Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Imperial Embargo Nets Blockade Runners

A GR-75 transport with rebel X-wing escorts is halted by a TIE fighter patrol (earlier footage).

CALUULA SYSTEM - Enforcing the embargo on the Calamari sector for its separatism, Imperial patrols encountered numbers of blockade runners attempting to traffic contraband to the separatist Calamari and their Rebel cohorts.

Though news was slow to leak, the Imperial navy confirmed today that its patrols have destroyed a number of Rebel transports bound for the Calamari sector in several Tion cluster systems.

The Rebel smugglers were discovered attempting to pass through the outskirts of the Saheelindeel and Caluula systems. The smuggling vessels attempted to use dense asteroid belts to avoid detection. Fortunately, the Navy anticipated that cowardly gambit.

The wayward Rebel transport Bright Hope was rumored to be among the destroyed transports.

The Navy did regret to inform HNN that a number of Corellian corvettes escaped the embargo enforcement patrols. With the transports carrying a great deal more cargo, the navy is satisfied that the embargo is enforced and the Calamari sector continues to suffer from shortages.

Other reports indicate that the some transports were subject to piracy. Furthermore, there is some indication that the Black Sun crime syndicate operated both in smuggling as well as engaging in the aforementioned piracy.

Rumors also suggest that special commendation was given by Lord Darth Vader to one Captain Lorth Needa aboard a Gozanti-class Cruiser operating in conjunction with the Raider-class corvette Instigator. Captain Needa is considered a probable candidate for promotion to the command of a star destroyer, provided he not find reasons to disappoint Lord Vader.

Game: Epic X-Wing special scenario: Running Contraband
Date: 2016-1-3
Location: Red Castle Games (Scenario non-tournament).

Battle 1 (Round 1)
System: Saheelindeel
WINNER: Empire - GR-75 Destroyed - 0-126

REBELS: Vinnie
Wedge Antilles + BB-8 + Ion Torpedoes + Wired
Horton Salm + R4-D6 + Plasma Torpedoes + Extra Munitions + Ion Cannon Turret + Munitions Failsafe
Tycho Celchu + A-Wing Test Pilot + Chardaan Refit + Push the Limit + Outmaneuver
Keyan Farlander + Push the Limit + Ion Cannon + Fire Control System + B-Wing/E2 + Jan Ors
GR-75 Medium Transport + Quantum Storm + WED-15 Repair Droid + Toryn Farr + Tibanna Gas Supplies + Combat Retrofit

EMPIRE: Brendan
Raider-class Corvette (fore) + Single Turbolasers + Tibanna Gas Supplies + Instigator
Raider-class Corvette (aft) + Single Turbolasers + Ion Cannon Battery + Backup Shield Generator + Construction Droid + Optimized Generator + Shield Technician + Engineering Team
Gozanti-class Cruiser + Darth Vader + Captain Needa + Dual Laser Turret

Battle 2 (Round 1)
System: Saheelindeel
WINNER: Empire - GR-75 Transport Destroyed - 0-152

GR-75 Medium Transport + Bright Hope + Combat Retrofit
Wedge Antilles + R5 Astromech
Keyan Farlander + Push the Limit
Gemmer Sojan + Proton Rockets
Etahn A'baht + Outmaneuver + Advanced Sensors
"Blue Ace" + R7+T1

EMPIRE: Mikael
Raider-class Corvette (fore) + Proton Torpedoes + Sensor Team + Ordnance Tubes
Raider-class Corvette (aft) + Weapons Engineer + Captain Needa + Flechette Torpedoes
4x Alpha Squadron Pilot + Autothrusters

Battle 3 (Round 1)
System: Saheelindeel
WINNER: Empire - GR-75 Destroyed - 32-121

Ten Numb + Advanced Sensors + "Mangler" Cannon + Calculation + B-Wing/E2 + Lando Calrissian
Han SOlo + Predator + C-3PO + Gunner + Engine Upgrade + Millennium Falcon
Poe Dameron + R5-P9 + Veteran Instincts + Autothrusters
GR-75 + Bright Hope + Jan Dodonna + Tibanna Gas Supplies + Combat Retrofit

Commander Kenkirk + Ion Torpedoes + Fleet Officer
Rexler Brath + Opportunist + Heavy Laser Cannon + Twin Ion engine Mk. II
"Howlrunner" + Swarm Tactics
"Redline" + Extra Munitions + Proton Torpedoes + Cluster Mines + Proton Bombs + Munitions Failsafe
3x Academy Pilot

Battle 4 (Round 1)
System: Saheelindeel
WINNER: Rebels - Corvette Escaped; Destroying all Imperials - 20-240

CR-90 Corvette (Fore) + Weapons Engineer + Quad Laser Cannons + Engineering Team + Sensor Team
CR-90 Corvette (Aft) + Chewbacca + Single Turbolasers
Roark Garnet
Prototype Pilot + Proton Rockets
Prototype Pilot + Proton Rockets
Prototype Pilot + Proton Rockets

EMPIRE: Brandon
Captain Jonus + Shield Upgrade + 2x Proton Torpedoes + Cluster Missiles + Proximity Mines + Assault Missiles
"Redline" + Extra Munitions + 2x Assault Missiles + Conner Net + Accuracy Corrector + Plasma Torpedoes + Cluster Mines + Shield Upgrade
Rear Admiral Chiraneau + Draw Their Fire + Proximity Mines + Rebel Captive + Tactical Jammer + Plasma Torpedoes + Gunner + Fleet Officer
Soontir Fel + Expose + Stealth Device

Battle 5 (Round 1)
System: Saheelindeel
WINNER: Inconclusive - the GR-75 smuggling ship was destroyed, but all of the Black Sun pirates were killed off in retribution. A great day for the Empire! 108-200 for Bishop

BLACK SUN: Stason Joltz
Dace Bonearm + Ion Cannon Turret
3x Black Sun Ace + Ion Pulse Missiles
2x Black Sun Vigo + Ion Torpedoes + Autothrusters
2x Black Sun Soldier

SCUM: Bishop
4x Binayre Pirate (some with Ion Pulse Missiles)
2x Cartel Spacer
Serissu + Swarm Tactics + Stealth Device + Flechette Cannon + "Heavy Scyk" Interceptor
Prince Xizor + Push the Limit + Virago + Autothrusters + Sensor Jammer + Glitterstim + [Unknown Torpedo]
GR-75 + Intelligence Agent

Battle 6 (Round 1)
System: Saheelindeel
WINNER: Rebels (Corvette escaped) - 87-0

CR-90 Corvette (Fore) + Dodonna's Pride + Han Solo + Ion Cannon Battery + Quad Laser Cannons + Sensor Team
CR-90 Corvette (Aft) + Jan Dodonna + Quad Laser Cannons + Engineering Team + Tibanna Gas Supplies
Keyan Farlander + Sensor JAmmer "Mangler" Cannon + Advanced Proton Torpedoes + Extra Munitions + Push the Limit +Munitions Failsafe
Tala Squadron Pilot

Gozanti-class Cruiser + Emperor Palpatine + Dual Laser Turret + Suppressor + Automated Protocols
Darth Vader + TIE/X1 + Veteran Insticts + Engine Upgrade + Advanced Targeting Computer
"Howlrunner" + Crack Shot + Stealth Device
"Mauler Mithel"
3x Black Squadron Pilot + Crack Shot

In the second round, the builds were retooled, but I did not capture them. The outcomes were as follows:

Rebels (Andy) vs. Empire (Mikael) - The corvette escaped with its fore side crippled; all escorts were destroyed after it left for hyperspace - 40-79 for the Empire

Smuggler Scum (Bishop) vs. Empire (Brendan) - the Transport destroyed. 107-250 for the Empire

Empire (Erik) vs. Rebels (Toran) - The Corvette escaped, but with great losses to the Rebellion - 204-149 for the Rebels

Black Sun (Stason Joltz) vs. Rebels (Vinnie) - GR-75 destroyed, Rebels wiped out - 270-27 for Black Sun.

Rebels (Greg) vs. Brandon (Empire) - "The first transport is away!" - 260-31 for the Rebellion.

7 transports were destroyed, while one escaped. All four corvettes escaped, but one was severely crippled.

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