Monday, September 14, 2015

Rebel Activity in Caluula Sector Detected: Imperial Navy Closing Breach in Blockade

Blue Majesty, flagship of the rebel warlord Lyraeus, sighted in the Caluula system

CALUULA SYSTEM - Imperial vessels have detected Rebel activity in the Caluula system. Sector and regional forces have been put on alert to close the hyperroute resupplying the wayward Calamari sector.

Imperial Navy vessels encountered rebel trafficking of illicit goods in the Caluula system several days ago. A Rebel line of two assault frigates escorted by several fighter squadrons was detected making use of an outlying space station in the system. The space station was doubtlessly a transfer point for moving spice, weapons, and alien smut through the last remaining hole in the Imperial blockade of the Calamari sector.

After an exchange of fire, and the rapid retreat of one of the assault frigates, the Imperial Recon Line, consisting of three Gladiator-class star destroyers, was able to return to the fleet to report on the sighting. Imperial Navy Attack Lines have been dispatched to hunt and interdict the rebel forces, closing any further trafficking with the Calamari homeworld.

"This was a clear victory for the forces of peace and stability," Admiral Ren Darvox told HNN. "Now that we know their trafficking vector, we can shut it down and gain full control over the Caluula system.

Admiral Darvox is commissioned with the command of the Suppression of Calamari Campaign, aiming to return the Calamari Sector to legitimate Imperial control.

The Rebel vessels in question are believed to be operating under the direction of the Rebel warlord Lyraeus. Lyraeus was recently ignominiously driven from the neighboring Pakuuni system, but appears to have reared his head in the Caluula system.

With the Pakuuni system under secure Imperial control, the Imperial Navy moves to shut down illicit traffic through the Caluula system. With Imperial control over these two bottlenecks in the galactic hyperroute system nearly complete, the embargo over the Calamari sector will move to the following phase - a continuous move towards the Dac system and the re-establishment of legitimate authority in the Calamari sector.

Meanwhile, the Rebel propaganda source, Alliance "Free" "News" ludicrously reports this as a victory for the Rebellion, demonstrating the overwhelming biased and skewed reporting done by the Rebellion's mouthpiece.

GAME: Armada
LOCATION: Portland Game Store (Casual Pick-up Game)
DATE: 2015-9-11

SYSTEM: Caluula system
WINNER: Rebels, 5-5 by 17 points
OBJECTIVE: Contested Outpost

REBELS: Lyraeus
Assault Frigate MkIIB (Blue Majesty) + Garm Bel Iblis + Intel Officer + Gunnery Team + Advanced Projectors + Enhanced Armament
Assault Frigate MkIIB + Intel Officer + Gunnery Team + Enhanced Armament + Advanced Projectors
Tycho Celchu (Riuka Nadori) - Lightning Squadron
A-Wing - Tornado Squadron
Y-Wing - Amber Squadron
Y-Wing - Cobalt Squadron
Y-Wing - Deep Squadron
Y-Wing - Storm Squadron

Gladiator I-class Star Destroyer + Grand Moff Tarkin + Expanded Launchers + Sensor Team + Engine Techs
Gladiator I-class Star Destroyer + Weapons Liaison + Expanded Launchers + Sensor Team + Engine Techs + Demolisher
Gladiator I-class Star Destroyer + Weapons Liaison + Expanded Launchers + Sensor Team + Engine Techs

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