Monday, July 25, 2016

Scum Lord Joltz Projects Reign of Crime; Imperial Navy Questions Advanced Starfighters

Assorted pirate starfighters under the banner of the Scum Lord, Stason Joltz

REUSS SYSTEM - while conducting extensive raids on criminal operations in the Parmic Sector, a number of elite formations of TIE/x7 "Defender" starfighters were ambushed by pirates believed to be loyal to the infamous Scum Lord of Junkfort Station, Stason Joltz.

Pirates with allegiance to the Scum Lord of Junkfort Station, Stason Joltz have expanded their piracy and mayhem outside of the distant Tharin sector. In so doing, they attacked several formations of Imperial Navy starfighters, many of which included upgraded models of TIE/x7 "Defenders". The defeat of the elite starfighter formations is said to be a vindication of factions within the Imperial Navy that argue for a stricter adherence to older Imperial Navy doctrine.

"The Imperial Navy has a doctrine of dispensable numerical superiority," one Navy insider told HNN. "Strictly inspired by the New Order laid down by the Emperor, it is the key to military success, from which the Navy must not deviate."

New advanced starfighter craft, which include the TIE/Ad x7, but also other models such as the TIE/Ad v1 and TIE/IT "Punisher", have been innovations on the tried and true TIE/ln starfighter, which provides the Navy with the bulk of its squadron complements. These are the brainchildren of Grand Admiral Demetrius Zaarin, the Empire's, whose prototypes are being tested in the Parmic sector.

Included among the elite formations were the civilian volunteers from House Benelex, whose formation resembled loosely the 'Special Operations Flights' which had been deployed by Moff Dzon Brennin in the pacification of the Arkanis sector last year. These consisted of a small elite craft working closely with a VT-49 "Decimator" patrol craft.

"The failure of these so-called 'Advanced' starfighters is a sign that we need to cease with these Zaarinist experiments. Questioning the naval doctrine of the New Order is the same as questioning the wisdom of the Emperor Palpatine," the Navy insider asserted.

The Parmic sector is an outlying region of space on the Outer Rim, infamous for its spice smugglers. Last year, Imperial forces quashed Rebel and other criminal activity in the area in an overall successful campaign to isolate the Arkanis sector. It is argued by some that the necessity to reorient the activities of the Imperial Navy towards the siege of the Calamari sector, meant allowing criminal and insurgent elements to revive in these trailing sectors of the Outer Rim.

GAME: X-Wing
LOCATION: Red Castle Games
EVENT: Summer 2014 Summer Kit tournament
DATE: 2016-7-24

Taking a hiatus from the 'Heroes of the Aturi Cluster' league today, we had a small (8-person) X-Wing tournament. The full results can be found on List Juggler.

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