Saturday, September 24, 2016

ISB Thwarts Rebel Infiltration Cloud City, Bespin

Former Administrator-turned traitor Lando Calrissian of Cloud City mining facility on Bespin

BESPIN SYSTEM - Rebel infiltrators were thwarted by a heroic operation conducted by the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB). The Cloud city mining facility remains securely in Imperial control.

Rebel traitors attempted to infiltrate the new Imperial tibanna gas mining facility 'Cloud City' in the Bespin system yesterday. They were led by the former administrator, Lando Calrissian.

Thanks to newly-improved surveillance equipment installed by the ISB, Calrissian and his rebel cohorts were detected and contained by ISB agents, assisted by Imperial Stormtroopers and the local constabulary.

Particularly noteworthy was the leadership of ISB agent Blaise, who managed to corral the rebel infiltrators by expertly calling upon troopers and ISB operatives to surround the Rebels, making their infiltration impossible.

While it has been confirmed that Calrissian fled Bespin, some of his rebel associates are still believed to be at large in Cloud City.

Taking control of the situation, Agent Blaise issued orders to both Imperial and Cloud City security forces to "round up the usual suspects."

Newly-acquired mining facility 'Cloud City' on Bespin in the Anoat sector

Calrissian had previously betrayed the Empire by attempting to return dangerous criminals to the spaceways of the galaxy, where they would be free to continue a scourge of rebellion and narcotics trafficking. Thanks to swift action by Lord Darth Vader and a hired private contractor, Boba Fett, Calrissian was thwarted in his attempt to free the notorious spice mule, Han Solo.

With the failed escape, Solo was sold as a wall decoration to private entrepreneur Jabba the Hutt. Proceeds from the sale are serving the widows and orphans of stormtroopers who died at the Death Star explosion near Yavin IV.

According to sources, Calrissian turned traitor over complaints that he was being 'treated unfairly' in contract negotiations with Lord Vader.