Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Profile in Courage: Wing Commander Lamay Purvis

Major Lamay Purvis, Wing Commander for the interdiction efforts in the Caluula and neighboring systems

CALUULA SYSTEM - HNN profiles a man of courage on the front lines of the alien rebellion menace. Major Lamay Purvis, Wing Commander for the interdiction efforts in the Caluula and neighboring systems.

Major Purvis came to his current post seemingly in the way that others come to such command posts: waiting for his immediate superior to slip up and be removed from office. However, to Maj. Purvis' credit, he added such capacities as being able to inform his higher superiors of possible loyalty issues with those around him, and taking extraordinary risks with the lives of his pilots.

All of this mastery happened aboard his first commissioned posting aboard the Imperial Star Destroyer Inflexible, star destroyer attached to the naval academy on Prefsbelt IV.

In order to provide his trainee pilots with the most hands-on experience, then-lieutenant Purvis assisted with the management and public relations of the Inflexible's fighter wing being deployed to combat operations in the Quelii and then Belsmuth sectors. He grew in this role, despite (and, in some measure, thanks to) never logging any flight hours himself.

When his superior defected prior to being executed for a friendly-fire incident, Purvis was ready and rested to take on the mantle of fighter wing command. He knew how to speak to the media, command his fighters to rush into battle, and allay the concerns of his superiors.

Now, Major Purvis has once again been thrust into the limelight and the challenge of command. He has been placed in operational command of the fighter patrols operating from the Caluula system, which also cover the neighboring Brigia and Saheelindeel systems. Personally recognized for his courage and capabilities by Moff Dzon Brennin's chief of staff's second secretary, Maj. Purvis feels humbled by the recognition, but also confident that he can step up to the challenge.

His fighters' mission is to interdict blockade-running Rebel smugglers. His fighter craft shall operate in concert with Raider-class corvettes and be deployed into the far reaches of those systems by Gozanti-class assault carriers.

This is part of a lead-up to an upcoming Epic X-Wing event at Red Castle Games, on January 3, 2016, which shall involve blockade-running epic ships.

The backstory for this event can be read here on HNN, but also on the pages for the Mon Cala Campaign.

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