arkanis sector, Moff Brennin is bringing 'Special Operations Units' to the systems of the Tion Cluster.

One pilot of the TIE Phantom starfighter was cleared to speak with HNN about the drills and upcoming missions. Operating under the callsign "Echo", this pilot is enthusiastic to assist Moff Brennin in bringing this part of the Outer Rim to heel.

"Echo" served under Moff Brennin during the Arkanis campaign, and was brought to the Pakuuni system as part of 'Special Operations Units', recently declassified as consisting of VT-49 Decimator assault ships and TIE/ph Phantom stealth fighters.

"In the Arkanis sector, our SOUs were devastating against the Rebels and Hutt syndicates," 'Echo' told HNN. "These formations allowed us to destabilize Rebel- and syndicate-held systems, as both platforms of the units were hyperdrive enabled. Integrated with Imperial Intelligence officers both on the VTs and Phantoms, we would receive intelligence information and immediately respond to reports; quickly dealing with criminal and rebel threats."

"The same strategy will be deployed here in the Tion Cluster. The rebels and criminals would be wise to vacate the region before we find them and hunt them down."

Seemingly clueless to their approaching demise, Rebels and criminals engaged in skirmishes in the Clariv system of the Tion Hegemony sector. The Clariv system was left to its own devices in recent operations along the Pakuuni Drift and the Tion Trade Route. But 'Echo' assured HNN that the "scum" of Clariv would soon be facing a determined effort to eradicate them from the Cluster, and that their days are numbered.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that the drills that had the Special Operations Units training in combat missions were visited by none other than Lord Darth Vader, who recently assisted in the retirement of Admiral Ren Darvox.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Moff Brennin to Lead Calamari Suppression

Moff Dzon Brennin, formerly of the Arkanis Sector, in charge of imposing order on Calamari and neighboring sectors

PAKUUNI SYSTEM - Emperor Palpatine has replaced Admiral Ren Darvox as the theater commander in charge of bringing the Calamari sector to heel. Moff Dzon Brennin, of Arkanis fame, has been placed in charge and will develop a different strategy to securing the sectors spinward of the Calamari sector and the Calamari sector proper.

After the deplorable carpet bombing of Mullan Prime and near-loss of Roodkasteel station in the Brigia system, The Emperor sent Lord Vader to assess the debacle in the Keldrath sector. Having found that Admiral Darvox failed the Empire for the second time, Darvox was reassigned to the morgue.

Moff Brennin rose to prominence several months ago when under his adaptive leadership, the Arkanis sector - a wretched hive of scum and villainy - was returned to Imperial control. Brennin, a former Imperial Intelligence officer, made use of so-called 'Special Operations Units' to seek and destroy Rebel and syndicate starfighter formations operating in the sector.

During the campaign to pacify and rehabilitate the Arkanis sector, Moff Brennin came into conflict with a neighboring naval command aimed at an embargo of the Arkanis sector. The Savareen blockade involved the use of standard naval formations of starfighters and capital ships. Moff Brennin, demonstrating adaptability, quickly bowed to pressure from the Emperor to adjust his strategy to accommodate both the internal and external requirements of bringing the Arkanis sector back into the fold of Galactic civilization.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Imperial Military Gives Thanks to Emperor Palpatine

Emperor Palpatine providing members of the Imperial military branches with sustenance to strengthen them in the war effort against the Rebellion.

CORUSCANT (IMPERIAL CENTER) - In this time of war and rebellion, the officers, crewers, and troopers of the Imperial Navy, Army, and Stormtrooper Corps still find time to give thanks for the bounty of enlightened leadership provided by Emperor Palpatine.

Providing even more reason for the Empire's military men to be thankful, the Emperor, with the assistance of disabled Clone War veteran Lord Darth Vader, served the troops a wholesome Thanksgiving dinner including the Dark meat of overweight avians.

The feast is even greater evidence of the magnanimity and graciousness of the tireless ruler of the galaxy. With the great burden of Imperial administration resting on His shoulders, the Emperor still makes time to look to the needs of His troopers and provide for their well-being.

The Emperor further took time to rescind the grace of an Imperial Governor who had pardoned a Thanksgiving avian, and sent said avain's carcass to the front lines in the Keldrath sector, where the troops hold the line against the beleaguered Rebellion in the Calamari sector.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Analysis: Galactic Shock at Rebel Bombing of Mullan Turns to Anger and Resolve - Benn Gleck

HNN Contributor Benn Gleck

HNN Senior Outer Rim Analyst Benn Gleck writes an open letter to HNN readers/watchers/listeners. He explains how we should feel and express our horror with the Rebel attack that took place recently.

Dear loyal friends,

Yesterday was a day that will live in atrocity. The Rebellion attacked fine Imperial citizens on the world of Mullan, and bounty hunters held a space station hostage.

No one shed more tears than I did. I just love my Empire so much, and the thought that someone would want to hurt us with carpet bombing just tears at my heart.

When the Imperial Navy engages in bombing, they do it for a justifiable purpose and the civilians who are the victims of bombing have it coming in the way our civilians do not. They are either collateral damage or in some measure support those that need to be bombed. Supporting those who need to be bombed is the same as being those who need to be bombed.

But when the Rebels struck Mullan, they did the unthinkable. In striking the Keldrath sector capital, they attacked those people who bring administration to these parts of the Outer Rim that are in great need of being civilized. They attacked people who have lived to help others: help them pay their taxes to the Empire; help them have their children impressed into the Imperial Army and Navy; help them inform the ISB about the suspicious activities of their neighbors; and help them know how best to serve the Emperor.

But, like you, I have shed my tears and beaten my chest. I am now resolved to support the Imperial Navy 1000% in what they need to do to bring this Rebel scourge to an end. To show my support for our pilots and stormtroopers, I will put this sticker on my landspeeder:

Monday, November 23, 2015

BREAKING NEWS: Rebellion Bombs Civilians in Mullan System

Rebel K-Wing bomber sighted in low orbit of Mullan system prior to releasing ordnance.

MULLAN SYSTEM - Choosing a civilian rather than a military-strategic target, the Rebellion laid waste to civilian areas on Mullan Prime. Empire pays bounty hunters for assistance in eradicating Rebels.

Rebel elements attacked numerous star systems in the Keldrath sector today, with fierce fighting over the Mullan, Brigia, Stalimur, Eredenn, Orion and Clariv systems. The Imperial Admiralty of the Keldrath Sector Group believed Roodkasteel station in the Brigia system to be the intended target of the Rebel attackers. With Rebel assault on Brigia thwarted, the Rebellion, instead, chose a civilian target: the capital system of the sector: Mullan.

The civilian death toll on Mullan is still being determined, but deaths are believed to be in the hundreds, with thousands more wounded and currently unaccounted for. The merciless bombing of the system by Rebel bomber craft is being categorized as a crime against humanity. The attacks are seen as being in line with Rebel war doctrine, known for targeting densely-populated Imperial installations.

The Keldrath Sector Group had initially contracted with private contractors to secure orbits over Mullan Prime, while Imperial Navy units interdicted smugglers in the Brigia system. Concerned over payment subsequent to decisive action against a vanguard Rebel attack on the Mullan system, the private contractors withdrew from Mullan Prime to Roodkasteel station. After a compensation dispute, the private contractors averted a Rebel strike on the station in the Brigia system. After a close encounter with an Imperial Special Operations Unit (a semi-covert Imperial Navy formation involving a VT-49 patrol craft and a classified class of starfighter), the private contractors opted for a generous payment from Imperial taxpayers.

Targeted systems of the Keldrath sector

Elsewhere in the sector, Imperial units fought off Rebel distractions from the Rebellion's true murderous cause at Mullan. Fighting was balanced in the Stalimur system, but the Empire withdrew from the Eredenn system in order to devote resources for the defense of more strategically valuable systems. Imperial units did remove a Rebel presence from the Orion system. The Clariv system is considered to have been invaded by either Rebels or criminal syndicates.

As rescue operations remove the dead and wounded from the wreckage left by inhumane Rebel attacks on Mullan Prime, the Keldrath Sector Group of the Imperial Navy shall reassess its approach to destroying Rebel snubfighters and small freighters operated by private contractors.

In these times of fear and terror, the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR) is reminding citizens that it is better that the Rebellion is fought in the Outer Rim, than in the Core Worlds, and that such fighting and insurrection against the legitimate government of the galaxy is itself a crime against humanity, and that such barbarism will not stand.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Rebellion and Wanton Piracy on the Overic Griplink

The Victory-class star destroyer Redoubtable evacuates women and children from the transfer station in the Munto Codru system.

PAKUUNI SYSTEM - Imperial Navy Sector Headquarters in the Pakuuni system is reporting the successful humanitarian evacuation of a space station in the Munto Codru system, while different rebel warlords and factions jockey for power along the Overic Griplink.

Hostilities began when a pirate band of civilian-seeming small spacecraft ambushed an Imperial vanguard formation in the Reginard system. Meanwhile in the Munto Codru system, an Imperial line arrived at a transfer station in order to assist a pair of Victory-class star destroyers evacuate human children from the space station. Tragically, these star destroyers were part of a cynical ambush, as they proved to be crewed by traitors when they fired on the relief line.

It was at that time that Imperial Intelligence learned of vicious internecine warring between different Rebel factions, while Imperial lines engaged in training maneuvers in the Turkana system. The ships engaged in training maneuvers were quickly reassigned and ordered to answer the distress call at the transfer station in Munto Codru. While engaged in the emergency evacuation, the pirates reported in the Reginard system arrived at the Munto Codru transfer station. While two vessels were lost, the Victory-class Star Destroyer Redoubtable was able to evacuate the women and children aboard that station, courageously bringing refugees on board, while the armed freighters attempted to attack the Redoubtable.

It shocks the loyal conscience that these Rebels and pirates would wantonly attack a humanitarian relief vessel with such brutality. To great rejoicing of the evacuees, the Redoubtable was able to fulfill its mission and bring the child refugees from the Calamari Sector safe to Turkana, despite having a near encounter with the false-flag star destroyers that had attacked the previous rescue mission.

According to transponder records, the Victory-class star destroyers seen to be attacking loyal Imperial Navy forces are believed vessels lost to none other than the murderous Admiral Theia.

As the Redoubtable made the jump to hyperspace, avoiding the false-flag star destroyers, the false destroyers appeared to be under attack by Nebulon-B frigates known to be loyal to the vile Warlord Lyraeus.

Lyraeus, as bloodthirsty rebel a rebel as known to Imperial Intelligence, has proven to be so ambitious for carving out an autonomous fiefdom on the Outer Rim that his forces have more often than not attacked other rebel formations. Yet, as this battle between Rebel factions took place, the withdrawing vanguard line had returned to the Turkana system for repairs, when it was attacked by a rebel line in the Turkana system itself. The withdrawing line managed to make the jump to lightspeed, yet this unfortunately left Turkana in Rebel hands.

This occupation, while clearly a danger to the peoples of the Turkana system, their reign of terror is not imagined to last, as the Rebel units continue to fight among one another for their petty fiefdoms.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Rebellion Destabilizes Wild Space Societies

News reporter in uncharted system describing the influence of Rebel Alliance activity on local radicalism

ESPANA SYSTEM (WILD SPACE) - Rebel activity in uncharted systems has increased levels of violence and chaos even in regions not part of intergalactic society.

Intercepted transmissions from the uncharted regions of the Outer Rim, also known as 'Wild Space', show that Rebel activity is even having a destabilizing effect on societies not part of galactic civilization.

As if further evidence was necessary, this development is further proof that the Rebellion and its call for the return of a republican form of government, can unleash untold havoc and violence in systems not prepared for such ideas.

The irresponsible spread of Rebel ideology is a clear danger to galactic civilization (though it will soon be dealt with), but the scars on the societies beyond the Empire's jurisdictional claim may be devastating to those societies.

COMPNOR spokesman Agandist

Mr. Prop Agandist, spokesman for the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR) spoke to HNN reporters about this development:

"It clearly shows the irresponsibility and hypocrisy of the Rebel Alliance," Mr. Agandist said. "These wild space societies are simply not ready for that stage of political development.

"The Republic, which bedeviled galactic society for millennia, is thankfully a stage that we have passed. We now have a centralized form of government directed by a truly gifted individual - Emperor Palpatine - with a efficient and effective bureaucracy to support his enlightened leadership. That would not have been possible without the Old Republic to recognize its own deficiencies and, through the Binks Amendment, transform its own structure towards the superior form we have now.

"But the savage societies beyond the Outer Rim are not yet at that stage. For the Rebellion to preach republicanism is to unleash all sorts of local radicalisms and fanaticisms that are beyond the control of small local governments that do not have enlightened leaders and administrations such as the Empire has."

With the uncharted systems being destabilized by the Rebellion, Imperial Center on Coruscant must consider the formation of a trusteeship by the Empire over the affected societies.

"The only charitable solution now will be for the Empire to step in and govern those societies on their behalf," Mr. Agandist said. "We can only hope that they have the resources to recoup the losses to Imperial taxpayers."

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Lord Vader Tests Imperial Resolve; Resolve Found Adequate

Starfighter field of TIE Phantoms at an undisclosed location in the Pakuuni sector

PAKUUNI SYSTEM - Lord Darth Vader tested the resolve and skill of a unit of recently-developed TIE Phantom starfighter craft yesterday. According to insider reports, the Dark Lord has found the unit's preparedness 'adequate'.

According to reports from recently-throttled sources, the battle-preparedness of TIE Phantom pilots was found lacking in the face of the criminal threat in the Pakuuni sector and the Tion Cluster. The late witnesses reported to an element of these highly-sophisticated craft having been destroyed by nothing more than Y-Wing, HWK, and Z-95 fighters.

Finding such reports 'disturbing', Lord Vader, a personal assistant to the Emperor, tested the mettle of a different TIE Phantom element based at an undisclosed location in the Pakuuni sector. To Lord Vader's contentment, the element in question was found to be adequately prepared in the face of an upcoming effort to root crime and insurrection out of the Pakuuni sector and the Tion Cluster.

The Imperial Navy's effort to eliminate crime and insurrection in the Tion Cluster and Pakuuni sector coincides with a renewed effort to liberate the Calamari sector from the mismanagement of its natives. The Mon Calamari and the Quarren, two barely civilized aquatic races from the Dac system, recently declared treason against the Empire and joined the Rebellion. In response, the Emperor ordered the sector's uprising to be suppressed.

With the Imperial Navy's successes against the Rebellion and the Mon Calamari, the Empire has taken on the burden of providing law and order in the wake of its advancing fleets. The rejuvenation of Roodkasteel station in the Brigia system as a signature project has already begun to bear fruit as local denizens celebrate the arrival of Imperial law and order on the Outer Rim.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Rebel Attack in Mos Eisley Shocks Galaxy

Wookiee terrorist engaged in violent assault on Imperial troop quarters

MOS EISLEY (TATOOINE SYSTEM) - The Rebellion attempted to bring violence and lawlessness back to the Arkanis sector yesterday, as it wantonly attacked an Imperial troop barracks in Mos Eisley on the planet Tatooine, killing scores of stormtroopers and local denizens as well as the local troop commander.

After months of peace and stability in the Arkanis sector, violence returned to that segment of the Outer Rim, as a cell or rebel extremists attacked an Imperial troop barracks. Numbering several alien beings, including a Wookiee and a Bothan, the rebel cell attacked the barracks with the intent to assassinate the local troop commander.

The troop commander, one Captain Kayn Somos, was a symbol of Imperial benevolence and generosity. Having served as a peacekeeper and drill instructor, Captain Somos was greatly admired by his troops as well as local citizens. Cpt. Somos's reputation as a bridge-builder between the Imperial troop presence and the local citizenry, is deemed to have been the cause of his being targeted.

During the height of the attack, local Tuskens - also called sand people - volunteered to defend Cpt. Somos and his outpost, but these selfless volunteers were brutally cut down by the rebels.

The incident happened after Imperial stormtroopers attempted to arrest a notorious narcotics smuggler, Han Solo, a known associate of Jabba the Hutt and the senator-turned-traitor, Leia Organa. The rebel cell in question was sighted assisting Solo's escape.

Local authorities are on alert and searching for evidence that will lead to the capture of the rebel cell. The cell, believed to consist of a Wookiee male, Bothan male, and human female (the latter doubtlessly acting under alien duress), is considered armed, dangerous and lacking in conscience.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Heroic Life of a TIE Pilot

TIE fighter pilot RK-12-65 speaking to HNN

ROODKASTEEL STATION (BRIGIA SYSTEM) - With the Imperial Navy continuing to suppress crime and insurrection, HNN speaks directly with the pilots responsible for the return of peace and stability on the Outer Rim.

The TIE pilots of the Imperial Navy provide the stalwart digits of the Empire's hand in returning law and order to the Outer Rim. Today we take a moment to speak with these galactic heroes to ask them what life is like in the vacuum of this far reach of galactic civilization.

"Well, all you can do is to rely on your training out there," TIE pilot RK-12-65 said, reflecting on a recent incident involving a traitorous member of the Imperial Senate brought to capital justice.

"He was guarded by a couple of squints [TIE/in Interceptors], which are a lot faster and agile than our eyeball TIEs [TIE/ln Fighters]. So, I tried getting a bead on him by pulling a 'K' [Koiogran turn - a high-paced and high-G maneuver that turns the fighter around to face in the opposite direction of previous travel]. Next thing I know, that Squint is on top of me, but also working hard to avoid my wings. Thankfully the flight leader was on top of him to take him out."

Recent graduates from the Naval Academy on Prefsbelt IV, such as RK-12-65, are instructed to keep themselves out of the way of more senior pilots. Often-times this frustrates the flight objectives of the traitors and fugitives from Imperial justice.

"Meanwhile, that shuttle [carrying the traitorous senator] had gotten himself in the rocks. We attempted capture, but there was little left after the asteroids got him."

"The other day some droid told me that the chance of successfully navigating an asteroid field is approximately 3,720 to 1!" RK-12-64, RK-12-65's wingman added.

"Don't listen to that stupid droid," RK-12-65 said. "Our squadron leaders wouldn't send us into an asteroid field if it would get us killed!"

"But if they did, I'd be there!" RK-12-64 hastened to add. "You know, for the Emperor!"

"Yes, for the Emperor!" RK-12-65 chimed in.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Imperial Starfighters Clear the Spacelanes of Rebel and Other Criminal Activity

TIE/x1 Advanced escort fighter patrolling the systems of the Tion Cluster

RAXUS SYSTEM - Pilots for the Imperial Navy struck yet another blow for order, stability, and the Imperial Way, today. With actions along the Tion Trade Route, rebel and criminal activity has been suitably crushed, and will think again before rearing its ugly head.

The Imperial Navy continues to clear crime and insurrection out of the sectors near the justly beleaguered Calamari Sector. Today, flights of space superiority fighters engaged in a hunt for rebels and other criminals along the Tion Trade Route between Raxus and Eredenn.

Systems cleared of crime and insurrection along the Tion Trade Route

The Imperial pilots were so eager to show their mettle against scum of all colors, that some Imperial units came to blows between one another. Some report that the Emperor Himself came to witness their prowess, doubtlessly spurring on our pilots' zeal to rid the galaxy of crime and rebellion.

The casualties taken through such 'friendly fire' actions have been deemed by the Imperial Navy Admiralty as well as the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR) to be acceptable losses.

While tragic, it is understood that "TIE pilots will be TIE pilots". As long as the criminals and insurrectionists are dealt with, any losses are considered to be for the greatest cause - galactic stability and the Emperor's glory.

A particularly-heated exchange took place in the Rudrig system, where the Tion Trade Route meets the Rudrig-Gbu Way, as different units - some including private contractors - had jurisdictional disputes.

Ultimately, all was for the best, as the criminals were thoroughly put down and turned to flight.

Similar actions are expected tomorrow towards the trailing end of the Tion Trade Route, as units operating from Roodkasteel station also commence counter-terrorism actions.

Friday, November 6, 2015

BREAKING NEWS: Rebellion Driven From Shaylin System

Previously captured image of rebel frigate Blue Majesty believed to be destroyed in the Shaylin system.

PAKUUNI SYSTEM - Imperial Navy Sector Headquarters in the Pakuuni system is reporting the defeat of the Rebellion in the Shaylin system. According to second-hand reports, Commodore Charis Naboobo - the hero of the Colundra Sector - has driven the infamous warlord Lyraeus from the neighboring system along the Overic Griplink.

Presently unconfirmed reports have the Empire in control of the Shaylin system - a strategic system along the Overic Griplink. Shaylin had been left in Rebel hands following the assault on the Turkana system two weeks ago.

Commodore Naboobo had been absent during the assault on Turkana, but has redeemed himself with the capture of the Shaylin system. Naboobo won the right to command the Imperial forces at Shaylin after a swift simulated skirmish between his battle line and that of another Imperial commander.

Precise details of the battle at Shaylin remain to be disclosed, though eye-witness reports speak of the rebel assault frigate Blue Majesty careening in front of the turbolasers of a Victory-class Star Destroyer. Another eye witness speaks of the presence of a smaller frigate of Mon Calamari design being destroyed just in time to prevent the destruction of an Imperial vessel.

HNN reporters will keep you up to date on the latest reports from the Shaylin system as details become known.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Imperial Navy Continues to Prove its Mettle Against Crime and Rebellion

Criminal outposts use Y-Wing fighter-bombers and Z-95 Headhunters to prey on civilian shipping and extort resources for the Rebellion.

MULLAN SYSTEM - The courageous pilots of the Imperial Navy continue to thwart the forces of crime and rebellion in the Outer Rim.

Concurrent with training operations in the neighboring Gbu system, formations of Imperial Navy starfighter pilots engage in a continued campaign to bring loyalty and lawfulness to the Outer Rim.

Yesterday, a flight of TIE fighters flying escort for a new TIE/x1 Advanced starfighter encountered a criminal pirate operation in the Mullan system, which it quickly dispatched. All the criminal vessels - a Y-Wing, a heavily-modified HWK-290, and two Z-95 Headhunters - are known starfighter types flown by the Rebellion.

The Commission for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR) identifies criminal-rebel activity as being a paradigm shift for the Rebellion, while their uprising in the Calamari sector increasingly looks hopeless.

"The Rebellion knows that its cause is lost in the Calamari sector," COMPNOR spokesman Prop Agandist told HNN. "Therefore, they are reverting back to their natural selves - smugglers and pirates."

Meanwhile, the Empire is shifting its elite fighter pilots with advanced space superiority craft behind the front lines in order to counter this despicable attempt by the Rebel crime syndicate to sow lawlessness. In training actions, these elite pilots demonstrated their swift capacity to outmaneuver both swift interceptors as well as knock out armored bombers.