Sunday, June 5, 2016

Gozanti Carrier Hijacked in the Yoribuunt System

Gozanti-class patrol vessel Vectoras and its escorts as it comes under assault.

YORIBUUNT SYSTEM - An Imperial patrol vessel was hijacked while lending assistance to a craft deemed to have been in distress. The hijackers are suspected of being in league with the criminal Scum Lord of Junkfort Station, Stason Joltz.

The Gozanti-class carrier Vector, conducting a routine patrol of the Yoribuunt system came under attack yesterday by a Firespray-31-class patrol craft believed to have been in distress. At unawares and without provocation, the crew of the Firespray - projecting the transponder callsign Slave-1 - turned on the crew of the Vector and hijacked the Imperial Navy vessel.

According to the pilots of the TIE-fighter escorts, who had been left for dead, had their distress signals not been heard by a rescue vessel, the Vector docked with the Slave-I entered hyperspace with a spinward vector, suggesting that the hijackers were in league with the dastardly scum lord Stason Joltz, usurper of Junkfort Station.

The attack on the Vector came not long after the Vector destroyed a number of syndicate vessels elsewhere in the system attempting to steal Imperial communications satellites. It is believed that the hijacking of the Vector occurred in retaliation for the successful curtailing of these criminal activities.

Imperial Navy spokesman Lt. Commander Justif Fication told HNN reporters that the Imperial Navy would not let such affronts go unpunished. As a signal of their resolve, Ace pilots flying for the Imperial Navy destroyed several flights of insurrectionist Rebel fighters in the nearby Sriluur and Tammar systems.

GAME: X-Wing
LOCATION: Red Castle Games
EVENT: Red Castle Sunday League
DATES: 2016-6-5

At the time of writing, I am aware of nearly all the results. I still need to record Brandon's matches (as well as those of his opponent) from last week. As they currently stand, the league standings are as follows:

PlayerFaction   Score
Greg PaulRebels30
Jason StoltzScum22
Toran MilwayRebels21
Brian DohertyEmpire20
Colin ShepperdRebels18
Jason IsbellRebels15
Noa P.Empire14
Jacob StetsonScum14
Noah FortRebels8
Aaron BassowEmpire4
Jesse LoweRebels4
Brandon Rebels4

Also, at the time of writing, allowing for some added results from after I left today, the Tharin campaign standings are as follows:

System     Connections     Imperial Wins   Rebel Wins   Scum Wins
Taskeed 3111
Dennogra 2100

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