Friday, May 8, 2015

Space Station Over Ryndellia Suffers Sneak Attack

Space station in the Ryndellia system feared lost to treacherous rebel attack

FARSTINE SYSTEM - The space station orbiting Ryndellia in the system of the same name is reported to have come under a surprise rebel attack. A Victory-class star destroyer last known to be in the system is likewise failing to report in and is feared to have been lost defending the hapless space station. The Ryndellian sector admiralty fears a sneak attack by the Rebellion in the Mid Rim.

With the Rebellion mostly held off in the Outer Rim and contained in the Arkanis sector, the Admiralty charged with the Savareen blockade was surprised today by the distress call from the Ryndellia system. The signal reported a surprise attack by civilian-seeming ships.

"We did not think that even the Rebellion would stoop so low as to attack Ryndellia," Rear Admiral Thorsten, spokesman for the admiralty declared.

Ryndellia is a peaceful Mid-Rim world, otherwise at a safe distance from the fighting in the Outer Rim.

"This demonstrates that the Rebellion is void of any conscience, and has no qualms about involving non-combatants in their violent uprising against the established legitimate order of the galaxy," Thorsten added.

The name of the Star Destroyer presumed lost in the space station's defense is being withheld until such time as the loved ones of her crew can be made aware of the incident by the appropriate authorities within the Imperial Navy. HNN and all its affiliates and sponsors express their condolences to the widows and orphans that this vicious attack leaves behind.

Meanwhile, the Savareen admiralty vows immediate reprisals against rebel fleet formations, commencing tomorrow.

Game: Armada
Location: Red Castle Games (casual pick-up game)

Battle 1
System: Ryndellia system
WINNER: Rebels
DATE: 2015-5-8
OBJECTIVE: Contested Outpost

EMPIRE: Michael
Victory II-class Star Destroyer + Grand Moff Tarkin + Enhanced Weaponry + Gunnery Team + Dominator
3x TIE Fighter Squadron

Nebulon-B Escort Frigate + General Dodonna + Engineering Team
CR90a Corvette
4x X-wing fighters

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