Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Gozanti-class Assault Carriers Arrive in Brigia System

Gozanti-class assault carrier deploying TIE Fighters

BRIGIA SYSTEM - HNN has learned that Gozanti-class assault carriers have arrived at Roodkasteel Station, where these will be distributed to local commands.

The Gozanti-class assault carriers, a long-anticipated Imperial Navy vessels has recently arrived at Roodkasteel Station in the Brigia system in order to play a role in the embargo of the Calamari Sector.

The Assault Carrier is capable of deploying flights of TIE fighters in distant reaches of star systems. The non-hyperspace-capable TIE fighters suffer from limited deployment range, to which the Assault Carrier is a solution.

Near and around the Brigia system, the Assault Carrier will help deploy TIE fighters to distant asteroid fields of system, which are the suspected routes smugglers utilize to circumvent the gravity wells projected by craft such as the Immobilizer 418-class interdictor cruiser.

Manufactured by Corellian Engineering Corporation based on a design by the now-defunct Gallofree Yards, Inc., the assault carrier was a long time in arriving in the hands of the Imperial Navy. It was superseded by the Raider-class corvette, probably due to the Imperial Navy's preference for contracts with Kuat Drive Yards, the Raider's manufacturer, over the less-trustworthy and less-loyal Corellian Engineering Corporation (CEC). CEC vessels, such as the CR-90-series corvette, frequently wind up in the hands of the Rebellion. The same is true of the former products of Gallofree Yards, such as the GR-75 Medium Transport.

About to go pick up my Imperial Assault Carrier from Red Castle Games; Woohoo!

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