Friday, February 27, 2015

Kuat Drive Yards Assures Navy - Nearly Finished With Development of New Corvette

Raider-class corvette finishing development at Kuat Drive Yards orbital spacedock facility.

KUAT SYSTEM - In rapid response to the reports of increasing piracy and smuggling by criminal and rebel elements in the Outer Rim, the Imperial Navy has requisitioned a new counter-piracy platform from Kuat Drive Yards (KDY).

The Raider-class, a newly-developed corvette-sized craft, was requisitioned by the Navy several months ago and is nearing completion and deployment to the Outer Rim.

Speaking to reporters, a spokesperson for KDY informed HNN of the Raider-class' variable capabilities. "Unlike many ships of the Imperial Line, the Raider-class™ is customizable to the mission profile."

Among the options available to the Raider-class™ are ion cannon batteries, capable of disabling enemy ships for capture rather than destruction.

"If the sector admiralty deems it to be of necessity to capture criminal targets for interrogation or other purposes, then the Raider-class™ is an ideal platform. Its ion cannons will make quick work of any targets."

"Alternatively, if the mission is to make a swift example of pirates or insurgents, the Raider-class™ can be easily fitted with turbolaser cannons for large targets or quadruple laser cannons for fighter-size craft," the spokesperson added.

Neither the Imperial Navy nor the KDY spokesperson were at liberty to discuss the precise date when the Raider-class was schedule to be deployed. KDY wished to assure HNN readers that the recent labor dispute with its subsidiary company, Kuat Freight Port, had been completely solved and would not impact its ability to meet Navy demand.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

ANALYSIS: Rebellion and Criminal Element - Cut From the Same Cloth

Y-wing-type fighter-bomber. Decommissioned military hardware of the same type used by rebellion engaged in criminal operations by Hutt cartels.

CORUSCANT - As reports return to Imperial Central on Coruscant, analysts seek to make sense of the new wave of scum and villainy plaguing the Outer Rim's spacelanes. In the midst of confusion, COMPNOR provides answers to loyal citizens seeking the truth.

"It's really as we've always known it to be," COMPNOR Agent and spokesman Prop Agandist told HNN. "The rebellion had never been anything more than a front for criminal elements. While some analysts suspected that the rebellion engaged in criminal enterprise in order to restore the Republic, those who had dedicated themselves to careful analysis always knew it was the other way around."

"Basically, the rebellion is a breakaway cartel fueled by not only greed and the desire to spread corruption in the galaxy, but also deranged by the old Jedi religion. Eventually, the real criminal element got tired of them and is now trying to right the balance."

Criminal Element Comes Out of the Shadows

War droid in the service of criminal elements.

HUTT SPACE - Increasingly militarized, the criminal element exposes itself, and the Rebellion, as a concentrated threat to civilization in the galaxy. Composed of aliens and reprogrammed droids, the galaxy is once again under attack by rebellious and separatist elements, seeking to undo all of the Empire's progress.

Militarized criminal elements have recently preyed upon civilian transport operators - both passengers and cargo bound for the Core Worlds - near the Perlemian Way, close to Hutt Space.

"This is more than your standard piracy," an ISB agent, preferring to remain anonymous told HNN. "This is the use of military-grade hardware to interdict and intercept civilian traffic, in order to place an embargo on the Empire's Core Worlds."

The criminal element is said to consist mostly of aliens and armed droids, something triggering tragic memories in older generations of Imperial citizens.

"There's no doubt that this puts salt on the wounds of our Clone War veterans," COMPNOR Agent Prop Agandist told HNN reporters. "They weren't all clones out there. There were good and loyal natural-born military personnel out there on the front lines, who are now made to feel like it was all for nothing."

"But it will not have been for nothing." Agent Agandist assured HNN readers. "The Imperial military will deal with these criminals with the same zeal with which it has suppressed the rebellion.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Imperial Intelligence Intercepts Rebel Plans for Arkanis Sector

Intercepted imagery from rebel operations headquarters

ARKANIS SECTOR - Imperial Intelligence intercepted rebel signals alluding to sector-wide plans in the Arkanis Sector. This interception provides evidence of rebel collusion with criminal elements spreading corruption in this sector of the Outer Rim.

"The rebels have always acted hand-in-glove with the criminal underworld; so much so that it is impossible to say where the criminal fringe ends and the rebellion begins," ISB analyst Prop Agandist told HNN reporters.

"It has long been believed that the rebellion simply engaged in criminal activity in order to fund their insurrection," Agandist continued. "However, our analysis concludes that this is exactly backwards. The rebellion simply serves to create pockets of anarchy so that they can smuggle their contraband from these lawless alien areas to civilized parts of the galaxy."

Regarding the intercepted rebel plans, Agent Agandist held that these are evidence of a sector-wide campaign.

"It's not just one system. It's the entire sector; they are getting increasingly bold with their treason."

The Empire Determined to Return Order to the Arkanis Sector

The Arkanis Sector: the Empire's new front for bringing order and prosperity to the Galaxy.

ARKANIS SYSTEM - with only modest success of civilian contractors in the Arkanis Sector - as previously reported by HNN - the Empire has dedicated more naval resources to the pacification of this particularly wretched sector in the Outer Rim.

In order to secure the sector's eponymous system as the Empire's foothold in the sector, the Imperial Navy recently dispatched patrols into the system's outer orbital reaches, into specific clusters of six asteroids. Immediately upon arrival, these patrols encountered rebel resistance; demonstrating that the anarchy and chaos in the Arkanis sector is the work of these terrorists

The Empire was victorious in destroying several squads of insurgents. These were made up of X-Wing fighters and a newer model, the E-Wing fighter. Evidence of criminal collusion in the rebel effort was the sighting and destruction of a light YT-2400 freighter vessel.

Showing their own determination to sow fear and discord in the Empire's loyal citizens, the insurgents deployed a flight of heavy B-Wing fighters to attack Imperial patrols. These tragically proved to be successful in their reprehensible task.

Fortunately, the Empire will not allow such treason to stand, and will deploy more resources to the Arkanis Sector.

Admiral Hoogvliet, in charge of the Imperial Navy's effort to bring law and order to the benighted sector, spoke to HNN reporters. "The rebellion will be crushed here in the Arkanis Sector. This rabble will not be successful in undermining the greatest and best hope for galactic civilization."

Indeed, it will not, as loyal readers of HNN know in both their hearts and minds.


Monday, February 23, 2015

Imperial Navy Engages in Fighter Demonstrations

TIE Fighter maneuvers among star destroyers coming off the line at the Kuat Drive Yards orbital shipyard facilities

KUAT SYSTEM - with the labor dispute between Kuat Drive Yards (KDY) and organized labor working for its daughter company, Kuat Freight Port settled, the Imperial Navy is preparing the massing of its fleet and engaging in fighter exercises.

In order to put at ease anyone fearing that recent labor disputes have diminished the Imperial Navy's ability to maintain secure hyperlanes and to suppress the incipient rebellion, the Navy is profiling its fightercraft prowess in demonstrative exercises.

Fighter pilot WL-01-3, speaking to HNN reporters.

"I'm really excited to be flying with the Imperial Navy today," TIE fighter pilot WL-01-3 told HNN reporters reporting from the flight deck of the Imperial Star Destroyer 'Warlord'.

Nicknamed "Backstabber,", WL-01-3 informed HNN that he was proud to fly with his squadron leader WL-01-2, who carries the equally monicker "Mauler".

"While it isn't 'regs', we like the idea that the rebel scum know what they're in for if they tap into our comm frequency," WL-01-3, who serves as WL-01-2's wingman added.

When asked if he was concerned with breaking the 'regs', he shook his helmet.

"Did you note the number?" he asked, "Mauler - my squadron leader - is dash-2, not dash-1. Do you know why that is? It's because our dash-1 is Lord Vader himself!"

"I'd like to see some ISB agent talk to us about our non-reg callsigns. That'd be awesome!"

ISB agents were unavailable for comment.

COMPNOR Attaché Gevan Minn clarified that pilots' enthusiasms were encouraged in the Imperial Navy and that the so-called Black Squadron, to which both WL-01-2 and WL-01-3 belong, are an inspiration to TIE pilots throughout the Empire's starfighter crews.


Sunday, February 22, 2015

HNN Video Archive: T.R.O.O.P.S.

From our video archives, HNN brings you a documentary of the Empire's efforts to maintain law and order in the galaxy - even in a backwards part of the galaxy on the Outer Rim:

Jawas were harmed during the making of this video. However, it is alright. They were only Jawas.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

EXCLUSIVE: Naval Weapons Designer Discloses Development Details of TIE/sa Bomber

Sienar Fleet Systems' TIE/sa Bomber

HOTH SYSTEM - speaking while on tour in the Hoth System in the Anoat Sector, Dav Alexy - primary aide to Lira Wessex - disclosed that the Empire is developing improved mechanisms for the Sienar Fleet Systems TIE/sa Bomber, including, possibly, improved bombs and charges.

These improvements were said to include [redacted], [redacted], and [redacted]. These improvements would enable the Empire to further improve its capabilities to destroy rebel insurgents and put to rest seditious rumors of increased criminal activity.

While Mr. Alexy currently works together with Ms. Lira Wessex at Kuat Drive Yards, designing capital ships for the Imperial Navy, he remains in an advisory capacity with Sienar Fleet Systems in the development of fighter-size spacecraft. He toured the Hoth System in the wake of the crushing defeat of the rebellion led by Lord Darth Vader, Supreme Commander of the Imperial military forces.

Mr. Alexy was quick to point out that any rumors of similar upgrades to the rebels' X-Wing fighter craft were just that: rumors only. The X-wing's illicit and traitorous manufacturer, Incom Corporation, had been degraded into ineffectiveness after its corporate leadership, engineers and scientists had been found guilty of treason and justly sentenced to the spice mines of Kessel.

Mr. Alexy made further remarks, which accompanying COMPNOR agents clarified as not meaning that he had any particular admiration for the X-wing craft. Further, that these would soon be but a distant and unpleasant memory for the loyal citizenry of the Empire. Any reference to the alleged incident at Yavin IV would be considered sedition, punishable by forced labor or execution.

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Smuggled Contraband Sighted on Brentaal IV

Smuggler under Imperial arrest

BRENTAAL IV - Illicit goods have shown up on the old industrial world of Brentaal IV in the Bormea Sector. It is said to be the work of the notorious smuggling chief Amazone of Ukio, who hires subcontracted small-time smugglers to do her distribution.

The contraband is said to include illicit weapons and other militarized equipment, often accompanied by hired guns flying repurposed Y-wing fighters - craft considered to have been made obsolete since the Clone War.

The first evidence of said illicit goods were found in the home of one man known to be a religious figure among Brentaal's homeless. Crime analysts say that they are not surprised by the connection of such a figure to a criminal network such as Amazone's. Apologists for this behavior claim that the indictee had little choice as there were no COMPNOR facilities in his vicinity to whom he could turn for succor.

"Absolute nonsense," ISB agents claimed. "Brentaal is a world that is awash with COMPNOR facilities. If [redacted] had been a loyal Imperial citizen, he could have come to any number of COMPNOR stations. It is clearly evident that a man of such weak moral character would have fallen in with criminal activity of this sort, rather than finding a good use for his life in the Imperial Navy."

In the meantime, citizens of Brentaal worry if this is evidence that there will be a broader invasion of their homeworld of criminals and smugglers. They worry that with the navy out on the Outer Rim suppressing the terrorist rebellion that the Empire will not be able to save them from lawlessness.

These citizens have been relocated to COMPNOR re-education camps where they can learn not to spread such vicious rumors.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Kuat Drive Yards Port Employees Agree to Deal

Kuat Drive Yards (KDY) orbital shipyard facility
at Kuat IV

KUAT SYSTEM - Citizens around the galaxy slept easier after news came out over a deal reached between Kuat Drive Yards (KDY) and organized labor working for its daughter company, Kuat Freight Port.

Port workers had engaged in work slowdowns in protest against use of Wookiee labor by the parent company. With Kuat Freight Port incapable of carrying freight to the shipyards, the Imperial Navy worried over its a ability to introduce new platforms to its fleets engaged in suppression of the rebel uprising on the Outer Rim.

A deal was reached after the Emperor had temporarily appointed his long time aide, Lord Darth Vader, as acting Imperial labor secretary.

"I found new ways to motivate them," Lord Vader told HNN reporters after port workers and KDY executives signed a labor contract agreement.

With the contract signed, KDY reports that new transfers of new fleet ships can begin to supply the Empire's fleets and the rebellion can be crushed once and for all.

"That's why we do the work we do," Kuat of Kuat, hereditary CEO and chief designer at KDY informed HNN. "We provide the hardware that keeps the galaxy safe from criminals and terrorists. It was unfortunate that the port workers temporarily lost sight of that."

"Now that those scab Wookiees have gone back to Rwufrwuf [meaning Kashyyyk], or wherever the void they came from, we can get back to work," Portworker's Union Chief Stewart also told HNN.

According to the Kuat System's COMPNOR representative the problems had started when Kuat Freight Port had brought in indentured Wookiee labor to move handheld cargo, unloading freighters with reactor parts intended for Gladiator-class Star Destroyers being built at the orbital shipyard facilities. KDY managers claimed to be doing so in order to save the human port workers from possible radiation, whereas union members argued the 'set up' was organized to take jobs from loyal (ie. human) Imperial citizens working on an Imperial cause.

HNN Tactical Report: Illegally Outfitted Freighters Support Rebellion Insurgents

From our senior tactical analyst:

Space freighter 'Outrider' belonging to
notorious criminal and terrorist Dash

PREFSBELT IV - Reports from the Outer Rim suggest that freighter pilots operating on the fringes of the galaxy. These include notorious criminal smuggler and rebel sympathizer, Dash Rendar and his droid associate LE-BO2D9, aka “Leebo”. Such criminals plan to equip their freighter ships with illicit technology stolen from the Black Sun crime syndicate.

These restricted weapons include highly explosive concussion cannons known as “Mangler” cannons, which will aid the rebellion in their attacks on the Imperial Naval fleet and innocent civilians. Rendar has also reportedly smuggled Starfighter-class flechette cannons, deemed illegal and unethical by the Imperial Ruling Council for use on ships outside of the Galactic Imperial Navy. Reports have it that these have been smuggled to rebel military outposts to be equipped to rebel B-Wing/E2 “Tactician class” starfighters.

Additional reports have freelance bounty hunter droid IG-88 conducting military operations against high profile targets. IG-88’s reputation as a loner, and Imperial analysis of his battles, have lead some to believe his ship, the 'IG-2000', uses advanced technology that allows it to appear in two places at once. Others speculate that two or more identical IG-88s and IG-2000s conspire together, posing as one individual. Unfortunately, no survivors are ever left to confirm this. All other information on this bounty hunter droid has been heavily classified by the Empire.

To help combat this new threat of insurgent freighters, transports and re-purposed rebel Y-Wings, the Imperial Navy, with some minor assistance and collaboration from Xizor Transport Systems, has developed new automated thruster avoidance technology. This technology will allow Imperial Navy starfighter pilots to more easily avoid automated cannon fire from unskilled freighter pilots. These are reported to be fitted onto Imperial TIE/In Interceptor starfighters for maximum effect.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Rumors of Impending Crime Wave Denied

Spice mines of Kessel

KESSEL SECTOR - an element of rebel propaganda warning of an impeding crime wave are categorically dismissed by Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) analysts.

"These rumors are categorically false," ISB Agent Smit assured HNN reporters, "they are merely attempts to scare good citizens into questioning the very policies the Emperor has put in place to keep them safe."

Earlier in the week unnamed sources spread false rumors of a large number of criminal elements having been smuggled out of the spice mines at the detention facility on Kessel. These rumors asserted that said criminal elements would be preying on Imperial and rebel holdings alike within ten days of the news.

"For starters, there are no such thing as rebel holdings," Agent Smit explained, arguing that there was nothing mere criminals could do to the forces of the Empire.

"They would not have the resources, and even if they did, they would be flying obsolete fighters such as Z-95 Headhunters or Koensayr Y-Wing fighters - one or two-man fighters that have not been used by professional military forces since the Clone Wars."

Asked about the alleged prison break at Kessel, Agent Smit dismissed the rumor. "Kessel is more locked down than ever."

While Agent Smit acknowledged a labor dispute between the managing authorities of the spice mine and the prison guards' union, he assured that this dispute would keep the prison population more bottled up than ever.

"Not even prisoners awaiting release are getting out these days. The rebel propaganda is nothing more than that, and they should be ashamed to be spreading such lies, attempting to unnerve fine citizens such as your readers."

Early Reports Civilian Contractors Betray Mixed Success

Firespray-31-class attack craft firing a
heavy laser cannon

ARKANIS SECTOR - as part of a new Imperial initiative to enlist private citizens in the galaxy's common effort against the rebel insurgency, civilian contractors have been taking the fight against the rebellion.

In a number of recent engagements on the Outer Rim, Firespray-31-class attack craft operated by civilian contractors against rebel fighters have shown mixed success.

"Bounty hunters, we don't need that scum," one navy officer, speaking off the record, told HNN reporters.

The mixed success comes despite the Firesprays being fitted with heavy laser cannons, courtesy of the navy's armories.

Opponents of the policy to enlist civilian volunteers under contract suggest that such heavy weaponry could perhaps find itself being aimed at loyal Imperial targets.

"Hand enough civilians such restricted arms and before you know it they're going to be pointed at our own," Professor Fedorak of the Prefsbelt naval academy told HNN. "Nor do these civilians have proper training in the use of such weaponry.

"Nonsense," Admiral Hoogvliet of the Arkanis Sector Group retorted. "Folks out here on the Rim know how to use a heavy laser cannon."

"Besides," the admiral added, "these are capable and enterprising citizens of the Empire. What could possibly go wrong?"


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Imperial Navy Outsourcing to Contractors

Ms. Kath Scarlet, privateer in service of the
Imperial Navy

ARKANIS SECTOR - In order to place more attention on returning order to the Galaxy, even on the lawless Outer Rim, the Imperial Navy has hired civilian contractors to locate rebel elements in the Arkanis Sector, one of the most notorious hives of scum and villainy in the galaxy.

Among the contractors is one pirate-turned-patriot, Kath Scarlet, who has sub-contracted out to a second private citizen, Krassis Trellix.

However, not all are in agreement with the new use of civilian assets. With citizens taking the law into their own hands, strategists with the naval academy on Prefsbelt IV express concern with the 'civilianization' of the use of legitimate violence. These military academics believe that the use of legitimate force is best kept under the monopolistic control of the proper authorities based in Imperial Center on Coruscant.

"We know there's concern," Admiral Hoogvliet - Sector Group Admiral of Arkanis Sector explained. "It's a new approach towards policing this portion of space."

"Think of it like a self-cleaning autochef," the admiral continued. "If citizens of ill-repute are employed rooting out separatist rebels, then however the fight turns out, civilization wins."

"Besides, out here on the Outer Rim, folks are accustomed to fending for themselves. We're just going to help the good citizens fight off the bad citizens."

In addition to contracts, the Navy has fitted a couple of Firespray-31-class attack craft with heavy laser cannons.