Tuesday, October 18, 2016

'Rifts Coalition': Pirates or Privateers?

Archival image of 'Rifts Coalition' TIE Fighter

SRILUUR - Another Imperial patrol has gone missing in the Suolriep sector: a region of space where a sinister faction known as the 'Rifts Coalition' claims territory.

A reinforced patrol, consisting of an assault carrier, two flights of TIE Fighters, one flight of TIE Bombers and an element of TIE Interceptors, went missing in the Suolriep sector yesterday.

While none of the vessels constituting the patrol returned to report the incident, Imperial Navy authorities claim that it is likely a faction known as the 'Rifts Coalition' which is responsible.

As previously reported, the Rifts Coalition flies Imperial Navy vessels and fighters while sporting a skull and crossbones emblem against a sable background. This band of vessels, while made up of Imperial Navy-grade hardware, has an inconsistency in its makeup which suggests to analysts that the faction is irregular. It resembles a disorder of battle known to desperate bands of insurgents. That would put this Rifts Coalition in the ranks of pirates or, worse still, the Rebellion.

Previous instances of activities by the Rifts Coalition had been permitted, as they targeted Rebel and pirate forces attempting to undermine law and order in the Tharin sector. Now that the Coalition has repeatedly targeted Imperial Navy units, the Empire is determined to stamp them out of the galaxy.

Another theory considers the possibility that the reinforced patrol was swallowed by a ravenous space slug also known to inhabit the territory in which the Rifts Coalition operates.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Rebellion and Thugs Skirmish for Turf in the Coruscant Underworld

Civilian population of Cloud City protests Rebel attack

CORUSCANT (IMPERIAL CENTER) - Imperial Stormtroopers and even Imperial Guardsmen move to quash illegal and subversive combatants in the capital city's underworld.

The lawlessness of the Outer Rim has struck even in the Empire's very heart, as gangs and Rebel insurgents squabble for turf in the underbelly of the Ecumenopolis. Some Rebel factions have even turned their blasters on one another.

According to eye-witnesses, the hostilities within the rebellion represent a rift between the Rebellion's alien faction, and the faction led by religious zealots.

According to an Imperial Security Bureau spokesman, the struggles within the lower orders of Coruscant represents a sign that the Rebellion is closer to final defeat.

"If the Rebellion were gaining ground in the Outer Rim, instead of being crushed by the Imperial Navy, then they would be out in the Outer Rim attempting to hold territory. Instead, they are here in our midst, struggling to capture garbage in Coruscant's gutters."

In addition to Rebel insurgents, some of Coruscant's alien denizens resisted Imperial efforts to impose order on the lower levels. These were mostly aliens recalcitrant to Imperial Center's legitimate alien restrictions, which is why they were found outside of the Alien Protection Zone, colloquially referred to as 'InviSec'.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Thwarted Rebels Strike Terror in Civilian Population Cloud City

Civilian population of Cloud City protests Rebel attack

BESPIN SYSTEM - Rebel operatives, prevented from attacking the administrative control center of Cloud City, turn their blasters on the civilian population in an attempt to sow fear and terror.

Following a Rebel attempt to infiltrate the administrative offices aboard Cloud City, a cell of Rebel insurgents attacked the civilian population.

According to the local Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) authorities, the change of tactics from infiltration and subversion to outright scare tactics and terrorism is a sign that the Rebellion is desperate.

"Militarily impotent, and unable to win the hearts and minds of civilians through their perverted cause, the Rebellion has resorted to rank intimidation and brutality," ISB special agent Blaise told the HNN correspondent aboard Cloud City.

Showing they would not be intimidated by Rebel savagery, Cloud City civilians protested against the Rebel attack, the day after it took place. Cloud City Wing Guards stood guard over the civilians, making sure their protest was not disturbed by further Rebel violence.

"Down with the ... Rebels!" one civilian demonstrator shouted after being reminded by an ISB operative of the proper phrasing of the protest.

"It's evident that the Empire inspires much loyalty here on Cloud City," Agent Blaise added to the correspondent. "It's clear the Imperial assumption over private control is greatly welcomed here."