Saturday, December 3, 2016

Empire Uncovers Rebel Plot to convert Medical Frigates

Pelta-class medical frigates to be converted to combat vessels by Rebellion

BALMORRA SYSTEM - After a daring naval raid, Imperial Intelligence learned of the Rebellion's intent to convert Republic-era medical frigates into warships into their depraved cause.

Proving further that the so-called Rebel Alliance will continually stoop lower, Imperial Intelligence learned that the Rebellion aims to convert medical frigates into combat vessels in pursuit of further galactic instability.

the Intelligence was gathered when an Imperial Navy task force encountered Rebel vessels gathering combat refit components in the Balmorra system. The Balmorra system is the location of a subsidiary of Kuat Drive Yards, the original manufacturer of the Pelta-class medical frigate.

The task force was able to intercept a number of containers carrying the components, before the Rebel were able to collect them for shipment out of system. The rebel fleet numbered several transport flotillas, escorted by Corellian corvettes and a Mon Calamari cruiser.

During the Clone War, Pelta-class frigates were used to treat and transport wounded Republic soldiers, casualties in service of galactic unity and civilization. The Rebellion's plot to convert these vessels is considered by analysts to be a sign of the Rebellion deep depravity, as Clone War veterans consider the decks of these frigates to be hallowed ground.

HNN Contributor Benn Gleck

HNN analyst Benn Gleck was moved to tears:

"Clone War soldiers bled their sacred blood on the decks of these frigates, where the aliens and malcontents of the Outer Rim will soon be planting their muddy boots."

"It's an absolute travesty," Gleck added, asking: "Is really nothing sacred anymore?"

Fortunately, Imperial Intelligence learned of this perverse development, and informed HNN. Now the galaxy can be (nearly) as outraged as Gleck, and the rest of the HNN news team.

GAME: Armada
LOCATION: The Portland Game Store
EVENT:Friday night, game night
DATES: 2016-12-2

WINNER: Rebels
OBJECTIVE: Intel Sweep

EMPIRE: Mikael
No, I didn't actually win. Greg beat me pretty thoroughly by 117 points. HOWEVER, I did win the 75 points for the Intel Sweep objective. But... whatever. :-)

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