Tuesday, February 7, 2017

In Memoriam: Civé "Howlrunner" Rashon

Civé "Howlrunner" Rashon

CORELLIA - the Imperial Navy pays its respects to one of its finest TIE fighter pilots, Civé Rashon, affectionately known by her squadron as "Howrunner", and to her superiors as OS-72-1.

Rashon was the squadron leader of "Obsidian Squadron," a squadron of TIE fighters known for their capacity of pursuit and hard-hitting flight formations.

Her service came to an abrupt, tragic, but proud end in defense of Corellia, as a vicious rebel leader known as Kiza Bætti was beaten back from defiling this noble Core World.

Her wingman, Dodson "Night Beast" Makraven, known to his superiors as OS-72-2, remembered her fondly:

"She really was something," Makraven told HNN, "Even though our squadron had had a rough time of it in the battle over Vagran, she decided that we needed to be in the thick of it again."

Obsidian Squadron, under Rashon's leadership, had suffered casualties in a recent battle in the Vagran system, which allowed the Imperial Navy to defend this peaceful and wildlife-rich world from Rebel thugs, and to even build an Imperial garrison there to keep it safer still.

"While we could have used a refit," Makraven continued, "Howlrunner told our superiors - even Moff Hasselstein himself - that it was worth foregoing on the refits in order to build that garrison."

The Empire honors Rashon this day, and vows to continue her mission of keeping the galaxy safe from the Rebels who seek nothing more than the wicked destabilization of galactic civilization.

In this third round of fighting, I lost Howlrunner permanently as she had been scarred in the previous round, and Jon managed to kill her this round.

I made him pay for it though.

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