Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Mon Calamari Declare Treason Against Empire

A Mon Calamari, one of the traitorous species declaring separatism against the Empire

DAC SYSTEM - In a shocking upset, the Mon Calamari government in the Dac (also called Mon Cala) system declared its thankless revolt against the Empire today.

After decades of civilizing this brutish aquatic people, the Empire is betrayed by the Mon Calamari in this ingrate - and ultimately futile - gesture. The Mon Calamari is expected to be back under Imperial control and administration within two months, as the Imperial Navy reassigns fleets to retake Mon Cala.

While some cite the Mon Calamari shipyards as being capable of providing for its own self-defense, a spokesperson for the Imperial Navy justifiably scoffed: "Mon Calamari star cruisers are nothing more than decadent pleasure cruisers. They cannot stand toe to toe with the star destroyers of the Imperial Navy."

While some suspect that a declaration of alliance with the Rebellion is imminent, the Mon Calamari have not yet declared their involvement with the Rebel Alliance. Strategic analysts believe that the choice between simple separatism and embracing the terrorist Rebellion can have profound consequences for Dac and the Mon Calamari people.

"It might mean the difference between simple re-subjection and justifiable eradication," one strategic analyst, choosing to remain off the record, told HNN.

Dac, the homeworld of the ingrate Mon Calamari species

Justifiable eradication is a phrase used for the removal of a species so depraved as to not be capable of rehabilitation for civilized galactic society.

"It's something the Quarren should keep in mind, if they follow the Mon Calamari's lead in this mistake," the analyst explained, referring planet's other dominant species.

Recently, HNN senior Outer Rim Analyst Benn Gleck named Mon Cala the worst planet in the galaxy. Today, the Mon Calamari proved Gleck's assessment as prophetic.

The Mon Calamari revolt demonstrates that the development assistance selflessly handed out by the Empire is not ultimately enough to sate these thankless aliens of the Outer Rim.

So, today we learned about Fantasy Flight Games' big announcement of an upcoming series of Star Wards: Armada tournaments called 'The Massing at Sullust'.

Within just hours of this announcement, several of our local gaming stores announced when they plan to hold their iterations of these tournaments. At the time of writing, these are:

LOCATION: Guardian Games
  345 SE Taylor Street
  Portland, OR 97214
TIME/DATE: 12:00pm, Saturday, October 3
FACEBOOK EVENT LINK: The Massing at Sullust at Guardian Games

LOCATION: Dice Age Games
  5107 E Fourth Plain Blvd #105
  Vancouver, WA 98661
TIME/DATE: 12:30pm, Saturday, October 3
FACEBOOK EVENT LINK: The Massing at Sullust at Dice Age Games

LOCATION: Rainy Day Games
  18105 SW Tualatin Valley Highway
  Aloha OR, 97003
TIME/DATE: 12:00pm, Sunday, October 4
FACEBOOK EVENT LINK: The Massing at Sullust at Rainy Day Games

Stay tuned as we learn of more local/regional venues holding this tournament.

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