Mission Statement

The HoloNet News Network is dedicated to bringing you the news that confirms what you need to believe, and for you to be assured that the Emperor will maintain order and stability in the galaxy.

In doing so, HNN stands strong against the sedition and propaganda that is spread - virus-like - by the Rebellion, who seek to undermine loyal citizens' belief in the one order that has successfully brought stability to the galaxy.

News you must trust.

In times when aliens and malcontents wish to return to a galaxy where they can bring back the corruption and licentiousness of the Old Republic, it is up to government and citizens to say 'no' to obvious falsehoods, and to put their stake into what they already know to be true.

In these times HNN is determined to stand strong for an order that is right, strong, and human:

  • One that keeps the Hutt slaver away from your children;
  • One that prevents Socorran scoundrels from seducing your wives; and
  • One that says "No!" to Jawas selling you stolen droids of questionable quality.

In these times, HNN stands with you and yours, against them and theirs. HNN will shine the light, and the citizens can once again believe.

Read HNN.

The Most Loyal Name in News.

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