Monday, January 11, 2016

Empire Takes Control of Dellalt; Begins Rebel Sweep

Flight of TIE Bombers escorted by an element of TIE fighters encountering Rebel fighters in the Dellalt system

DELLALT SYSTEM - Elements of TIE Bombers and TIE Fighters sweep through the reaches of the Dellalt system, eradicating the rebel presence, while fleet prepares for assault.

After the Imperial Navy drove a Rebel command ship from the Dellalt system two days ago, Imperial fighter and bomber squadrons have engaged in patrols aimed at eradicating the rebel presence from the system.

One flight consisting of three TIE bombers escorted by two TIE fighters encountered Rebel resistance in one outlying region of the system. The Rebel fighters were eradicated at the cost of the TIE flight's leader.

According to the flight's second-in-command, RQ-04-2, the Rebels specifically targeted the flight leader during their encounter.

"They went right for him, firing their rockets at just Four-One," RQ-04-2 said, referring to flight leader RQ-04-1.

The Rebel tactic is deemed to be in line with the Rebellion's anarchistic tendencies, targeting any semblance of order and leadership in favor of their nihilistic ideology.

Fortunately for the Dellalt system, the Tion Cluster, as well as the galaxy as a whole, the Empire has strong institutions that allow for chosen subordinates to step into the footsteps of a fallen leader, just as the Empire stood into the footsteps of the fallen Republic. The Rebels' tactics of targeted killings of leaders cannot break the Empire or the galaxy's preference for a regime of law and order.

Game: X-Wing
Date: 2016-01-10
Location: Red Castle Games (Sunday free play).

Battle 1
System: Dellalt
WINNER: Empire

Jake Farrell + Outmaneuver + Proton Rockets + A-Wing Test Pilot + Push the Limit
Ello Asty + Push the Limit + BB-8
"Blue Ace" + R7-T1 + Weapons Guidance

EMPIRE: Mikael
Captain Jonus + Squad Leader + Seismic Charges
2x Scimitar Squadron pilot + Extra Munitions + Proton Rockets + Proximity Mines
2x Academy Pilot

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