Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Empire to Revitalize Roodkasteel Space Station

Roodkasteel station in the Brigia system: formerly a haven for rebels and traitors, soon a hub of Imperial security and commerce

BRIGIA SYSTEM - Once a derelict hulk, Roodkasteel station in the Brigia system has been marked for a revitalization program ordered by the Empire, turning a former Rebel hideout into a haven for security and commerce in the Tion Hegemony sector.

Situated at the crossroutes of the Tion Trade Route and the Pakuuni Drift, Brigia and Roodkasteel station in particular were once regional hubs of commerce before a corvette piloted by an inebriated Gamorrean ship thief collided with the station and - worse - the Brigia system became a hive of rebel activity.

With the return of relative peace and stability after the Empire captured the Caluula and Pakuuni systems, isolating the wayward Calamari sector, Brigia and Roodkasteel station now have reason to hope for a brighter future.

While the station is a renowned den of sabacc and other types of card gamers, economic analysts working for the Empire project that a shift from such card games to sustaining local military operations will both lift Roodkasteel's fortunes as well as moral fiber.

A Gozanti-class cruiser carrying TIE fighters

While there are still reports of criminal and rebel activity on a much smaller scale, economists believe that the stationing of an Imperial Navy fighter garrison on Roodkasteel will provide a stimulus for economic growth. A departure point for Gozanti-class carriers, capable of deploying flights of TIE fighters for long-range patrols, the garrison is to assist with law enforcement and counterinsurgency in the system and along regional trade routes.

With the imminent recapturing of the Mon Calamari and Quarren homeword, the campaign to liberate the Calamari sector from rebel forces will also bring more traffic through Roodcasteel. According to reports, the Imperial Navy plans to launch missions to recapture the Shayling and Turkana systems within the coming week.

With one of my favorite gaming haunts, Red Castle Games, seeming to be going through some tough times, as well as a decline in X-Wing gaming there, I am hoping to help bring more X-Wing and Armada gaming to their tables.

It's my hope to bring both more standard-format free and tournament play to Red Castle, but also try some different styles of play, such as epic play with huge ships. With the Gozanti-class cruiser on the FFG boat, and our Rebel Transports, Corellian Corvettes and Imperial Raider gathering dust, it's a shame that we don't have an organized opportunity to bring them out to play. Red Castle's big table would be ideal to have an big team-epic play event on, perhaps to coincide with the release of the Gozanti.

Anyway, those are my thoughts on it. If that strikes you as cool too, please get in touch with me to see what we might organize.

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