Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Rebel Incursion Thwarted Along Five Veils Route

The rebellion suffers two surprise defeats in the Bajic sector, along the Five Veils Route.

VERGESSO SYSTEM - Wednesday Imperial patrol led by the Victory-class star destroyer Despot thwarted a rebel attempt to take over a space station in the Vergesso System. Giving chase to the fleeing rebels, the Despot encountered an attempted ambush in the neighboring Bajic system.

Capture of the space station would have offered the rebellion a base of operations in the region. Having their attempt to seize the station defeated, the rebel ships retreated rimward with the Despot giving chase.

Coming out of hyperspace in the Bajic system, the Despot encountered more rebel ships escorted by the infamous X-Wing fighters. These were, thankfully, destroyed by quick action by the Despot's TIE fighter squadrons, acting as a defensive screen against such fighter-bomber attack. Having been foiled a second time, the rebels fled further towards the rim.

Both systems lie along the Five Veils Route beyond the Trailing Sectors of the Outer Rim (see map to the right). The Five Veils Route and the nearby Llanic Spice Run are notorious trade routes for contraband, such as spice, human slaves, alien pornography and weapons.

According to Imperial Intelligence (specific sources to remain unnamed), these are routes by which the rebellion and other criminal elements are funding their continued insurgency in the Arkanis Sector. The Empire has erected a blockade centered on the Savareen Sector in an effort to choke off the Arkanis sector, depriving it of resources and capital.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A New Dawn in the Arkanis Sector: Bombers Deployed for Peace Enforcement

TIE/sa Bomber involved in the liberation of the Arkanis sector

ARKANIS SYSTEM - Moff Dzon Brennin reported victories gained in the Arkanis sector, after months of dark news from the chaotic sector of the Outer Rim.

"Today, TIE Bombers of the Scimitar Squadron located and destroyed a number of rebel craft, of the B-Wing type," the Moff announced. "This demonstrates that the Imperial Navy remains the superior military force between the stars, and we will eventually bring this benighted sector to heel."

Voices of questionable loyalty to the Emperor suggested that it was impossible for the humble TIE/sa-type bomber craft to book such successes against the latest designs to be deployed in treason to the Empire, but these voices have been silenced. Those who question the TIE Bomber's adequacy for the task of bringing peace and stability back to the Arkanis sector clearly have their loyalties in the wrong place.

Scattered rumors of a stealth ship assisting in the defeats of these rebels are clearly the fabrications of crack-pot conspiracy theorists.

As recently reported, the Intragalactic Brotherhood of Bounty Workers, Local #AK876 has made a case to the Arkanis Sector Authorities, complaining of harsh working conditions. As a result, Moff Brennin has declared the sector authorities will no longer make use of such private contractors.

"If these contractors believe that securing the galaxy is to be left to the military, then we are happy to oblige their unemployment.

"Bounty hunters. We don't need that scum," one Imperial officer was overheard saying.

If today's exploits are any sign, then the officer - who preferred to remain anonymous - was absolutely correct.


Sunday, April 26, 2015

More Truthful Rumors on the Galactic News Nets: Victory in the Northern Dependencies

VSD Inquisitor destroys a rebel corvette.

IMPERIAL CENTER (CORUSCANT) - Contrary to previous rumors, the galactic newsnets are presently reporting more factually about an Imperial victory over the rebellion.

The report concerns the interception of a rebel frigate accompanied by a corvette in the Northern Dependencies of the galaxy. At the direction of Lord Darth Vader, the Victory-class star destroyer Inquisitor, Captain Cragg Baxtorious engaged the rebel elements seeking to subvert an unnamed star system from its loyalty to the Empire. Baxtorious successfully meted out the Empire's justice to the traitors.

The Inquisitor is part of a naval group attached to a command cryptically known as 'Outpost Zero', the precise location of which is redacted in order to keep the rebellion at unawares.

Operation 'Imposition Matrix' Proceeding Apace; Private Contractors Upset

Moff Dzon Brennin of the Arkanis Sector, in charge of imposing order on the sector

ARKANIS SYSTEM - Moff Dzon Brennin reports that Operation 'Imposition Matrix' is proceeding satisfactorily. As the focus of the operation, particular leaders in the criminal, rebel, and even traitorous elements, are being targeted and eliminated according to plan.

"Today we eliminated a rebel who went by 'The Green Baron', several criminal leaders, several rogue bounty hunters and even someone impersonating an Imperial dignitary," Moff Brennin disclosed. "While the missions to do so were costly, our operatives understand the risks and the private contractors knew the hazards for which they were being retained."

Meanwhile, the Intragalactic Brotherhood of Bounty Workers, Local #AK876 - a private contractors' union in the Arkanis sector - is arguing for safer working conditions in Imperial employ. The union claims that a number of bounty hunters were wounded and some even killed in missions on the Empire's behalf. They call for Imperial Central to institute an occupational safety and health administration to protect their working conditions.

"Many bounty hunters died bringing us these victories," the Local #AK876's representative said.

"Tell it to the Imperial pilots who put their lives on the line every day," Moff Brennin argued back. "If they don't want to work under these conditions, we'll either find bounty hunters who will or we will impress them into the Imperial Navy and see how they like the working conditions."


Friday, April 24, 2015

KDY Profiles Raider-Class Corvette

A Raider-class corvette docked at the Kuat Drive Yards (KDY) shipyard facility

KUAT SYSTEM – Distracting from recent disappointing news, Kuat Drive Yards (KDY) profiles its latest product, the Raider-class corvette as the Empire's latest answer to the Rebellion's focus on small fighter craft.

"Soon, the Rebels will learn to fear the might of the Empire!" KDY's advertisement proclaimed.

Despite the enthusiasm of the admiralty for the Raider-class in fleet engagements, TIE-fighter wing commanders serving on the front lines express their disappointment with news that they feel may impact the front lines, such as the Empire's mission to return order and stability to the Arkanis sector.

These wing commanders express more interest in news long awaited from Sienar Fleet Systems about the redevelopment of the TIE Advanced/X1 as well as new recruits from the Prefsbelt naval academy being trained to operate these new fighter craft.

An unnamed agent of the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) told HNN that these wing commanders and subordinate squadron leaders may be investigated for disloyalty should their "grousing" continue.

"They should demonstrate equal enthusiasm as the admiralty, unless they wish their loyalty to be tested on the Arkanis front, or the spice mines of Kessel."

KDY To Deliver Frontline Ships Behind Schedule

Kuat Drive Yards (KDY) shipyard facility

KUAT SYSTEM – The corporate manufactured of capital ships for the Imperial Navy, Kuat Drive Yards (KDY) is alleged to be behind schedule with the delivery of essential naval units.

The report comes from an unnamed source alleging to be involved with KDYs logistics, but prefers to remain anonymous.

The delay comes to great dismay to the Imperial admiralties eagerly awaiting the delivery of Gladiator-class star destroyers as well as TIE Interceptors and TIE Bombers from Sienar Fleet Systems stowed aboard the delayed naval units.

While KDY delivered a large number of Victory-class star destroyers equipped with TIE fighter craft, the Gladiator-class as well as the greater range of starfighters and bombers are considered to be crucial in preventing the dishonorable outflanking maneuvers continually being attempted by rebel starships. These rebel maneuvers occur during attempts to penetrate the Savareen blockade around the Arkanis sector.

Given normal logistics, the delivery of these naval units was expected at the end of the current month or early next month. The source, however, asserts that the middle or end of next month is a more likely scenario. Until that time, the Imperial navy will have to continue to make do with the limited number of Victory-class star destroyers at its disposal.

KDY has not confirmed this allegation, nor has it given a reason for any potential delays in delivery. Suspicions are that it is the remainder of a backlog due to the labor dispute between KDY's daughter company Kuat Freight Port and labor unions.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Replenishment Ship Arrives in Savareen Sector

Altor-class replenishment ship Resourceful orbiting Llanic Prime

LLANIC SYSTEM - The Altor-class replenishment ship Resourceful has arrived in the Llanic system in order to provide the patrolling vessels of the Imperial fleet with fuels, stores, and blaster gasses.

Particularly the blaster gasses intended for the turbolasers of the Victory-class star destroyers patrolling the trade routes of the Savareen and surrounding sectors are in particular demand. These gasses, such as Tibanna, provide the turbolasers with their much-feared firepower.

"These gasses are extremely valuable and volatile," Lt. Dobbelsteen told HNN reporters. Dobbelsteen serves aboard the VSD Despot as its supply officer for gaseous stores.

"Tibanna is a precious commodity, but what some people don't know is that it comes in different types, even if it has the same octohedron-shaped molecule," Dobbelsteen said.

"However, when this type is ignited," he said, pointing towards large black pressure tanks, "it has a short burst and can be very deadly at short ranges, whereas the type in the blue pressure tank over there is sharp accurate energy when it explodes."

Coming to the red pressure tanks, Dobbelsteen spoke of its contents: "Now this gas here is what we use for most of our rebellion-crushing business. It is used by our longer-range turbolasers. Hopefully by the time those are done with the rebel scum, we won't even need the others."

It is more than clear that the star destroyers patrolling the space routes of the Outer Rim around the anarchic Arkanis sector are replenished and eager to do their part in returning stability and order to the galaxy.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Leaked Transmission Emerges on Holonet

An ISB agent vows to bring the perpetrators of this data leak to justice.

IMPERIAL CENTER (CORUSCANT) - The Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) reports that a leaked image from Kuat Drive Yards has circulated the Holonet. The criminal slicing organization HoloLeaks and a wayward ISB analyst, Nedd Hothden, appear to be the criminal culprits.

"These holonet criminals will face the full weight of Imperial justice when the long arm of the ISB catches up with them," an ISB agent told HNN.

"Such leaks compromise Imperial security as the Navy's future plans and capabilities need to remain confidential in order to give them the capability to strike at the enemies of galactic civilization at unawares."

Leaked transmission between Kuat Drive Yards and Lord Darth Vader

The leaked transmission appears to be one between Kuat Drive Yards, in charge of building a new line of Imperial-class star destroyers, and Lord Darth Vader giving instructions on his specifications.

The leaked technical specifications betray the Imperial-class star destroyer as having a sublight speed greater than that of the Victory-class star destroyer, currently the backbone of the Imperial Navy. Furthermore, the leaked data suggests that the Imperial-class will have greater defensive capabilities.

Scurrilous analysts assert that the Imperial-class will get little use out of the greater sublight capability as Imperial doctrine involves slower speeds and using frontal turbolaser assaults to degrade rebel elements.

"Those who question the wisdom of Darth Vader's designs are potentially just as guilty of treason as Hothden and HoloLeaks are," the ISB agent claimed. "They had better hold their tongues if they do not want our rehabilitation droids to remove them."

More Falsehoods From The Outer Rim

IMPERIAL CENTER (CORUSCANT) - More reports on the galactic newsnets are carrying rebellion propaganda of another hit-and-run space battle, this time reported to be from the Sullust system, in the Brema sector of the Outer Rim. According to reports authenticated by the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR) these reports are entirely fabricated. Sullust, nor its manufacturing base, have been under any threat from the rebellion and remain firmly under Imperial control.

COMPNOR agent Prop Agandist assuring loyal citizens of the Empire that rumors of an Imperial defeat in the Outer Rim was pure fabrication.

COMPNOR spokesman Prop Agandist, reassured HNN that reports such as these were merely unsubstantiated rumors being spread by the rebellion in order to make themselves seem like more than the mere nuisance that they have proved themselves to be.

"Again, these are all lies," Agandist said, echoing his statement about similar reports from last week.

"Read my lips, there are no rebels in the Sullust system."

Mr. Agandist further asserted that the rebel rumormongers and those who were assisting in the spread these falsehoods would be swiftly brought to the Empire's justice. He informed HNN that the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) was already rounding up suspects from the Outer Rim's alien planets, including Sullust, where the rumors seem to have begun.

"It is preposterous to even think that a small handful of frigates and corvettes with some small fighter craft could pose a danger to two Victory-class star destroyers. If the rebels want to gain credibility, they should at least make their stories plausible," Agandist scoffed.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Empire Quadruples Its Intent to Bring Relief to Beleaguered Peoples

Newly-designed humanitarian relief craft, TIE Punisher

IMPERIAL CENTER (CORUSCANT) - Swiftly responding to the new threat against humanity, the Imperial Navy has unveiled its latest TIE-series spacecraft, the TIE Punisher.

The TIE Punisher, according to the spokesman for the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR), Mr. Prop Agandist, was designed top-to-bottom for the purpose of bringing relief aid to the besieged citizens of the Arkanis sector, suffering the anarchy and chaos of the crime and terrorism wave of the last few months.

"These craft can carry four times the payload of the TIE/sa Bomber, and increases our chances of bringing just the confort and support those people need to see them through this tough time, while we deal with their victimizers in space."

Asked why the ship's title was revealed to be 'Punisher', Agandist explained. "Because bringing aid, succor, and relief to the rebellion's innocent victim's is the greatest punishment of all: to show that our humanitarianism is limitless, and that their terrorism will not shake our core identity."

Rebellion's Authentic Intent Revealed

Image of new rebel bomber craft, believed to be laden with genocidal weapons of mass destruction

IMPERIAL CENTER (CORUSCANT) - Imperial Intelligence has intercepted signals intelligence from the rebellion, revealing their development of a new bomber-type craft. Analysts infer the rebellion intending to increase their use of ordnance as a means of terrorist-style warfare.

"While we have always known that the Rebellion favors bomber craft that can rain ordnance down on innocent civilians, we have not seen a craft of this type in their hands before," an unnamed analyst with Imperial Intelligence told HNN.

The intercepted imagery includes a K-winged craft with wings carrying vast amounts of ordnance believed to be weapons of mass destruction, which could shake citizens' faith in the Empire's ability to maintain safety.

"The public should not be alarmed," Mr. Prop Agandist, spokesman for the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR) told HNN. "The Empire will not allow the rebellion to bring these dastardly weapons into the core where they can pose harm to the Emperor's loyal subjects."

"But these bomber craft do reveal the Rebellion's strategic intent," Agandist added. "They want to strike fear into the hearts of those loyal subjects for no other crime than that loyalty. Unlike the Empire's TIE/sa bomber craft, which is specialized in emergency relief packages to beleaguered and needy people, such as those suffering the scourge of crime in the Arkanis sector, these new rebel craft have no such aim."

"Their only aim is terror."

Imperial Navy Maintains Blockade Against Rebel Insurgency

The destruction of a rebel frigate while being flanked by a newly-commissioned Victory- class star destroyer.

LLANIC SYSTEM - An Imperial patrol maintained the blockade against a concerted effort by the rebellion to dislodge the Imperial vessels from the Llanic system.

In typical rebel fashion, acting by subterfuge and dishonorable attack vectors, the rebel forces attempted to gain advantage by exploiting the Imperial positions. Fortunately, the Imperial navy vessels were able to come about and bring their turbolasers to bear on one of the rebel frigates, destroying it before the remaining rebel vessels fled to hyperspace.

The latest skirmish in the Outer Rim demonstrates the Rebellion's desperation to break through the Savareen blockade to replenish their forces in the embargoed Arkanis sector, where they are one faction in a anarchic spree of crime and terrorism. Last month the Empire engaged a policy of containment in order to stop the spread of lawlessness into neighboring parts of the Outer Rim.

The Victory-class star destroyers in the skirmish in the Llanic system were commanded and crewed by recently-graduated officers from the Prefsbelt IV naval academy. Citizens loyal to the Emperor have reason to be proud of their sons and daughters serving in the Imperial Navy, as they once again hold the line against the forces that seek to unravel peace and stability as well as humanity's rightful place at the galactic core.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Pirates Captured by Imperial Forces

Captured pirates being taken to interrogation

HULDAMUN SYSTEM - Several pirates operating along the Vaschean Way were apprehended by Imperial forces near the Huldamun system. Their interrogation is expected to lead to the identification of the leadership of the criminal elements in the Arkanis Sector.

The pirates were located by a bounty hunter in the service of the Moff Brennin. Brennin was recently installed as sector governor in the Arkanis sector after a series of defeats leading to the permanent retirement of the previous fleet admiral.

Moff Brennin's approach, titled 'Imposition Matrix' is a new approach towards dealing with the criminal element, and involves operations such as the one leading to the capture of these pirates.

The apprehended pirates were of alien origin, and surrendered after their wingmen were swiftly dispatched with heavy laser cannons. They had been operating in a formation of four Z-95 Headhunter close-range fighters, but were heavily armed with ordnance and illicit modifications.

Should the apprehended pirates survive the interrogation process, they are scheduled to be transferred to the spice mining facility on Kessel.


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Rebel Propaganda Emerges on Galactic News Nets

Image from news net report of an alleged rebel attack on an Imperial patrol

IMPERIAL CENTER (CORUSCANT) - Reports on the galactic newsnets are carrying a report of a hit-and-run space battle in an unnamed location, leading to the failed assassination of an Imperial admiral.

The report, which includes no information of the alleged date or location of the alleged attack, purports to be a rebel victory. This rebel victory is purported to be due to the loss of a Victory-class star destroyer and the subsequent escape of the rebel ships, despite the failure of the assassination attempt.

The Imperial Navy denies the accuracy of the report.

A spokesman for the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR), Mr. Prop Agandist, assured HNN that this was merely propaganda and that the Imperial Navy has no recent reports of patrols with two Victory-class star destroyers being attacked in this fashion.

  COMPNOR spokesman Prop Agandist

"All lies," Agandist said.

"There are no rebels in Imperial-held space."

"This is nothing but cheap tricks by rebel slicers on the Outer Rim. It is obvious even from the footage that the rebel slicers could not even use real models in their footage and instead resorted to inexpensive datapad generated imagery."

Meanwhile, the Imperial Navy reports that all is quiet on the Savareen front, where the Navy is maintaining a blockade against the crime wave happening in the neighboring Arkanis Sector.

"The rebels are desperate for good news, and so they created it themselves", Agandist explained. "The Arkanis sector is successfully contained, the rebels are no more than a pathetic faction of criminals who cannot even hold their own against the real criminal element of the Arkanis sector. It would be sad if they were not heinous terrorists."

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Join the Empire!

A public service announcement:

Click image or here for original source.

Arkanis Sector Authorities Identify Criminal Target

Suspected pirate leader known by the illustrious name Mr. Frog-Dog.

NEW ATOR SYSTEM - As part of the new approach towards bringing the Arkanis Sector to heel, Operation 'Impostion Matrix' has identified a local criminal kingpin, commanding pirates along the Triellus Trade Route.

A particularly heinous pirate band was encountered in the New Ator system, during missions attached to the operation. The missions were said to be special Imperial Navy units detached to the operation, flying alongside local a guide with an exclusive contract with the Empire. The missions were scouring the Triellus Trade Route through the Arkanis Sector in search of rebel activity.

The leader of the pirate band is said to be a Frog-Dog, a sentient species that is frequently mistaken for a guardian animal. Another member of this reptilian species, which is also often mistaken for being amphibian in nature, is an associate of the notorious criminal Jabba the Hutt, whose base of operations is located in the Arkanis Sector.

The individual suspected of leading pirate operations along the Triellus Trade Route is also known for operating drones on the holonet. Its true name is unknown, but frequently goes by the name Mr. Frog-Dog.

Should this being resurface, the Empire is sure to put a bounty on his head.

The pirates plagued Imperial units, which were in the act of hunting down rebel elements within the Arkanis Sector. The Arkanis Sector Group, now under the leadership of Moff Dzohn Brennin refuses to make more details of Operation 'Imposition Matrix' public, except to say that the operation is proceeding as planned.


Monday, April 13, 2015

New Moff Appointed to the Arkanis Sector: Vows to Change Strategy and Bring Sector to Heel

Newly-appointed Moff Dzohn Brennin of the Arkanis Sector, choosing to maintain the uniform of Imperial Intelligence

ARKANIS SYSTEM - In replacement of the Arkanis Sector Group Fleet Admiral Hoogvliet, recently retired by Lord Darth Vader, the Emperor has appointed Moff Dzon Brennin as sector governor of the Arkanis sector.

As a career counter-insurgency oper- ative within Imperial Intelligence, Brennin's appointment signals a strategic shift in Imperial Central's approach to the wayward sector of the Outer Rim.

In a press conference with numerous news agencies loyal to the Empire, Brennin announced a new strategy, titled an 'Imposition Matrix'. This strategy is said to be aimed at bringing the sector's treasonous and criminal elements to heel in a more surgical but forceful approach.

Vice Admiral Bodum will remain in command of the remainder of the sector's naval units, save for specific units to be tasked to an approach the new strategy. Details (or even a general outline) of this 'Imposition Matrix' remain obscure, but are said to be a more targeted approach to the insurgency and general criminality in the sector.

The moff assured HNN that more would be made public, when the rebel insurgents and crime syndicates begin to feel the sting of this operation.

Political analysts, however, believe that the Emperor only has limited patience before he expects to receive results from this new approach.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Droids Deactivated: Arkanis Sector Slides Further Into Anarchy

Lord Darth Vader declines to comment to HNN. (HNN is also hiring new war correspondents to serve in the Arkanis Sector.)

VASCH SYSTEM - The war droids responsible for an attack on an Imperial peace mission were destroyed during another attempt to bring peace and stability to the Arkanis sector through diplomacy. This is hailed as a just reprisal on behalf of the Empire.

In other news, the Arkanis sector slides further into anarchy as and even rogue elements flying Imperial military hardware take part in the chaotic skirmishes of this forlorn part of the galaxy.

As a result of the failure of the diplomatic efforts, the Arkanis Sector Group navy will change the strategy attempted by Admiral Hoogvliet. This was announced after Admiral Hoogvliet was visited by Lord Darth Vader himself. Admiral Hoogvliet's position will be carried out by his adjudant, Vice Admiral Bodum, until a new Sector Admiral can be appointed.

"You simply cannot reason with the denizens of the Arkanis sector," spokesman for the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR), Mr. Prop Agandist told HNN. "We have clearly done our due diligence in attempting to bring the chaos in the Arkanis sector to heel, but more forceful methods will clearly be necessary."

Meanwhile, the Vasch System, which has been the front of attempts to bring the Arkanis sector to heel will be abandoned by the Empire. Torpedo Spheres have been dispatched to deal with the system more effectively.


Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Empire Remembers: Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin

Artistic rendition of Grand Moff Tarkin (original here)

FARSTINE SYSTEM - Following yesterday evening's victories over the treasonous rebels at Farstine station in the Ryndellian Sector, the navy remembers Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin.

Despite the tragic loss of Tarkin in a shuttle accident at the Tallaan Imperial Shipyards, his influence is still felt throughout the Imperial Navy. That influence is such that fleets are deemed capable of operating even without the physical presence of a fleet commander.

"When that escort frigate was bearing down on us, it was as if I knew that Grand Moff Tarkin would have wanted us to prepare for engineering operations," Captain Keohane of the Victory-class Star Destroyer Despot told reporters. "And so I ordered my repair crews to stand by. Sure enough, we took fire from both that Nebulon off the bow, as well as that pesky corvette off our port."

"Thankfully, the spirit of the Grand Moff was with us that day, or I don't know what would have happened."

Thankfully indeed, loyal readers, as the Imperial Navy are all that stand between the civilized Core worlds and the anarchy that is besetting Outer Rim places like the chaotic Arkanis Sector.

Rebel Insurgency Crushed in Farstine System

Farstine station - strategic location of a thwarted Rebel attack.

FARSTINE SYSTEM - A Rebel attack on a space station in the Farstine system was thwarted by newly deployed Victory-class star destroyers engaged in a blockade of the wayward Arkanis Sector.

The Farstine system, located at the intersection of the Triellus Trade Route and the Five Veils Route, is a choke point for hyperspace traffic in the Trailing Sectors near the Arkanis sector, which is under blockade due to a ruinous crime wave and rebel insurrection. Had the Rebellion been able to subvert the trade station, it would have represented a base of illicit operations, including spice running and human trafficking - key contraband products on which the rebellion remains funded.

After the initial defense of the station, the Victory-class star destroyer, Despot pursued the rebel craft, and was intercepted by an ambush. Fortunately, the ambush failed as TIE fighters were able to successfully screen against the rebels' murderous X-wing fighters.

The VSD Despot fought off the Corellian corvette and escort frigate, and is currently berthed at Farstine station for repairs.

These victories in the Savareen blockade represent a beacon of hope, as the situation in the Arkanis sector continues to worsen. Reports speak of a buildup of fighter craft in the Arkanis sector, and a significant clash seems imminent.


Friday, April 10, 2015

BENN GLECK: Aliens Undermining Empire

Senior Outer-Rim Analyst Benn Gleck identifies the source of the Empire's troubles to maintain law and order on the Outer Rim. Says: "Aliens."

HNN Senior Outer Rim Analyst Benn Gleck writes another open letter to HNN readers/watchers/listeners. He explains why the Imperial Navy is struggling to return control to the Outer Rim.

Dear loyal citizens of the Empire,

I have more to say to you about Aliens.

That's right - I am going to say it, because nobody else has to guts to do it.

The Old Republic failed because of aliens, and the Empire is on the verge of not learning the lessons of the Clone War. The Old Republic allowed political correctness and multi-speciesism to undermine the core values - by which I mean the Core's values - human values.

Those values are what knit civilization together, and created a prosperous galaxy together. But what undermined that galaxy?

You know it: Aliens.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Bothan Saboteurs Sabotage Naval Academy Datapads

Academy datapad containing sliced tactical instructions.

PREFSBELT IV - Junior naval officers have found tactical mistakes in their tactical instructions manuals, which if followed would put Imperial naval units in severe danger. Bothan saboteurs are suspected of having sliced into the naval academy datapads containing the tactical instructions.

The particular line involves instructions for cadet officers ordering their star destroyers to launch themselves into combat at full speed at the outset of combat and to order for repairs, rather than reducing speed. It appears in item 6 'prepare ships' on page 5 of the manual.

"This is suicidal," one cadet told HNN reporters, "you don't want those rebels stabbing you in the back. You want to start slow, or even at a halt in the beginning of a skirmish. Repairs don't come 'till later."

This sabotaging of student manuals is considered to be typical of rebel tactics, especially of alien rebels such as Bothans. Bothans are known to be slicers and spies, and thus fully in the character of these beings.

"That these filthy aliens would put misinformation into the textbooks of students is outrageous, but also quite natural to these aliens," Mr. Prop Agandist of the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR) said.

"Many Bothans will die for bringing us this misinformation," a spokesman for the Imperial Security Bureau vowed.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Droids Strike Again; Bounty Hunters Prove Faithless

One of two war droids responsible for attacks on TIE Bombers engaged in peaceful mission.

VASCH SYSTEM - The war droids responsible for an attack on an Imperial peace mission yesterday have struck again. The targets were TIE Bombers loaded with medicines and foodstuffs bound for the beleaguered Vasch system. To the desperation of the innocent civilians on the planet, the bomber craft were lost.

Fortunately, a separate mission to re-engage with local leaders escaped capture by bounty hunters, aiming to capture and ransom the Imperial ambassador. While the mission was thwarted, the ambassador was able to escape her shuttle in an escape pod, and is currently recovering aboard the resort liner Coral Vanda on Pantolomin, near Coruscant.

The Bounty Hunters defeated in this attempt had been previously engaged to hunt down the war droids, a task at which they clearly proved to be faithless. The Imperial Navy is considering ceasing bounty-hunting contracts. One naval officer, preferring to remain off the record commented:

"We don't need that scum."

Meanwhile, the efforts to bring the Arkanis sector back into the fold seem to be meeting with more difficulty than had previously been expected. Thankfully, the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR) explains why this is a silver lining:

"The longer the beleaguered worlds of the Arkanis sector suffer without the benevolence of the Empire bringing law and order to their surfaces, the more they become a display piece for why the Empire is a galactic necessity," COMPNOR spokesman Prop Agandist told HNN.


Savareen Sector: First Catch

Newly-commissioned officers of the Imperial Navy overseeing blockade of hyperspace routes leading to the Arkanis Sector.

ANDASALA SYSTEM - An Imperial patrol consisting of one of the new Victory-class star destroyers deployed to the Savareen sector intercepted an attempted run on the blockade against the Arkanis sector. one rebel corvette was destroyed, and a frigate was driven off.

With the Savareen sector being patrolled by the Imperial Navy, it is expected that more such skirmishes shall take place as the new star destroyers deployed to the sector prevent supply shipments to the Arkanis sector. These supplies are reported to include resources for the rebel and criminal elements destabilizing that portion of space.

The interdicted rebel ships were located in the Andasala system, an Outer Rim system along the Llanic Spice Run. While The Andasala system is not formally a part of the Savareen Sector, belonging instead to the Cor'ric sector. With the outer Rim generally being a lawless and uncivilized part of the galaxy, the Imperial Navy has deemed it necessary to ignore jurisdictions in order to engage in a more comprehensive enforcement of Imperial order.

Local authorities have complained over the transgression of existing jurisdictions. Fortunately, these have been dismissed as only existing to provide a haven for the pirates and other criminals in the Andalasa system. Furthermore, the mere name 'Llanic Spice Run' suggests the spice trade as the dominant economy of the area. Once the Empire has completed the blockade of the Arkanis sector, analysts predict further police actions against these crime-ridden backwards parts of the galaxy.


Murderous Droids Slaughter Innocent Ambassador

One of two spacecraft suspected of intercepting and destroying diplomatic mission to Arkanis sector.

VASCH SYSTEM - During an attempted diplomatic mission to a key system in the anarchic Arkanis sector, the ambassadorial shuttle was intercepted by droid controlled spacecraft and destroyed. Criminal elements are suspected in the planning and programming of this heinous act.

Seeking to reestablish frayed relations between the Empire and wayward systems of the Arkanis sector, the mission had been dispatched in the hope of a diplomatic breakthrough. The interception of this mission is a clear sign that the criminal and rebel elements intend to hold the peaceful systems of the Arkanis sector hostage to their hateful ideology of crime and separatism.

The droid spacecraft are held to be fugitives from justice and anyone associated with these droids will be held accountable to the full extent of Imperial law enforcement. Bounty hunters seeking to be on the right side of the law are encouraged to hunt down said droids, as they are listed as being wanted - functioning or deactivated.

For many Imperial veterans, this is a stark reminder of the war fought to maintain unity in the galaxy, sometimes referred to as the Clone War. The use of droids as targeted killing machines has since been explicitly and forcefully outlawed by the Empire, yet in the Arkanis sector, where rebels and criminals run amok, these droids appear to still be employed by those seeking to erode Imperial authority.

Reports that Imperial elements sought to dissuade the diplomatic mission are baseless and scurrilous and anyone spreading such rumors should brush up on their spice-mining skills.


Friday, April 3, 2015

Rogue Planetoid Strikes Arkanis II

Collision between Arkanis II and rogue planetoid

ARKANIS PRIME - Tragedy struck the Arkanis system today, when a rogue planetoid struck one of the worlds of this system. While the planet was largely uninhabited, aside from a species known as the Gaim, the planet was a place of resources and in the hyperspace entry zone to the system. Thankfully, no human life was harmed.

While the native species was made extinct, the greater loss - being those resourced deemed contributory to Imperial Rule (such as Victory-class Star Destroyers) - are in need of rebuilding. The Empire calls upon all loyal citizens to donate credits to the rebuilding of the Arkanis system.

With the Arkanis system beset by rebellious and criminal elements, these are naturally suspected of being behind the rogue planetoid's appearance. Though claiming not to possess the resources to move a planetoid of this size out of its natural orbital alignment, the planetoid was not accounted for in the space navigation data of the Imperial Space Ministry. As a result, the rebel and criminal elements will be held accountable in just a few days when the Empire musters its forces to wreak retribution on those responsible.

Blockade of the Arkanis Sector Slow to Materialize

  A Victory-class Star Destroyer in orbit in the Christophsis system awaiting crew to be deployed.

CHRISTOPHSIS - The Savareen sector Group has taken receipt of its first Victory-class Star Destroyer, while local Imperial forces are slow to muster personnel to crew the craft. As a result, the blockade of the Arkanis sector, which is to take place in the Savereen Sector, as recently reported, has not yet been implemented.

The delay in mustering is reported to be due to a situation of overemployment on the planet (due to successful Imperial economic policies) as well as a hold-up in getting flag officers to become more familiar with the star destroyer's instruction manual.

Moff Christoph-Tagge, supreme commander of all naval forces in the Savareen sector told HNN reporters that while the forces are slow to deploy, workcrews are busy preparing TIE fighters with a paintjob not received from Sienar Fleet Systems. While Sienar has been diligent in the past with providing the fighters with the protective and decorative coating, these were pressed into service too quickly and inexpensively, leaving it to the sector authorities to take care of.

Furthermore, the moff told HNN hat support vessels are being built to assist in the eventual deployment of the fleet.

Analysts on Imperial Center are concerned that a delay will cause the situation in the neighboring Arkanis sector to worsen. Should matters take longer, there is an expectation that Lord Vader will have to find new ways to motivate local naval commanders.

Force Choke: It Could Happen To You!

A public service announcement:

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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Conspiracy Theories Laid to Rest About Alderaan

The planet Alderaan before its removal to make way for an interstellar hyperspace bypass

IMPERIAL CENTER (CORUSCANT) - Imperial Grand Vizier Sate Pestage sets record straight about scurrilous conspiracy theories circulating among disloyal and malcontented denizens.

After the spread of numerous conspiracy theories regarding the destruction of the planet Alderaan and slanders regarding Lord Darth Vader's involvement in the destruction of an Imperial space station, the highest Imperial administrator clarifies the so-called Alderaan incident.

These allegations include accusations that the Empire would destroy an inhabited planet in order to coerce a confession from a rebel spy and traitor. Furthermore, that Lord Vader himself would be implicated in the destruction of the space station instrumental in the destruction of Alderaan as some form of a coverup.

"This is preposterous nonsense," Grand Vizier Sate Pestage told HNN. "Alderaan's removal was nothing more than a necessary widening of an interstellay hyperspace bypass between Brentaal and Commenor."

Responding to suggestions that millions of people had been killed in this 'bypass construction', Pestage said "All the planning charts and demolition orders had been on display at the local planning department on Brentaal for the required amount of time. If the remaining citizens of Alderaan had taken a greater interest in local affairs, then maybe they would not have been taken at unawares."

Since the Commenor Run's widening, Pestage explained, interstellar commerce has become more prosperous as goods can more easily move from 'The Slice' (the segment of the galaxy between the Corellian Run and the Perlemian Trade Route) to the Core worlds, making everyone else better off as a result.

"But there's no convincing some people," Pestage said, shrugging his shoulders. "Haters are just gonna hate."

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

ImpMart under fire for use of non-human labor

The ImpMart corporate logo

ETTI IV (CORPORATE SECTOR) - The galaxy-wide distributor of inexpensive consumer necessities, ImpMart, has been under fire by humans-first activists for their high labor standards for aliens in the Corporate Sector.

With the Empire increasingly dependent on imports from the Corporate Sector, loyal enthusiasts for the New Order are criticizing the Corporate Sector's labor practices. In the middle of the controversy is ImpMart, which is based on Coruscant, but outsources its manufacturing to the Corporate Sector for less expensive labor costs.

Humans-first activists, meanwhile, are split. Some are demanding that ImpMart re-patriate their manufacturing in order to employ more humans, others are demanding that Impmart's manufacturing centers lower their labor standards in order to reduce costs for (human) consumers in the Core worlds. Other activists still demand both of these measures concurrently.

Sentient-rights activists, meanwhile, argue that current labor standards are abysmally low, causing the death of non-human indentured workers on the factory worlds of the Corporate Sector. Some even call the practices "inhuman". Agent Prop Agandist of the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR) responded to the sentient-rights activists, saying: "Duh! They're aliens!"

Agents of the Imperial Security Bureau have rounded up the Sentient-rights activists and have exported them to the factory worlds of the Corporate Sector in order to counteract the trade imbalance.