Sunday, February 5, 2017

Young Rising Star Given Battlefield Promotion in Corellian Sector

Former Lt. Commander Yueh of the cruiser Hand of Justice promoted to Commodore of the Outer Sector Patrol Fleet

CORELLIAN SECTOR - With the administrative demise of the previous commanding officer, Moff Hasselstein has promoted Lt. Commander Iago Yueh of the Command Cruiser Hand of Justice to Commodore of the Outer Fleet Patrol. A great deal rests on the shoulders this young scion of Coruscant.

Last week, Lord Vader visited the Corellian sector in order to bring morale and discipline to the fleet officers and crewers doing battle against the Rebel incursion into the Core Worlds. In the process, the head of one fleet command was removed through executive action on the part of Lord Vader.

In order to replace the vacancy, Moff Hasselstein has promoted an ambitious young officer, Iago Yueh, native of Coruscant, to the post of patrol fleet commander.

In this new role Commodore Yueh shall have to seek out Rebel outposts hiding in the various corners of the Corellian sector. Rebel presence has been detected on several worlds throughout the sector, such as Nubia, Polanis, Duro and Corfai, but also within the Corellian system itself.

While Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) officers hunt for Rebels on the surfaces of these planets, the Imperial Navy patrols the orbits, launching probe droids and fighter patrols.

Yueh has benefited greatly from his birth on Coruscant to influential parents, his performance at the Prefsbelt IV Naval Academy, and the personal mentoring of the late Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin - whose tragic death in a shuttle accident robbed the Emperor of one of His most faithful and inspiring servants. Soon, Commodore Yueh will be tested against the despicable mettle of some of the Rebellion's most cruel and infamous commanders - Mysh Theia, Canth Warden, and Kiza Bætti.

As previously reported, Chris personally offered his apologies to Lord Vader, and Noa has been promoted to command the sector's second fleet.

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