Sunday, September 6, 2015

Imperial Navy Report: Lord Vader Instrumental in Imperial Victory in Battle of Brigia

Lord Darth Vader declining to comment to reporters

PAKUUNI SYSTEM - The official Imperial Navy report on yesterday's battle in the Brigia system shows a dramatic victory for the Empire. Of particular note was the contribution made by Lord Darth Vader himself.

Following a pitched battle in the Brigia system yesterday, the Imperial Navy has released its official report on the battle. The report shows an overwhelming victory for the Empire over the combined forces of the Rebellion and their criminal allies.

The report also shows the personal intervention by the Emperor's own right-hand man, Lord Darth Vader.

Lord Vader booked tremendous success luring the Rebellion into an assassination attempt against a shuttle rumored to be carrying the Emperor Himself. Together with an element of the renowned Obsidian Squadron, Lord Vader destroyed two elements of rebel fighters and one band of Black Sun criminals. While the Emperor is rumored to have been in the system, these rumors may have been planted in the interest of drawing out would-be Rebel assassins.

The battle also saw the deployment of several heavy TIE/it "Punisher" bombers as well as refurbished TIE/x1 starfighters. Thus far, the latter appear to be more effective against Rebel forces.

According to sources within Imperial Intelligence, the Rebellion deployed a new type of X-wing star fighter, designated the T-70, an updated split-wing version of the T-65 X-wing starfighter produced by the traitorous Incom Corporation of the Fresia system of the Torranix sector.

Dissenting newsnets suggest that the Imperial victory may not have been as clear-cut as the report suggests. The Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) is engaged in preventing such filth from being spread through the comm waves and finding a new vocation for such reporters in the spice mines of Kessel.

Game: X-Wing
Date: 2015-9-5
Location: Guardian Games (Summer 2015 Tournament Kit).
The full report of the tournament in question is available here: Dawn of the 7s (Lists Juggler)

So, maybe the Empire didn't do all that much better against the Rebels as vice versa when counting battles. This is certainly so considering my own matches (see here), but the Top 2 players were Imperial. Scum really drew the short end of the stick in this tournament.

Contrats to Austin and Xander for their victories against the traitorous Rebellion and vile criminal scum.

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