Friday, June 26, 2015

Moff Brennin: Campaign in Arkanis Sector Proceeding Apace

The crime- and rebellion-ridden Arkanis sector.

ARKANIS SYSTEM - Moff Dzon Brennin has declared the recent sector-wide battle for the Arkanis sector an 'attritional' success, arguing that with the Empire's resource superiority, his forces will wear the criminals and terrorists down.

With the recent publication of the battle results of skirmishes in the Arkanis sector, analysts have determined that the Empire has performed en par with criminal elements and insurgents. While loyal critics of Moff Brennin have called these results disappointing - the forces of the Imperial Navy should be expected to out-perform any rank criminals or vile terrorists - the Brennin has retorted that these side-passenger critics do not understand the nature of the campaign to bring the Arkanis sector to heel.

"The campaign to bring the Arkanis sector into line is proceeding apace," Brennin told HNN.

While the Imperial Navy could bring overwhelming force to bear, Moff Brennin has deemed such a strategy to be an inefficient use of the resources provided by Imperial taxpayers. A slower and targeted campaign with emphasis on small fighter-craft engaged in surgical attacks on rebel and criminal elements will provide for a more thorough and less costly outcome in the Empire's favor, Brennin argued.

The quantitative analysis of wins and losses, has demonstrated a 7:6 edge of Imperial against criminal forces, a 24:21 edge of rebel to Imperial forces, and a 10:6 edge of criminal over rebel forces. While the critics argue that the Imperial Navy should be supreme over both rebel and criminal forces with much more encouraging numbers, the moff argues that the gradual depletion of criminal and rebel forces is to be preferred over an overwhelming attack on these enemies of the Empire's New Order.


Friday, June 19, 2015

Lord Vader Popular Among Imperial Youth

Skinprints of Lord Vader on loyal Imperial youths; all the rage.

IMPERIAL CENTER (CORUSCANT) - Demonstrating the continuing popularity of the Empire, and the Imperial form of governance, the visage of Lord Darth Vader appears proudly on the skins of many loyal Imperial youth. The fashion statement is seen as a rejection of the Rebellion, and its separatist value system.

Lord Vader's image is seen as the Empire's most powerful symbol for its stalwart defense against the separatism, anarchy and nihilism promised by the Rebel Alliance. As the Emperor's right-hand man in the fight against the Rebellion, Lord Vader embodies the true spirit of the Empire (aside from the Emperor himself, of course).

Vader, a disabled Clone War veteran, continues to serve as the supreme commander of the Emperor's forces, despite the injuries suffered during wartime. In that capacity, he has become a powerful symbol for tireless and stouthearted defense of galactic security and civilization.

The movement is doubtlessly a popular rejection of the Rebellion's recent attempt at character assassination on its propaganda arm, A"F"N. As the Empire's most prominent disabled war veteran, the Empire's loyal youth feel so personally outraged by A"F"N's defamatory statements, that they have emblazoned Lord Vader's visage on their own skin in a sign of solidarity with the Dark Lord.

Loyal youth attempts to lure romantic suitors on HoloComm social media by proudly portraying her devotion to Lord Vader

While the youth are frequently stereotyped as naturally rebellious, it is clear that the Empire has much to offer today's youth, explaining their support of Darth Vader.

"I'm so glad that Vader is out there to protect us from chaos and alien separatism," one youth told HNN, "that I just had to pay him tribute"

"He's such a father-figure to me," another young loyalist said, "I would like nothing more than to meet him one day and have him say something to me like 'I'm your father'."

"That would, like, make my galaxy spin!" the youth added.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

More Gladiator-class Star Destroyers to be Deployed to Outer Rim

  A flotilla of Gladiator-class star destroyers, consisting of the Veermok, Blixus, and the Horranth.

KUAT SYSTEM - With Gladiator-class star destroyers seeing increased use on the front lines, such as in the Savareen Blockade, the Imperial Navy has ordered more to be deployed to the Outer Rim.

While the Victory-class star destroyer remains a strong element in maintaining control of loyal worlds, the Gladiator-class has been used to seek out and destroy rebel formations operating in the outskirts of the galaxy. The Gladiator-class' greater maneuverability and offensive firepower, especially when combined with specialized engine techs, and assault concussion missiles, has proven to be particularly effective in those seek and destroy missions.

While initially designed by Rendili StarDrive, that shipyard has been deemed a security risk by the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB), as increasing numbers of Rendili vesses, such as the Assault Frigate Mark II, have been identified in Rebel naval formations. The Imperial Navy had thus requisitioned the Gladiator-class' manufacture by Kuat Drive Yards. The second assemblage of Gladiators will be delivered today, ready for deployment to the Outer Rim.

A number of the Gladiators already deployed to the trailing sectors of the Outer Rim bear titles suited to their aggressive combat roles. The Veermok bears the name of a ferocious species of clawed and fanged primates found on worlds such as Eriadu and Naboo. The Blixus is named for a carnivorous cephalopods from an unknown world, while the Horranth carries the title for a horned reptilian carnivore native to the Deep Core planet Tython.

While these vessels have the mission to bring peace and stability to the lawless parts of the galaxy, it is clear that the aggressive approach embodied by the Gladiator-class is necessary to bring the intractable Rebellion to heel.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A"F"N Slimes Disabled Veterans

Lord Darth Vader, disabled Clone War Veteran, maligned by A"F"N.

IMPERIAL CENTER (CORUSCANT) - The rebel propaganda machine known as 'Alliance "Free" News' (A"F"N) maligned Lord Darth Vader and even the Emperor yesterday. By attacking these tireless civil servants who put their lives, bodies, and sacred honor on the line in the service of galactic stability, is there any depth to which the rebellion will not sink?

In their apology for the fanatical warrior cult that nearly overthrew the legitimate galactic government in an assassination attempt on the popularly elected Chancellor of the Republic, A"F"N attempted to equate Lord Darth Vader and Emperor Sheev Palpatine with the defunct Jedi order.

The quote in question:

Now it has come to our attention that the "Emperor" and Darth Vader also believe in the religious beliefs of the Jedi but on a dark and sadistic scale. They are know [sic] to revel in the pain and anguish of those around them and are delighted by causing the death and destruction of those around them. Alas, this is not the wish of AFN to think that is acceptable and thus we fight in are own ways. Using the light of the Jedi Order who helped make the Galactic Republic a safer place to live than the Galactic Empire is today.

"The hypocrisy and outrage of this statement is unfathomable," Mr. Prop Agandist, spokesman for the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR) told HNN.

"The Emperor and Lord Vader, with the assistance of what became the Stormtrooper Corps, prevented a coup d'état by this Jedi cult. They both suffered the pain and anguish that A"F"N so flippantly speaks about - at the hands of these very Jedi that A"F"N is defending. They were bodily disabled in the service of the galaxy and a legitimate order, and A"F"N has the audacity to call their honor into question? I would be speechless if I wasn't so outraged!"

Gen. CC-5863 (ret.), spokesman for Veterans of Clone Wars and V.A.D.E.R.

Speaking on behalf of Veterans of Clone Wars, CC-5863, a retired Stormtrooper Corps officer, said: "It's a sad day when people try to score political points sliming disabled veterans."

Veterans of Clone Wars is a support group and veterans-rights organization. General CC-5863, a retired Stormtrooper Corps officer served during many of the Clone Wars' most heated battles, such as on Christophsis and Felucia, as well as during the Battle for Coruscant.

"I served with Lord Vader," CC-5863 said, "and I know of nobody more courageous, dedicated, and tireless than him, except for the Emperor. For this A"F"N to call his honor and dignity into question, not to mention to question his inner beliefs is absolutely disgusting."

"In order to combat this type of slander, we're creating a new organization to counter this sort of stomach-turning libel. We're calling it 'Veterans Against Dishonoring Embattled Retirees' or V.A.D.E.R, in honor of Lord Vader, our hero and greatest example."

Imperial Patrol Encounters Rebels and Spice Smugglers in Parmic Sector

TIE/SA craft bringing relief medical supplies to inhabitants of planet Laramus.

LARAMUS SYSTEM - Imperial TIE craft came under rebel attack while attempting to root out criminal activity in the Laramus system of the Parmic Sector today. The incident lends further evidence to collusion between spice smugglers and Rebel Alliance. In their efforts to maintain a choke hold of the denizens on the planet Laramus, the rebellion thwarted Imperial attempts to bring relief medical supplies to the inhabitants of the planet.

While patrolling systems in the Parmic sector, a flight of TIE fighters encountered Advanced Rebel starfighter of the B-wing and E-wing type, and swiftly made them one with the void. The patrolling pilots were ordered to make a closer inspection of the planet. With rebel activity detected in the system, the wing commander of the patrol, operating from the Gladiator-class star destroyer Blixus, inferred that where there is rebel activity there is likely to be criminal activity.

The discovery of rebel and criminal collusion follows a pattern observed in the nearby Arkanis sector, as has been widely reported on HNN.

As the wing commander, Major Firmus Reicht, suspected, the criminal elements showed themselves when the patrol flight flew in for a closer inspection of the planet. The patrol came under attack by starfighter types associated with spice cartels operating in the Arkanis sector and Hutt Space - two M3-A Scyk Interceptors and a single StarViper-class attack platform.

The expertise of the TIE fighter pilots, recently graduated from the naval academy on Prefsbelt IV, proved to once again overcome the resistance to Imperial order.

The planet Laramus being designated as inhabited, the Blixus starfighter command ordered relief medical supplies sent to the planet, understanding that the presence of rebel and spice gangs create shortages of such necessities. Aiming to efficiently drop those supplies near population centers, Maj. Reicht ordered an element of TIE/SA craft to deliver the supplies to the surface with the same patrol flight of TIE fighters providing escort.

True to despicable form, the Rebellion intercepted the relief ships. The TIE/SA pilots lost their lives and their precious cargo to a targeted strike by an A-wing interceptor accompanied by X- and B-wing fighters. Fortunately, the TIE fighters were able to revenge their loss and no rebel fighter craft survived the incident.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Rebellion Propaganda Outlet Tied to Fanatical Cult

The logo of the HoloNet slicer band, profiling itself as 'Alliance "Free" News', shows the symbol of the fanatical cult that used to subvert the republican government of the galaxy with mind control and other subterfuge.

IMPERIAL CENTER (CORUSCANT) - Analysts of the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR) have identified the symbolism used by the 'Alliance "Free" News' as belonging to the fanatical cult that undermined the Galactic Republic. These analysts infer that the same fanatical cult may be behind the Rebellion just as they were behind the Separatists.

The logo of the so-called 'Alliance "Free" News' (A"F"N) (pictured left) contains the emblem of the disbanded Jedi Order, a fanatical religious cult which used to engage in behind-the-scenes subterfuge and mind control in order to maintain covert power over the Republic.

The Jedi cult once usurped military control over Republic forces, but nevertheless secretly aided the separatist cause by mismanaging the war while one of their own, Count Dooku of Serenno, led the Separatist forces. When then-Chancellor Sheev Palpatine would not submit to their increased demands for authority, members of the Jedi Order attacked the soon-to-be Emperor in an attempted coup d'état against the legitimately elected order of the Republic. Their betrayal forced Palpatine to declare a creation of the Empire and the disbanding of the Jedi order.

With the brandishing of the emblem of the Jedi cult, the Rebellion, also known as the "Alliance to Restore the Republic" signals the sort of regime they are seeking to "restore": one in which members of a shadowy cult direct matters from behind the scenes, using a form of hypnosis to manipulate galactic governance.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Armed Dispute Over Order-of-Battle in Arkanis Sector

A flight of TIE fighters

GORNO SYSTEM - Separate Imperial units clashed on the borders of the Arkanis sector today, after a failure to bring an escorted criminal spice trader to justice. The jurisdictional dispute caused a rift between Moff Dzon Brennin of the Arkanis sector and the admiralty directing the blockade centered on the Savareen sector.

During a routine patrol in the Gorno system along the Corellian Run, an escorted criminal freighter was ordered to halt and submit to a seizure and search of its cargo today. The freighter refused and its heavily armed escort attacked the two flights of TIE fighters ordering it to surrender.

In an effort to interdict criminal and rebel supply lines, the admiralty governing the blockade of the Arkanis sector has ordered all traffic in and out of the Arkanis Sector to be seized and searched. In this effort, the normal Imperial order of battle has been observed, with the regular use of flights of TIE Fighters in formations of four fighters.

Imperial Navy units within the Arkanis sector, meanwhile, have observed an altered order of battle as directed by Moff Dzon Brennin, who has dictated unorthodox methods of quashing rebel and criminal activity in the sector. The standard for the Arkanis sector has been the use of VT-49 Decimator patrol craft operating in conjunction with elite TIE Interceptors or spacecraft of a covert and classified nature.

After the forces operating under the direction of the Savareen admiralty failed in their attempt to apprehend the criminal elements, forces under Moff Brennin were dispatched to show the Savereen units their place. In their effort to enforce their jurisdiction, the Arkanis Sector Group forces fired upon the Savareen units, which returned fire, ultimately leading to the destruction of the Arkanis units.

The authorities of Oversector Outer, governing both the Arkanis sector and the Savareen Admiralty, have dispatched orders to determine areas of influence and maintain distance between the different Imperial Navy forces.


Rebellion Infects HoloNet, Rejoicing in Mayhem and Vulgarity

Logo of the HoloNet slicer band profiling itself as "Alliance Free News", spreading misinformation and jaded supposition

IMPERIAL CENTER (CORUSCANT) - The Rebellion infested the HoloNet yesterday, impersonating galactic newsnet calling itself 'Alliance Free News'. The Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) is working diligently to locate the offending slicers and help them get the treatment they deserve.

While the Empire has attempted to keep such uncouth material off the HoloNet, it is the unfortunate nature of that network that it is vulnerable to slicers with criminal and insurrectionist intent. In the interest of not infecting the young and the impressionable with ideas that might lead them towards lives of insurrection and terrorism, the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR) regulates the HoloNet for content.

COMPNOR spokesman Agandist.

"We regulate the HoloNet in order to allow for the free exchange of loyal ideas," COMPNOR spokesman Prop Agandist told HNN. "Newsnets - like your own HNN - allow for multiple points of view that enhance galactic exchange of information and opinions, while still filtering out misinformation and vulgarity that do not serve progressive galactic social goals."

Mr. Agandist referred to examples found on the 'Alliance Free News', such as the rebel rejoicing in the killing of nearly 8,000 passengers and crew in the destruction of the Victory-class star destroyer Indefatigable in a rebel ambush in the Woostri system. Also the use of vulgar terms like "s**h spawn" on an open channel frequently watched and read by children.

"Think of the children, and the families of those killed aboard the Indefatigable,' Mr. Agandist said. "Not only did these people have to learn of the murder of their loved ones aboard the star destroyer, they had to learn about it alongside the vulgar jeering of these terrorist rebels. The barbarity of the Rebel Alliance clearly outstrips that of the Separatists that preceded them. At least those droids were just operating according to a program. These rebels get emotional gratification out of the mayhem and murder they spread."

"It's just unconscionable," Mr. Agandist added.

While adults are cautioned for consuming this content, and the ISB will track your links to this source of vulgarity and insurrection, HNN makes the link to this vile newsnet available to responsible and loyal citizens here: Alliance Free News.

Viewer discretion is advised.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Imperial Navy Exacts Justice Upon Fugitive Corvette

Rebel corvette Slippery Steve in its death throes, under direct fire by the short-range turbolasers of the Demolisher

SVIVREN SYSTEM - The Imperial Navy has located and destroyed a rebel corvette with the impudent title 'Slippery Steve'. Rebels claim, erroneously, to have sacrificed that ship's sister ship, the 'Slippery Sue', but loyal citizens and Imperial Navy analysts know this to be false Rebel propaganda.

The corvette in question, operating alongside a Mark IIB Assault Frigate, was positively identified as the rebel units attempted to ambush an Imperial recon line. The Imperial line was active reconnoitering the Svivren system at the end of the Five Veils Route when it encountered the ambush.

The Assault Frigate was destroyed, but the crews aboard the two Gladiator-class star destroyers - Veermok and Demolisher - were particularly overjoyed to have destroyed this particularly offensive corvette.

"Assault frigates are a serious menace," Senior Captain Mikael Hasselstein of the Veermok told HNN, "but we are especially pleased to be rid of this obnoxious affront to the Empire."

The Slippery Steve was involved with two skirmishes in recent weeks. The first, occurred during a rebel ambush in the Bajic system. While the Empire was victorious, the Slippery Steve managed to elude destruction or capture. The same was true two weeks ago when the same corvette was encountered alongside other rebel vessels in the Vohai system.

Elsewhere, a couple of rebel ships were encountered by a Victory-class star destroyer in the Bajic system. The star destroyer managed to hold off the rebels, while destroying their fighter escort. The star destroyer's captain had recently been promoted from his previous status as a fighter wing commander operating in the Arkanis sector. The rebels in question were operating behind Imperial lines but have conclusively been driven off.

Skirmishes Rage in Arkanis Sector: Outcome Undetermined

The Arkanis sector. HNN reporters embedded with a special operations element in the Andooweel system report on Imperial action against criminals and insurrectionist rebels. The Andooweel system is the last stop along the Triellus Trade Route before Tatooine, a notorious hive of scum and villainy.

ANDOOWEEL SYSTEM - Open warfare erupted in the Arkanis sector yesterday, as the Rebellion attempted to complete the state of lawlessness and anarchy in this sector of crime and insurrection. While HNN can report on the units with which it was embedded, the outcome of the full Battle for Arkanis remains unclear.

Signs were hopeful in the beginning of the battle, as a large number of special operations units were elements to multiple locations within the sector. The special operations elements each consisted of a VT-49 Decimator and a smaller nimbler craft, usually an elite interceptor, but occasionally a classified spacecraft.

Early in the fight, a group of criminal-element fighters were discovered in the Andooweel system and destroyed by the Imperial special operations elements. The rebellion, which had previously been sighted in the sector, came to revenge Imperial action on the criminal fighters. It has also been reported that evidence is incontrovertible that the criminals and rebels are in collusion with one another to spread a lawless reign of crime and terrorism. These rebels too were dispatched by the special operations element with which HNN was embedded.

In order to maintain their skills at the highest level, a number of special operations units also engaged in wargames with one another while in the sector. If this was also in order to create a false sense of internecine hostilities between the Imperial elements so as to confuse the Rebellion and criminal cartels, or if it was a means of entertaining themselves remains unclear. Nevertheless, the wargames between the special operations elements was clearly a cordial affair.

Towards the end of the day, however, the rebellion demonstrated stiffer resistance when a light freighter carrying contraband was discovered and its A-wing escorts managed to escort it away from Imperial arrest. Also, a flight of various fighters known to operate for the rebellion - X-wing fighters accompanied by a Y-wing fighter-bomber and a Z-95 escort (which have also been seen in the fighter complements of the criminal elements in the Arkanis sector) - attacked the special operations element in the Andooweel system. While the holocam feed to the special operations unit was lost, it is safely assumed that the special operations element defeated the rebels and the failure of the feed was simply one of technical difficulties.

HNN is standing by to learn the overall results of the battle for the Arkanis sector, but the Imperial Navy is still assessing the impact of their attempts to curtail rebel and criminal activity in the benighted sector.


Thursday, June 11, 2015

The True Face of the Rebellion

Count Dooku of Serenno, leader of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, and inspiration for the so-called 'Rebel Alliance'

IMPERIAL CENTER (CORUSCANT) - As the rebellion in the Mid and Outer Rim heats up, as does an illness when one's antibodies are busy destroying the disease, it is well to remember the legacy of separatism and rebellion against the legitimate order.

The Commission for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR) reminds loyal citizens of the true face of the Rebellion. While the Rebel propagandists spread lies of alleged Imperial misdeeds, the Rebellion is merely the latest incarnation of a separatist movement against galactic order and stability.

This movement, one of aliens and droids, duped into following the dictates of industrialists and financiers, such as the Trade Federation, the Corporate Alliance and the InterGalactic Banking Clan, was once the scourge of the galaxy. Under the leadership of the plutocratic Jedi-Master Count Dooku of Serenno, the separatists waged a bloody war against the legitimate authority in the galaxy.

With the rhetoric of smaller government, less taxation, less central control, Dooku mounted a war of genocide and atrocity against the good people of the Core Worlds. With nice-sounding words, he begat the greatest reign of terror and exploitation in a thousand years.

The Rebellion is no different. With Incom Corporation, the manufacturer of the deadly X-Wing fighter, as one of the its corporate backers, the Rebellion is recreating the separatists' modus operandi.

In truth, there is no search for freedom and justice, merely greater profits for the manufacturers of war matériel, and the instruments of death and destruction.

Thankfully, most loyal citizens of the Empire can see through this ruse - this cynical attempt to create a regime in which corporations and banks, with their alien and droid stooges, undermine everything that galactic civilization has attempted to build up over the millennia since the Ruusan Reformation, and the decades since the establishment of the New Imperial Order.

Thankfully, the Emperor saw through Dooku's scheme to enslave humanity to aliens, banks, and corporations, through the use of Jedi mind-control. The Jedi had been in secret league with the separatists - Count Dooku was one of their own, afterall - which is why they managed the war as poorly as they did, and it required a regime change on Coruscant to deal with the separatist threat.

Thankfully, the galaxy said "yes" to Palpatine, and "no!" to Dooku.

Just as you should say "yes!" to Empire, and "no!" to separatist rebellion.


Farstine Station Liberated; Theia Attacks Other Rebel Faction

GSD Veermok on attack vector towards rebel escort frigate occupying Farstine Station

FARSTINE SYSTEM - After a pitched battle, the rebel forces temporarily occupying Farstine Station have been forced to retreat back to the Ryndellia system. Admiral Theia was attacked by other rebels prior to liberation of Farstine Station

Acting quickly in response to the infamous Admiral Theia's assault on the Farstine Station system yesterday, the Imperial navy has liberated the system from Theia's genocidal tendencies.

Reports from eyewitnesses aboard the station speak of a group of Admiral Theia's forces leaving the Farstine Station system to attack another rebel faction prior to the liberators' arrival. According to strategic analysts debriefing loyal civilians aboard the station, Admiral Theia engaged in an assault on a rival faction using a hyperspace pincer movement, but that her forces were beaten back by the other rebels.

Internecine warring between rebel factions provides further proof that the nihilist Rebellion cannot be trusted with creating a zone of security in the Outer Rim or elsewhere.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Imperial Navy Evacuates Farstine Station Ahead of Rebel Attack

VSD Despot evacuating Farstine Station prior to attack

FARSTINE SYSTEM - The rebel warlady Admiral Theia attacked an Imperial space station in the Farstine Station system today. Rather than risking the lives and wellbeing of those loyal citizens aboard the space station, the VSD Despot evacuated the station, protecting the citizens from Theia's infamous depredations

Theia's attack, with her usual brutality and aggressiveness, comes two weeks after a raid on the Farstine Station system, four weeks after her previous attempt to attack the station, and five weeks after she led a sneak attack on the peaceful station in the Ryndellia system.

Theia, an unusually brutal terrorist, is said to be responsible for the mass killings reported to have happened in the Ryndellia system after her takeover. Faced with the choice of evacuation and fighting an enemy with possible reinforcements underway, the Ryndelian Sector Group decided on the policy with the fewest casualties, as the most humane option.

With the Imperial Navy actively engaged further rimward, where their exploits have recently been reported, the rebels under Theia have posed the Navy with tremendous difficulty, coming in their rear flank from the Mid Rim.

In response to the challenge posed by this vicious and unprovoked action, the admiralty of Oversector Outer has determined that more resources will be deployed to the Outer Rim to combat this threat. It vowed that the likes of Admiral Theia will be crushed with more aggressive action.

Rebel Activity Detected at Andooweel

Advanced Rebel fighter craft encountered in the Arkanis Sector

ANDOOWEEL SYSTEM - Imperial Navy elements of the Arkanis Sector Group encountered stiff rebel resistance in the Andooweel Sector today. Rebel freighters move contraband to and from Tatooine, while advanced rebel fighters prey on legitimate shipping along the Triellus Trade Route.

A week after the Empire's successes in the Kemal Station system (see report here), Imperial special operations elements fight to secure free legitimate trade through the Andoweel system, while preventing illicit and harmful contraband from reaching good and loyal human citizens of the Core worlds.

Imperial Intelligence analysts, under the supervision of Moff Dzon Brennin, a former Imperial Intelligence agent himself, have identified the advanced fighter craft as being of the E-Wing and B-Wing types. Both vessels are able to mout advances systems, such as Advanced Sensors and Fire Control Systems.

Andooweel system in the Arkanis Sector

The Andooweel system is the next system along the Triellus Trade Route, a hyperroute circumnavigating the galaxy from the Centares system in the Maldrood sector to Enarc in the Alui Sector. It represents a critical link in the galactic network of commerce.

The deployment of these advanced fighter craft suggests the rebellion is putting forward tremendous effort to maintain the Andooweel system, probably in a desperate effort to keep the Empire from reaching Tatooine and Geonosis, where criminal elements of the galaxy, are said to be headquartered and have manufacturing facilities. The Tatooine system in particular is considered a wretched hive of scum and villainy, as well as the base of operations for the criminal cartel controlled by Jabba the Hutt, a notorious gangster and crime lord.

While certain nay-sayers claim that the Empire should employ a strategy of taking and holding systems, Moff Brennin asserts his strategy of tactical interdiction and targeted elimination of high-value targets remains the best priority for pacifying the Arkanis sector. Moff Brennin further told HNN to soon expect vigorous action on the part of the Empire, as the sector is soon to withness a break between the rebellion and the criminal elements of the Hutt cartel.


Sunday, June 7, 2015

Rogue Faction Attacking Imperial Navy Forces Along Llanic Spice Run

Capital-scale Proximity Mine deployed along the Llanic Spice Run in the Spice Terminus system

SPICE TERMINUS SYSTEM - Imperial ships can under fire today from star destroyers in the Outer Rim, after a similar engagement yesterday. The attacking vessels are suspected to be part of a rogue faction with access to Imperial Navy matériel, possibly a wayward regional governor.

The rogue faction appears to be laying proximity mines near the hyperspace jump zone of the Spice Terminus system, possibly in an attempt to reroute trade - contraband and otherwise - in the regional sectors. Such action suggests an attempt to create a local fiefdom, contrary to the regular order of the Imperial regime.

Following successful engagements along the Five Veils Route, which saw the destruction and routing of rebel ships, recon lines consisting of two Gladiator II-class star destroyers encountered rogue flotillas, both consisting of an older Victory I-class star destroyers and a Gladiator-class star destroyer. In both engagements, the loyal star destroyers destroyed the attacking Victory class, and routed the Gladiator-class star destroyer.

Sectors near Spice Terminus

Local moffs - suspects in attempting separatism from the Empire - have been called to account for themselves to the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB), operating under the authority of Oversector Outer, based on Eriandu in the Seswenna sector.

Sector moffs possibly engaged in such actions are those of sector surrounding the Reuss and Spice Terminus terminus systems, where the attacks on the recon lines took place. These include the Parmic, Thuris and Torch Nebula sectors, but may also be of the Sujimis, Portmoak, and Cor'ric sectors.

Local moffs are expected to account for themselves post-haste, and the transgressor discovered and put to justice. Should the Imperial Navy come under further attacks, the admiralty in charge of the blockade around the Arkanis sector fears Lord Vader will have to take personal charge of quashing of such treason.

Since the disbanding of the Imperial Senate, the many sectors that make up the Empire have come under the direct rule of regional governors - 'moffs' being the ancient title - in the interest of administrative efficiency. While the Emperor directly selects and appoints moffs to their position, on the Outer Rim alien influences are suspected of testing the loyalties of otherwise fine human beings. HNN analysts, including Benn Gleck, suggest that alien influence, and the distance from the civilizing core worlds, is responsible for undermining the loyal spirit of even the most carefully selected and honorable officers in the Emperor's administrative service.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Aggressive Action Against Rebel Insurgency in Quence Sector

A recon line of Gladiator II-class star destroyers, led by the GSD Veermok

SUARBI SYSTEM - The Imperial Navy operating in the Quence sector has taken the naval fight to the rebel insurgency, hunting rebel frigates deep in the Outer Rim. Acting aggressively, a recon line of Gladiator II-class star destroyers, led by the GSD Veermok destroyed a corvette, a number of rebel fighter squadrons, and pushed the rebel frigates to retreat.

In two separate engagements in the Suarbi system, towards the end of the Five Veils Route in the Quence sector, the Imperial Navy proved victorious in driving the Rebels from this far-flung system. Many Rebel fighter squadrons died in attempts to shield the frigates from attack, and an insurgent corvette was also destroyed.

Suarbi and Reuss systems

Recon lines generally contain two to four ships, operating in pairs or individually. Reconnaissance ships are usually light cruisers modified for even greater sublight speed. Their mission is to probe enemy-held territory.

The recon line led by the GSD Veermok was tasked to root our the insurgent presence in the Suarbi system. Having driven the rebels from the system, Imperial Intelligence believes the rebel fleet to be bottled up the neighboring Svivren system of the Svivreni sector.

In a separate engagement in the Reuss system, a Victory-class star destroyers turned its turbolasers on a different recon line. The Recon line has been engaged in a similar mission along the Llanic Spice Run. The unprovoked attack is suspected to be the work of a rebel mutiny aboard the vessel in question.

Questions would have been asked, had the star destroyer in question survived. A separate Gladiator-class star destroyer accompanied the destroyed vessel, but was able to escape destruction. The Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) shall investigate how such Imperial Navy craft could be turned on their own.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Emperor Considers Shift in Pacification Policy Outer Rim

Admiralty strategists consider planetary approach doctrines in case of a chance in pacification policy

IMPERIAL CENTER - The Imperial Admiralty is preparing for a possible shift in policy aimed at pacifying sectors in the Outer Rim. Naval strategists are formulating strategic doctrines aimed at imposing security and administration in favor of failed local autonomy policies.

With certain alien worlds and system incapable of maintaining domestic security and stability, the Empire is forced to devise administrative alternatives. Threats from these failed political systems have spilled over into the spacelanes and neighboring sectors, despite Imperial policies aimed at policing these areas.

After months of police action in the Arkanis sector and an active embargo on contraband goods in neighboring sectors, the Imperial leadership on Coruscant is considering policy options on pacification. While some argue for letting the aliens take care of their own problems, a more humane faction believes that leaving the aliens to self-governance will endanger the aliens as well as Core-world civilization, not to mention humans residing in the Outer Rim.

This more active and humane policy would require the Admiralty to retrain naval officers towards system conquest and control strategies. These contrast to the policing, counter-insurgency, and interdiction tactics that they have been practicing since the end of the Clone War.

"It's sad that we have to consider this," one admiral - speaking anonymously - told HNN. "We wished for the best of the Outer Rim aliens, but they simply need the firm hand of governance. Their ability to control their corrupt and criminal instincts is simply insufficient for a civilized galaxy. We have to step in, and force is the only language that they will understand."

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Imperial Navy Perfects Gladiator Doctrine

A Gladiator I-class star destroyer.

PREFSBELT IV - The Imperial Navy engaged in wargames at the naval academy on Prefsbelt IV today. The wargames allowed tactical theorists to demonstrate the power of current combat doctrine with the Gladiator-class star destroyer.

The Gladiator-class has been demonstrating its offensive value on the front lines against the rebellion. It has seen valiant service such as during recent skirmishes in the Vohai system, as well as in the Arbra system.

According to military analysts, the Gladiator-class has emerged as the Empire's premier front-line attack vessel. Its speed and offensive close-range firepower has proven devastating against smaller rebel vessels, such as Nebulon-B frigates and against Corellian corvettes. Keys to its success are considered to be advanced engine crews, which have bolstered its maneuvering as well as assault concussion missiles, which allow it to envelop an enemy with offensive firepower.

During the Prefsbelt wargames, a Gladiator-class overpowered a larger Victory-class star destroyer - the Goliath - using clever maneuvering and launching its ordnance to overpower the larger vessel.

During the after-action briefing aboard the defeated Goliath, the captain - Captain Blaas Kaak - dressed down his wing commander in full view of HNN and the Goliath's pilots. During a critical stage of the battle, the wing commander had ordered his TIE Interceptor squadron to attack an opposing squadron of TIE Advanced escort craft blockading the Goliath's bombers, while its own TIE Advanced squadron pinned down the opposing bombers.

Captain Kaak claimed that this was the only mistake made, and that the Goliath's simulated defeat was merely the result of misfortune and not commanding incompetence (other than that of the wing commander).

One squadron leader, speaking off the record, came to his immediate superior's defense: "We did our job in this wargame. The Goliath lost due to its own insufficient firepower. Our bombers struck true, and our fighters let only a single bombing run of theirs through."

Maintaining journalistic integrity, HNN has kept the confidentiality of the squadron leader, despite Captain Kaak's attempts to have the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) learn the squadron leader's identity.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Imperial Intelligence Reports Weaponizing Mon Calamari Vessels: COMPNOR Dismisses Possibility

Schematics of Mon Calamari Star Cruiser

IMPERIAL CENTER - Imperial Intelligence reports having intercepted schematics for the refitting of a Mon Calamari Star Cruiser towards military command capa- bilities. The Commission for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR) dismisses the possibility of a Mon Calamari uprising.

According to the Imperial Intelligence report, released to the public today, a particular Mon Calamari cruiser is being refitted with combat naval command capabilities. The cruiser in question allegedly carries the unimaginative title 'Home One'. Such command capabilities would allow subordinate vessels to more accurately attack enemy vessels. The report is suggestive of potential revolt by the Mon Calamari people.

COMPNOR spokesman Mr. Prop Agandist

COMPNOR dismissed the possibility, arguing that the Mon Calamari have no cause to rise up against the Empire, and that their shipyard facilities are safely in Imperial hands.

"There are no dissidents on Mon Cala," COMPNOR spokesman Prop Agandist told HNN reporters.

"The Mon Calamari are a docile and pacific people, who have every reason to be grateful for Imperial administration of their world and shipyards," Mr. Agandist added. "The rumors that Imperial Intelligence, in their dutiful but alarmist vigilance, are spreading are doubtlessly of rebel origin. The rebels would like nothing better than to turn aliens who have no reason for revolt and every reason for servile gratitude, against the Empire."

"It is nothing but a devious ruse, and we should not fall for it."

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Attempted Rebel Reprisal Fails

Intercepted footage of B-Wing heavy fighters

KEMAL STATION SYSTEM - two Rebel reprisal attacks on special operations patrols failed this morning. The Imperial special operations elements proved to too powerful and skillful.

In reprisal for yesterday's interdiction of smuggler freighters, the Rebellion sent elements of B-Wing heavy fighters to attack a special operations patrol in the Kemal Station System. The B-Wings were intercepted and destroyed without Imperial losses.

According to reports, the B-wings were flown by elite pilots, but were nevertheless countered by even more elite Imperial space aviators.

The successes in the Arkanis sector are being hailed as being due to the strategic leadership of Moff Dzon Brennin, the newly installed regional governor in the sector. Having had a career in Imperial Intelligence has inspired him to engage in special operations against the rebels and other criminal elements in the sector. These have proven to be effective.

Meanwhile, back in the Arkanis System - the Empire's stronghold in the sector - special operations elements engaged in wargames in preparation for an expected further escalation of hostilities. Despite today's and recent successes, the Empire expects the pacification of the Arkanis sector to still take weeks to accomplish.

Imperial Elements Secure Kemal Station From Contraband

YT-1300 Corellian light freighter: only freighter to slip through Imperial patrols

KEMAL STATION SYSTEM - After similar successes last week in the New Ator system, the Empire interdicted numerous smuggling craft in the neighboring Kemal Station system today.

Following Moff Dzon Brennin of the Arkanis Sector's new strategic direction, naval elements of the Arkanis Sector Group succesfully interdicted a number of rebel contraband convoys in the Kemal Station system today. All three convoyes consisted of Corellian YT-series freighter ships, a favored small freighter type used by smugglers.

Some of the freighters were escorted by A- and B-Wing fighter craft, types of fighters exclusive to the rebellion. These sightings further prove the fact that the rebellion is insignificantly different from the criminal cartels also operating in the sector. While the cartels engage in smuggling for profit, the rebellion uses its trafficking of illicit goods and human contraband to fuel its effort to destabilize the Outer Rim and ultimately the galaxy.

During the patrols against the contraband-carrying freighters, one freighter was able to escape after its escort was destroyed by the Imperial naval element. Its transponder code was marked Millennium Falcon, a notorious smuggling vessel operating in the Arkanis sector for a known Hutt cartel. Its B-wing escort betrayed it as a vessel operated by the Rebel Alliance.

Commenting from Imperial Center, a spokesman for the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR) explained that this was typical of rebel activity. "The rebellion has to fund its activities, and it chooses to do so by running freighters with contraband - spice, weapons, human slaves - between the Arkanis sector and the core world or Hutt Space," COMPNOR spokesman Prop Agandist said. "It is bad enough that they're trying to undermine galactic stability with their violent means, but to support those activities with such smut bound for the core worlds - where civilization is carefully maintained - is a very tragic part of their activities."


Monday, June 1, 2015

White Hard Empire Troopers to Tour Outer Rim

White Hard Empire Troopers performing on stage at the Votrad Stadium on Brentaal IV

CHRISTOPHSIS - In order to bolster morale in the Outer Rim, the beloved Mil-Rock band, White Hard Empire Troopers will be touring for military personnel on the front lines.

With the war in the Outer Rim dragging on, our troopers, pilots, and naval crewers need all the pick-me-ups that they can receive. Working with the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR) The White Hard Empire Troopers will be touring the Outer Rim, starting with the Savareen sector, and places along the hyperroutes being kept safe for Imperial commerce.

Logo of the White Hard Empire Troopers

The Empire Troopers are expected to perform their greatest hits, 'Under the Boot', 'Throat to Squeeze', and 'Coruscantization'. These have been rated by COMPNOR as having the right message for the audience, to clarify the Empire's purpose in the insurrectionist sectors.

Members of the Empire Troopers are veterans of the Stormtrooper Corps, having served in such places as Belderone and the Anoat sector. Their experiences give them the background and credibility ('fleet cred' as it is known in the lingo) to appeal to the troopers on the front lines.