Sunday, February 7, 2016

Imperial Navy in Incident With Mandalorian Law Enforcement

Imperial Raider-class corvette

MANDALORE SYSTEM - A line of the Imperial Navy came into conflict with Mandalorian Law Enforcement over Raider-class corvettes surpassing a local velocity regulation.

The incident took place near the moon of Concordia, where the Mandalorian government imposes tightened regulations due to past differences with violent exiles on that moon. According to the Mandalorian Patrol, the local space-borne law enforcement agency, the Raider-class corvettes surpassed the maximum-allowed spatial velocity.

The Mandalorian Patrol, with a noted reputation for trigger-happy officers, engaged ships from the small flotilla of Imperial Navy ships, as these moved near a space station orbiting the Concordian moon. Flying Firespray-31-class attack craft, they unleashed concussion missiles against the Imperial vessels. Two vessels were lost in the attack.

Rather than escalate a hostile diplomatic incident, the Imperial craft chose to withdraw rather than engage the attack craft. The Line Captain in charge of the flotilla further disputed the charge, arguing that without special engine technicians the corvettes in question could never have reached the speeds the Mandalorian authorities allege.

The Emperor is expected to send His top diplomat to Mandalore to address the situation. Once Lord Vader has seen to a private family matter that arose after the recent attack on a rebel base in the remote Hoth system, he will doubtlessly express his concern to the Mandalorian authorities.

GAME: Armada
LOCATION2: Red Castle Games (Sunday Free Play)
DATES: 2016-2-7

SYSTEM: Mandalore system
WINNER: Mandalorian Empire
OBJECTIVE: Precision Strike
INITIATIVE: Imperial Empire

Imperial II-class Star Destroyer + Admiral Ozzel
Imperial II-class Star Destroyer + Gunnery Team
Major Rhymer
Boba Fett
5x Firespray-31

EMPIRE: Mikael
Raider I-class Corvette + Admiral Screed + Admiral Montferrat + Impetuous
Gladiator II-class Star Destroyer + Intel Officer + Ordnance Experts + Engine Techs + Expanded Launchers + Demolisher
Gladiator II-class Star Destroyer + Engine Techs + Assault Concussion Missiles + Insidious
Raider I-class Corvette + Intel Officer + Expanded Launchers
Raider I-class Corvette + Intel Officer + Assault Concussion Missiles

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