Sunday, December 13, 2015

Bright Hope Sighted in Clariv System

Rebel transport Bright Hope ferrying contraband through pirate-infested spacelanes to the Calamari sector.

CLARIV SYSTEM - the Rebel transport Bright Hope has passed through the Clariv System en route to Calamari sector. The Empire attempts to clean up system of piracy, insurrection and weapons smuggling.

A deep space probe droid has once again sighted the elusive Rebel transport Bright Hope. After a sighting in the Rudrig system earlier this week, the transport was observed in the Clariv system. She is suspected of traveling the Tion Trade Route towards the Calamari sector.

Imperial patrols were ordered to search and apprehend the Bright Hope. While the transport was not detected a second time, Imperial patrols did encounter and eliminate pirate and traitor forces operating in the system.

The Clariv system has been a wretched hive of traitors and criminals, though in recent weeks Imperial patrols have worked to eliminate the forces of a dastardly pirate named Seedy Elie. It is suspected that Elie's forces attempted to intercept the Bright Hope, possibly in order to guide it past Imperial patrols.

Pirates, syndicates, and other Outer Rim criminals have been known to collaborate with the Rebellion. The Rebellion, being an agent of lawlessness and nihilism, provides a service to the criminal sector of distracting the Imperial Navy, Imperial Security Bureau, and Imperial Intelligence from their task of providing law and order to the galaxy. Within the cracks of lawlessness, especially in the alien-infested Outer Rim, the criminals find greater ease in plying their corrupt trades, larceny and racketeering.

The Bright Hope remains at large.

Game: X-Wing
Date: 2015-12-13
Location: Red Castle Games (Sunday free play).

Battle 1
System: Clariv
WINNER: Empire

Talonbane Cobra + Lightning Reflexes + Glitterstim + Stealth Device
Tansarii Point Veteran + Push the Limit + "Heavy Scyck" Interceptor + Heavy Laser Cannon
Mandalorian Mercenary + Stay on Target(?) + Heavy Laser Cannon + Glitterstim

REBELS: Mikael
GR-75 Medium Transport + WED-15 Repair Droid + Bright Hope
3x Rookie Pilot

Battle 2
System: Clariv
WINNER: Empire

Latts Razzi + Heavy Laser Cannon + Assault Missiles + Bossk + Weapons Engineer + Gunner + Feedback Array

Black Sun Ace + Crack Shot + Glitterstim
Tansarii Point Veteran + Push the Limit + "Heavy Scyck" Interceptor + Heavy Laser Cannon

Soontir Fel + Push the Limit + Autothrusters + Royal Guard TIE + Stealth Device
Turr Phennir + Ruthlessness + Autothrusters + Royal Guard TIE + Stealth Device
Omicron Group Pilot + Emperor Palpatine

Battle 3
System: Clariv
WINNER: Empire

Poe Dameron + Veteran Instincts + R5-P9 + Autothrusters
2x Blue Squadron Pilot + Advanced Sensors + Plasma Torpedoes + B-wing/E2 + Tactician

EMPIRE: Mikael
Darth Vader + Outmaneuver + Outmaneuver + Proton Rockets + Engine Upgrade + TIE/x1 + Adv. Targeting Computer
Juno Eclipse + Outmaneuver + Outmaneuver + Proton Rockets + TIE/x1 + Adv. Targeting Computer
2x Academy Pilot

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