Saturday, November 19, 2016

Imperial Navy Suppresses Insurgencies in Centrality

Map of the Centrality sector of the Outer Rim

ERILNAR - With superior numbers, Imperial forces suppressed insurgencies in a number of systems in the Centrality sector today.

A number of skirmishes against insurgents, criminals and other malcontents took place along the Falco Run, in the far-flung Centrality sector. Most were decisively put down by large numbers of Imperial forces.

The affected systems were the Dilonexa, Oseon, and Ringneldia systems, where Imperial forces responded swiftly aboard Gozanti-class assault carriers.

The insurgents consisted of various criminal factions of the Outer Rim, including renegade Mandalorians, members of the so-called 'Rebel Alliance', and another shadowy group, known as the 'Rifts Coalition'. Some Rebel vessels included repainted Z-95 Headhunters from the Black Sun cartel, infamous for spice trading, human trafficking, and racketeering. This is taken as further evidence that the Rebellion is in league with the Black Sun criminal cartel.

While most insurgencies were suppressed, a number of Rebel starfighters were able to break out of the Imperial cordon. These included the repainted Black Sun Headhunters. These Rebels are suspected to be refugees from the blockaded region of the Calamari sector.

According to the sector authorities, only a squadron's worth of fighters escaped. Such a small number is not deemed to be of concern to loyal Imperial citizens.

Despite its name, the Centrality Sector lies in the outermost reaches of the Outer Rim, far from the civilized core worlds, which the Emperor has vowed to keep safe from such insurgents. Beyond being plagued by insurgents, Centrality also suffers from a space slug infestation, with these ravenous creatures inhabiting large asteroids.

GAME: X-Wing
LOCATION: Red Castle Games
EVENT: Epic escalation tournament
DATE: 2016-11-19

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