Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Emperor Escapes Near Tragedy While Inspecting Preparations for Final Destruction of Rebel Alliance

His Imperial Highness, Emperor Palpatine with his trusted personal aide, Lord Darth Vader

PAKUUNI SYSTEM - Emperor Palpatine narrowly avoided an accident of 'friendly' fire today during his approach to the massing fleet in the Pakuuni system

A squad of trainee TIE Punisher pilots fired upon an escorted Lambda-class shuttle carrying Emperor Palpatine today, after the same squad encountered rebel B-Wing fighters attempting to test the Imperial Navy blockade in the Pakuuni system.

The galaxy breathed a sigh of relief that the Emperor's escorts, none other than his right-hand man - Lord Darth Vader, and another starfighter pilot of renown - Baron Soontir Fel of the 181st Fighter Wing, were able to prevent the attack on the Emperor.

The Emperor was in the Pakuuni system to inspect Imperial Navy preparations. The Imperial fleet is maintaining a blockade against the Calamari sector and massing fleet elements in order to put an end to the Calamari betrayal and uprising.

With rebel and other criminal attacks occurring daily in the in and near the Calamari sector, Imperial Navy pilots are deemed to be under stress. According to medical droids, Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) can lead to frayed nerves and cause trainee pilots to fire before full identify friend-or-foe determinations have been made.

The Commission for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR) ordered citizens to celebrate the Emperor's narrow escape.

"Our galaxy would have been doomed if this most selfless and devoted man had been killed in such an accident," COMPNOR spokesman Prop Agandist told HNN. "Thank goodness He is safe, and thank the Emperor that we may continue to be blessed by his most enlightened rule."

Monday, September 28, 2015

Empire Determined to End Droid Scourge

Two Aggressor assault fighters, piloted by murderous droids

PAKUUNI SYSTEM - The Imperial Navy has declared its determination to eradicate the droid menace that has escaped the Arkanis sector.

Following an incident in the Eredenn system involving murderous droids behind Imperial lines, Admiral Ren Darvox had declared more forces will be devoted to the eradication of droids programmed for the murder of humans, operating within Imperial territory in the sectors under his command.

The incident involved an attack on a peaceful Imperial training patrol, involving one of the new TIE Punisher craft. Two Aggressor assault fighters made an unprovoked attack on the training patrol, remorselessly killing all trainees. According to sensor logs, the Aggressor fighters were piloted by IG-series assassin droids. Fortunately, Imperial forces were quick to respond and the retaliatory strike forcefully deactivated the heinous droids.

The IG-series was a series of droids manufactured by Holowan Laboratories during the final years of the Galactic Republic, and were used as both bodyguards and assassins. The determination to rid the galaxy of such a droid menace was one of the founding reasons for the establishment of the Empire, next to reducing Senate corruption and Separatist insurrection.

Adm. Darvox was recently put in charge of the old Maldrood Oversector in the Outer Rim. His purpose has been to contain the separatism of the Mon Calamari and Quarren, ingrate denizens of the Dac System in the Calamari Sector.

The droid incident in the Eredenn system comes at a time when the Empire is preparing to return the Calamari sector back to Imperial control. Reports indicate that Imperial-class star destroyers and new Raider-class corvettes are being deployed to the borders of the Calamari sector in order to witness the quashing of the Calamari revolt.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Rebel Activity in Caluula Sector Detected: Imperial Navy Closing Breach in Blockade

Blue Majesty, flagship of the rebel warlord Lyraeus, sighted in the Caluula system

CALUULA SYSTEM - Imperial vessels have detected Rebel activity in the Caluula system. Sector and regional forces have been put on alert to close the hyperroute resupplying the wayward Calamari sector.

Imperial Navy vessels encountered rebel trafficking of illicit goods in the Caluula system several days ago. A Rebel line of two assault frigates escorted by several fighter squadrons was detected making use of an outlying space station in the system. The space station was doubtlessly a transfer point for moving spice, weapons, and alien smut through the last remaining hole in the Imperial blockade of the Calamari sector.

After an exchange of fire, and the rapid retreat of one of the assault frigates, the Imperial Recon Line, consisting of three Gladiator-class star destroyers, was able to return to the fleet to report on the sighting. Imperial Navy Attack Lines have been dispatched to hunt and interdict the rebel forces, closing any further trafficking with the Calamari homeworld.

"This was a clear victory for the forces of peace and stability," Admiral Ren Darvox told HNN. "Now that we know their trafficking vector, we can shut it down and gain full control over the Caluula system.

Admiral Darvox is commissioned with the command of the Suppression of Calamari Campaign, aiming to return the Calamari Sector to legitimate Imperial control.

The Rebel vessels in question are believed to be operating under the direction of the Rebel warlord Lyraeus. Lyraeus was recently ignominiously driven from the neighboring Pakuuni system, but appears to have reared his head in the Caluula system.

With the Pakuuni system under secure Imperial control, the Imperial Navy moves to shut down illicit traffic through the Caluula system. With Imperial control over these two bottlenecks in the galactic hyperroute system nearly complete, the embargo over the Calamari sector will move to the following phase - a continuous move towards the Dac system and the re-establishment of legitimate authority in the Calamari sector.

Meanwhile, the Rebel propaganda source, Alliance "Free" "News" ludicrously reports this as a victory for the Rebellion, demonstrating the overwhelming biased and skewed reporting done by the Rebellion's mouthpiece.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Imperial Navy Presence in Gbu System Reassures Local Population

Gladiator flotilla under the command of Commodore Charis Naboobo showing the Imperial flag in the Gbu system of the Keldrath sector.

GBU SYSTEM - fighting the Rebel terrorist forces to a stalemate in the Gbu system, the Imperial Navy brings hope to the denizens of the Gbu system of the Keldrath sector. Engaging in war games over the planet's surface, the local species have a new-found respect for the Empire's naval prowess.

The Imperial Navy halted Rebel advances in the Gbu system along the Pakuuni Drift last week. Following the forced halt to the Rebellion, the forces under the command of Commodore Charis Naboobo engaged with a subordinate commander's forces in war games intended to drill ship crews and demonstrate Imperial naval might to the local alien population.

The battle and war games occurred concurrently with the battles for Pakuuni and Caluula.

Commodore Naboobo won renown and promotion after his victories in the Colundra sector two weeks ago. Considered a rising star in the Imperial ranks, Cdre. Naboobo is deemed to enjoy the Emperor's favor, and is believed to be a native son of the same home planet as Emperor Palpatine.

Engaging in war games over the planet's surface, the local species have a new-found respect for the Empire's naval prowess, making them more likely to resist rebel tendencies otherwise native to alien beings. The native species, an insectoid life form known as the Veubgri, are deemed ideal for hard labor in highly pressurized atmospheres.

Imperial Navy Report: Lord Vader Instrumental in Imperial Victory in Battle of Brigia

Lord Darth Vader declining to comment to reporters

PAKUUNI SYSTEM - The official Imperial Navy report on yesterday's battle in the Brigia system shows a dramatic victory for the Empire. Of particular note was the contribution made by Lord Darth Vader himself.

Following a pitched battle in the Brigia system yesterday, the Imperial Navy has released its official report on the battle. The report shows an overwhelming victory for the Empire over the combined forces of the Rebellion and their criminal allies.

The report also shows the personal intervention by the Emperor's own right-hand man, Lord Darth Vader.

Lord Vader booked tremendous success luring the Rebellion into an assassination attempt against a shuttle rumored to be carrying the Emperor Himself. Together with an element of the renowned Obsidian Squadron, Lord Vader destroyed two elements of rebel fighters and one band of Black Sun criminals. While the Emperor is rumored to have been in the system, these rumors may have been planted in the interest of drawing out would-be Rebel assassins.

The battle also saw the deployment of several heavy TIE/it "Punisher" bombers as well as refurbished TIE/x1 starfighters. Thus far, the latter appear to be more effective against Rebel forces.

According to sources within Imperial Intelligence, the Rebellion deployed a new type of X-wing star fighter, designated the T-70, an updated split-wing version of the T-65 X-wing starfighter produced by the traitorous Incom Corporation of the Fresia system of the Torranix sector.

Dissenting newsnets suggest that the Imperial victory may not have been as clear-cut as the report suggests. The Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) is engaged in preventing such filth from being spread through the comm waves and finding a new vocation for such reporters in the spice mines of Kessel.

Empire Suppresses Rebellion in Brigia System

Pitched fighter combat in the Brigia system

BRIGIA SYSTEM - Pursuant to the strategy to defeat the Rebellion and to return legitimate law and order to the Calamari sector, the Empire is engaged in a suppression of Rebel forces in the Brigia system. While the final report of the outcome of the battle remains to be made public, reports indicate an Imperial victory.

Fighter and bomber craft of the Imperial Navy engaged with rebel snubfighters in the Brigia system yesterday, seeking to maintain an open space lane between the Pakuuni system and the Caluula system, both being key systems for an embargo of the Calamari sector.

Location of the Brigia system

Initial reports speak of an Imperial victory over the Rebels, despite some contrary Rebel propaganda [see below the jump]. However, contrary to the successes of the Imperial Navy in the Arkanis sector, irregular Imperial elements are reported to have been more successful than elements organized according to the Imperial Navy's standard order of battle. These reports are, however, to be treated as suspect, if not traitorous, before a formal report is released by the Imperial Navy.

The fighter battle in the Brigia system is part of a larger campaign aimed at bringing the neighboring Calamari sector to heel. The Mon Calamari and the Quarren, both of the Dac system, declared their treason against Imperial rule, nearly two weeks ago. With a swift and just response, characteristic of our Emperor, Emperor Palpatine ordered Grand Moff Ardus Kaine of Oversector Outer to curtail the Calamari uprising and return the sector to law and order. With command of the old Maldrood Oversector delegated to Admiral Ren Darvox, the Imperial Navy has established an embargo strategy against the Calamari sector. The Pakuuni system was already been secured for the Empire last week.

Following the presumed victory in the Brigia system, the Caluula system - another strategic node in the hyperroute network - is projected to soon be back under Imperial control.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Empire Seizes Control Over Pakuuni System

Victory-class star destroyers commanding TIE/sa bombers to engage in a bombing run against Rebel vessels

PAKUUNI SYSTEM - In a number of fleet engagements, the Imperial Navy gained control over the Pakuuni system, one of two systems deemed strategically imperative for placing an embargo on the Calamari sector.

The Imperial Navy took decisive control over the Pakuuni system after encountering several flotillas of Rebel assault frigates. The first of these flotillas was destroyed by massed TIE/sa bomber craft.

Meanwhile, the Warlord Lyraeus resurfaced in the Caluula system, where his forces were detecting gathering intelligence for the Rebellion. The Rebel warlord's forces withdrew from the system, but the Caluula system is not yet determined to have been sufficiently purged of Rebel activity.

Not long after Lyraeus' forces having made the jump to lightspeed in the Caluula system, his forces were encountered in the Pakuuni system, where they were detected by two bomber lines of Victory-class star destroyers. These deployed a full wing of TIE/sa bomber craft against the Rebel warlord's forces, forcing yet another withdrawal from the system.

with the decisive capture of the Pakuuni system, the Rebellion and the Mon Calamari/Quarren are prevented from using the Overic Griplink as a trade route through replenish necessary resources. The Imperial Navy will soon also capture the Caluula system to fully choke off the Calamari sector and so force the sea-bottom dwellers of Dac to accept the enlightened administration of the Empire.