Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A Day in the Mission of an Imperial Patrol on the Outer Rim

Gozanti-class corvette Vector unleashing its TIE/ln fighters in the service of the Empire

LOTHAL SYSTEM - An Imperial patrol consisting of the Gozanti-class assault carrier Vector and TIE-Fighter escorts carry out the ongoing task of bringing the light of Imperial order to the Outer Rim.

These are the voyages of the Imperial assault carrier Vector. Its week-long mission: to suppress new worlds, to curtail insurrection and threats to galactic civilization: to boldly crush the Rebellion where no other Imperials have crushed before.

HNN is embedded with the crew of the Gozanti-class corvette Vector as it patrols the Outer Rim not far from the industrial production world of Lothal, where Sienar Fleet Systems produces the latest state-of-the-art TIE fighters for the arsenal of the Imperial Navy.

Occasionally it has to maintain the proper regulations of faster-than-light space travel, such as this morning when it caught a JumpMaster 5000 reconnaissance craft engaging illegal hyperspace 'micro jumps'. The craft, seemingly piloted by a bounty hunter, refused to pull over and submit to inspection and had to be destroyed.

While enforcing interstellar traffic regulations is part of the job of the Imperial patrol, the crew of the Vector gets more excited when they can do some real good for galactic stability. Not long after having destroyed the JumpMaster 5000, the vector encountered a Modified VCX-100 light freighter, which had been reported on an All Imperial Bulletin as having been the escape vehicle for a cell of rebel operatives from Lothal.

After the light freighter was destroyed, the Vector's commissioned officer, ISB agent Kallus, said that he was very satisfied with the destruction of the vessel.

"This ship and its crew have been an annoyance ever since they stole some Wookiee slaves. These Wookiees suffered from a condition known as BadCGI. By freeing these BadCGI-ridden Wookiees, they threaten the whole galaxy with BadCGI."

"It's good that we have brought this vessel to quick justice," Agent Kallus added.

GAME: X-Wing
EVENT: My birthday
DATE: 2016-8-17

Had two battles, the first being the mission scenario from a newly-opened Jumpmaster. Instead of facing Rebels, it faced a just-for-fun build: Gozanti with four TIE fighters.

The second game was with the same Gozanti, led by Agent Kallus. It encountered a fully-loaded Ghost, which made it just like a first-season scene from the show Star Wars: Rebels, except that the Rebels lost.

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