Saturday, October 1, 2016

Thwarted Rebels Strike Terror in Civilian Population Cloud City

Civilian population of Cloud City protests Rebel attack

BESPIN SYSTEM - Rebel operatives, prevented from attacking the administrative control center of Cloud City, turn their blasters on the civilian population in an attempt to sow fear and terror.

Following a Rebel attempt to infiltrate the administrative offices aboard Cloud City, a cell of Rebel insurgents attacked the civilian population.

According to the local Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) authorities, the change of tactics from infiltration and subversion to outright scare tactics and terrorism is a sign that the Rebellion is desperate.

"Militarily impotent, and unable to win the hearts and minds of civilians through their perverted cause, the Rebellion has resorted to rank intimidation and brutality," ISB special agent Blaise told the HNN correspondent aboard Cloud City.

Showing they would not be intimidated by Rebel savagery, Cloud City civilians protested against the Rebel attack, the day after it took place. Cloud City Wing Guards stood guard over the civilians, making sure their protest was not disturbed by further Rebel violence.

"Down with the ... Rebels!" one civilian demonstrator shouted after being reminded by an ISB operative of the proper phrasing of the protest.

"It's evident that the Empire inspires much loyalty here on Cloud City," Agent Blaise added to the correspondent. "It's clear the Imperial assumption over private control is greatly welcomed here."

Game: Imperial Assault
Date: 2016-09-29
Location: Time Vault Games

Second mission of The Bespin Gambit Mini-Campaign: Panic in the Streets

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