Friday, February 3, 2017

Effective "Community Policing" on Ord Mantell

Elite stormtrooper, engages in "community policing", enjoying the fruits of winning the hearts and minds of the populace on Ord Mantell

ORD MANTELL - Imperial authorities once again delivered another world from the scourge of the Rebellion's operatives. Responding to a tip from a private concerned citizen, Imperial stormtroopers cleared out a Rebel safehouse on Ord Mantell yesterday.

Responding to positive stormtrooper engagement with the local populace, a concerned citizen on Ord Mantell informed Imperial forces of the presence of a Rebel safehouse yesterday. Imperial forces swiftly descended on the Rebel location, clearing it with requisite force.

While the Rebel cell managed to barely escape, the surrounding populace was satisfied with the stormtroopers' elimination of the Rebel cell in their midst, especially given the minimal collateral casualties.

With the Rebellion increasingly becoming an enemy within the Empire, instead of merely a nuisance at galactic civilization's outskirts in the Outer Rim, Imperial forces have increased their vigilance and engagement with local communities.

Ord Mantell girl tells stormtrooper about parents' questionable conversations in return for candy

The Stormtrooper Corps' new strategy of "community policing" has borne fruit as citizens become more vigilant about the Rebel presence in their midst, and more forthcoming with tip offs to the Imperial authorities. Some loyal citizens have provided stormtrooper patrols with information on their own neighbors.

Especially children are comforted by the friendly presence of storm-troopers seeking to keep them safe from Rebel "meanies".

Children had previously been interrogated with the assistance of droids, same as adults. The new approach, using candy rather than interrogation droids, has proven to be more effective in eliciting useful information about disloyal activities of neighbors, friends, and even family.

"You'd be surprised what you can learn about the neighborhood in return for a Fizzyglug," patrolman TK-621 told HNN. "The bully on the corner was proven to be a Rebel Intelligence officer. Before [NAME REDACTED] narc'd him out to me, I thought he was just some moof-milker."

With the Rebel threat spreading among the galaxy's malcontent population, citizens are eager for an Empire willing to connect with them for the greater good of a peaceful galaxy with quieter streets.

Game: Imperial Assault
Date: 2017-1-17
Location: Portland State Campus

Final mission of The Edge of Oblivion custom Mini-Campaign: Top Target.

The Empire was only narrowly defeated as the Rebels barely were able to escape with their hides intact.

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