Saturday, February 6, 2016

BREAKING NEWS: Imperial Fighter Pilots Holding Off Mass Rebel Assault.

Rebel fightercraft assaulting Imperial positions

RUISTO SYSTEM - A large number of Rebel squadrons are attacking Imperial picket lines near Minntooine and Ruisto in an apparent desperate attempt to break through the blockading fleet.

The assault began this morning with the Rebellion outnumbering Imperial squadrons at a nearly two-to-one ratio. However, their expertise and prowess-building loyalty to the Emperor has given the Imperial Navy pilots a clear edge in thwarting the futile Rebel attempt.

The Rebel effort is considered futile, as behind the picket patrols, the fleets of the Imperial Navy guard the access routes to the hyperlanes leading out of the sector. Regardless of the outcome of these fighter skirmishes, the Rebel fleet will remain captured in the Calamari sector.

Game: X-Wing
Date: 2016-02-06
Location: Guardian Games (Store Championship - writing during the 5th round).

The Guardian Games Store Championship just finished. I woke up to sick to participate, but I crawled down there at roughly 4:30 (end of 4th round, start of 5th). From a red-on-blue perspective, the field of Rebels was huge with 20 lists, with the Empire taking half that (10), and Scum just a quarter (5).

At the 5th round, there were three Empire lists at the top 4 tables, so in that respect they were holding their own. Scum, on the other hand, were concentrated at the bottom - even sequestered in the Critical Sip area, where they could drink away their sorrows.

Full lists will be uploaded to List Juggler by the TO, when he's able to make that happen.

By the end of the Swiss Rounds, a quick and imperfect tally (not everybody filled out their score sheets equally legibly) the Empire-on-Rebel matches were 13-12 in the Empire's slight favor.

In the next-to-final round, Brendan matched off against Patrick in an Empire-on-Empire match to determine who would be the Emperor's champion. Meanwhile, Pete and David engaged in a internecine Rebel conflict, as the nihilistic Rebellion is prone to. Brendan's TIE Interceptors were quickly dispatched, and David proved victorious in the Rebel match.

In the final round, the Empire pulled it off with Patrick taking home the plaque and the 1st-round bye at the upcoming Regionals. This despite some miscommunication between "Whisper" and Agent Kallus about some of her abilities.

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