Thursday, December 22, 2016

Local Post on Tatooine Prevents Smear Campaign on Darth Vader

Imperial transmission center on Tatooine

TATOOINE SYSTEM - The heroics of the Emperor's Guard and local stormtroopers prevented a Rebel character-assassination plot against Lord Darth Vader.

As the Rebellion grows ever more desperate in its perverse plight to spread lies and disinformation throughout the galaxy, the Rebels have struck a new low in their fake news campaign. Thankfully, they were thwarted in their efforts.

Their attempt came to nought on the Outer Rim world of Tatooine, where a Rebel band attempted to hijack a transmission center in the hopes of transmitting fabricated smears against Lord Darth Vader.

The fallacious "documentary", titled 'Straight Outta Tatooine', involved the preposterous notion that Lord Vader was once a junk yard slave in the Tatooine settlement of Mos Espa who became indoctrinated by two renegade Jedi knights.

Title image from false "documentary" about Lord Darth Vader

Darth Vader, a disabled Clone War veteran and right-hand man to Emperor Palpatine, had previously been targeted by Rebellion-sponsored misinformation.

Unbeknown to the Rebellion, however, Imperial Intelligence had learned of the planned attempt. Two of the Emperor's own Royal Guardsmen were sent to intercept the Rebels, who had been guided to the transmission center by a local vagabond.

The guardsmen, aided by local stormtrooper squad and volunteers from the 501st Stormtrooper Legion, ambushed the Rebel operatives, putting an end to their condemnable attempt to disparage a true hero of the galaxy.

Rebel efforts notwithstanding, Lord Vader remains an inspiration to galactic youth, who see Lord Vader as someone who will help Emperor Palpatine make the Galaxy great again.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Empire Grants Ryloth Autonomy

Planet Ryloth

RYLOTH SYSTEM - Amid a descent into violence in the Gaulus sector, and removing insurgent and criminal threats from the Ryloth system, the Empire has granted Ryloth autonomy. Donalo Fortuna elected planetary governor.

Despite the many benefits and belevolence the Empire has showered on the planet of Ryloth and the Twi'lek people, the denizens of this alien world voted for autonomy from the Empire, electing the Coruscant real-estate developer Donalo Fortuna planetary governor.

The vote happened amid spiraling violence between insurgent rebel forces and criminal cartels elsewhere in the sector. Beyond this insurgent-on-criminal skirmishes, there was also much internecine conflict between Rebel and cartel factions, demonstrating the lack of coherence within different Rebel and cartel groups. In the midst of this tug-of-war between cartels, insurgents and different factions, Imperial Navy assets kept Ryloth free from hostile invasion.

Coruscant developer Donalo Fortuna, ReadJunk

As ingrate aliens, however, the Twi'leks of Ryloth voted for autonomy, which the Emperor has graciously granted them. Imperial forces will depart Ryloth, leaving the responsibility for maintaining law and order to local forces.

Reimposing law and order on the Gaulus sector will be a tough task for Governor-elect Fortuna, as Rebels have usurped control over the nearby Pelgrin system, while the Wrea, Dalchon, and Gaulus systems have become battlegrounds for factional infighting between and within Rebel gangs and criminal cartels.

Particularly the Wrea system at the very end of the Corellian Run hyperspace trade route has fallen under the sway of the Scum Lord Stason Joltz, operating far from his lair at Junkfort Station.

With developer Donalo Fortuna taking charge of governance on this Outer Rim world, analysts expect deals to be made with criminal cartels in order to keep Ryloth, and eventually the Gaulus sector, free from Rebel influence. According to critics, Fortuna is merely the puppet of a shadowy criminal cartel led by an unknown crime lord from even farther out of the Outer Rim.

Investors on Scipio have seen Ryll futures plummet. Ryll is a precious ore harvested from the mines of Ryloth. It has military and scientific applications, but can also be used as a narcotic.

Armed Hostilities Erupt Between Criminal and Insurgent Forces in Gaulus Sector

Rebel X-wing fighters (from archive)

RYLOTH SYSTEM - Hostilities have erupted between criminal and insurgent armed groups in the Gaulus sector. Imperial forces attempt to suppress senseless violence.

A number of skirmishes between insurgents, criminals and other malcontents have erupted spontaneously in the Gaulus sector, an Outer Rim Territory at the end of the Corellian Run. The systems plagued by the the violent groups are the Ryloth, Wrea, Dalchon, Gaulus, and Pelgrin systems. Imperial forces were swift to respond in the Ryloth system.

The Gaulus sector, showing violence-plagues systems.

Early reports have Imperial forces defeating the Rebellion in the Ryloth system. Criminal cartels, meanwhile, have dealt deadly blows against Rebel forces in the Dalchon, Wrea, Pelgrin, and Gaulus systems.

Friday, December 16, 2016

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Benn Gleck: I Was Wrong. The Rebellion is Worse

Senior Outer-Rim Analyst Benn Gleck explains how the Rebellion is more vicious and condemnable than even he had previously fathomed.

HNN Senior Outer Rim Analyst Benn Gleck writes an open letter to HNN readers/watchers/listeners. He explains why the Rebellion is vastly more insidious than even he had imagined.

Dear fellow loyal subjects of the Emperor,

I was wrong.

It is not easy for me to admit that. I have my true-blue human frailties like anyone else (except, of course, the Emperor), but - yes - I was wrong.

I was wrong because I thought that the Rebellion was perhaps misguided, perhaps a little extreme, but I used to think that appealing to reason and galactic spiritedness would eventually make most Rebels see things the Imperial way.

Insurgent Cham Syndulla of Ryloth (top), and terrorist Saw Gerrera of Onderon (bottom)

But with the vicious and inhumane attacks recently being carried out by the infamous likes of Cham Syndulla of Ryloth, Saw Gerrera of Onderon, and Admiral Theia, it's clear that it's just too much.

It's tragic, really.

It's tragic, because once both of the former were patriots fighting the separatist menace alongside the banner of the Republic, led by then-Chancellor Palpatine. It may be that the fanatical influence of the Jedi rubbed off on them. It was, after all, the Jedi who taught these two erstwhile leaders to fight guerrilla insurgencies against the droid army.

While Palpatine's war policies during the Clone War are, of course, beyond reproach - indeed, how could anyone justifiably criticize the one man who's political genius kept the galaxy together? - but we should be sober about some of the side effects.

Most of the blame for the radicalization of these individuals must also be thrown at the feet of the Jedi. Towards the end of the way it became clear that the Jedi were a dangerous death cult, who encouraged this sort of warfare.

It is little wonder that these leaders became radicalized by the Jedi. Constant reinforcement of an ideologically-narrow message, filled with misinformation, which aims to set some people apart from others, can do tremendous harm. When that sort of Bantha fodder is constantly fed to any audience, at some point even the inciter can lose control of the incited.

It is clear, my good audience, that this happened to these one-time good men, who fought the separatist droid army, but eventually fell under the corrupt sway of the Jedi. Now that these men have both savagery from their war experienced, combined with the toxic indoctrination of the Jedi, it is clear that the Empire must purge this sort of individual, and may our fine stormtroopers save us from these extremists.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Cloud City, Bespin Cleared of Rebel Insurgency

Imperial trouble-shooter, Lord Darth Vader, departs after Cloud City secured

BESPIN SYSTEM - Swift Imperial action purged Cloud City in the Bespin system of insurgent operatives. City rejoices at Imperial intervention

After numerous months, operatives of the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) aided by Imperial stormtroopers, cleared the last remaining rebels from abandoned Tibanna docks. These are believed to have been the Rebels' base of operations during their uprising.

Cloud City breathes a sigh of relief after the Empire has removed the insurgent presence aboard the airborne mining facility. With the threat eliminated, the population is grateful for Imperial administration after years of corruption.

ISB operatives patrolling a Cloud City corridor

The breakthrough came after the arrival of the Emperor's right-hand man, Lord Darth Vader. Lord Vader's arrival is seen as a sign of the Emperor's personal interest in Bespin. Vader, a disabled Clone War veteran, is often described as a 'trouble-shooter' for dealing with Rebel insurgencies and reinvigorating ailing industrial operations.

The benighted mining facility and floating urban metropolis had suffered years of maladministration, a common feature of governance in the Outer Rim Territories. The prior Baron Administrator of Cloud City had come into his post through illicit dealings. Some suspect that policies were determined through wild speculation on games of chance.

Darth Vader declines interview

With the last Rebels having fled Cloud City, Lord Vader is said to have "cut staff in half", promising a more efficient bureaucracy. Furthermore, Vader is said to have introduced "new ways to motivate" the remaining Cloud City administration and workers.

Malcontents claiming the Rebels had extracted vital information, despite Vader's attempts to capture them, were re-educated to understand the folly of their ideas and retrained for employment in the lower decks. In the depths of the city, they will be granted the opportunity to find new purpose in serving their fellow beings of the galaxy.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Defensive Refit Program Announced on Lothal

Lothal Minister of Industries, Maketh Tua

LOTHAL SYSTEM - Minister of Industrial Efficiency on Lothal, Maketh Tua, announces defensive refit program for Imperial Navy vessels.

On Lothal, an industrial manufacturing world in the Outer Rim Territories, Maketh Tua, the Minister of Industrial Efficiency, has announced a new program for the selective refitting of Imperial Navy vessels. In so doing, she vows to make certain Imperial Navy vessels more defensively capable.

The chosen slogan for the program is to 'Make the Victory Star Destroyer Great Again', referring to Victory-class star destroyers.

The Victory-class star destroyer is an older vessel design, having been introduced at the end of the Clone War. It has since been largely supplanted by the larger Imperial-class star destroyer, but the older vessel still sees service in the Outer Rim Territories.

Minister Tua at official presentation of new policy on Lothal. Image credit: Gottmituns205

Minister Tua has been granted leeway in the absence of Arihnda Pryce, the Imperial governor of Lothal. In the governor's absence, the Lothal system has been plagued by some minor insurgent activity, with local authorities assessing the activity as being the result of disgruntled industrial workers.

The defensive refit program is part of a wider policy aimed at both bolstering Imperial Navy vessels, such as the Victory-class star destroyers, as well as suppressing the revolt.

"Work shall become more demanding until morale improves," Minister Tua told HNN.

As part of the refit program, vessels shall be fitted with reinforced blast doors, though electronic countermeasures and advanced shield projectors are also being produced in Lothal's factories.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Empire Uncovers Rebel Plot to convert Medical Frigates

Pelta-class medical frigates to be converted to combat vessels by Rebellion

BALMORRA SYSTEM - After a daring naval raid, Imperial Intelligence learned of the Rebellion's intent to convert Republic-era medical frigates into warships into their depraved cause.

Proving further that the so-called Rebel Alliance will continually stoop lower, Imperial Intelligence learned that the Rebellion aims to convert medical frigates into combat vessels in pursuit of further galactic instability.

the Intelligence was gathered when an Imperial Navy task force encountered Rebel vessels gathering combat refit components in the Balmorra system. The Balmorra system is the location of a subsidiary of Kuat Drive Yards, the original manufacturer of the Pelta-class medical frigate.

The task force was able to intercept a number of containers carrying the components, before the Rebel were able to collect them for shipment out of system. The rebel fleet numbered several transport flotillas, escorted by Corellian corvettes and a Mon Calamari cruiser.

During the Clone War, Pelta-class frigates were used to treat and transport wounded Republic soldiers, casualties in service of galactic unity and civilization. The Rebellion's plot to convert these vessels is considered by analysts to be a sign of the Rebellion deep depravity, as Clone War veterans consider the decks of these frigates to be hallowed ground.

HNN Contributor Benn Gleck

HNN analyst Benn Gleck was moved to tears:

"Clone War soldiers bled their sacred blood on the decks of these frigates, where the aliens and malcontents of the Outer Rim will soon be planting their muddy boots."

"It's an absolute travesty," Gleck added, asking: "Is really nothing sacred anymore?"

Fortunately, Imperial Intelligence learned of this perverse development, and informed HNN. Now the galaxy can be (nearly) as outraged as Gleck, and the rest of the HNN news team.