Saturday, October 24, 2015

Imperial Forces Continue to Interdict Rebel Logistics Behind Lines

Location of the Eridicon system behind Rebel lines around the Dac system.

PAKUUNI SYSTEM - Imperial Sector Command is receiving more reports from behind Rebel lines of Imperial Navy activity creating disruptions ahead of planned offensive.

After reports yesterday of Line Commander Bonner disrupting Rebel supply efforts, the Imperial Sector Command on Pakuuni has learned of another strike on Rebel forces in the Eridicon system.

The hero of this hour is one Line Commander Ricktus, who's precise name and rank remains undisclosed to protect his family from Rebel reprisals. Ricktus commanded a heavy attack line consisting of three Victory-class star destroyers and one swift Gladiator-class star destroyer.

Occupying the system's orbital supply platform, Commander Ricktus prevented a small fleet of rebel frigates and corvettes from re-occupying the station and using it as a transfer point for contraband produced within the system.

The Eridicon system lies well behind Rebel lines, and is a source of supplies being routed to the front through the Minntooine system.

Disruptions are interdicting the Rebellion's capacity to bring war materiel such as genocidal weaponry to their fleets. Furthermore, as an organization funded by the trafficking in contraband, these Imperial efforts are debilitating the Rebellion's efforts to traffic in spice and other narcotics. Some reports even mention rebellious aliens trafficking in human children.

GAME: Armada
LOCATION: Calgary, somewhere
DATE: 2015-10-23?

SYSTEM: Eridicon system
WINNER: Empire
OBJECTIVE: Opening Salvo

REBELS: Commander "Mornin'Joe"(Joe)
Assault Frigate, MkIIA + General Dodonna + Intel Officer + Gunnery Team + Advanced Projectors + Enhanced Armament
Nebulon-B Escort Frigate + Raymus Antilles + XI7 Turbolasers + Salvation
Nebulon-B Support Refit + Redemption
Cr90a Corvette + Jaina's Light
Cr90b Corvette + Leia Organa + Dodonna Pride
Tycho Celchu
2 x A-wing squadron

EMPIRE: Adm Ricktus (Richard)
Victory II-class Star Destroyer + Grand Moff Tarkin + Wulff Yularen + Gunnery Team + H9 Turbolasers + Warlord
2x Victory I-class Star Destroyer + Intel Officer
Gladiator I-class Star Destroyer + Veteran Captain + Engine Techs + Assault Concussion Missiles + Demolisher

In the opening minutes of the battle, Adm Ricktus ordered his (Tarkin) nav tokens to his fleet and steamed full ahead at the approaching Rebel fleet, in a line abreast (dist 4-5 apart) with the Glad on the far right flank.

Knowing a nearby supply platform would help his plan, Adm Ricktus parked his flagship atop it, positioned his Vic I's on either side on a slow roll (reduce speed to 1) and waited for the fast approach of the Rebels to come into firing range.

Comm Joe on the other hand, sent his AF with Salvation, and the Redemption into the teeth of the Empire's ships, swinging the AF for a full broadside on the Vic-I slowly approaching the right of his column, he fired both Nebs into the front shields with only little effect, but the Opening Salvo of the Rebel Flag ripped through to the hull causing 3 hits and a crit. With gen D, over 50% damage to the VicI.

Meanwhile the courageous despicable Cr90's were having trouble with the Demolisher resulting in 1 dead corvette (Cr90b) and a heavily damaged Jaina's Light forcing it to flee into the near by asteroids.

The Rebel AFII took a pounding (opening salvo shots) from an angry wounded Vic-I and the other Vic-I who had now moved into point-blank range, increases his speed to try and withdraw but his escape is cut off by the Demolisher speeding in from the front after creaming both Nebs with side shots forcing them both to flee or die!!

After the activation of the Warlord it was all over for the Rebel flagship, as it was rammed to death by the un-damaged Vic-I. The Rebel fighters were no more than annoyance and were forced to retreat with rest of their ships.

Well...needless to say, the Rebel was defeated soundly only escaping with 2 half dead Nebs and a crippled corvette and, with no losses to Empires forces. Absolutely no breaking this Blockade!!

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