Saturday, January 9, 2016

Rebellion Driven from Dellalt System; Blue Citatel Believed to be Destroyed

Militarized luxury liner bearing the colors of the Mon Calamari vessel 'Blue Citadel' moments before it is destroyed by the Imperial Star Destroyer 'Requital'

DELLALT SYSTEM - A rebel star cruiser and escort were destroyed in the Dellalt system, returning that system back to Imperial control. The destroyed cruiser is believed to be the fugitive Mon Calamari vessel 'Blue Citadel'.

A militarized Mon Calamari luxury liner fired on an Imperial patrol line in the Dellalt system today. The liner bore colors identical to the fugitive cruiser 'Blue Citadel', which was forced into the asteroid belt of the Dellalt system more than two months ago.

According to the command crew of the Imperial Star Destroyer 'Requital', the 'Blue Citadel' did not give up without a fight. Two Imperial vessels, a Gladiator-class star destroyer and a Raider-class corvette were both destroyed in pursuit of the 'Blue Citadel'. Their crews will be mourned, and their loyal families will be assured that their loved ones died in the noble cause of galactic peace and stability.

'Blue Citadel' was once the flagship of the nefarious Rebel Warlord Lyraeus. Thankfully, with brilliant and loyal Imperial commanders like Commodore Ma'gi'eo, the terror spread by the likes of Lyraeus may soon be near an end.

With the Dellalt system back in Imperial hand, the regional admiralty feel confident that the rebellious Calamari sector will soon be back in Imperial hands. Plans to put a decisive end to the Calamari insurgency are rumored to be underway.

GAME: Armada (Demo for new player)
LOCATION: Portland Game Store (Casual Friday)
DATE: 2016-1-8

Battle 1 (Round 1)
SYSTEM: Dellalt system
WINNER: Empire
OBJECTIVE: Advanced Gunnery

REBELS: Jonathan
MC80 Command Cruiser + Mon Mothma + Leading Shots + Electronic Countermeasures

2x CR90 Corvette A
Han Solo
3x X-Wing Fighter Squadron

EMPIRE: Mikael Hasselstein
Imperial I-class Star Destroyer + Admiral Ozzel + Boosted Comms + Expanded Hangar + Gunnery Team
Gladiator I-class Star Destroyer
Raider II-class Corvette
Major Rhymer
2x TIE Bomber Squadron
2x TIE Fighter Squadron

I wouldn't have made a big deal about narrative consequences for a demo game. But, I decided to anyway in order to bug my buddy Lyraeus, who walked over constantly to comment on how I was cheating the new player. Jon, by the way, played phenomenally, and took out both my Raider and my Gladiator in short order.