Monday, August 8, 2016

Turmoil Returns to Tharin Suolriep sectors: Renegade Faction Attacks Rescue Mission

Raider-class corvette Dominatus sporting the emblem of the 'Rifts Coalition'.

SRILUUR - An Imperial patrol consisting of a Raider-class corvette and escorts were attacked near the Boonta system by what appears to be a renegade faction using Imperial vessels.

Answering a distress call from a disabled Gozanti cruiser, the patrol formation sent from the Imperial naval garrison on Sriluur was ambushed by Imperial-style military craft emblazoned with a humanoid skull and crossbones emblem with sable background.

According to retrieved footage from the wreckage of the patrol vessel, the sable-colored vessels belong to a renegade faction titling themselves the 'Rifts Coalition'.

The devices and paint scheme match those of forces that secured the Boonta system from the Rebel insurrection two months ago. The Boonta system was the first world to be held against Rebel forces during the Tharin campaign.

The Boonta system lies in the Suolriep sector adjacent to the Tharin sector, which remains a haven for criminal syndicates. Situated at the crossroutes of the Lesser Lantillian Route and the Salin Corridor. It is predominantly inhabited by humans and Hutts from nearby Hutt Space.

The forces responsible for Boonta were led by an eccentric commander known as Chaplin Vici, who is reputed to wear a headdress made from the pelt of a small orange canine. It is now believed that these forces once responsible for Boonta's security have turned on the legitimate galactic order.

Analysis of the wreckage found near the Boonta system suggest that the two Raider-class corvettes, one from the rescue mission and one from the Rifts Coalition renegades, were destroyed. The Gozanti cruiser, nor matching wreckage were located. It is believed the surviving renegades repaired the cruiser and forced its crew to return them to Boonta at blasterpoint.

Regional authorities vow to bring the Boonta system back into the Imperial fold and to bring the renegades to Imperial justice.

GAME: X-Wing
LOCATION: Red Castle Games
EVENT: Open play, Epic
DATE: 2016-8-7

Taking a continued hiatus from the 'Heroes of the Aturi Cluster' league, we played a 300-point epic game.

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