Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Empire Removes Rebel Presence from Little-Known Hoth System

Rebels crushed under Imperial AT-AT walkers

HOTH SYSTEM - The Empire, under the personal command of Lord Darth Vader, has destroyed a rebel base in the far flung Hoth system in the Anoat sector of the Outer Rim.

Using probe droids to gather critical intelligence throughout the galaxy, the Empire was able to discover the location of a rebel base on the frozen main planet of the Hoth system. Acting forcefully and with great speed, the Empire quickly destroyed the rebel base, bringing Rebels to swift justice in the process.

During the ground engagement, Imperial walkers (All Terrain Armored and Scout Transports, AT-ATs and AT-STs) were deployed to destroy the Rebel shield generator protecting the planet. Meanwhile, Imperial Navy pilots prevented the escape of Rebel transports attempting to evade arrest and capture. The pathetic Rebel efforts to halt the armored walkers with nothing more than weaponized airspeeders was inconsequential.

Demonstrating their true colors, certain Rebel operatives - reputed to include the traitorous former Senator Leia Organa - decided to save themselves. While the senator fled, the transports attempting to evacuate non-combatants were intercepted and destroyed by TIE Fighters. The dilapidated light freighter carrying the fugitive former senator is believed to have be traced to the nearby Bespin system.

According to casualty reports, the Rebel commander - General Carlist Rieekan - was unavailable for interrogation on the account of being dead. He is believed to have died aboard one of the transports attempting to flee Hoth.

With the Rebel fleet cornered in the Calamari sector and elsewhere suppressed by the might of the Imperial Army, Navy, and Stormtrooper Corps, as well as the loyalty of the Emperor's subjects, the Rebellion has been forced to seek shelter in the most out-of-the-way corners of the galaxy. But even there they cannot be safe from the Empire's long reach of justice.

Game: (Epic) X-Wing/Imperial Assault/RPG/etc.
Date: 2016-01-31
Location: The Portland Game Store (Sunday special event).

This was a special event designed and carried out by David D. and Kenji M., which was designed as a gameplay of the Battle of Hoth, using multiple game system, including a ground combat system with walkers and airspeeder that was home-brew created by David and Kenji. I did not personally attend, except for a few minutes during the afternoon. The following is the thorough report I received from Kenji:

As the Imperial AT-ATs approached the shield generator, two squadrons of snowspeeders that had Wedge, Luke, Dak, and Zev Senesca. At the same time, the first transport launched and was met with a swarm of TIE fighters. They slipped past the Raider ("Star Destroyer"), but lost two of the three escort X-wings in the process.

The AT-ATs and AT-STs shot down one of the snowspeeders just after their tow cable connected. Anti-armor and anti-infantry turrets started dropping immediately from blasts from the AT-ATs. The second transport left soon after the first, but was almost immediately taken down by a squadron of TIE fighters and TIE advanced fighters, along with the 2 X-wings that were escorting it.

The snowspeeders successfully connected their tow cables time and time again, but the AT-ST support proved to be a problem as snowspeeders started to fall quickly. There were a few attempts at shooting at the AT-ATs, but because their shields and armor were too strong, only the snowspeeders' critical hits could even scratch them.After three of the snowspeeders fell, Zev Senesca was shot down as the reinfocements flew out of Echo Base's hangar.

The third transport left with an escort of 3 more x-wings and halfway to the edge, the transport fell as it took fire from 2 squadrons of imperial fighters. 2 X-wings survived for a bit longer and attempted to take out as many as they could before blowing up, but ultimately could only take down 1 TIE fighter. The AT-ATs continued to slowly trudge towards the shield generator with little difficulty. The AT-STs were all taken out at this point, but Luke, Wedge, and their remaining support fighters were having difficulty taking down the AT-ATs. Luke got hit pretty badly earlier and was flying with 1 hull. He then hit an AT-AT where he lost Dak Ralter and then was shot down by the rear-guard AT-AT as he passed in front of it.

The last transport fired off with Tarn Mison, Hobbie Klivian, Wedge Antilles, and Wes Jansen. X-wings and punched through the remaining fighters while avoiding the Raider's ("Star Destroyer's") guns. As the AT-ATs grew nearer to the shield generator, the last transport blasted for the finish line as Tarn Mison and Hobbie Klivian were shot down in the line of duty, protecting the transport. The shield generator was soon destroyed as Wedge on the ground was almost able to take down the AT-AT before it shot it down, but was too late.. Luke in his X-wing, and Han Solo, Princess Leia, Chewbacca, and C-3PO flew off the planet, following the transport. Suddenly Boba Fett (We wanted to use the Misthunter but it wasn't out yet) flew in on his Slave-1 to try and stop them, but could not finish the, off, and they all escaped with the remaining transport and Wes Jansen and Wedge Antilles. While Echo base was destroyed from the orbital bombardment, the Rebels ultimately won the day. Carlist Rieekan unfortunately died on the third transport, but the Rebellion would live on.

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