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The primary point of this blog is to provide tongue-in-cheek narrative depth to games of X-Wing Miniatures, Star Wars: Armada, and Imperial Assault (all three by Fantasy Flight Games), played by myself and people in my environs.

The idea is to also submit these battle reports to Dave Graffam's Unofficial X-Wing Galactic Campaign (UXGC).

However, I find that I am also just having fun posting stuff that generally aligns with the tone of the blog, and of exalting the Galactic Empire.

The communities reported on from this blog can be found at the following Facebook Groups:



The format is one of a news blog reporting on the righteous victories of the Empire, and spinning some of the losses to argue how the Emperor's purposes are furthered even by the most ignominious defeat. This will be in yellow text. Out-of-character text (such as what you're reading right now) is in red.

Below the 'jump' of articles dealing with battle reports will be the build information used by the participants, as well as the campaign location, which will all be in red text. In non-battle reports, I may also have red text below the jump, but that will be on a case-by-case basis.



I welcome contributions with the same tongue-in-cheek tone, and comments are also welcome.

If you want to use this venue to broadcast the outcomes of your games, feel free to contact me through FFG if you don't know me personally. I go by Mikael Hasselstein there. If you do know me personally, feel free to hit me up over Facebook.


Legal Stuff:

Of course, all things Star Wars belongs to Lucasfilm and Disney. The game we play belongs to Fantasy Flight Games.

The logo at the head of the page was stolen very slightly adapted from the logo on the Holonet News page dedicated to the new show 'Star Wars: Rebels', which I think is a fun show, and I enjoy that webpage (imitation is the sincerest form of flattery).

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